Best lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights in 2023

A lot of houses and apartments don’t have overhead lights or ceiling lights, which makes the space dull and dark. Depending on the designs, this case often occurs in houses with ancient designs. Over time, the need for more lighting, so people began to learn and add lighting items to the house.

You can liven up your home with the right lighting. There are many alternative ways to add lighting fixtures and get more light at any height without having to remodel the ceiling to add electrical systems. This will save you and your family a great deal of money. Here are smart lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights you can refer to choose the ideas that suit your style.

Brighten up the room with decorations

#1. Let natural light into the room

This is the simplest solution for lighting a space without overhead lights by taking advantage of the windows/doors you already have in the room. Instead of using thick curtains, switch to thin or transparent curtains to let in more light. You can consider opening the door so that air and light can come in. If there are insects, you can refer to effective insect avoidance solutions from natural materials. Using cinnamon and alcohol is a good idea.

#2. Buy light-colored furniture to reflect more light

Chairs, pillows, decorative lights, floor coverings, etc. Light colors will make the space airy, fresh, and brighter. The most chosen color is white. Light-colored accents will reflect light instead of absorbing it. White symbolizes purity, innocence, politeness, courtesy. Try using white picture frames and light-colored artwork, or add white decorative pieces to shelves or tables.

#3. Use mirrors to reflect light

Install a full-length mirror on the wall behind the table lamp, floor lamp to make the room look brighter. A mirror that stands against the wall is also a good choice because they also help you to look better before going out. You can buy a piece of furniture with mirrors or glassware to create more ambient light. However, depending on the customs, many people do not want light reflecting mirrors to appear in the room.

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Use lighting methods instead of ceiling lights

Use lighting methods instead of ceiling lights
Use lighting methods instead of ceiling lights

#1. Floor lamp

If you’re looking to brighten dark corners, use a floor lamp to illuminate a corner. Large floor lamps or arc floor lamps are an easy option for adding light to a room without the need for ceiling fixation or wiring.

If you want an elegant space, choose small floor lamps. This can be used as a reading light for the living room. With hundreds of different floor lamps available, it’s easy to find one that fits your room’s needs, budget, and style.

#2. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a good idea to replace overhead ceiling lights. All you need are a few hooks to hang the lights from the ceiling as well as some small hooks to keep the wires close to the ceiling and walls.

Pendant lights are easy to install, plus they give a chandelier-like feel. You still have a minimalist, elegant space that still has enough light. They don’t even take up floor space, so you can comfortably decorate the room. For example, in the living room, you can hang the lamp in the middle of the room to get enough ambient light or hang the lamp over the living area for more light.

#3. Table lamp

Table lamps are a necessary design for rooms with reading rooms or study rooms. This is a type of light that emits less heat, providing a harmonious and balanced light source and preventing eye refraction errors.

The light of the led desk lamp is not too harsh, does not flicker, but glows continuously and evenly, so it can combat myopia, glare, eye fatigue, and common vision diseases. This is a great way to express your style while adding extra light. You might consider using table lamps in different sizes, at different heights, or in pairs. On the market, lamps come in a variety of light styles and colors to suit any space from the bedroom to the living room.

#4. String lights

String lights are very light so you only need some hooks or small nails around the ceiling or wall. Usually, a string of lights has a lot of small bulbs so you need to be careful of the small ones. You can also use string lights under furniture such as kitchen cabinets or bookcases.

Your job is to choose different colors to light up any space. Warm white color to create an aesthetic, bohemian, dreamy bedroom. Bright white color to bring a modern, lively touch to the living room. If you have a personality, choose colorful string lights.

#5. Wall Lamp

Wall lights come in a variety of styles to choose from. It can give a space a more luxurious style or it can also make a space more sophisticated and modern, depending on the style featured. With walls with many textures, having eye-catching wall decorations will become even more wonderful at night if there is a little light.

Most wall lights are gradually switching from incandescent to LED chip technology to save electricity. Because LEDs focus on using electrical energy for lighting, other types have to spend a lot of money on heat dissipation. They need fixation, so you need to be careful when choosing where to place them. You can mount the lights at different heights, and also in different positions. Add a pair of wall lights on either side of the bedroom headboard to brighten the headboard while still saving space.

#6. Candlelight

If you like cozy, dim lighting, candle lights are the preferred choice. You can put them on the table according to the decorative shapes. They can also function as night lights. For apartment rooms, the requirements for fire prevention are very high, so you cannot burn candles with real smoke. The fire alarm system will detect and you will be in big trouble.

#7. Portable lights

This is a special lamp. If you prefer a small and less intense light instead of a high light then this is a good suggestion. They are low-wattage lights that can be placed anywhere without an electrical outlet. You can carry them around the house. They are easy to use because just connect to devices with USB ports to work. They can be powered by a USB power adapter, power bank, or pretty much any other USB port out there.

Few notes when choosing lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights

Few notes when choosing lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights
Few notes when choosing lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights
  • The best color paint or color of objects in the room is in the light range from cold java to pale pink. This range of colors will give the room a feeling of peace and comfort. The color of the lampshade, the light of the bulb adds great beauty to the bedroom and the feeling of relaxation upon entering the room.
  • You should choose the right lighting with the theme of the room, to highlight the beauty of the room. After the task of lighting the room, clarifying the design style is the second task of the lighting arrangement. You can refer to the light treatment methods on the pages of architectural magazines and choose a reasonable lighting style for your room.
  • Please calculate carefully before arranging the lighting system or any objects in your room.
  • Carefully calculate the budget you have to use them most appropriately.


Lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights is extremely important. They will not make your eyes worse but also create a bright space. Sufficient light will create relaxation, help restore strength after a tiring day of work. Check out these lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. Hopefully with the above suggestions will help you to give your room a warm and impressive lighting space.