Table Lamps Under $30: Top 8 Best Lighting Choices for Money

Are you looking for a table lamp to decorate your home more luxurious and impressive but still wondering which lamp model to choose, suitable for economic conditions? With a variety of designs, styles, and materials, table lamps are the ideal choices for your home! To help you choose the best quality table lamp, in this article, we will give you suggestions and a list of the Best Table Lamps Under $30.

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JKSWT Eye-Caring Natural Light4.9See Latest Price
Lifeholder Simple Table Lamp4.8See Latest Price
JUKSTG Blue Light Filter Touch Control4.8See Latest Price
LEPOWER Metal Sandy Black4.7See Latest Price
Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Square4.6See Latest Price
SHINE HAI Touch Control Table Lamp4.6See Latest Price
HAITRAL Black Modern Linen Fabric Shade4.5See Latest Price

The 8 best table lamps under $30

Besides the relatively affordable price, table lamps also have many outstanding advantages. Here we will review the Top 8 Best table lamps under $30 that are currently the most popular and trusted!

#1. TROND Flexible Gooseneck Task Lamp

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TROND Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp is equipped with a light source using energy-saving LED technology and has a long lighting life.

The first advantage is that this table lamp can take care of your eyes. Unique surface illumination source, the light produced is flicker-free, anti-glare ideal for children, students, or people with vision problems such as macular degeneration. You can work for hours without eye strain or stress.

The lamp has 3 built-in lighting modes. Simply press and hold the LED power indicator to activate 3 special lighting modes.

Select the brightness level by swiping in the dimmer track, you can adjust the brightness in the 7 levels provided.

Flexible gooseneck design, ultra-thin base perfectly matches your home or office decor.

A modern feature of the lamp is a built-in memory function that remembers the light settings from your last use.

The weak point is that the bulb is not replaceable. If it breaks then you can just buy another lamp.

#2. JKSWT Eye-Caring Natural Light

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JKSWT Eye-Caring Natural Light with delicate gentle design, outstanding color body, and accompanying modern functions.

This lamp is designed with 72 full spectrum beads with soft light, no flicker, no shadow, avoiding eye fatigue. The table lamp has 5 lighting modes with 9 Brightness Levels for you to choose from and provides ideal light levels. If you are looking for an ideal table lamp to protect your eyes, the table lamp is the ideal product in the long run.

Durable and flexible solid-metal unibody design, head and arms can be adjusted to multiple angles. The base of this light can be tilted 100°, the head can tilt up 180° and rotate 220°.

Life is the remarkable point of this lamp. 20000 hours – 30 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps. The lamp uses an aluminum alloy heat sink, so it is extremely durable and does not heat the surrounding environment when used for a long time.

With just a simple slide of your finger, you can control all the different light modes through the touch panel. The smart function is to always remember the last used brightness and mode for your added convenience.

#3. Lifeholder Simple Table Lamp

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Lifeholder Simple Desk Lamp is specially designed with wooden fabric to cover the lamp.

This is a table lamp with a classic design. A solid wood base with glossy linen surrounds the lamp. The base is painted black, so it can look like metal. The impressive design is simple but modern but not old-fashioned or outdated.

Compact design, thin and does not take up much space on the table. Light close to natural light, uniform, continuous, flicker-free is beneficial to the eyes and protects the eyes. Energy-saving from 20-30% compared to similar products, lifespan up to 40,000 hours. No infrared or ultraviolet (IR/UV) radiation.

Perfect size for the desktop at an affordable price point. The shade comes in two layers with a diameter of 6 inches and a height of 10 inches. The whole table lamp is 12.5 inches high with a 5-inch diameter non-slip base.

The bulb has a maximum capacity of 60W, you can manually choose the warm white or cool white bulb depending on the brightness you want.

#4. JUKSTG Blue Light Filter Touch Control

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JUKSTG Blue Light Filter Touch Control is one of the best table lamps trusted by many users. The product provides a realistic light source, the number of flashes is extremely low to help you focus on studying, working as well as protecting your vision.

Stable light, no flicker, no heat, long service life. Thanks to the stable light, LED lights are the optimal choice to protect the eyes of young children and commuters who often use desk lamps.

36pcs LED desk lamp comes with sensitive touch control to adjust 7 brightness and 4 lighting modes, best suited for your sleeping, studying, reading, or relaxing needs.

Rotate the adjustable lamp arm up to 180°, rotate the base 90° for the best illumination. The light allows you to easily adjust and direct the light wherever you want.

The light is equipped with a USB charging port that charges your devices via the USB 5V/1A output.

A smart point that should be mentioned is automatically turning off the lights to save electricity bills when you fall asleep in study or work at night.

Lamps are equipped with modern technology, quite long life, average from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, equivalent to using for about 10 to 30 years.

#5. LEPOWER Metal Sandy Black

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LEPOWER Metal Sandy Black will be the optimal anti-myopia study desk lamp that you can choose to buy.

Material is high-quality metal, durable, high aesthetic. The advantage to mention is the delicate lamp design, beautiful design, elegant and luxurious tones. This is a cheap and handy lamp that meets your basic lighting needs and also decorates as a highly aesthetic item.

Lamps with bulbs do not contain lead, do not contain mercury, and do not emit heat when in use. The light has a pleasant white color, suitable for the eyes.

The flexible swivel arm makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle. The switch is located on the lamp base for quick and easy use.

The lamp life is very long, about 50,000 hours, which means you can use the lamp well for about 10 to 20 years.

The design is adjustable but does not include touch controls and brightness controls.

#6. Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Square

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Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Square has an elegant, luxurious, and very sophisticated design.

This night light comes with an ON/OFF switch control, easy to install and use. You can easily turn off the light to go to sleep, or more convenient to read, because the design of the lamp is suitable for you to place at the bedside table.

The sleek and elegant look of this table lamp enhances the aesthetic of your home. E26 universal standard sole, open beige linen upper on beige linen stands out against petite black hardwood. Black tone combined with copper-gold seems to be inappropriate but creates the perfect overall.

When placing lights in your home space, you will feel comfortable and comfortable because the shade made of linen softens the light. Cannot be removed.

In particular, the specialized LED light bulb emits natural light to help users feel warm, quickly fall asleep and not blink.

#7. SHINE HAI Touch Control Table Lamp

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SHINE HAI Touch Control Table Lamp fits many spaces. You can install it easily with the extremely modern, delicate, easy-to-mix design of the lights.

The table lamp has 3 brightness levels for different uses. You can quickly and efficiently adjust brightness levels, thanks to the design of a touch-sensitive dimmer at the base of the lamp. You can switch the brightness by touching anywhere on the base or column easily to meet your needs.

The sleek silver metal base and vintage linen bulb make it easy to match any room decor such as modern, simple, classic, and artistic.

The 17” x 5.5” size is compact so it doesn’t take up much space and you can place it anywhere you want. You can plug in 3 devices simultaneously whether the light is on or off because there are 2 durable USB ports and 1 AC outlet mounted on the lamp base.

Besides, the lamp works extremely smoothly, and powerfully, because the power of the lamp used is 60W. You can use the lamp for many different purposes such as making a night light, a lamp for studying or even using a lamp for decoration.

#8. HAITRAL Black Modern Linen Fabric Shade

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HAITRAL Black Modern Linen Fabric Shade is the final product, you cannot ignore when looking to buy a table lamp. One of the product lines, which today’s consumers love, as well as choose to use the most.

The space of the room will be extremely warm, but also very luxurious and modern thanks to the extremely meticulous design, high aesthetic hearing in the lights. Especially located in the body of the lamp, which has a lantern-shaped design with glossy black paint. Black chrome metal cage style base and fabric bulb, never go out of style.

The lamp size is 13.8 * 7.1 * 4.7 inches, compact and spacious, ideal to fit any size table, any small space. The night lamp with metal legs is often used by homestays because of its simple, vintage design, in line with the trend. Suitable for in the bedroom, desk, easy to disassemble and use.

The cord and plug of the UL-listed black desk lamp do not present any security risk. The ON / OFF button on the black power cord is very convenient to use. Very nice minimalist lighting for the right price!

The lamp uses LED bulbs with soft light, which is not harmful to the skin, eyes as well as the sleep of the user. Not only that, this type of lamp usually has a fairly long life, saving energy.

5 Essential types of table lamps under $30 for your home 

Table Lamp is very important in our life. From everyday activities to other influences such as sleep quality, energy for the brain to work more efficiently, and even our emotions, different types of light will serve different needs and purposes.

That is why you should carefully research and choose the right type of table lamp that is best suited for the space of your home. And for the most convenience and savings, refer to the line of table lamps to equip your home.

5 Essential types of table lamps for your home
5 Essential types of table lamps for your home

Here are the most suitable table lamps under $30 for each space in the house that you can easily apply.

#1. Bedside table lamp

Today, a high-end cheap bedside table lamp is not only an item with the function of only lighting, but it is also a decoration in the room.

Nordic style modern bedside table lamps decorate living rooms and bedrooms, becoming more and more necessary with modern life. Because of the needs of this day and age, the trend of using modern chandeliers and table lamps to decorate the interior space to become luxurious and modern is very important. It not only shows the splendid appearance but also shows the inner depth of the owner.

The beside table lamp brings better quality sleep with soft, non-glare yellow light to help you relax.

#2. Task lamps

The task lamp can be used for many different spaces such as living room, bedroom, hotel room, etc. Unlike other lamps, the product, besides the purpose of providing light, has that outstanding advantage. is to increase the aesthetics, bring the living space to a new height. They can also replace and become night lights to bring a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to the user.

For optimal performance, a reading desk lamp should be placed next to a sofa or lounge chair. Shine a direct light on whatever is being read or worked on.

The task lights with unique design orientation are very good for reading and working. However, when not used for task lighting, the lamp can be adjusted to cast a bright light to highlight a vase, or draw attention to a decorative piece.

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#3. Twin table lamps

Twin table lamps
Twin table lamps

You might consider buying a pair of table lamps if you have two nightstands. The lamp can be adjusted to different lighting modes and brightness levels. Light helps inspire you to be creative and focus on work. You can choose bright white light when reading or working at night to dispel drowsiness. You can also choose a soft warm brown light when painting a picture or composing a piece of music….

#4. Reading lamp

Reading lamp is an important and necessary lighting tool for those who have a habit of reading before going to bed. Reading books before bed has been recommended by doctors because they help you sleep better, help reduce stress and fatigue, and your mind will be more relaxed.

With a simple and flexible design, modern style led lights are not only used for lighting but also as eye-catching decorative lights for the bedroom.

The use is extremely simple: by just placing the lamp on the table, you can read the text clearly, convenient for reading in low light places.

#5. Entryway table lamp

You only need to order one to support the lighting of the entire large space. Or just turn them on when you don’t want the whole light to wake people up.

At the entrance to the house, you need to ensure that the light source of the devices is just enough, neither too much nor too little, thus creating sympathy for the guests every time they visit. Right on the shelf, you can cleverly place a table lamp or more impressively along the aisle.

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Features to look for in the best table lamps under $30 

Today, when technology is developing more and more, people use technology devices more and more, not only adults, working people, students but also a large part of children. This is not good for your eyes. So how can you harmonize work and study but also protect your eyes and health???

Table lamps and necessary functions will support and help you have the best lighting environment. Here are a few criteria listed for table lamps under $30.

Features to look for in the best table lamp under $30
Features to look for in the best table lamp under $30

#1. Brightness and Color temperature

Color temperature is a characteristic measure of light, indicating what color the emitted light is and whether it is warm or cold light. The unit of color temperature measurement is Kevin (abbreviated as K) Kelvin ranges from 1000K – 10,000K, corresponding to the warm to cold color gamut.

Based on color temperature, light is classified into 3 main categories: warm light, neutral light, and cold light.

Warm light: Light with a color temperature ranging from 1000K to less than 3500K. At that interval, the light can be light red, orange, yellow, bringing a sense of lightness, relaxation, and warmth to the space.

Neutral light: Light with a color temperature ranging from 3500K to less than 5300K. The light color in this range is closest to natural light, giving people a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Cold light: The light with the greatest brightness, in the temperature range from 5300K and above. However, under normal use conditions, people only use light types greater than 5300K – 6700K, light with a color temperature greater than this range will cause glare and damage vision.

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With table lamps costing less than $30, you should use warm light to be more harmonious to create a sense of lightness when walking. Table lamps can be combined with decorative lights to increase beauty. In the space in the room, you can also choose a cool color if the purpose is to display or hang some decorations. This will help the display or ornament be seen more clearly.

In the space of the bedroom, we should use yellow or warm light with a low color temperature from 2000K to 3000K. The living room is the largest space in the house. But it doesn’t need very clear light, so you can use both warm white or neutral light with color temperatures from 3500K to 4500K.

Table lamps with warm white for the living room
Table lamps with warm white for the living room

Thus, it is necessary to consider the color temperature when installing or replacing a light bulb because this not only directly affects the light in the space, mood, and emotions, but also affects the natural sleep cycle.

#2. Adjustability

The dimmable function is the ability to adjust the brightness of the table lamp at each level. You can illuminate your desk without stress as it can be adjusted according to the time of day when the desk lamp is on and the age of the user. Adjusting light is an essential function to protect eye health.

When you want to focus on detailed work, use bright and cold white light such as “daylight” and “daylight”, and when you want to relax and rest your head and eyes, for example like reading a book before going to bed or resting, warming “warm white”.

It has been found that changing the color of the light to suit your mood and work can reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality.

#3. Some modern features

On the market today, there have appeared a few types of table lamps with many smart features, helping to improve the utility for users better. They not only play the role of lighting for studying and working… but they also integrate brightness adjustment sensor functions, LED screens that display date and time, temperature and alarm function… bring many benefits to lamp users.

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Table lamps with LED screens that display date and time
Table lamps with LED screens that display date and time

In addition, depending on the intended use of the lamp, you can change the lighting angle of the lamp. When you are reading a book, you will need a concentrated light source, and when you are using a lamp for decorative purposes, you will need the most diffused light source. And your job is to choose a lamp model that can change the brightness angles so that you can use the lamp to suit your different needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should my table lamp be?

Table lamps come in many shapes and sizes so they can be confusing to choose from. Regardless of the style, the table lamp needs to promote its lighting function and match your decoration style. With decorative table lamps, size and quantity are important. Therefore, you should not have more than 2 to 3 table lamps in the same space. Table lamps are not devices to provide overall lighting, they provide task lighting.


The ideal desk lamp height is between 58 and 64 inches. When sitting, it is best to keep the table lamp and the light at eye level. The position of the table lamp is very important. Proper lamp placement will ensure that the beam of light will best illuminate the area where you sit while providing ambient light for the rest of the space.

Which light is best for the table lamp?

Table lamps are indispensable equipment on the desk or small space of every family. A suitable lamp will enhance and improve work efficiency.

When choosing to buy a table lamp, to choose the right type of table lamp, you should refer to the following criteria:

– You should use LED lights to save monthly electricity costs and maintenance costs.

– Ideal lighting system: moderate, wide, and uniform brightness.

Note the following: reduced ghosting when writing, color rendering index of 80 (Ra) or higher, stable color temperature variation.

– Suitable installation: the vertical type is suitable for large spaces and is easy to move, the fixed screw clamp type is suitable for small spaces, the clamp base type is easy to move, suitable for narrow spaces.

– Size and power supply.

Currently, on the market, there are many models and sizes of table lamps from different brands. You should choose reputable brands with an appropriate cost.

Are our LED table lamps good?

LEDs are now the preferred choice.

The first reason is the lighting effect that the product can bring during use. To make the work go smoothly and easily, the LED desk lamp will help you effectively in this.

The second reason we want to talk about is the ability to save electricity that the product brings. Normally, using traditional lights that have not been upgraded in terms of features, so sometimes the lighting is not strong, operating with a large capacity, causing power consumption, in addition, it can also emit a lot of energy. The heat causes the surrounding air to heat up and affects the product quality. However, LED table lamps will ensure both power saving, strong light and also minimize the amount of heat released into the environment during use.

The final reason that you need to use LED table lamps instead of traditional lamps before is the level of safety and vision protection that the product can bring. Guaranteed safety criteria in domestic and international standards.

How do you place a table lamp?

This is a question many people ask.

– If you are right-handed, put the light on the left side, and if you are left-handed, but the light on your right side. This will reduce shadows that can get in the way of your workflow.

– A 30° angle is usually the right spot for desk lamps to reduce glare and stay out of your sight, creating annoying hot spots in your line of sight.

– The light area of ​​the lamp must reach a width of 35 to 40 cm, the average illuminance reaching 500 lux to 550 lux will help children’s eyes work as best as possible.

– Put the lights in a position that can bring the best light for learners to help learners be provided with adequate light, regulated eyes, limit eye fatigue problems, eyes with disabilities. refraction.

What is the best wattage for a table lamp?

Watt indicates how much energy is needed to produce light. This is the standard method in household thinking about the required level of lighting. To meet the diverse needs of customers with many lighting purposes in different spaces, manufacturers have created many types of LED bulbs with the corresponding Watt number, so it is difficult to have a single result. correct for this answer.

So how many watts do you need for a desk lamp?

For general purposes, 40 watts is enough. It is equivalent to 450 lumens. For more sophisticated tasks, 60 to 75 watts should suffice. It corresponds to 800 to 1100 lumens.


Above are the most popular high-end Table Lamps Under $30. Hopefully, the information above will help you choose the best and most economical decorative table lamp. Thank you for watching, don’t forget to share if you find the article useful!