Recessed Lighting Costs: 5 Important Factors Affect this Lighting Cost

The LED light is considered a breakthrough invention of humankind. It is widely applied to both save energy and give good light and protect the environment. However, whether the benefits are so many, the recessed lighting costs are high or not? Let’s refer to our article to get the most accurate answer.

Overview of recessed lights

Recessed Lights
Recessed Lights

The recessed light is the type of light that is installed in the ceiling under the plaster, wood, or foam layer. To be precise, this name was born because of the way the light is installed.

Using LED recessed lights brings extremely high aesthetics. In addition, it does not take up space, giving you an airy space. With the structure installed inside the ceiling and bringing high aesthetics, it also has excellent illumination.

The LED recessed light series has an extremely long life, from 40,000 to 50,000 hours. Many product lines with exquisite design, different designs, and features give you many choices.

Special LED chips to give you natural, peaceful light. With features such as UV protection and especially no flicker, it is safe for human eyes.

You can own a product line that brings high aesthetics and helps to save energy consumption most effectively.

Recessed Lighting Costs: High or not? 

Recessed Lighting Costs: High or not? 
Recessed Lighting Costs: High or not?

The installation of LED recessed lights in terms of economic sense they are not expensive.

According to statistics from the led-light price lists, a recessed light costs $100 to $480 ($360 on average), depending on the type. A fluorescent or incandescent lamp costs half but they are not energy-efficient. LED recessed lights of only half the capacity, i.e., 10W can create the same lighting output of a 20W fluorescent. This clearly shows that you will have to pay double the electricity bill for the same brightness. 

In addition, the lifespan of LED recessed lights is 50,000 hours, 6 times higher than compact lamps of 8000 hours. So if calculated for a long time of use, it is clear that the costs of LED recessed lights will be many times smaller than that of other standard lamps because they help you to save much annual electricity bill and reduce significantly repair or replacement costs.

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Why do LED recessed lights have different prices?

Difference in price is due to structure and durability of the LEDs
Difference in price is due to the structure and durability of the LEDs

LED lights are diverse in models and types, so the price difference between the grades is understandable. However, there are still many different prices for the same product on the market, even though their appearance is not that different. The reason for this lies in the structure and durability of the LEDs.

LED lights of unknown origin floating on the market are very cheap, although they have the same design as genuinely led lights. And, of course, they have a short lifespan and are less durable. They can be broken only after a few months of use. Meanwhile, High-end LEDs have much higher durability, averaging 30,000 hours of light and quickly reaching 100,000 hours for LEDs using COB Chips. 

The most important part of the led light is the LED chip. Unfortunately, low-quality products are usually built with waste LED chips with a brightness of L70. So when you intend to use LED lights, don’t buy poor-quality LED lights!

5 Factors that affect LEDs recessed lighting costs

5 Factors that affect LEDs recessed lighting costs
5 Factors that affect LEDs recessed lighting costs

#1. LED chip 

The LED ceiling light market is rich in many types. Therefore, it will create different prices. To compare and appreciate the correct price of LED ceiling lights, see the structure of the LED chip.

The LED chip is considered the heart of the LED light. It is the essential factor that determines the lighting quality of the lamp. A good LED recessed light when it is integrated with a suitable high-quality LED chip.

The LED chip technology will determine how much the LED recessed light should cost. SMD LED chip ceiling lights will cost less than Cob Led chip lights because Cob is a modern Led chip with many outstanding advantages. There are well-regarded LED chip manufacturers such as Epistar, Sanan, Edison…

Thus, surveying LED recessed lights, the first factor you need to consider is the Led chip. This information is available on the product packaging label. Next, you should carefully evaluate the price of the lamp.

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#2. Heat dissipation system 

Many customers probably still do not know the paramount role of the cooling system. Because this part is a machine that creates the lamp’s durability, its operation will help the LED maintain a longer lighting time.

As you know, LED recessed lights work thanks to electric current. The electrical energy will be converted into heat energy. At this time, the heat sink of the lamp will send the heat from the lamp to the air. So the better the LED recessed light has a good heat dissipation system, the longer the lamp life will be.

#3. Heat sink

If you consider the LED chip as the heart, the heat sink is the lung of the lamp. Its importance will affect the price of LED recessed lights. With high-quality aluminum, heat sinks are the best. This material is proven to help the heat from the lamp spread out into the air the fastest.

#4. Design

Based on the design, how much LED recessed lights cost depends on their difficulty. When the sophistication, delicate beauty of the lamp is higher, the price will be higher. The value of the lamp at this time will add to the price of creativity and artistry. It can be understood that buying a beautiful LED recessed light is buying luxury and class for the space.

Moreover, by conducting a market survey, you can see that LED ceiling lights have a variety of models. In addition, there are many different designs of recessed lights that create different aesthetic values. For example, there are recessed ceiling lights, gold-rimmed ceiling lights, silver rims, etc.

#5. Brand

Meeting the increasing demand of people for lighting equipment using LED chips, many brands have focused on producing a variety of products to serve users. As a result, the market for LED recessed lights is now flooded with countless products from many different brands.

Depending on production conditions, production costs, the price of LED ceiling lights will vary by brand.

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Are LED recessed lights worth the money?

Are LED recessed lights worth the money?
Are LED recessed lights worth the money?

LED lights are pretty expensive compared to other bulbs. However, their quality is worth the money.

LEDs save you up to 40% on energy costs per month. Of course, it uses only a tiny part of the energy source but using it can bring you great benefits in the future.

LED recessed lights come at a premium, but their efficiency, longevity, and usability make up for it.

  • About longevity: if you install them, they will last years or even decades. More specifically, they never burn but only become dim when used for a long time. For example, some are just dimmed and give off 70% of their original light after 15 years of use. Although, of course, the time for them to be dimmed is very long. The 100% led light lasts about 5 years continuously, about 6 times longer than CFL.
  • In terms of lighting efficiency: LED lights emit light equivalent to incandescent bulbs while only using about 10 – 20% electrical energy. For example, a 5W LED bulb emits the same light as a 40W incandescent bulb. Therefore, it is easy to understand why LED is the most energy-efficient lighting technology today.
  • Maintenance is effortless because you hardly have to replace or repair them. In addition, the construction materials are mostly aluminum and plastic, so they don’t break easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using LED recessed lights consume electricity?

Depending on the LED capacity, the amount of electricity consumed is different, so when choosing to buy LED ceiling lights, remember to choose the suitable capacity for the installation area to help save investment costs and electricity costs. 

How much electricity do LED recessed lights consume per month?

Many customers do not know that compared to compact lights, how energy-saving LED ceiling lights are. Let’s refer to the following example. You will see that recessed lights consume external power.

So using led lights, you have saved 1/2 of your monthly electricity bill. The larger your use area, the more expensive it will be to use a cocompact bulb a month. In addition, when customers install LED ceiling lights faster, homeowners can save installation costs.


So to answer the question “Are the recessed lighting costs high or not?”. It is not expensive. Because from a long-term perspective, recessed lights are very durable, with a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours of lighting. 

At the same time, installing led recessed lights also creates the perfect aesthetic for your home. So spending an initial installation cost is not expensive. If possible, please refer to the detailed instructions on installing LED recessed lights to do it yourself. It will save a lot of money!