Common Problems With Lights – 8 How To Repair A Table Lamp

Table lamps are lighting devices that make learning and working much more efficient. Table lamps have many designs, designs, and effective lighting technology.

Fix the table lamp, it’s like renovating a craft you love. What’s more wonderful when you can save, upgrade the old lamp with a new look. Today, LaoKoon will join you in understanding the structure of the table lamp, repair process, and other issues.

Common problems with a table lamp

The advent of light bulbs marks a fairly important step forward in the global economy. Present in most households, bringing light is an indispensable item to help ensure living light for everyone.

But during the operation, when the bulb can encounter minor errors, you can learn how to fix the bulb at home. Here are a few common problems encountered when you use a table lamp.

The main cause of this phenomenon is due to a loose starter or improper display. The way to fix the bulb, in this case, is very easy, you just need to tighten the starter bulb to light up again.

If the display doesn’t fit or is burnt you should replace it so that its performance is equal.

Either due to a loose connection. This is one of the most common causes of flickering lights.

Lamp life is beyond the permitted limit, which means that the lamp life is 50,000 hours, the brightness of the bulb will decrease after that time.

If the light bulb of your house has just been bought, it is because the grid is overloaded. Due to the sudden increase in electricity demand in the area during peak hours.

For this, you only need to use a voltage stabilizer to ensure a stable power supply. Another cause of light bulbs is unevenly bright. Due to oxidized conductors and lamp holders, the lamp reduces brightness.

Compared with Halogen bulbs or old incandescent bulbs, LEDs have a longer lifespan. The lifespan of LED bulbs can be up to 25,000 hours – which is more than 20 years if you use them 3 hours/day.

However, due to incidents, the estimated lamp life may not be achieved. According to many industry experts, one of the most common reasons for lamps to burn is to place the bulb in the circuit and accessories used for the old bulbs before.

Compared to traditional lamps, current lamps are designed to consume a relatively low amount of heat they generate.

However, they can be destroyed by high amounts of heat, often in contact. If we put the lamp closer to devices with a much higher power, in an attached accessory device, the chance of the lamp failing early is very high.

  • Use poor quality bulbs: On the market today there are thousands of bulbs of different brands. With diverse designs, types, and quality. If you are not knowledgeable in this field, it is easy to buy fake, poor quality goods.
    *These bulbs are made of poor quality materials, making them very flammable.
    *Therefore, you should find and buy reputable bulb manufacturers to ensure quality.
  • Due to the unstable power supply: The power supply is not stable, fluctuating up and down, affecting the life of the ball. The stable power source for the most durable bulb to use is 180v to 220v. If the power source in your area is not stable. You should use a voltage stabilizer to make the electrical equipment in the home more durable.
  • Environmental agents: The humidity of the surrounding environment affects the life of the bulb greatly. And the bulb is installed in a high-temperature place, when operating, the temperature cannot be dissipated, affecting the driver.

You need to install the lamp in dry places that easily dissipate heat for maximum lamp durability.

In the process of using the power lines and switches are loose, corrosion gradually deteriorates. The reason the switch cannot be used is that the blade is in poor contact with the circuit.

In this case, it is necessary to use a bamboo stick to dab a little lubricating oil on the switch’s reed.

If the socket is loose, we use small silicone glue to the loose part, keep it for a few minutes, this phenomenon will be overcome.

Micro and motherboard are the two main parts of the light bulb, if these 2 parts have problems, you only have to call a repairman to replace and fix it for you.

Some light switches allow a small amount of electricity to pass through electrical equipment, even when turned off. With traditional bulbs, it is very difficult for this small amount of electricity to make them glow, because the amperage is not enough.

However, LED bulbs are so low powered that a small amount of “leaking” electricity like this can be enough to make them glow.

The arbitrary choice of lamps to install can easily destroy the look of the whole house, it is impossible for a small apartment to be fitted with classic chandeliers, or not for a big house to fit only small wall lights.

On the other hand, the color of the house, as well as the color of the furniture, must be the same color as everything in the house, you should not be greedy to use too many colors that will make the house become confusing, even Lice can affect the refractive error of the eye.

Your light, although a small factor, also contributes to the appearance of the whole house. Choosing the right lamp for space and living habits is really necessary for you.

The lighting rule consists of 3 elements: general lighting, spotlighting, and work lighting. However, few people will know and apply this rule correctly.

Spotlighting is the type of lighting that creates an accent, based on the ambient light of the room by using lamps with narrow beam angles, the light is focused only on one point, it attracts attention. into an object such as pictures, plants, shelves.

General lighting is the primary light source for a given area, it is the foundation of all the lighting of a room. The general lighting will give you the ability to observe, move comfortably and securely throughout the entire space of the room. General lighting will come from lamps such as ceiling-mounted, chandeliers, large table lamps.

Lighting for work is the type of light serving the working needs of humans such as: studying, reading, working, cooking… so it is necessary to reduce glare and have enough light to prevent eyes. stress.

To choose the right and standard lighting, it is necessary to rely on the following factors to decide: purpose, time, work habits, and even age of the user.

You need to know that general lighting cannot shine on your cooking or reading, and that it doesn’t help decorative lighting or accentuating interior design either.

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How to repair and fix Table Lamp

Fixing and overcoming a table lamp is neither too difficult nor too easy. Here are the steps and tools you will need.

#1. Find out the problem with the table lamp

The desk lamp may not light for a variety of reasons, usually due to a malfunction of the socket, a burned bulb, or an aging part.

#2. Tools needed

You need to prepare a screwdriver, a new bulb. These are all things you can easily find at supermarkets, shopping sites, electrical stores.

#3. The test cases

#3.1 Where the light bulb burns

This is very simple, you just need to replace the new bulb. Remove the old ball by rotating the ball anticlockwise to separate.

Make sure your new bulb is in good working order (you can try it in the store). Rotate the new bulb clockwise for a new installation. Check the brightness by connecting the light to the power source.

#3.2 Where the socket or switch is faulty

  • Step 1: Remove the socket cover from the socket. If there are screws, remove them.
  • Step 2: If the connection is broken. Use a small knife to separate the plastic wrap to reveal the copper wire inside. Roll the copper wire into the ends of the socket, making sure to fit properly. Replace the socket cover and screws.
  • Step 3: Check the brightness of the light. If the light is working properly then you can be proud that you have it fixed. If not, you can remove them again and check the wiring.

8 Tips when the use table lamp

Here are some tips for using a table lamp we would like to share with you.

Remember to always unplug the light from the socket before having any switch on the light. The lamp repair and repair environment must be dry and no leaking water source.

Clean and straight conductors are important for any electrical connection. Wires are not cleaned, when connected, there is a possibility of fire, voltage reduction, loss, and waste of electricity.

Careful, meticulous wiring will make your connection secure, have good electrical contact, and are less prone to problems. For added protection, you can weld the ends of the wires to hold them together.

Place the table lamp in a balanced position, not in a steep place, easily tilt, fall, and damage quickly. Do not place any objects around the lamp, blocking the light range of the lamp to avoid reducing the lighting efficiency of the lamp.

In the process of using the LED table light, you should pay attention to only use it with a stable power source, do not use the lamp when the power source is flicker because the brightness of the lamp is not stable, at times off at the light, sometimes in the morning. dim, easy to strain eyes, and make the light quickly fail.

Modern LED table lamps often have a swivel design, a height adjustment button for you to adjust the lighting angle, the lamp height is flexible.

Before using the lamp, you should adjust the swivel joints, the height adjustment button to ensure the lighting angle and lamp height match your vision, the right lighting range, the lamp height does not create an entangled when you study, work.

When adjusting, it should be done gently, do not rotate, twist too hard to avoid damaging the lamp body.

Many table lamps have a strong to light dimmer, depending on the situation of use, you choose the right brightness.

Do not adjust the brightness too lightly, the light is not enough, your eyes will get tired quickly, nor too strong/high brightness adjustment will make your eyes glare, uncomfortable, reading writing, and images are uncomfortable.

When the light appears flashing or active, you should turn off the power and check the light before you want to use it again.

Checking the lights periodically will help ensure the safety of the user itself and the life of the bulb. Because when you check, you can detect defects early and take appropriate measures to fix the bulb. Don’t forget to clean the light bulb!

5 Frequently asked questions

When embarking on repairing something, you must also have many questions. Through research and inquiry, we want to help you answer some of the basic questions below. Hope it helps you.

The cost of rewinding a table lamp depends on the type, size, and construction of the lamp. For example, antique lamps are a bit more complex than recently manufactured lamps, so rewinding can be more expensive.

And it also depends on your workmanship and whether the electrician has the right cables, and bulbs in stock for your particular lamp.

The time to perform tests and repairs may vary depending on the error. You can expect to pay about $ 30 to $ 45 per hour for a table that is wrapped by an electrician.

Depending on the age of the lamp, you may need to replace it with a new cord. This is because different bulbs can have different wiring.

Electrical faults can happen and can happen at any time. If you have a lamp that has not been maintained for a long time, chances are that the insulation rubber has worn out and needs replacing. Electrical faults can also happen like wire burnout and make them no longer safe, replace them.

Or when you move into a new home, I think you also have to reexamine the bulbs and re-wrap them as needed.

To rewind a table lamp, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the old outlet.
  • Step 2: You cut with the ends of the two connectors, then use scissors or a knife to lightly cut around the end of the wire to remove the outer shell to get the copper core (cut to the core about 3cm). More simply, you equip yourself with automatic wire plucking pliers, making it easier to peel off the shell quickly and not break the wire core.
  • Step 3: Next, you twist the ends of the copper core wire, connect the two ends of the broken wire together by bringing the two pieces of copper core wrapped in “L” shape, twisted together, and then twisted back, connecting Then check the strength of the joint.
  • Step 4: Finally, use insulation tape to separately wrap the two connecting wires to insulate and not short.
  • Step 5: Check again.

Antique lamps will be the highlight of your space and it also brings magic light. But when you buy an old lamp or a lamp that has not been replaced with a new one, you need to be careful about its fire potential.

Therefore, the safest option is to re-wrap the fixture of the lamp. You can make it yourself or ask for the help of a friend or you can take it to a light shop to have it wrapped by a professional. Always make sure you use a highly secure bulb.

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You can completely do it yourself or get the help of a professional electrician with a little budget.

If you do it at home, you can check out the procedure below:

1 / Tools needed

For repair and installation to be smoothly carried out, it is necessary to prepare:

  1. Electric tester
  2. Wirecutter or pliers
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Insulation tape

2 / Power cord connection is broken

  • Step 1: Cut the ends of the wires of the two connectors so that they are equal. Use scissors (knife) to cut lightly around the end of the wire, remove the outer shell to take the copper core, pay attention to the cut so that the core is about 3 cm long. There is a simpler way for you to do that is to use the automatic wire pliers to peel off the wire cover quickly and neatly, especially to prevent the core from breaking easily.
  • Step 2: Twisted the ends of the copper core wire, put the two copper core parts folded into an L shape, twisted them together to connect the two broken wires. Note that after the connection is completed, carefully check the strength of the joint.
  • Step 3: Wrap the two connecting wires separately with insulating tape to avoid leakage, short, electrical fire, electrical leakage out.
  • Step 4: Check the safety and normal operation of the cord. When connecting the power cord is complete, to ensure safety, you need to double-check if the newly connected power cord is open again? Was it safe? by using an electric tester. 


With the knowledge and hands-on experience that we share above, we firmly believe that you have confidence. Surely you can repair the light bulb yourself or upgrade it at will. We hope you will share your successful desk lamp repair with us.