Best LED Lighting For Makeup: Top 6 Best Highly-Recommended

We don’t have to be professional makeup artists to understand the importance of the Best LED lighting for makeup. Choosing the wrong light source for the dressing table will make you look completely unfamiliar when stepping out into the real light outside.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so confident starting a new day that you cringe after discovering in the mirror a makeup mistake that you missed? The problem may not be in your makeup skills but just that the decorative LED light you choose does not present the truest color on the mirror and when you step out into the street, under natural light, your face with makeup suddenly becomes strange. 

The following article will share all information related to LED Lighting For Makeup. There will be tips on lighting and choosing decorative LED lights when you do your makeup at the vanity or are outside.

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Top 6 Best LED Lighting For Makeup

On the market today, there are many types of LED lights with many models and different prices. Some famous brands such as Xiaomi, Lanaform, Beurer, .. also produce a variety of makeup mirrors with LED lights, making you quite confused when choosing. Therefore, refer to our Top 6 Best LED Lighting For Makeup useful suggestions below, so you can choose the most suitable product.

#1. LPHUMEX Hollywood Style 10 Ft Ultra Bright White LED

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LPHUMEX Hollywood Style 10 Ft Ultra Bright White LED is the most popular lamp today. If you’ve always wanted a Hollywood-style dressing table but can’t afford to buy one. This LED vanity mirror light strip gives you a look that is second to none.

This vanity mirror light set is very easy to install, can be applied directly to the mirror, frame, or wall. The design is small, soft, and the light output level does not dazzle your eyes. Perfectly designed with low flicker frequency and working voltage of 12V. If you have kids at home, they won’t have any problems with these bulbs. The light comes with a smart touch dimmer, touch to dimmer, and off/on.

The moderate brightness of up to 1200lm will help you have a true look at your skin color as well as makeup. Makeup is a meticulous job, so enough light is an essential element.

A small note is that the makeup light is turned on for 1, 2 hours while you do your makeup and hair, but it cannot be turned on all day. Any light can get very hot if left on for a long time, which may cause some lights to melt and fall. They are dangerous to you and your family.

#2. Silikang Dimmable Touch Control Dressing Lights

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Silikang Dimmable Touch Control Dressing Lights show your beauty from every angle. Have you ever wanted to take your dressing table to the next level? This set of lights will give you the most professional makeup space.

This makeup light set is equipped with safe and powerful electronics, quality LED chips and Ul listed. It will last a long time at cost savings.

Designed for easy installation by sticking to glass, wood, plastic, and metal mirror surfaces. Strong double-sided adhesive, when torn off leaves no trace. No need to drill walls or holes just stick it on a walk-in closet, dresser, or vanity mirror to install. This mirror LED provides full brightness so you can put on makeup or get dressed quickly without foggy reflections.

White LED luminaires are brighter (1200lm) and warmer for soft light in just one touch. LED strips are IP65 waterproof so you can stick them on bathroom mirrors or wet places. The length is 60 LEDs so you can customize it to your desired mirror size, just cut it out according to the guideline.

#3. BlueEye Tech Dimmable Light Bulbs

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BlueEye Tech Dimmable Light Bulbs will assist you with delicate makeup so you can confidently step out with your best face.

Makeup mirror light set includes 10 dimmable LED bulbs with 5 lighting modes to meet your different needs. 10 LED bulbs produce soft and bright light. Provides a professional accurate color light for makeup. The 5V/2A USB cable design supports multiple charging options allowing you to charge them wherever you need them.

The luminaire is 16.9ft long so it can be adjusted in length by freely winding it around as needed, with no extra cord needed, making your vanity mirror neat and beautiful.

The LED mirror light is easily installed using the included stickers, and the included set of additional stickers allows you to change the mirror conveniently. Just peel off the backing of the double-sided sticker, then stick the bulb wherever you need it. These vanity LED lighting fixtures are perfect for bathrooms, dressing rooms, offices, workplaces, restaurants, and hotels.

#4. ASOKO LED Under Cabinet Lighting Bar

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ASOKO LED Under Cabinet Lighting Bar is an LED under cabinet lighting created to provide a perfect fit for all cabinets along with other suitable spaces.

The whole range of the lamp is 1200lumens, the 4500K white light is all-natural in delicate yellow, which can be easily illuminated in any pattern direction.

The lighting system has built-in 3M and magnetic tapes for easy installation. You only need to install them with 8 hours of adhesive tape to keep them stable for a lifetime.

Dimmer with rotary switch, you can decide to manage some brightness (0% 100% dimmer in increments) that you require. The light bar has a memory function, when you directly unplug the power, when reconnected, it will restore the last set brightness, very convenient, no need to set the brightness repeatedly. This will not make you feel the hassle of having to reinstall again and again.

With the flat aluminum strip layout, the LED fixtures can be mounted on a flat surface and can then be joined together to run cables. This light fixture is extremely light and can also be mounted in any direction.

Compatible with most dimmers. CRI>90 provides true-to-life colors giving you true-to-life viewing angles for perfect makeup.

#5. Sylvwin Hollywood Style Mirror Lights Kit LED Bulbs

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Sylvwin Hollywood Style Mirror Lights Kit LED Bulbs is a lamp from a good, durable, and highly reputable brand of lighting.

Professional design is light, thin but has higher brightness than other lights in the same price segment. The light has 5 light color options with 10 dimmable movable mirror bulbs that provide enough brightness and soft light to help you see clearly without hurting your eyes.

The intelligence is reflected in being able to select the desired brightness by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. The user-friendly memory function allows the light to stay at the desired brightness level when you last turn it off. You will not have to spend time installing again and again.

The makeup mirror light comes with strong double-sided tape that can be applied directly to the mirror and torn off without leaving a mark. The swivel design at the bottom of the lamp holder can well hide the excess cables and make your mirror look neat and clean.

The lamp has a color temperature of 5V 3000-6500K, the bulb keeps at a low temperature so it is safe to touch with no risk of burns after hours of use. Optional multi-charge USB cable design is convenient for wherever you need it. Standard USB 5V 2A or higher, USB low voltage power supply.

#6. Pretmess Adjustable Color and Brightness with 10 LED Light Bulbs

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The Pretmess Adjustable Color and Brightness provide a convenient experience, by ensuring an adequate light source that will make you so much more confident every time you step down the street. Besides, this is also an affirmation of his personality, creating a prominent mark in a series of other furniture models in the bedroom.

The light has 3 optional light modes cold white, natural white, and warm white to meet your different needs on different occasions. LED bulbs are made of high-quality PC, aluminum and manufactured under the most rigorous quality testing procedures. Protect your eyes from poor quality light, avoid eyestrain, myopia, headache.

Easy and stress-free installation, hidden wires, and no need to drill holes. No assembly or wiring is required, just stick firmly to the wall, mirror, or mirror frame. Mirrors are fixed with 3M double-sided adhesive, hard to fall off. The clear tape won’t leave any marks on the mirror when you want to remove the light from the mirror.

The lamp is made of environmental beads, along with the sturdy metal legs, the vanity set has a long service life. Bathroom vanity light bulb with standard medium base can be easily screwed into any light fixture with the socket.

LED mirror light uses professional LED lights, the brightness is adjusted after many professional tests, not only to ensure energy saving, longer use time but also to ensure that it does not hurt the eyes when facing the light. makeup for a long time.

Why does good lighting for applying makeup matter?

Lighting is one of the few factors that are very important when it comes to makeup. The right amount of light will help you have a true look at your skin color as well as makeup types.

The right amount of light helps you have a true look at your skin color
The right amount of light helps you have a true look at your skin color

Often the light in the room will not be enough, or it will be a different color, or there is only one electric light bulb, or there is a very dark light.

The amount of light shining on your face when standing in front of the mirror gives you a clear view of the entire face, with no dark areas or shadows. A lot of people look at their face in the mirror and find that their chin and eye sockets are dark, so they require make-up to “put” relatively thick powder on these areas, but, when they are outdoors, they are thick and bold. This is a consequence of bad makeup lighting.

So if your makeup space is tight and not bright enough, you can consider adding more lights or moving the dressing table to a place with the best light.

Your face looks good in the mirror under the lights but looks different in natural light. Instead of applying makeup in a room under artificial light, try applying makeup in natural light to get a better look at your face.

Lighting to choose when applying makeup 

In makeup, it’s not just how the light is cast, but also how the color of the light is chosen. Sunlight during the day, for example, always makes the colors of objects look natural. Let’s take a look at the lights that should be used in makeup below.

Lighting to choose when applying makeup
Lighting to choose when applying makeup

#1. Natural light

Makeup usually involves colors such as lipstick, blush, eye color… Makeup under natural light such as sunlight helps you to have beautiful and natural makeup.

Natural light will give you the correct look. However, make sure the light is even and doesn’t cast shadows on your face. Natural light has to pass through the dispersion layer to have a soft light all over the face instead of just hitting a corner of the face.

#2. Warm white light (like LED lighting)

If you want a makeup space without shadows and easy to apply makeup, you should use warm white light like LED light.

LED lights are mainly used in makeup. Because it illuminates the entire face with the most natural light, making it easy to apply makeup.

It is recommended that you use LED lights with the LED system mounted in the mirror. In addition to helping you easily apply makeup, it also helps your space become more luxurious and outstanding. Most LED lights have high color rendering index, so when applying makeup, it will help users see the most natural color of the makeup.

In addition, you can use additional types of amplified mirrors with integrated LED lighting. Helps you see the small details like eyebrows, mascara, or eyeshadow…makes your makeup more perfect and delicate.

Lighting to avoid when applying makeup 

Lighting to avoid when applying makeup
Lighting to avoid when applying makeup

Have you ever gone out after skillfully applying makeup, and suddenly caught your reflection from the window and thought to yourself, where has my makeup gone?

The reason your makeup is no longer radiant after makeup is largely unrelated to the matte finish of the cosmetic: The main cause is light. Under different viewing angles and light will only see different makeup. You should use the light closest to natural light. So what types of light should you avoid when using makeup lights?

#1. Fluorescent lighting

Office girls are too familiar with the light from fluorescent lights. The reason is that offices in big cities often use lights during the day due to lack of light. Fluorescent lights are used a lot with large capacity, so there is almost no natural light in these offices.

The light from the fluorescent lamp makes it impossible for women to correctly identify their skin tone to choose the right cosmetic tone. This light source makes women’s skin look paler than usual, and often leads to too heavy makeup, unnatural for the face.

While it feels cool and soothing to the eyes, the white fluorescent light is not forgiving of blemishes and is often too bright. This glow can make you apply heavy layers of foundation, bronzer, or blush to make up for the lack of color on your face.

#2. Yellow light

Yellow light is a color on a color temperature scale of about 2700-3000K. The light will then radiate red or yellowish and is typical of incandescent lamps.

Yellow light can make you look tired and sick
Yellow light can make you look tired and sick

This type of yellow light does not cause glare for users when reading or studying, this type of yellow light should be used at a distance of 1 m so that a person with normal vision can see small objects less than 1 cm.

Yellow light can make you look tired and sick, which can lead you to enthusiastically slather your face with layers of powder and concealer in an attempt to neutralize your face and hide dark spots.

#3. Rose-colored lighting

Lights with rose-colored light will make everything they shine on have the brightest and brightest colors. A lot of girls love rose-colored and want everything to be rose-colored. But rose-colored light is only suitable for decorative rooms to create romantic space.

Rose-colored light can make skin look healthy and glowing, this benefit sounds great, but it’s all a lie. Since you always look radiant and rosy in this light, you’ll tend to use less concealer, only to realize later that you’ve missed out on a major blemish or blemish.

#4. Downlight

Downlight from above or from below is not suitable for makeup. Remember when you were a kid and used to hold a flashlight under your chin to look scary? Spotlights give a similar and even worse effect. The light shines down on wrinkles, pigmentation, and shadows under the eyes, making you look older than you are.

Then you will tend to apply blush or paint too much smiley face. If you bring that face out, you can create a funny effect for everyone.

Things to consider when buying LED lighting for makeup 

Considerations when buying LED lighting for makeup
Considerations when buying LED lighting for makeup

Dressing tables are mostly located in bedrooms or dressing rooms, often closed, and lacking in natural light. Meanwhile, makeup is a job that requires meticulousness and ingenuity in every detail, so it needs a good enough light for this job to take place smoothly, the new makeup is achieved.

Therefore, the lamp used in makeup is an effective support tool for women when applying makeup. They are chosen by many people for both lighting purposes and to decorate the beautiful dressing table and add glitter. Let’s find out what to consider when choosing makeup lights.

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#1. Brightness (Lumens)

Light is the most important factor when applying makeup. When the amount of light is just right, it will help you have a true look at your skin color as well as makeup. Usually, to achieve this level, vanity lights need to have a total light output of more than 4000 Lumens.

Thanks to that, they will help to illuminate your face and the points that need makeup. This has a huge impact on the quality of the makeup process. You should choose a makeup lamp that can adjust the brightness so that you can flexibly balance the light appropriately at each time when used.

#2. Color temperature

The light color range is the second most important factor when choosing lights for makeup. The more natural the amount of light, the more the skin color will be reflected.

According to experts, if the overall room you use is white, the LED should have a temperature of about 3200K – 3500K to create a warm light that brings a pleasant feeling and standardizes skin tone when applying makeup.

LED should have a temperature of about 3200K - 3500K to create a warm light for makeup
LED should have a temperature of about 3200K – 3500K to create a warm light for makeup

When choosing to use LED lights, you should ask the seller for lamps with color rendering index above 90 for the most natural light. LED lights often bring users lightness and comfort because the light has been evenly dispersed through the PMMA organic glass. Bright light without dazzling is the outstanding advantage that this lamp brings, suitable as a lamp for the dressing table.

#3. Type of lighting

Manufacturers have offered a few types of lights that can be used on dressing tables for you to choose from such as led bulbs, halogen lights, vintage lights, or 4.0 smart mirror lights. Depending on the condition of the room and the level of payment, you choose the appropriate type of lamp.

  • Bathroom Vanity Lighting 

The selected lamp should be easy to install according to the desired shape, light has many color ranges, save electricity, is easy to replace, and reasonable cost. In the bathroom, due to the large space, more light is needed. The LED light has a high color rendering, so it reflects real light, making it easy to apply makeup on your face.

  • Bedroom Makeup Lighting 

Usually will be installed for the dressing table or on the mirror. Their common feature is a round LED light that is attached to a frame with an electrical circuit on the vanity top.

The light bulb is designed to have the same natural brightness as outdoors, but because the round light is mounted on the outer frame, it can be very unsightly and take up a lot of space. This light is only suitable for single users at home.

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Bedroom Makeup Lighting 
Bedroom Makeup Lighting 
  • Portable Makeup Lighting:

The lamp is a masterpiece between mirror and technology. The light is integrated into the back or mirror edge, capable of adjusting the light by an automatic software system right on the mirror. You can move them anywhere you want. / In this lamp, there is the flexibility to move it to be carried away or in your own home. These mirror lights have a high price tag but are still popular due to their aesthetics and ability to keep up with the trends of the times.

#4. Heat Output

LED lights to save electricity and don’t give off as much heat as other light sources like incandescent bulbs. A lamp that gives off a lot of heat will cause a high temperature around that environment. You may feel hot and uncomfortable when applying makeup. LED lights, such as ring lights and spotlights, are cool to the touch. This helps a lot when you’re wearing makeup as it means you won’t have to face sweaty faces and melted makeup before you leave the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

Lighting is an extremely important point for the dressing table because it will give you a true look at your skin tone, lipstick color, and glossiness. So makeup lights are the smartest choice for your vanity. Choose lamps with yellow light, close to natural color to ensure that the amount of light when shining helps you see your face clearly, no dark areas or shadows.

What LED light color makes you look the best?

The best conditions for applying makeup are warm or natural light sources. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection for your face, but for cloudy days when the rays are not a good choice. Warm white light, like LEDs, is the second-best lighting condition. It closely resembles the color spectrum of natural light while evenly distributing the light over the entire face. Warm white light is most recommended because it will highlight the flaws on your face.

How many lumens do you need for makeup lighting?

Lamps with high luminous efficiency are lamps that give a large luminous flux and consume less power. That is, the higher the luminous efficiency index, the more energy-saving the lamp is. The biggest advantage of LED lights is their high luminous efficiency. You should apply makeup with a light source of 1000 to 1400 lumens. This is the brightness you will get from a 75-100W incandescent bulb. An average of 50 Lumens per square foot is a common metric.

What wattage is best for makeup?

Power is a measure of the power consumption rate of LED lights within 1 hour. In other words, it shows how much electricity is consumed by the lamp / 1 hour. There is no set amount of wattage per bulb to use for the vanity. In general, the range will be 75-100 watts.

Is white or yellow light better for makeup?

Led lighting is the most energy-saving lamp, with a wide spectrum of colors, you can use it for lighting or decoration. All kinds of white LED lights are specialized to serve work such as schools or offices. For makeup, the use of natural light or warm yellow is preferred. Because under that light you can see the makeup and your eyes will not be tired when you have to look at it for too long.


Choosing lights for makeup is often very simple, but reality requires a lot of different experiences. If you do not have all the necessary experience, inevitably, you will not be able to buy or buy inappropriate, non-guaranteed designs. Therefore, we hope that the information about LED Lighting For Makeup we share above will help you solve the above problem most easily.