500W Halogen in Lumens [A to Z Important Information 2023]

500W Halogen in Lumens

A halogen floodlight is an excellent choice for people who want to highlight their landscaping at night or who require lighting for security or safety purposes. It’s a really adaptable light that’s been put through its paces and appears to operate as well as any other similar light. Halogen bulbs nowadays provide more lumens per … Read more

How Many Lumens For Desk Lamp? [Best Lighting Choice 2023]

How Many Lumens Are Needed For A Desk Lamp [Best Choice]

Nowadays, a desk lamp is an indispensable tool for many people, because it helps people in learning as well as at work. In particular, they are convenient for people when integrated with multiple functions. So How many lumens for desk lamp?  This is always a question that is concerned by many consumers and also a … Read more