Top 8 Best Jewelry Display LED Lighting [Expert Choice 2023]

The appropriate lighting may help you display your jewelry in a way that catches a customer’s attention, commands their attention, and leads to a sale. However, with so many lighting options to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones are best for your jewelry displays. This article will go through the top 8 best jewelry display LED lighting for your jewelry stores.

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit4.9See Latest Price
AIBOO 3 Lamps Kit with RF Remote Control4.9See Latest Price
AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting4.8See Latest Price
Xking Dimmable LED1.5W 12VDC Mini Spotlight4.8See Latest Price
WOBANE Under Counter Light4.7See Latest Price
WOBANE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit4.6See Latest Price
AIBOO LED Under Counter Light Rigid Bar Kit4.6See Latest Price
Cefrank Store Led Light Strips Kit4.5See Latest Price

Importance of Lighting in Jewelry Store

Importance of Lighting in Jewelry Store
Importance of Lighting in Jewelry Store

Lighting is used as a marketing strategy in jewelry stores to display merchandise and influence clients’ purchasing decisions. When used appropriately, lighting can propel you ahead of your competitors. Even if you have a great store design or high-quality jewelry, your success and superiority won’t show in your sales if you don’t have good lighting.

The most significant aspect of jewelry store window lighting is the illumination. In these windows, diamond and gold accessories are on display. Your merchandise in the window catches the attention of your customers.

To exhibit their brilliance, diamonds require intense white light. Warm hues that are near yellow are great for displaying gold. Light colors can be preferred for diamonds (4000–4300K) and gold (3000–3500K).

In most cases, a light intensity of 2000 lux is suitable for store window illumination. However, depending on the demands and needs, it can attain a brightness output of up to 4000 lux.

An 800 lux light level throughout the business will suffice for general illumination because the lighting in the store windows should be brighter than the interior lighting. As a result, your client’s attention is drawn to the products displayed in store windows. For essential lighting in the store, 2700-3000K warm white colors should be preferred.

When choosing lighting equipment for retail lighting design, the color rendering index, or CRI, is crucial. For the jewelry shop lighting, light sources with a CRI of 80 or higher, if possible, should be employed. The color rendering index (CRI) measures how close objects appear to natural colors when exposed to light.

Rail spotlights, integrated spotlights, and pendant lights are commonly utilized in jewelry stores. In jewelry stores, lighting accounts for almost a quarter of the total cost. As a result, using energy-efficient and long-lasting light sources will help you save money.

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What kind of lighting do jewelry stores use?

What kind of lighting do jewelry stores use
What kind of lighting do jewelry stores use

#1. Rail spotlights

Spotlights can be recessed into the ceiling light trough, put directly on the exposed light rail (as a track light), or installed directly on the ceiling. Spotlights are typically used to highlight specific elements or to create a mood. They can also be utilized as a significant source of illumination.

Advantage: Flexibility in altering the angle of certain types of lighting due to their small size.

Disadvantage: The illumination options are limited. Close range illumination is not possible. It’s possible to build up a lot of heat.

Installation precautions: The spotlight should be pointed at the wall because the reflected light effect is milder. The focused light will make people feel overly warm and uncomfortable if it is positioned where people frequently stay.

#2. Embedded spotlights

Ceiling lights are one of the most common types of lighting in Singapore, and they are put directly on the ceiling with a lampshade covering the bottom of the light. This type of lighting takes up less space, idealizing HDB flats or residences with lower ceilings.

Embedded spotlight
Embedded spotlight

Advantage: The light bulb is hidden from view. Elegant and simple. It’s simple to set up.

Disadvantage: There isn’t a lot of variety in terms of designs.

Precautions: The lampshade material should be consistent, and the light transmittance should be good. The brightness of the lamp will be affected by an uneven lampshade.

#3. Pendant lights

Because pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling, they are ideal for use in rooms with high ceilings. The chandelier’s lowest point is generally at least 2.1 meters above the ground for safety and aesthetic considerations.

Advantage: There are many different designs to choose from, and they frequently make a significant impression in your room.

Disadvantage: It’s possible that the amount of light required in space won’t be met.

Precautions: A pendant should not take up more than one-tenth of the available space. Pendants hung above a dining table should not be more than two-thirds the length of the dining table’s short side.

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Why should I choose jewelry display led lighting?

Why should I choose jewelry display led lighting
Why should I choose jewelry display led lighting

If you want the best and highest quality illumination for jewelry, you must use LED lighting. Metal halide and halogen bulbs produce a lower quality of light and get extremely hot, potentially causing fires and power outages. High-hat-producing trade show lighting has been outlawed at many jewelry trade exhibitions, including the AGTA show, JIS show, Tucson 22nd St. show, and all Las Vegas trade shows. As a result, you must examine the light-to-heat ratio for jewelry lighting because it is essential.

LED lighting uses 90% of its energy to produce light and 10% to produce heat. This is why LED lighting is ideal for jewelry displays!! With halogen and metal halide lighting, 70% of the energy generated is heated, leaving only 30% light production. This is why halogen and metal halide trade show lighting is ineffective for a jewelry display.

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The top 8 best jewelry display led lighting

#1. TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit

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On Amazon, this sort of light is the No. 1 best-selling LED lighting kit: (5) extra 12″ extension cables + UL-Listed A/C power adapter + (6) 12″ LED light bars + rocker switch A simple and effective solution to improve your kitchen cabinetry, with installation that can be completed in minutes using standard household equipment. On Amazon, look for B07MX7SGWL to get well-matched extension cords.

This electrically driven light kit is better for permanent installation than battery-operated lighting systems since it provides more long-lasting and consistent lighting. High-power LEDs produce 150 lumens per light bar, providing an ultra-bright illumination effect without the need for batteries. More light bars can be added to fit large-sized cabinets or worktops. Up to 8 light bars can be connected using the provided extension cables.

The rocker switch enables complete control of the light. With this low-cost and low-consumption light kit, you can brighten up your closet, cabinet, or showcase. 3-year satisfaction guarantee warranty, 30,000-hour lifespan, UL-listed power adapter It only takes a tiny amount of money to have a significant effect.

#2. AIBOO 3 Lamps Kit with RF Remote Control

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Dimming function with a range of 0 to 100%. The last dimming setting will be remembered when you turn on the light. The LED lights include an RF remote control, which allows signals to pass through the cabinet or wall without the need to point to the receiver.

The compact puck light has a diameter of 2.3 inches and a thickness of 0.31 inches. After installation, the kitchen cabinet lights are almost undetectable. If you require additional lights, please use the ASIN B07PRDWR85. All the necessary parts are included for a quick and easy installation. Screws or 2 sided sticky stickers can be used to mount it.

If you need cable clips to assist you with attaching the lights, look for ASIN: B085DC5F9S on Amazon. A single remote may control many sets of undercabinet lights.

#3. AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting

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Puck lights with a linkable design will meet various connection requirements, allowing for straightforward wire management. The ten pucks might be connected in series one by one or in parallel with the four-way splitter. Easy to install, completely adaptable, and PLUG-N-PLAY, the under cabinet lighting kit can be hardwired or wall-mounted.

If you need cable clips to assist you in attaching the lights, look for ASIN: B085DQ3G7F on Amazon. 2.3 x 0.3 inches wide and flat puck light, practically undetectable until turned on under the cabinets. If you require additional lighting, please purchase the ASIN: B07PTZCQGJ.

The number of puck lights can be increased or decreased depending on the requirements. The RF remote control can also operate multiple sets of under cabinet lighting. Hands-free dimming from 0% to 100% thanks to an RF remote control. For holiday or party celebrations, it can also feature a blinking mode.

#4. Xking Dimmable LED1.5W 12VDC Mini Spotlight

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Mini dimmable spotlight with 360° rotation, two-color temperature options (warm white/cold white), and two-color temperature options (warm white/cold white). (Search ASIN: B079CKPP3B for Silver Shell), 2.5W (search ASIN: B0815W8QDB for 2.5W).

Each little jewelry light has a 25° beam angle and a brightness of 100 lumens, making it ideal for accent lighting. Mini display cabinet light with UL-certified AC100-240V to the DC12V power converter, plug, and play, simple and convenient connections. Each jewelry light comes with a 1.5W mini LED vertical rod shooting bulb and two (2) installation screws. This display light kit contains an online PWM Dimmer with a 0-100 percent brightness range. It also functions as a power switch.

#5. WOBANE Under Counter Light

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A DIY LED light strip with six pre-cut strips, a total length of 9.8 feet, and multiple connection options. Cabinets, closets, desks, TV backs, bookshelves, beds, wardrobes, cupboards, counters, display cases, and other items can all benefit from an improvement.

Super bright LED cabinet lights provide 1500 lumens and come with an RF dimmer for brightness adjustment. Timing off, dimming, hot buttons, rematch, and dynamic functions are all available on this 17-key RF remote, which has a control range of 60 feet. Strip light and a high-quality adaptor.

The working voltage of the LED tape light is DC12V, which is an exceptionally low voltage and produces heat. Everything you’ll need to get started is included. There are no tools necessary. Lightbars may be installed in minutes by yourself; simply clean, stick-on, and connect. They are screw-free and backed with strong adhesive tape to preserve your furniture.

#6. WOBANE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

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Cabinet strip lights are a terrific way to update your cabinets, closets, desks, desk-hutches, bookshelves, wardrobes, bedrooms, workbenches, and kitchen islands, among other things.

The super bright under cabinet lights produce 1200 lumens while using only 12 watts of power. The adapter and strip are ETL listed. The working voltage of the LED tape light is DC12V, which is an exceptionally low voltage and produces heat.

Everything you’ll need to get started is included. There are no tools necessary. Lightbars may be installed in minutes by yourself; simply clean, stick-on, and connect. They are screw-free and backed with strong adhesive tape to preserve your furniture. 4 x 20″ light bars, adaptors, and connectors are included. It can be used for underlighting, show lighting, backdrop lighting, and various other applications.

#7. AIBOO LED Under Counter Light Rigid Bar Kit

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Mounting and connecting the kitchen under cabinet led lights is a breeze. Screws and strong adhesive double-sided tape are also supplied. If you require additional cable clips to assist with installing the lights, please purchase them using the ASIN: B085DC5F9S.

The brightness output of 3W under counter lights is suitable for illumination under a kitchen cabinet or a counter. There are two types of connection cables available for flexible installation of the under cabinet lights. One thread is 5.9 inches long, while the other is 20 inches long. Counter, shelf, showcase, shelf, and worktop illumination are typical applications.

The package includes a dial dimmer control that allows you to dim all under cabinet lights from 0% to 100%. A second on/off switch is also incorporated, allowing the dimming setting to be remembered for future use. A UL-listed 12VDC power plug is included and entirely safe for use. The light bar is made of an ultra-thin aluminum alloy that produces very little heat.

#8. Cefrank Store Led Light Strips Kit

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Cool White (6000K) with (6) 12″ LED light bars, a rocker switch, and a UL-Listed A/C Power Adapter Each light bar costs only 1.2 watts, and there are 18 of them in total. One hundred twenty lumens of output from a high-intensity SMD.

Compared to a standard halogen bulb, it saves over 90% of the energy. These under cabinet lights have an aluminum body and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, making them durable and long-lasting. There is no flashing or humming when you turn it on.

The Slim LED light bars emit no heat and have a cool-touch design, as well as an ETL-LISTED 12V connector for maximum safety. Install one light fixture or connect multiple light fixtures for more surface lighting. Everything you’ll need to get started is included. Use double-sided tape or screws to adhere to the surface. With the provided power wire, you may plug it in.

Things to consider when choosing jewelry display led lighting

Considerations when choosing jewelry display led lighting
Considerations when choosing jewelry display led lighting

#1. Color temperature

When it comes to lighting jewelry cases, it’s crucial to consider color temperature. The Kelvin (K) scale measures color temperatures, with lower numbers indicating more yellow and higher ones indicating bluer.

Lighting temps are usually classified into three categories:

  • Soft or warm white is defined as a temperature range of 2200K to 3000K. This lighting is ideal for gold jewelry and yellow and orange gemstones.
  • The color temperature ranges from 2500K to 4100K, marketed as “cold white” or “white.” Because it is more neutral, this sort of lighting is ideal for general use.
  • 5000K to 6500K, which is blue-white and referred to as “daylight” by most bulb makers. This style of illumination is ideal for highlighting unique display cases, diamonds, and other types of jewelry.

#2. CRI

While color temperature is significant for emphasizing jewelry’s visual attractiveness, the color rendering index (CRI) is also worth noting. The color rendering index measures how well a lighting solution renders or distinguishes between similar colors. This contrast aspect is critical in a jewelry store since it aids the eye’s perception of changes in stone hue.

The higher the number, the better when it comes to the CRI factor. A CRI of 70 or above, for example, is a reasonable starting point, but a CRI of 80 or higher may be better for your region.

Color Rendering Index
Color Rendering Index

#3. Illuminance

The luminous flux (measured in lumens = lm) hitting a surface from a light source is expressed in lux (lx). One lumen per square meter equals one lux.

A white room appears brighter than a dark room with the same illuminance because the white space reflects the light more effectively. This means that the higher the illumination intensity, the lower the level of reflectiveness. Lower color temperatures appear “warmer” and can be utilized to make a space feel more relaxed or inviting for consumers and highlight the tones of yellow or orange jewels and gold jewelry.

Medium color temperatures are an excellent choice for general-purpose lighting because they are more neutral/white. The blueish-white temperature range highlights subtle features or gives special exhibits dynamic energy.

#4. Lighting type

Proper lighting can make a big difference in how you feel in a room, and each area may have its own set of lighting requirements.

Ambient lighting, often known as general lighting, is an essential component of any successful lighting plan since it gives a room a uniform hue. Ambient lighting not only sets the tone for the room but also provides enough light for you to see and move around comfortably and safely. It can also be used as task lighting in some instances.

Accent lighting, by definition, produces a focal point. It can be used to draw attention to a feature, such as a piece of artwork or a plant, or to highlight a unique design aspect, such as wall texture or ornamental coving, by giving dimension to the room’s ambient lighting.

Activity lighting is designed to assist you in completing a specific task. This sort of lighting is focused and can come from various sources, giving you the flexibility to brighten or darken the lighting for a workspace or a specific region to meet your needs. Reading, cooking, crafts & hobbies, studying, and work benefit from adequate task lighting because it reduces glare and is bright enough to prevent eye strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do diamonds look better in the store?

Because diamonds, unlike any other gemstone on the planet, have a unique and inherent ability to manipulate light. Diamonds are cut so that their brilliance and fire are maximized. Angles, proportions, facets, girdle, and pavilion are all there for one reason and one reason only: to improve a diamond’s light response. The more light there is, the more glitter and brightness diamonds will have.How do you light a jewelry display?

How do you light a jewelry display?

The majority of the jewelry is petite. The way you beam light on it and shine it can significantly impact how it looks. A good light source should be positioned at the top and rear of the showcase. This will give you the most glitz and glam. If you want the light reflections to create a dynamic sparkle, experiment with placement and angles. Light will reflect on your items, particularly diamonds, in this manner.

What lighting makes diamonds sparkle?

This is a professional diamond lighting bulb with a 4500K color temperature. The light has a strong color rendering impact, and the full-spectrum projection effect is the most natural-looking artificial light source. 

Each diamond may generate a dazzling fire with the rotation of people’s eyes under this sort of light, better displaying the charm of color and cut. It boasts good color rendering and long service life when compared to standard halogen bulbs. It’s a type of illumination utilized in jewelry and can bring out the brightness of diamonds.

Do diamonds shine with LED light?

LED light strips are available in several colors and brightness levels, making them practical and versatile. Furthermore, they produce dazzling light while utilizing very little electricity. They also don’t have any heat. They’re ideal for diamonds and platinum, which both appear best in the morning with a color temperature of roughly 6500K. Glare can also be reduced by using linear LED strips positioned vertically or horizontally inside the wall to light your jewelry boxes.


Finally, seeing the sparkle of diamonds is one of the most exciting aspects of visiting a jewelry store. Individuals are less attracted to the item without that glitz, no matter how exquisite or unique the sold jewels are. Lighting is essential when addressing diamonds’ “four C’s” (clarity, cut, color, and carat).

Diamonds must be placed in the appropriate lighting to clearly show each of these features. The store’s lighting and display cases should match the diamonds and inspire customers to purchase them. We’ve gone over the top eight types of LED lighting that should be used in a jewelry business.