LED Lighting Ideas For Living Room: Best lighting ideas 2023

Each house will have a different living room design in terms of size, style, and layout. The living room is the gathering place for all family activities. The choice of furniture, style or lighting method is always the first consideration. Living room lighting is also more complex and demanding than other rooms in the house. LEDs are preferred for lighting choices.

In this article, we would like to suggest LED lighting ideas for living room. Please take a moment to watch because maybe it will be useful to you!

Why should you use LED lights for living room lighting?

  • The living room is the heart of the house. The room is where you experience many different moments – relaxing with friends, watching TV on the sofa, working or enjoying tea, meals.
  • LED lights for the living room not only illuminate you but the bulb can also be used for decoration. Install them to create a stylish and welcoming space in your home.
  • Using LEDs produces a soft, dimmable, and energy-saving white light. LEDs are a light source you can trust. LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or changing bulbs while still having the perfect lighting atmosphere for the room.
  • Simply using the perfect LED lighting for your living room is enough to put accents and let lighting become part of your interior design.
  • Lighting needs in a living room often vary depending on the size of the room. Living rooms are decorated with light furniture that requires less light than dark rooms, and indirect light creates a warm space. Various types of LEDs allow you to customize the desired light level.
  • The lighting in your living room must adapt to many situations, as not every light is right for every occasion. Currently, LED lights with smart technology applications completely meet that.

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Determine the lighting level and type of lamp suitable for the living room

Lighting for the whole room will be generally light. This is a kind of soft light just enough to illuminate the living room without causing glare for our eyes. Spotlighting, also known as decorative lighting, is used to highlight the interior decoration or architecture of the room.

The layout of the living room lights will be based on two purposes: lighting and aesthetics. Depending on the needs, the homeowner will arrange the lights to best suit. Specifically, the need for higher aesthetics or higher lighting, or maybe a combination of these two factors.

Currently on the market, only LED lights can meet all of the other two purposes. LED lights are the most advanced technology, many models meet the increasing aesthetic requirements of users.

Depending on the size of the room you can consider options. You should be a little creative and knowledgeable about the uses of lights in the living room. That will help you master creating a special beauty for your living room.

LED lighting ideas for living room

LED lighting ideas for living room
LED lighting ideas for living room

Creative ideas always need inspiration. The inspiration here is the warmth and happiness when your family gathers together. Beautiful lighting will adorn this space more cozy and intimate. Check out these living rooms’ LED lighting ideas below. We are sure that you will have an option to be one of them.

#1. LED Ceiling Lights

It can be said that LED recessed lights are suitable for family living room lighting, no other lighting device can take the leading position. The optimal design ensures the aesthetics of the installation space, the components from the led chip to the led driver are all appreciated for their durability and quality light. The lights are suitable for a wide range of installations and styles. The form of LED recessed lights will be suitable for many modern apartments or apartments.

#2. The LED strip under the sofa

LED lighting installed under the sofa creates a comfortable atmosphere. When you lie on the sofa watching TV or chatting with your family, the yellow light from under the sofa will make the whole living room feel cozy. Of course, if you love to host parties, then the LED strip under your sofa can do it all. Various LED lights can flash with different lights to match the atmosphere of your living room. They even flash according to the music you are playing.

#3. Table Lamp

It can be said that the most outstanding feature of the table lamp model is its relatively small size. Therefore, it can easily be placed on other furniture to illuminate certain spaces without having to open large lights.

The table lamp focuses light on a certain small space and is applied with LED lights. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps can’t give continuous light when lit, so it will lead to eye fatigue for users, while LED lights will give continuous light when used, so it is safe for the eyes. Applying LED technology, in addition to saving energy, this lamp also has a very long life and does not generate much heat when used, so it is safe for users and other furniture.

Currently, table lamps are designed in a variety of designs from colors to colors and also in design styles from classic to modern. They are suitable for all different spaces, both meeting the needs of lighting and creating outstanding accents.

#4. Wall lamp

Decorative LED wall lights have a lighting effect that is hung on the wall of the house, both adorning the living room space and helping to illuminate the important nooks and crannies that cannot be reached by the main lamp. This wall mount is that it has strong lighting ability and the light is emitted continuously without harming the eyes of the viewer.

The living room LED wall light is highly appreciated for its durability, so it ensures peace of mind when installing and using. Minimizing the replacement situation during use, thereby saving a significant part of costs for consumers. You can install them in pairs on either side of the wall for balanced symmetry for the room. The design of the living room wall lamp with gold-plated alloy material creates a luxurious beauty and also helps the product to be durable over time.

#5. Chandeliers

The chandelier is applied to LED lighting technology, so it completely brings a harmonious, soft light source, without causing glare for users. On the other hand, the chandelier also has a light mode from low to high, which helps to increase or decrease the temperature depending on the needs of the user. Compared with conventional decorative lamps, high-end decorative chandeliers have a much different design. They are designed with extremely delicate and skillful carving lines, making the space more classy.

Although from the outside, the chandelier has many details, a bit cumbersome cleaning the lamp is extremely simple. Whenever you see that the lamp is dusty, you just need to remove the lamp and use water or a specialized cleaning solution with a soft cloth and gently wipe it.

Normally in the summer, hot air will flood into your living room space. However, this will be completely overcome if in your family’s space there is a set of high-class chandeliers installed. Then this product will help prevent it extremely effectively but also create a more beautiful space.

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Note when arranging lights for the living room

Note when arranging lights for the living room
Note when arranging lights for the living room

Sometimes you need to pay attention to something before and after doing something. Here are a few notes for LED lighting ideas for the living room.

  • It is necessary to determine the location you want to install the light so that after installation you are no longer confused. The design needs to match the lighting needs of the whole room. Do not use lights that are too bright or too dark. That could be the reason for your eyestrain and headaches.
  • Estimate costs for each type so that you don’t have to worry about a lack of funds.
  • When installing, it is necessary to disconnect the entire electrical system and ensure that the lights will work when there are no electrical leaks.
  • Choose the LED color tone that matches the paint color of the room. You don’t want to see them all in one space.
  • You can install an additional dimmer for the room. The dimmer is very practical and flexible to control the brightness of the living room for different family needs.


Above is information about LED lighting ideas for the living room – The most important living space of every home. In addition, we bring you more information. Take it as a reference and enjoy it. The living room needs light and style to express the personality of the host.