How To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring 2023

Ceiling lights are not too far away for any modern home, they have the function of providing a light source for space with standard light streams. At the same time, the product also does its job well when it becomes the perfect interior decoration for any space.

Ceiling lights have been and are getting more and more advanced to meet the requirements of users. Up to now, the product has been optimized from the material temple bulb, from integrating many functions to modern intelligence when being able to install a ceiling light without existing wiring.

And so you can know more about this ordering method as well as the product lines that support this work, then in this article, we will answer in detail for you.

Common places using recessed ceiling lights

With houses, rooms designed in a modern style, there will be indispensable ceiling lights to illuminate the space.

They are used to replace energy-costly, cumbersome, and less aesthetic bulbs to increase besides the convenience of the space.

That is why we can see modern houses and recessed lamps go hand in hand. So what spaces are installed with recessed ceiling lights without wiring that are popular today?

#1. Living room

The living room is a multifunctional space so living room lighting is also required to provide flexible and varied lighting.

Especially, ensuring absolute aesthetics for space, choosing ceiling lights without wires is essential to optimize the aesthetics of the living room.

The right lighting and neat ceilings will give your family a perfect living room so that this place is both a living space and a common room for members of the house.

recessed ceiling lights in living room
recessed ceiling lights in living room

This also means that lighting for the living room must adapt to many different situations.

This is also the only space in the house that needs all 3 types of lighting: general lighting (creating ambient light), functional lighting (creating light for work), and decorative lighting (creating light bright decoration for the interior of the room).

Based on these requirements, the living room will need two main types of lights, recessed ceiling lights, and decorative lights.

#2. Bedroom

The bedroom is not only a place to sleep but also a personal space where people relax, relax or watch TV, read books.

Bedroom lights play an important role in lighting and decoration to enhance the appearance of the room, helping to design the space according to your wishes.

Using smart lights not only improves sleep but also helps to change a mood, want a romantic color for a night, or simply find a way to relax after a long day.

recessed ceiling lights in Bedroom
recessed ceiling lights in Bedroom

With the need for flexibility, simplicity, neatness, but efficiency, the installation of the recessed ceiling light can change the entire appearance of the bedroom to make it more aesthetic.

#3. Kitchen

The kitchen is a family gathering place after the end of a day of working and studying, to make the kitchen cozier and create a softer feeling when the ceiling surface is neat, the role of the system Lighting as well as how to install cordless ceiling lights is very important.

recessed ceiling lights in Kitchen
recessed ceiling lights in Kitchen

In the lighting system for the kitchen, the selection of recessed ceiling lights for the kitchen is essential and important, it is both aesthetically pleasing and satisfying enough brightness for the homeowner to cook.

#4. Office

The recessed ceiling light is one of the lighting products widely used in the office. With diversified designs, quality light sources, recessed ceiling lights are a perfect choice, bringing a luxurious space to a modern office space.

recessed ceiling lights in Office
recessed ceiling lights in Office

Nowadays, using recessed ceiling lights is not only a common lighting solution, but it is also considered a decorative tool, bringing a luxurious and modern beauty to your office space.

In addition, designing and choosing the right lighting is an important factor in promoting creativity, arousing motivation, and creating enthusiasm for the elite staff of the business.

Therefore, right from the beginning of the idea to renovate or renew the office, the lighting system has always been the top concern for businesses.

The tools needed to start installing recessed ceiling lights

  1. Drill, tape measure, screws, insulating tape, electric tester, wire cutter
  2. A set of synchronous LED ceiling lights includes lights, wires, drivers, and springs.
  3. Power off the light installation area in the main bridge/fuse box (or circuit breaker box) to ensure installation safety.

To ensure and perfect the installation of ceiling lights without wiring, we must have the necessary tools outlined above.

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General notes to know before installing recessed ceiling lights do not require wiring

  1. The installation requires the operator to have product experience and expertise to avoid possible unfortunate accidents.
  2. Due to the diversity of ceiling materials (wooden ceilings, gypsum ceilings, concrete ceilings …) with concrete ceilings, plaster or wood must be installed before installing recessed ceilings. So carefully consider the ceiling material to prepare the right installation tools when drilling.
  3. Check that the lamp operating voltage at the installation site is the same as the voltage source indicated on the lightbox, to make sure the lamp will be supplied with the correct operating voltage. Because the voltage is too much deviation will cause permanent damage to the device (Do not install ceiling lights with a capacity greater than the permitted level).
  4. Use the electric tester to check if the power is completely turned off?
  5. When installing, avoid a location with strong heat-generating equipment to avoid affecting the life of the lamp.
  6. Consider the position of the internal light relative to other devices such as ceiling fans or decorative chandeliers … to ensure a safe distance between them.

How to install recessed ceiling lights without wiring

You feel dissatisfied when you see the image of extension cables losing the aesthetics of the space, you find it difficult to install the power cord to further places and feel inconvenient when dependent on the power cord.

Then today, we will bring you the perfect solution to this problem, by installing recessed ceiling lights without wiring and smart touch products, without having to depend too much on the power cord.

#1. Using an independent light switch system

Use an independent light switch system for each light installed in different areas.

  • Each line of lamps will have different functions and lighting purposes even though they are illuminating the same living room. For example, if only for lighting we need only recessed ceiling lights. Chandeliers and ceiling lights will be on when we want the space to be more formal and polite.
  • The arrangement of independent light switches will help us to be proactive in lighting. Not only that, but it also saves a lot of lighting costs when turning off lights in unnecessary areas and locations.

#2. Smart LED recessed ceiling installation

It will be easy to see that the biggest difference lies in the shape and structure of the flat ceiling recessed led lights. On the market today, there are two most popular models of flat ceiling led lights, square and round, with many different capacities and sizes. It is an effective lighting solution for large spaces, wallets. For example, offices, shopping centers…

The thickness of these flat ceiling LEDs is extremely thin, just like its ultra-thin name. The base thickness is only 1.5cm, the total thickness is only 2.5 cm. Thanks to this difference it is suitable for installation for all types of ceilings without worrying about plaster pump installation.

Besides, there is another difference between the flat ceiling LEDs and other types of ceiling recessed LEDs, which is in the structure of the led chip and the way the lights glow, more precisely the direction of the light.

The LED chip of the flat ceiling LED is attached to a printed circuit that runs around the light frame, not on the bottom of the recessed lamp like other downlights. Flat LED recessed lights also do not use a glare.

Instructions for installing smart LED ceiling lights

  • Step 1: Locate the smart ceiling recessed LEDs. Observe the construction area, measure the dimensions. Estimate the number of sensor ceiling LEDs to use. For complex systems, there must be demo drawings of the equipment and power lines.
  • Step 2: Drill holes in the ceiling to fit the recessed part of the recessed ceiling light. Carefully measure the borehole size to match the lamp holder, ensuring the aesthetic side. Then bring the power unit to the front, including the LED driver and the light wire. You can cut one more hole next to it for easy construction if the hole is too small.
  • Step 3: Proceed to connect the power cord to the Bluetooth Mesh module. Be sure to disconnect the power supply.
  • Step 4: Insert the lamp into the pre-cut hole: use both hands to squeeze the two legs of the lamp upside down. With the ear attached to the spring 90 degrees, push the light into the hole. Check if the light is loose or not, have a match, then let go of your hand. Turn on / off the light to see if the sensor ceiling LED is working properly. The part that connects the light to the ceiling is secure.
  • Step 5: Connect the touch apps to set up smart public control remotely.
  • Step 6: Comprehensively check, see if the LED ceiling light was installed in the middle of the hole or not, if not, then adjust it to the standard to ensure the aesthetics of the ceiling system in particular. like the interior space of the house in general. After the installation of the LED ceiling light has been completed, try turning the switch on to check if the light is on, the light is secure, then re-align the lighting for the LED bulbs.

Wall Sconces and ceiling lights are plugged into 

Another perfect choice is to plug in the wall sconce along with the ceiling lights if there are no cables for your ceiling lights, and if you want to know how to mount a ceiled light without existing cables.

Which makes the atmosphere even better! You should look for the plug-in ceiling lights like a light pendant if you want to pick up a more accessible wattage. 

Typically these are hung using a cable. All you have to do is to plug in the nearest outlet without any problem! They’re futuristic in style and give your house a new look.

If you’re nervous about the latest installation, this is a simple repair, too. You just need to pick the right position for the simple plug-in lights.

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You know, there is always a solution to every problem, and for the modern era that is constantly evolving today, the way to install the ceiling lights without wiring can find the perfect solution.

We hope that the information provided in this article will help you implement a safe way to install cordless ceiling lights and optimize your interior functions.