[Expert Choice] Top 7 LED Recessed Lights In 2023 For Your House

Lights are an important part of interior design. The lighting affects our mood, emotions, and physical health. Therefore, when people decorate their living space, they pay attention to the lighting design. There are a variety of lights for decorating the house. Among them, LED recessed lights are used in most modern houses. If you are searching for the best LED Recessed lights for your house, don’t skip our list below. 

What are LED recessed lights?

Firstly, we are finding out what LED recessed lights are. What are they different from other lights?

If pendants, flush mounts lamps, or chandeliers are designed to be visible when people use them to decorate space, LED recessed lights are designed without a visible fixture. They look like circular holes in the ceiling or on the walls. 

LED recessed lights are usually used in residential and commercial settings. This kind of light is considered the ideal choice for areas where there isn’t enough space for hanging fixtures. You can find them in kitchens, living rooms, closets too. They are even used for outdoor lighting. It can be said that LED recessed lights are popular applications for house design at the moment. 

Using LED recessed lights is believed to be good for our health. Because recessed lighting helps us feel relaxed and more comfortable than regular lighting. Your house becomes an actual space to unwind and relax after working all day time. 

LED recessed lights to have a longer lifespan than regular lights, such as fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. They also require less wattage, so you don’t need to worry about the electrical bill every month.

LED Recessed lights are designed with three main components
LED Recessed lights are designed with three main components

These kinds of lights are designed with three main components:

  1. The frame is placed among joists to secure the light when they are mounted in the ceiling.
  2. Housing is used to protect the light bulb inside and the fixture. You can find a lot of housing in different sizes. This creates different types of lighting. 
  3. Trim is a visible part of the fixture. The trim is made of materials and colors. This part is inserted in the housing. And it affects the appearance of the LED recessed light fixture as well as their light quality.

Where to use the LED recessed light?

Where to use the LED recessed light?

As mentioned above, LED recessed lights are used in both indoor and outdoor applications in your house. They are good interior fixtures for many spaces. If your rooms have a limited ceiling space to work with, you should choose this kind of light. 

  1. If you use recessed lights in the kitchen, you will have a nicer kitchen. Recessed downlights provide your kitchen great lighting. This lighting in combination with other applications in the kitchen will turn your kitchen into a wonderful and luxurious space.
  2. Hallways and corridors are where to use LED recessed lights, too. They have slim dimensions. You can use recessed lights with step lights or sconces lights. This combination makes your corridor and hallways more fanciful at night.
  3. The LED recessed lights are the ideal lights to decorate your dining room. In this room, architecture is usually designed with pendants and chandeliers. However, it would be more sparring and add a mood-enhancing feeling when we have some LED recessed lights in this room. Your dining room is not where your family has dinner together anymore. It becomes an artwork. 
  4. You can add recessed lights in the bathroom. Don’t be surprised about this! It is true! In the bathroom, it is usually wet. So, the LED recessed lights become the best choice to install. You should install them above showers or bathtubs. 
  5. These kinds of lights are used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Porches, patio, or some outdoor areas can be decorated with different LED recessed lights. 

Buying guide for LED recessed lights

You are searching for the best LED recessed lights and you feel confused because of a variety of recessed lights. You don’t know how to buy this kind of light. You are not sure if your choice is the best or not. They are suitable for your house or you have to find another option to change. There are many questions you need to answer. 

Buying guide for LED recessed lights
Buying guide for LED recessed lights

So, how do you choose the best LED recessed lights? Before buying them you need to decide where you want recessed lights. And then, you have to consider what you want to light, what light bulb type is suitable and their size, housing. You need to decide if a diffused lighting or spotlight would be the best.

  1. You must check the safety before you mount the light. It is necessary to ensure that the light fixture is protected by insulation. If not, the risk of fire is high. Besides that, you also check the design of your ceiling. Is the ceiling insulated or not? In case you have an insulated ceiling, the next item you need is an airtight and IC-rated canister. If your ceiling is not insulated, you should choose a non-rated canister. 
  2. Another problem you need to check is how many recessed fixtures you can accommodate in your space. How much is the wattage of each fixture? To determine the quality of the fixture, please check the lighting circuits firstly. Your lighting circuits allow carrying how much wattage. 
  3. The next issue that helps you to choose the LED recessed lights is housing and trim. Both of them must be considered at the same time. Housing and trim need to fit together. If they don’t fit, they can damage the aesthetics of your room. 
  4. You choose the housing diameter based on your needs. How do you want your room to look? How í your plan to use that room? Your choice should be based on the height of the ceiling and the size of your room.
  5. When you choose the light bulb, you need to consider some problems, such as color temperature, bulb type, shape, and dimmable.
Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Ensenior 12 pack 6-inch ultra-thin LED recessed ceiling light with junction box
4.9See Latest Price
Torchstar basic series 12 pack 12W 6 Inch LED recessed lighting4.9 See Latest Price
TorchStar 12-pack 4 Inch ultra-thin Led recessed light
4.8 See Latest Price
Cloudy Bay 6 inch, three color temperature, ultra-thin LED recessed lights
4.7See Latest Price
Bbounder Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED recessed Downlight
4.6See Latest Price
Heybright 6 Pack 6 Inch Recessed Lighting
4.6See Latest Price
Feit Electric LEDR56B/927CA/MP/6 5/6 inch LED Recessed Downlight
4.6See Latest Price

Top 7 Best LED Recessed Lights In 2022 For Your House

Now, we are pleased to send you the list of the top 7 LED recessed lights that always receive positive feedback from consumers after purchasing and using those recessed lights. 

#1. Ensenior 12 pack 6-inch ultra-thin LED recessed ceiling light with junction box

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Key features

  • Ultra-thin recessed lights are just 0.47 inches
  • High brightness: 1050LM
  • Anti-glare and scratch-resistant
  • No flicker and noise
  • The connector of 2700K-6000K: 2 pins
  • The connector of 3CCT/5 CCT: 3 pins
  • Made of plastic and metal
  • 50000 hours lifespan
  • Energy-star certified.


  • They are available to install in damp spaces and other applications in kitchens, living rooms, workplaces, outside soffits, and even hard-to-reach places.
  • Saving up to 88% in energy costs
  • Designed with a frosted LED lens for anti-glare and scratch-resistant. 
  • Compatible with a lot of dimmers
  • Install easily in just a few minutes.

You may be confused about the question: “If you had a three plug outlet in your unfinished basement ceiling, is there a way to plug the first one into the outlet after they are daisy-chained?” 

It sounds quite difficult. But you could connect all 12 lights on one 14 gauge Romex, wired in parallel and connected to a line direct to a fuse or a breaker. You could wire the cable to the outlet you’re talking about. Just make sure you use Romex and don’t exceed the fuse or breaker amperage with both the lights and whatever you may plug into this outlet.

#2. Torchstar basic series 12 pack 12W 6 Inch LED recessed lighting

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Key features

  • Weight only 14.92 pounds
  • Made of Aluminum & PC
  • Wattage: 12W
  • Lifespan: 36000 hours
  • CCT: 5000K daylight


  • They are the best lights for narrow ceilings because they require 2 inches of clearance. But they still provide high brightness.
  • Designed with scratch-resistant and anti-glare
  • Easy to install because you just need to connect the junction box to the light using the cable and then mount it on the ceiling by using a spring clip.
  • This type of light provides perfect indoor light. They are available to install at any place in the house from the kitchen, doorways, closets.

“What size Romex is recommended for these lights?” -this question is very common with those who apply the Torchstar basic series. Here comes the answer!

In practice, it is powered by a 15 amp circuit breaker so that most lighting circuits with one wire are tolerated. Outlets and circuits are typically affected by a 20 amp breaker and connected to a 12 stranded wire. Be sure to match the cross-section of the wire to the breaker watt. You should always use 12 gauge for all of the circuits in the future.

#3. TorchStar 12-pack 4 Inch ultra-thin Led recessed light

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Key features

  • Only 10.5 wattage
  • Lifespan 40.000hours
  • CCT: 2700k/3000k/3500k/4000k/5000k
  • Dimming range: 10%-100%
  • Water-resistant
  • Made of Aluminum


  • You have adjusted the lights with 5 color temperatures.
  • Available to install at damp places. They are also easy to install in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and dining room.
  • Lifespan is very long, up to 40.000 hours, so save your money.
  • Save more ceiling space because you don’t need to add extra housing cans. 
  • They are covered by aluminum shells therefore, they have excellent heat dissipation as well as corrosion resistance.

“What happens when the lifecycle of natural light ends? Can I buy LED parts or do I have to buy them all again?”- you can find the reply below.

6-inch slim LED downlight with JBox is light with an integrated LED light chip, external screwdriver, lens, and cover. There are no usable parts inside the luminaire. If the lighting is faulty, the entire fixture will need to be replaced. If the lamp fails within the warranty period, please contact customer service for a product warranty.

In case you have to repaint the bezels, you may consider removing the lenses by taking out the four screws on the back. However, it is not recommended to replace the lens by removing the screws on the back to paint the lens. If you need an embedded ceiling light with satin copper or nickel oil paint, don’t hesitate to search the ASIN #: B07QV924FH and B07S5JN 1 for the product information.

#4. Cloudy Bay 6 inch, three color temperature, ultra-thin LED recessed lights

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Key feature

  • Just 15 wattage
  • IC rated and airtight
  • Lifespan up to 25000 hours
  • Three color temperatures: warm white, daylight, and cool white
  • Made of mental
  • Circular shape
  • Toggle switch with silicon cover


  • Don’t need to worry about the electrical bill because they use only 15 wattages. Energy is saved.
  • Lifespan is 25000 hours which helps you to save money.
  • Easy to install because they don’t need a junction box or cans. If there are any problems, it is very easy for new installation or remodel. 
  • Easy to adjust color temperature.

What percentage is this light with no dimmer switch?

If you do not have a dimmer installed, we recommend maximizing the brightness. There are three color temperatures to choose from. Please select a color temperature before setting. The button is part of the box. It is in the specs. The dimmer changes the direction of the current each time it is used to dim or light a lamp. Finally, the dimmer controls the power file to dim the light. If the switch is low, it will take longer for the cycle to complete and the lamp will emit a lower brightness level.

Most households installed a Lutron dvcl-153p dimmer switch and a hum in all units. Some problems may happen but you can seek the solution as below

Most manufacturers now offer a list of recommended dimmers that have been tested for product compatibility. Of all the dimmers on the list, there are two to look for the ones that are most likely to be the most effective at eliminating hum. 

Dimmer for noise cancellation LED Looking for a CL dimmer or an ELV dimmer. The CL Dimmer is manufactured by Lutron and is designed to be LED compatible. They have low-end trim settings that allow you to get the best tuning range possible. CL dimmers remove hum from most, but not all, brands of LEDs. 

An electronic low voltage regulator (also known as reverse phase or trailing edge) is designed for electronic (capacitive) loads such as LEDs. ELV dimmers almost always help or eliminate noise.

#5. Bbounder Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED recessed Downlight

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Key feature

  • 12.5 wattage
  • Made of plastic
  • No flicker but dimmable
  • Round shape and dimensions are just 13.46×13.43×7.72 inches


  • Easy to install and they are available to mount into housing cans directly. You don’t need any additional accessories. 
  • They are used in many applications in kitchens, living rooms, basements, closets…
  • Easy to adjust color temperature. They are also compatible with most dimmers. 
  • Because they are covered by insulation, there is no risk of fire. They are also designed with an airtight structure which ensures corrosion protection as well as rust prevention.

The lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The manufacturers offer a 7 year warranty. If you have any questions, please click “Sold by Bbounder Lighting” in the product list, click the “Ask Question” button and email with details. 

In case your existing canisters don’t have anywhere for the springs to attach to, find a few small tabs on the other side of the box. The tabs are part of the box material that folds inward. When most customs install the first lights, they ignore the tabs because these things are thought of as abundantly.

#6. Heybright 6 Pack 6 Inch Recessed Lighting

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Key feature

  • Edge – Lit Design
  • 5 years warranty
  • Damp location available, 
  • ‎Canless
  • 5%-100% Dimmable


  • Gentle Light

The light is eco-friendly and doesn’t consume too much energy. This 12W LED downlight is as bright as an 80W incandescent lamp and is compliant with 120V AC input voltage while reducing power consumption and electricity bills.

  • Long Lifetime

The total lifespan of each bulb is up to 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to change lights constantly.

  • No housing or J-box required

Edge Lit technology allows you to reduce the depth of your device. The microchip classification allows direct contact with the isolator. This makes the built-in LED only 2 inches.

There isn’t any grommet for the lock-out hole to be code compliant with the NEC, as per code for safety so you have to buy it separately. 

These lights work individually based on the lighting circuit and switch configuration, so a system such as Alexa is not appropriate.

#7. Feit Electric LEDR56B/927CA/MP/6 5/6 inch LED Recessed Downlight

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Key feature

  • Top rated 5/6 inch LED downlight with baffle trim
  • Dimmable to 5%
  • 5 – 6 Inch 75 Watt
  • Wet Location rated 
  • ‎Plastic
  • ‎Circular


  • Upgrade your traditional lighting with an energy efficient LED retrofit. 
  • The soft white light has a color temperature of 2700K and is slightly yellowish. 
  • LED technology uses much less energy and has an estimated energy efficiency of up to 8%. 
  • The UL approved and certified standards are the highest standards for all products.
  • Optimum performance and safety.

This LED upgrade may not be properly protected in some shallow enclosures. These upgrade kits have two torsion springs on each side and are attached to two C-clamps inside many traditional locking pins.

This lamp is suitable for IC and NONIC types. I don’t know how to make it airtight. However, due to its low wattage, it wasn’t hot at all compared to previous built-in bulbs.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Our answer is “Yes”. We have many reasons to say “Yes” with the LED recessed lights. It comes to interior design, they are always the effective way to decorate your room. Their lighting makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

They don’t make trouble and make you concerned. Because nobody can knock their head on lights. You don’t need to worry due to the low ceiling. Your room looks bigger and has more free space.

Compared with incandescent, the LED recessed lights run much cooler. Electrical components don’t get hot. However, you should keep them away from your furniture. 

The quality of LED recessed lights depends on the light circuits and the wattage of the fixture. How much wattage do your lighting circuits accept? And how much is your fixture’s wattage? The combination between lighting circuits and the wattage of each fixture will determine how many LED recessed lights you need. 

The expense of installing LED recessed lightings costs is based on the fixture, materials, and the labor required to install them. If you don’t know about the LED recessed lighting and the electricity, you shouldn’t install the recessed lighting by yourself. 

You have to pay for wiring lights into the ceiling, removing obstacles when mounting the LED recessed lights. The average expense to install a LED recessed light fixture is about 360$. It is not cheap.

No, the LED recessed lights are never out of style. What are the reasons for this? Firstly, they save our space, our money. They are designed to focus on the light while other lighting places the focus on the fixture. 

The LED recessed lights offer a distribution of light in the room. The light makes us feel relaxed. This lighting is not bad for our eyes. The design of LED recessed lights allows us to change the color temperature with different effects.

You have learned a lot of interesting things about LED recessed lights. They are always the ideal option for you to design your living space. Hope that our listed LED recessed light above helps you choose the best light that meets your needs. Please don’t forget to consider the listed issues before you decide to purchase any of the LED recessed lights.