LED Christmas lights not bright -Tips for homecoming holiday

Maybe you’re thinking about what to give the people on your holiday gift list. But have you thought about improving the light visibility of your home? In case LED Christmas lights are not bright, these are things you need to know about LED Christmas lights’ corruption.

LED Christmas lights not bright- don’t worry! The article below will give you a hint.

Cases of dim LED Christmas lights

First of all, you have to validate your crazy hypothesis about whether your light bulb is weaker than you remember or are you just seeing things?

A light meter will help you measure lumens or candles accurately to know exactly how dark your bulbs have become, but it’s useless.

A natural cause of LED brightness loss is quite simply lifespan: the bulb has reached the end of its life. This dark sound event occurs when the LED has reached its lifespan up to L70 or L50 brightness, emitting only 70 or 50% of its original luminous flux.

Cases of dim LED Christmas lights
Cases of dim LED Christmas lights

#1. LED Light dims then suddenly brightens

You may have encountered an issue where the LED bulbs in your home might dim for a while and then return to their full brightness. It is a scenario where LEDs cover a room or phase. It is where the spike happens.

Usually, when you have heavy load appliances such as washers, dryers, or microwave ovens in the same circuit as the light bulbs and machines on, you will feel overpressure. The equipment uses surge voltage to turn on instead of continuing to operate. So a sudden change in voltage affects the overall brightness of the bulb, which then adjusts itself within seconds.

Could another scenario be LED dimming throughout your home or office? A less common but severe cause of full house dimming can be a loose or corroded neutral wire in the electrical panel.

Immediate repair of loose cables is essential to prevent arcs and short circuits, which lead to fatal house fires.

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#2. The new LED bulb is dim

The higher the brightness index, the brighter the LED. If you buy LEDs and use them in an existing fixture, connecting them to your old dimmer, incompatibility may occur.

If your new bulb is stuck in low light with the dimmer, a component in the more undefined light may have died due to the nature of LED dimming frequency on/off cycles.

This may have resulted in your LED getting stuck on a low brightness setting as the dimmer now only outputs a lower voltage. So your bulb may be delicate but needs a new compatible dimmer.

#3. LEDs dim over time

You should look for at least one bulging or bulging capacitor or damaged LED chip on the breadboard.

If the LEDs have other capacitors, they will be intact. As a result, current will only flow through the remaining working capacitors, reducing the voltage supplied to the emitters and reducing the light visibly.

Another simple reason could be that a waterproof fixture, not ventilated, traps heat prematurely and rapidly reduces the lifespan of the LED.

Why are LED Christmas lights not bright?

Why are LED Christmas lights not bright?
Why are LED Christmas lights not bright?

#1. Voltage dropped

If the LED lights are not getting enough voltage, they will go dark. What now causes a voltage drop? It is resistant. So, where does it come from? The answer is corrosion.

Corrosion in electronic components can have many causes. For this reason, you need to check whether the tines are damaged or not. If this is the case, the spikes will turn a bit dark brown.

#2. Inappropriate weather

Were the connector pins sensitive? Next, think about where to store the LED lights. Because sometimes they don’t adapt well to the weather. So if you leave them outside, they can get dark.

In this case, try taking the lights inside to test them. If you see that they are brighter, the problem was with the weather. You can leave your lamps indoors or buy a new kit to fix this problem.

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How to fix the Christmas LEDs?

How to fix the Christmas LEDs?
How to fix the Christmas LEDs?

#1. Diagnose the problem

Carefully check each string of lights before plugging them into an electrical outlet. Discard the series if you see cracked or cut insulation, frayed or exposed wires, or damaged plugs.

 Now determine if the lousy light bulb or something else is causing the problem. If it is a smaller light set, electric current flows through each bulb, completing the circuit and illuminating the background.

#2. Seek out the lousy bulb

If one of the filaments of the LED lamp is not working, it is probably a damaged lamp. If one light bulb goes out, it can cause the rest of the band to stop working. The only way to fix the problem is to find a broken bulb.

 Sometimes only part of the light goes out, which makes work much more manageable. However, if the entire chain of lights has gone out, you will have to check each bulb.

This means that you remove each bulb, replace it with a good one, and plug it back in. If it turns on, you’ve found a faulty bulb. If it does not light, remove the new bulb, put it back in, and go to the next bulb.

This is a slow process, but once you find the correct bulb, it becomes pretty simple.

To make your life a little less chaotic, test each string of Christmas lights before hanging them on the roof or wrapping them around a Christmas tree. Much easier to anchor to the ground than a ladder.

Test strings of Christmas lights before hanging them on the roof
Test strings of Christmas lights before hanging them on the roof

#3. Look for any corrosion

If you replace all the bulbs and the lights still won’t work, you probably have a corroded terminal.

Each bulb has a terminal that supplies the charge and turns it on. Unfortunately, these can give way over time. Finding a faulty terminal is like finding a defective light bulb. You need to remove each light bulb, check the airfield and see if it is damaged in any way.

You can usually clean up the corrosion with a file or small brush and turn the light back on.

#4. Renew the defective filament or shunt

If the lamp filament breaks, the shunt redirects the current through the lamp base, maintaining the electrical circuit. A faulty shunt might sound like a catastrophic failure, but anyone can often repair it.

Connect the light wire and take out the lamp from or near the dark part. Then insert the tool into the lamp holder and pull the trigger to activate the circuit. A high energy pulse will pass through the installation, and after approximately 20 pulses, any defective shunt must be reactivated.

#5. Detect 

With the lights on, use the voltage detector to check the live wire each morning, starting at the end that connects to the wall outlet. You should see voltage on the live wire going into the first light. Then check the wire that runs from the first lamp to the second lamp.

It assumes that the first half of the string of lights is not working. If it is the second, start at light 36 for a line of 70 lights.

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How to deal with non-removable bulbs?

Some LED fairy lights have non-removable bulbs. Contrary to what you might think, this may be more of a blessing than an inconvenience. It is a standard for commercial lighting due to its higher reliability and longer service life.

Even so, non-removable bulbs can at some point be burned out or damaged and remove the entire strand. In these cases, LED Keeper seems to be the preferred tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it over the budget to apply LED Christmas lights?

While LED Christmas lights will cost you more money upfront, they will save you money in the long run because LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. 

And since they need conductive material to dissipate heat and obtain a natural white glow, they are often coated with a yellow phosphor.

Is it possible to cut off extra string lights?

These lights have the same voltage. They are also connected to the same power source. As a result, they can be easily cut to the desired length. Just remember to turn off the power source before cutting the wires.

Can String Lights Last 100,000 Hours?

These 100,000 hours of statements are not wrong, but they are also not true. The estimated lifetime has lost relevance due to the different types of technology between LED and previous lighting technologies. 

LEDs vs. Halogen Bulbs-what to pick up?

However, in LEDs, not a single filament will break suddenly and cause it to break. LEDs can emit light for much longer than conventional incandescent lamps, up to 75,000 or 100,000 hours. However, the amount of light emitted by an LED diminishes over time, both from incandescent lamps and halogens. It can become more noticeable as the lifetime of the LEDs is much longer.


Repairing these headlights is not easy, but you can do it with some determination and know-how. LED Christmas lights not bright-no more a challenge!