8 Light Bulb Base Types – Classify Them By Function & Quality

There are several different kinds of bulbs on the market nowadays, making it taking a lot of time to find the correct bulb keeper. You have to know the lamp holder available to purchase the correct product as you have to restore and create your home with energy, depending on the type of bulb. Depending on the type of bulb, the appropriate bulb base is available. 

The bulb is connected to the input electric power supply and is fixed in place by the lightkeeper, the tail of the lamp, which is one of the important components of the lamp. They are fastened to a glass ball that attaches to the electric network that supplies a light.

Types of bulb bases

When replacing circular lead bulbs with inflammatory or fluorescent bulbs, you must take note of what sort of lamp holder the correct light bulb would be used for.

Please find out in the article below to see which sort of bulb you are using the socket. There are several socket types and some of the regular holders most widely seen below.


In daily life, this common form of the cellar is referred to as a “minion” mostly used in small and regular incandescent lamps.

These lamps have an incredibly broad application range. The lamp is famous for its candle-shaped, pear-shaped, water-drop form, its sphere, its shape.

The base type of lamp E27 is Edison’s best-known, most common, and popular commodity.

So what is the Edison screw base? This is the oldest type of lamp mounting, invented by scientists.

This facility is easiest to use, most often it is used in household appliances. They denote this type with the letter Exx, where xx is the size of the diameter in millimeters.

The size of this basement is different:

  1. GES – large;
  2. ES – medium;
  3. MES – shrink;
  4. SES – Minion (small base);
  5. LES – micro ball.

The socles fluorescent lamps also have lace and pin. The most important is! E27 cap fluorescent lamps do not work in circuits that contain dimmers and electronic switches.

E27 bulbs are most commonly used in Europe, while E26 bulb bases are used more in North America.

The two types differ only by 1 mm, so they can be used interchangeably both in terms of base size and current, the most common being the bulb E27.

Some LED bulb products use E27 lamp holders: SBHL512 Duhal, SBNL575 Duhal, SBNL810 Duhal

You can find both in today’s LED bulb E27 or incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in the past very easily.

They are typically used in standard lighting fixtures typically outdoor lighting, ceiling lights, or even factory lights.

E27 bulbs also come in many different shapes, the most common being:

  • Globe-shaped bulbs: G30, G25, G16.5
  • A-shaped bulbs: A19, A15, A21…
  • PAR (aluminized reflector) floodlights and flood bulbs: PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38]

*** Refer to more article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edison_screw

BR headlights and headlights (inflated reflector): BR20, BR30, BR40.

If we list the types of lights used for decorative lighting, it is impossible not to mention Bulbs with base E12 List there are many, such as wall-mounted, decorative lights, Christmas lights, or even lights sleep. Many of the stands of these bulbs are designed to resemble the appearance of a candle.

  • Small tubular bulbs: T8, T6, T22
  • Small globe-shaped bulbs: G14, G16, G50

But most popular in Europe and China people use bulbs with E14 base bases.

The most commonly used designs are Christmas lights, chandeliers, wall lights, commercial incense lights, or even in civil use …

  1. Candle bulbs: C7, C9, CA10, B10
  2. A-shaped bulb: A15
  3. Small tubular bulbs: T8, T6, T22

Like candle bulbs with E12 bases used for applications such as wall lamps, chandeliers, decorative lights, bulbs with E17 bases as well.

Bulbs with these bases are often used in conjunction with microwave lamps, fridge lamps, and range lighting which are considered specialized appliances.

They are also found abundantly in ceiling fan lights that come with small A-shaped bulbs.

  1. Candle-shaped bulbs: C7, C9, CA10, B10
  2. A-shaped bulb: A15
  3. Small globe-shaped bulbs: G14, G16, G50
  4. Small tubular bulbs: T8, T6, T22

In North America, people often use E39 bulbs mainly to replace HID bulbs with industrial lightings, such as warehouse lights, factory lights, parking lights…

LED bulbs with these bases to have the shape of the ED and BT HID cylinders since they resemble popcorn, are called a corn lamp.

  1. Elliptical bulbs: ED17, ED28, ED37
  2. Tubular bulbs: BT37, BT56
  3. Aluminized Parabolic Bulbs: PAR20, PAR38, PAR40

The LED bulbs using this cap often have ED and BT HID cylinders, also known as corn lights because their shape is very similar to corn.

This mounting type is specifically designed for miniature halogen lamps that are used for maximum decorative effects in the room due to the point light coming from different parts of the ceiling.

Halogen lamps are typically low voltage and suitable for either 12 or 24 volts.

Such lights are very comfortable, have a flat shape on the outside, and look pretty good on ceilings with built-in lights, as well as inflexible lighting systems.

These practical products can last more than 2000 hours.

Today, G4 lid lamps are commonly used in diamond-studded crystal lamps.

This type is equipped with a pair of round pins to attach to the slot of the corresponding cartridge.

Fixing the lamp in this case requires a quarter of the turn. The outside diameter is specified in millimeters, for example – B9s.

Such caps are often used in automotive and on-ship lights to create embedded or primary beams – asymmetric side-mounted contacts hold the lamp in the cartridge at the right angle, allowing you to focus the flux light depending on the respective needs.

Types of LED sockets: LED GU10, JDR E14, LED GU5.3, JDR E27, PAR30, PAR38, MR11, T5, T8, and others.

LEDs barely heat up, so they are used when the other types simply do not match the temperature conditions of the surface.

Generally speaking, the modern industry produces non-standard lamp bases, for example, projector lamps or xenon lamps.

If we talk about the lamp switch, then in Western countries for a long time, use less dimensional products with the T4.5 caps, instead of T6.8.

The latest W type typically contacts the cartridges with current inputs placed directly on the lamp glass base.

The lamp base light types are continuously improved. Nowadays there is a tendency to replace incandescent bulbs with semiconductor products of similar size. Advantages of semiconductors.

Sort bulb base according to function and material

The bulb base is usually made with many different materials, so of course, the function will also be different, learn about the material classification and the function of the bulb base so you can choose for yourself. excellent products.

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The smart lamp holder works on an infrared motion sensor and automatically turns off the light when detecting human movement. Touch sensitivity: up to 5 meters. The device is very suitable for installation in corridors, stairs, toilets…

The wall light bulb base is designed in two modes upright 90 degrees and angle 45 degrees and made from plastic, pure copper, and compatible with all types of lamps: from 1W to 100W. Often used for bulbs with cap E27

Ceiling mounted light bulb includes ceiling cladding base and a long wire with spiral holder for mounting decorative drop bulbs, wooden lamps, restaurant decoration, furniture, cafes, milk tea,… not suitable for hanging outside.

The design of the drop lamp holder consists of 2 layers, the inside is made of plastic, outside has an iron cup. The light wire can adjust the height of the drop light

Decorative drop lanyards with different colors such as red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, .. both have decorative effects and attract customers’ eyes.

Decorative drop holder suitable for interior decoration or space of restaurants, shops, shops, cafes,…

E27 cap design is easy to install for any shade. Depending on the space to be decorated, choose the right lamp color. You can decorate many balls in clusters or 1 long series.

High gloss base, heat resistance higher than aluminum products, durable over time.

The lamp can be fitted with a bulb with an E27 cap, fitted with drop lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, chandeliers, wall lights,…

But the most beautiful is LED – Edison bulbs because this type of bulb matches the design of the lamp and radiant up nostalgia.

The porcelain bulb base is like other normal lamp tails, but the tail lamp has a more special design, the tail lamp consists of many layers and is made of high-quality porcelain material.

Can resist all influences from the outside environment, water-resistant, fireproof effectively.

The ceramic bulb base is 5 times higher quality than the conventional lamp tail, so it is used in large farms, factories, warehouses, factories, soccer fields, or environments with harsh conditions to help reduce costs. significantly.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions that consumers ask for the bulb base before buying.

The standard base is to meet the following three-part construction:

  1. Lamp holder body: cylindrical or circular, but still ensures the aesthetics of the space. Tail material: galvanized copper, aluminum alloy, or zinc-coated iron
  2. Outside the socket, coated with powder coating to protect the socket and against environmental impacts
  3. Inside the lamp holder, there is a cooling system. Reduce the influence of heating temperature on led chips, prolong the life of the lamp

Firstly, you need to pay attention to the material that is set up inside the bulb, on the market today there are some common materials used for lampshades are plastic, copper, porcelain,… The second is you. Need to know what type of bulb your bulb uses for and finally choose outstanding current bulb bases such as E27 / 26, G7s,…

Each bulb base will have clear criteria to connect with different voltage bulbs, such as the E27 base will be used for the 120 volts line voltage bulbs and for some bulbs.

The lamp will only allow connection to low voltage bulbs (12 volts, 24 volts, 36 volts). You cannot change them as they will not work or be permanently damaged by the intended higher or lower voltage to pass through.

Also, the bulb base has nothing to do with the voltage at which the bulb runs, nor does it change the brightness, power, or color temperature of the bulb.

It is not necessary to adjust them since the higher or lower voltage they choose to travel through will not operate or will be damaged permanently. 

Moreover, the lamp base hasn’t to do with the bulb’s voltage, nor does it affect the bulb’s light, power, or color temperature.

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The general information about bulb baselines that we outlined in this article will help you with a part in product selection and we hope you will soon find yourself a suitable bulb base.