Best LED Color Change: Top 8 Highly Recommended Choices 2023

You want to redecorate the house to create more colors for the living room in different contexts such as relaxation or party, ..or you want to create a warm space for the bedroom?

Lighting is an important part of your renovation. With a small capacity but high brightness to save electricity, color-changing LED lights are an extremely wise choice. In this article, we will give you all to know about LED Color Change!

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Sanwo 32.8 feet Dream Color RGB 300 LEDs4.6See Latest Price
Elight Outdoor String Lights 39ft 100LED4.5See Latest Price

Top 8 Best LED Color Change

Color-changing LED is a popular line of lights used in decorating spaces such as gardens, rooms, buildings, or signs… On the market today, many color-changing LED products are increasingly making customers. It is difficult to choose the right product. Our team has detailed the Top 8 Best LED Color Change models.

#1. dalattin 65.5ft Led Light with 44 Keys Remote

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dalattin 65.5ft Led Light with 44 Keys Remote is long enough to light up an entire room in your house.

Adjustable brightness allows you to customize it to your liking. Dim the lights and set your favorite color using the included remote control. The back of the light is covered with a 3M adhesive that can be firmly adhered to any surface. Therefore the lamp is also known as LED strip light.

To use, you just need to peel off the plastic on the back, similar to double-sided tape. There are dashes on the body of the light strip so you can cut it yourself to the length you want.

The color of the lights can be adjusted according to the mood and atmosphere you want for the room. Very thin light, easy to install into narrow slots, aluminum LED bar. The slim, small size also makes it easier to arrange the lights.

#2. Leeleberd 50ft Led Strip Lights App Control and Remote

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Leeleberd 50ft Led Strip Lights App Control and Remote has stable and flicker-free light that affects eyes.

The length of the lamp is 50ft enough for indoor decoration. You can create your own space in different styles such as romantic, party… Featured in all types of string lights is a flexible ribbon attached to the back of the light strip. You can stick the light strip on clean, dry surfaces such as a wall or a desk… The 4-pin L-shaped connector can help you solve the problem of installing the light strip around the corner.

Smart light control comes with the lights. You need to control them through the app “Lotus Lantern” (Find it on google play or apple store) on your phone to turn on/off the lights, adjust the brightness, change the color. Set a schedule to turn the lights on and off according to your timetable.

You can use the remote with the 4-button switch to control the light strip. The light has the function of changing according to the music. Just press the “MUSIC” button the lights will change color and the switching speed will sync with the music beat.

Genuine LED string lights have a lifespan of 20,000 to 25,000 hours, equivalent to 5-8 years of use. You can save a lot of money with your monthly electric bill for your home.

#3. Tenmiro 32.8ft RGB 5050 Music Sync

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Tenmiro 32.8ft RGB 5050 Music Sync is a great light strip to brighten up your space but also to set the mood by using these glow lights creatively.

IR remote control with 40 keys, including 20 different light colors, 4 dimming, 4 music modes, 4 times off levels, 6 dynamic lighting modes. You can change the light and intensity as you like. The desired space is created to simulate the color change of sunrise and sunset or create a lively atmosphere for a party.

There are 4 music modes for you to choose from. The microphone can adjust sensitivity in any situation to create a romantic, relaxing, party atmosphere with music, the light color will change with the music rhythm.

Included in the package are an AC adapter and a remote control receiver. You can be productive with this light strip. 3M self-adhesive tape on the back can fit on any dry and flat surface. You have the flexibility to install it anywhere you want.

#4. GUSODOR 32.8 feet Smart Led Lights

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GUSODOR 32.8 feet Smart Led Lights has a unique design and a wide range of colors.

The lamp has 16 million colors that can be selected; 23 modes such as strobe, color shifting. You can control the modes via the app and the remote.

Easy to install in any position and workplace space. Installation is also simpler when just cleaning the surface and sticking, no additional steps are needed. Led strip lights can be easily cut and linked with other led strips, can be cut according to the available cut. Now you can customize the length you want to fit your living space.

Built-in sensitivity adjustment mic, the light color will change with the rhythm of music and sound, creating a romantic, relaxing, splendid, and exciting atmosphere for your party.

Another smart point of the light is that you can treat it as a light alarm clock. Preset the right time and the right color to make it turn on or off automatically and you wake up in the light every morning.

#5. Keepsmile 50ft Led Strip Lights

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Keepsmile 50ft Led Strip Lights is a product that many consumers choose to use for their home space.

Built-in lights using the same Bluetooth mode can be Smart Timers. Please preset the appropriate time and color for the light to automatically turn on/off. All can be used as an alarm clock.

With a length of 50ft, you can freely control thousands of colors through the 44-key infrared remote control or the smartphone APP. The light changes according to the surrounding sound, making the space more emotional and realistic.

The self-adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip can stick firmly to any dry and smooth surface. You don’t have to worry about the light strip falling and causing damage.

You can customize the length of the LED, cut the 3 LEDs along the cut mark. You can also use a specific connector to extend the light bar length.

#6. Mlambert 48ft Shatterproof Edison Bulbs

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The Mlambert 48ft Shatterproof Edison Bulbs are the most distinctively designed lights on this list.

The lamp includes 18 LED Edison SHATTERPROOF E26 bulbs, 3 bulbs for SPARE. You can manually control the color switching speed or adjust the brightness of the bulb with a simple press on the remote.

Built-in loop, you can flexibly mount it on a flat surface with screws or hang it from above with a lanyard. With an end-to-end connection on each strand, these string lights CAN LINK together.

The most advanced LED chip technology is applied, so the RGB string lights emit colorful light through clear bulbs. All will create an aesthetic light show for any space and holidays.

#7. Sanwo 32.8 feet Dream Color RGB 300 LEDs

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Sanwo 32.8 feet Dream Color RGB 300 LEDs are developed by professional engineers with quality tape.

Sanwo is a well-known brand that focuses on modern lighting experience. As a fast-growing manufacturer, it cares about high brightness but low power output. LED functionality includes a 32.8-foot dimmable light strip. It manages 300 individual LEDs on low voltage but claims a lifespan of 50000 hours.

3M self-adhesive tape is suitable for LED strips on a flat surface. The automatic setting allows you to use multi-function. Built-in high-sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and color automatically adjusts based on ambient sound.

Strip lights are suitable for all types of music, including slow, relaxing tunes and bar music. Five great modes to choose from in an adventurous setting; Flashing, breathing, color shifting, cool, and strobe.

Besides indoor activities, lights allow you to decorate outdoors. This is an all-in-one kit that includes an AC adapter, remote control, and 32.8ft light strip coil. You don’t need an additional and expensive device to control the strip lights; we set all compatible materials in APP control.

#8. Elight Outdoor String Lights 39ft 100LED

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Elight Outdoor String Lights 39ft 100LED is a type of light that is used a lot during Christmas every year.

Due to the main outdoor use, the waterproof level of the lamp is at a high level. LED string light control is smarter than a remote controller with more modes than a traditional remote control.

Unique design by adding IC in LED light, 120 rainbow chasing modes for you to choose. In addition, you can change multiple colors, brightness, and speed simultaneously with the frequency change.

39ft 100LED flexible mini sphere string light with UL-listed adapter, with low voltage and no overheating, very safe for kids.

There’s a lot to like if you’re also setting up a more eco-friendly home. An LED bulb has a longer life and uses less energy than a regular light bulb.

How to use LED color change?

How to use LED color change?
How to use LED color change?

If your home only uses white LEDs, a fun way to change its color is to use any thin paper or tissue paper. Or a simpler way is to replace it with a color-changing LED bulb. How to use color-changing LED lights?

Step 1: Install the LED light

The installation position is the first point you need to pay attention to when you want to use the light.

  • Before installation, it is necessary to carefully calculate the number of lights, installation location, and type of installed lights.
  • Avoid installing LED lights in places with high humidity, this shortens lamp life.
  • During the installation process, it is necessary to install it firmly, avoid exposing the electricity to ensure safety during use.
  • Do not install the lamp in locations near chemicals, sunlight, or high temperature, which can cause fire or explosion.

In addition, installing lights in airtight locations can reduce the life of the lamp and take a lot of effort to replace the lamp. Depending on the installation space, the height of the lights can be adjusted with the factory light hook, the lamp chain, etc. The installation distance depends on the lamp power, the number of lights to be installed, and the light requirements of the customer. each area. However, when hanging lights, the minimum distance must be > 1.5m.

Installing the LED color change
Installing the LED color change

Step 2: Preservation and maintenance of LED lights

  • During use, avoid disassembling the lamp frequently and must check the lamp before use.
  • Regularly maintain, and clean the lights properly. – Use a clean dry cloth or airless spray to clean the lamp.
  • Do not use chemicals to clean the lamp, affecting the life of the lamp.

Step 3: Repair, replace LED bulbs when damaged

  • It is necessary to make sure that the power supply is disconnected before repairing or replacing the lamp.
  • Use genuine parts to repair or replace when the lamp is broken. Avoid using components of unknown origin, affecting the quality of the lamp.
  • Do not disassemble or repair the lamp yourself. Repairs should be performed by a reputable company.
  • When detecting a fault, it is necessary to carry out the lamp for warranty and timely repair. Avoid damaging the surrounding LED system.

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Common types of LED color change 

Color-changing LED is a line of lights that integrates dynamic lighting technology that is light that can be changed, static lighting technology does not allow color or intensity of light to be changed. The most popular types today are changing to 3 light colors: white, neutral, and warm yellow. Let’s explore the most popular LED color change models today.

Common types of LED color change
Common types of LED color change

#1. Color-changing LED Downlights

Color-changing LED downlights, also known as color-changing ceiling lights, are a very common type of light used. 3 factors make this type of lamp so popular that many people choose to use it:

  • Slim and lightweight design.
  • Using LED technology for quality light, saving power.
  • It is easy to install, replace, and also easy to find in the market.

The color-changing LED Downlight lines are calculated and designed to suit all usage needs: wide voltage range, many power levels, diverse designs, and installation methods identical to common downlight lines.

#2. Color Changing LED Panel Lights

With its unique design, color-changing LED Panel lights with luxurious design are often prioritized for use in large spaces to provide light and create accents for the ceiling. For example: lighting the living room in a house; lighting meeting rooms, conference rooms; lighting the reception hall;…

LED Panel lights are also equipped with a 3-color changing feature, along with that, this line of lights is applied edge lighting technology to make the light on the surface of the lamp clear and smooth. With common sizes of 300×1200 mm, 600×600 mm, 600×1200 mm, and different choices of patterns. This will be a very noticeable highlight contributing to the elegance and sophistication of the lighting space.

Color Changing LED Panel Lights
Color Changing LED Panel Lights

#3. Color Changing LED Ceiling Lights

This is probably the most suitable product for projects that have not used plaster ceilings. Like the two types of lights above, the color-changing LED ceiling light is also a very popular indoor lighting product. Currently, the color-changing LED Ceiling light has been equipped with a color-changing feature on the edge of the light, and this may be the highlight for the color-changing lights in the coming years.

#4. Color changing LED string lights

The light is made up of many LED chips attached to a long, soft circuit board, which is made of wire. The outside also has a subsidized Silicon layer to protect the entire LED chip and the circuit board inside to ensure longevity and prolong the life of the lamp.

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Things to consider when buying LED color change 

Color-changing LEDs become an integral part of the lighting system. Color-changing LED is a very versatile and convenient lighting solution that is useful in a multitude of situations. They come in different types, lengths, with different numbers of lights, different light intensities, and so on.

However, choosing the right color-changing LED light is not an easy thing. Be a savvy consumer by reading the 5 things to keep in mind when choosing to buy color-changing LED lights below!

Things to consider when buying LED color change
Things to consider when buying LED color change

#1. Indoor or outdoor use

LED floodlights are one of the most widely used light sources both indoors and outdoors, providing uniform illumination over the entire area. They are very often used in night lighting and as part of the decoration of a place.

Possessing a compact design, color-changing downlights often have a compact capacity of 5w. 7w, 9w, 12w. These are decorative lighting products – suitable for ceiling applications, decorating shelves, installing in the living room or bedroom to make the space more attractive.

This product line is very convenient to disassemble, suitable for replacing old halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and traditional ball lights.

Outdoor color-changing LED lights are the most commonly used lights today. Application in building facade lighting, advertising lighting. Park lighting, villa garden…

Color-changing LED lights for indoor use are lights used to decorate the interior, accents in the design of the room.

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Color-changing LED string lights for outdoor use
Color-changing LED string lights for outdoor use

#2. Brightness

The brightness of an LED is the ability of the lamp to illuminate when installed in a certain space. The brightness of the lamp depends on the amperage of the power source. If the amperage is stable, the brightness of the lamp is stable and does not flicker. Conversely, if the amperage is not stable, the brightness of the lamp will flicker.

How to calculate the brightness, determine the brightness of the LED bulb. The brightness of LEDs is mainly expressed in terms of luminous flux. So what is the formula? To calculate the luminous flux, we use the following formula:

v = dQv : dt

Where: Qv is the total light output of the LED.

Lumen (lm) is a measurement of the actual brightness provided by the bulb and is the number you should look for when buying an LED.

  • Depending on the area of ​​the room in addition to choosing the brightness; Choosing the layout, the choice of lamp power is also very important. 
  • Depending on the purpose of use, the space is wide or narrow to choose the appropriate lamp power.
  • Depending on the needs of users as well as depending on the layout space, we need to choose the right light bulb to be able to both save power and not harm the eyes.
Brightness of LED bulb compared to Halogen
Brightness of LED bulb compared to Halogen

#3. Modern Features

LED color changing is now integrated with modern and smart features. Smart LED bulbs can be controlled in different ways using a smartphone.

  • Control by remote

You can use the remote control to turn on/off or adjust the desired light level. Adjust flexibly and easily via smartphone. When integrated into a smart home system, smart bulbs can be programmed to work in conjunction with other devices connected to the home automation system.

  • Timer function

You can adjust the brightness and change the color over time. For example, you can set a timer to turn off the light at bedtime to avoid forgetting to turn it off, as well as save energy, and the light will gradually turn on at the set wake time, to wake you up naturally.

  • Music touch function

Similar to the timer function, the music touch function includes adjusting the brightness to the rhythm of the music. It’s perfect for home parties with these smart LED lights! You can choose products with flashing or non-flickering effects, depending on your preference. Not only is it sensitive to sound, but this light can also improve your mood every time you step into the room.

  • New Experience with Built-in Speaker

Different from the music touch type, the LED built-in speaker is a whole new experience with sound and light effects at the same time. Instead of changing the light according to the sound, the bulb is equipped with a speaker, and if you plug it into the outlet like a regular light bulb, you can enjoy a whole new way of enjoying music from the wall or ceiling. At the same time, the attractive point is that you don’t need to spend time installing wires or charging for the light bulb like a regular Bluetooth speaker.

#4. Color Range

Color Temperature of LEDs
Color Temperature of LEDs

LED color change has many colors, from purple to red, from white to yellow. The most common colors on LED bulbs are “warm white”, “soft white” and “bright white”. Light color or color temperature is measured in units of Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the light (i.e. more yellow) and vice versa.

  • 2700K ~ 3500K known as “warm white” or “warm yellow” helps the downlight to produce a soft, relaxing light, perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and restaurants.
  • 3500K ~ 4500K produces a friendly and attractive “neutral” light. This recessed downlight is ideal for use in offices, basements, garages, and work environments.
  • 4500K ~ 6500K produces vibrant, vibrant “cool white” downlights suitable for display areas, security lighting, and garages.

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#5. Control

The control function that Led color change brings makes it more convenient for you and your family to live as well as to experience smart lighting solutions.

In terms of design, it is no different from other common LED lights. However, thanks to the application of improved technology, by using a remote control, the Led color change control helps users to use it more easily and conveniently than other conventional switch LED lights. You can sit in one place and turn on / off the LED or change the color of the light at will when needed.

How long does LED color change last?

Don’t confuse the lifespan of an LED chip with the equivalent of a luminaire. Manufacturers usually only guarantee the life of the chip, not the whole lamp. Important accessories such as drivers will often fail ahead of time. The light source (LED chip) still works normally, but it will need to replace the new driver.

Typical incandescent bulbs last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. But when talking about LED color changing, lamp life is often quoted from 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

LED color change can last from 25,000 to 50,000 hours.
LED color change can last from 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

Long lamp life is one of the factors that make this technology increasingly popular. This is the reading level recorded when the lamp is operating in a normal environment with a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. This equates to about six years of continuous use.

Over time, a LED color change will slow down and lose light output, and after 50,000 hours, the light quality of the lamp will decrease by up to 70%.

However, many factors can affect the lifespan of an LED. The quality and durability of the materials used for production may play a part. Therefore, you need to choose reputable manufacturers because before launching products into the market, they have tested led lights through many rigorous stages to ensure that the lights can work well in all different environments.

Lamp life is different from lamp life. To know the life of the lamp, people calculate based on the standards L70, L30. The time to use the bulb again is the time from the first time you start using the bulb until the bulb is damaged and can no longer be used.

For traditional light bulbs, the lamp life is only a few years or even a few months. Because these types of balls are easy to break or catch fire.

As for LED lights, the service life can be up to 50 years before needing to be replaced.

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There are several ways to increase the life of the LED color change:

  • Limit frequent switching on and off

Although frequent on/off does not greatly affect the lifespan, each light has a limit on the number of times it turns on/off.

Exceeding the limit will cause the lamp to malfunction, flicker, or flicker.

  • Make sure the ambient temperature conditions are suitable for LED color changing
The ambient temperature conditions can impact on LED light output
The ambient temperature conditions can impact on LED light output

First, make sure the ambient temperature when using the lamp is within 25 degrees Celsius.

Second, choose lamps with good radiators to avoid heat stress.

  • Regularly clean and maintain the lamp regularly

Clean, maintain to remove dirt, moisture from the lamp. At the same time, timely detect small defects inside the lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the most attractive LED light color?

Color-changing LED with the ability to provide a variety of colors, so depending on the area and the needs of that area, choose the right light color.

The color of white light has strong luminous intensity, high-performance lighting helps road users to focus, see clearly, and further away.

As for the warm, intimate yellow light normally used for indoor lighting…

For lighting, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of light, the power is just enough, not too dark, causing the eyes to stretch to see or too bright, causing the eyes to squint. These are the factors that cause poor eyesight. It is best to use white light with just enough power to see clearly, making the eyes feel most comfortable.

Which LED light color is best for the eyes?

There are two basic types of light: yellow light and white light. If your eyesight is good, you should use a yellow light with just enough power, not too dark, not too bright, enough to work without straining your eyes or squinting to see.

If your eyesight is poor and the light source is not enough, this is the cause of your eyes getting worse and worse. Use white light with enough power to see clearly in the most comfortable state of your eyes.

So, it doesn’t matter what color light is, what matters is what kind of light your eyes are comfortable with.

Are LED lights safe for the bedroom?

One of the most basic things in lighting a bedroom is choosing warm light bulbs to create comfort. Therefore, LED lights are the best choice.

Avoid choosing the light that is too bright, causing blurred vision every time you look at it for a long time, if used for a while, it will affect your vision a lot. It is best to choose LED lights that can adjust the light accordingly to make the space more balanced.

It also depends on the size of the room and the most standard LED arrangement. You can choose fancy decorative LED lights to install on the wall to make the room more beautiful.

Are color-changing LED lights bad for your eyes?

In today’s lighting, LED is the number 1 choice when it comes to lamps that do not affect health. Because of:

LED lights can be adjusted according to color temperature. The color temperature range of LEDs runs from 2800K-6500K. Therefore, in the production of LED lighting, manufacturers will produce lamps with light in the appropriate color temperature range, which is best for the eyes. While lamps such as fluorescent, compact, and incandescent lamps cannot be customized to light.

How do you use a color-changing bulb?

The ability to change the colors of LEDs comes from the Led Chip. The LED chip used in this lamp is very different from the monochrome LED. The LED chip in the color-changing light has 2 different types of chips. Each type of LED chip has a different light color. So why do 3-color LEDs only have 2 different types of LED chips? Where does neutral light come from? This is the creativity in mixing LED chips of this lamp that not everyone knows.

The two different types of LED chips in this type of lamp are often distinguished by different symbols. Can be numbers 1 – 2 or letters Y and W. Y are LED chips that emit white light. W indicates LED chips that emit yellow light. When we first supply power to the lamp, only the white LED chips to have current through. From there the lamp emits white light. The next time the light is turned on, it will give a yellow light thanks to the Y Led chips. The third time, both LED chips are on. From there it is a mixture of white light and yellow light to create a neutral light.


Finally, we hope that through this LED Color Change article, everyone has understood the best color-changing led models today. These models are being chosen by customers as the top in the market. They will be one of the optimal choices for your home.