How to hang a Plug in Pendant Lamp? [Expert Guideline]

Many people think that the tribute will be great when sitting on a comfortable sofa to enjoy good movies with family members. But they don’t know that having the right sofa is not enough, for all activities to be more convenient, the room is warmer and more splendid, the living room cannot lack the decorative lighting system. With any space, the lighting system is always prioritized for installation. So why are decorative lights or pendant lights important, how to choose the right lamp models for the living space? More specifically, join us to learn How to hang a plug in Pendant Lamp. Follow the article below for more information!

What is a Pendant Lamp?

A pendant light is a light bulb that is attached to the ceiling or hung down from the ceiling on a stick, chain, or several chains. Its name comes from the fact that it hangs like a pendant over a necklace. The difference between a chandelier and a pendant is that a chandelier consists of multiple bulbs combined into a single fixture whereas pendant lights have only one bulb incorporated into the fixture.

In the market, there are many different light fixtures known as pendant lights. The most basic types have a single bulb mounted on a base, inside the globe, or under an open shade or open reflector. But lanterns, fixtures with downward bulbs – such as chandeliers – and various types of heads are a different kind.

What is a Plug-In Pendant Light good for?

Do many questions say what is special about pendant lights? How can they shine or what are they good for?

Pendant lights are becoming more and more popular because of the features and use they bring. They appear a lot in the houses with modern architecture with a bit of a classic direction. Lighting the places in your home is something that pendant lights can do. You can see them in the design of hallways, kitchens, living rooms... Lamps are illuminated were reading, working in a narrower space. They can also illuminate hallways, front of the house, or roadside. Multiple pendant lights can be used, hanging them in line over kitchen and dining tabletops, but they’re also perfect for small spaces that need a single bulb in a reading book or bathroom.

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Why you might need Plug-In Pendant Lights at home

Why you might need Plug-In Pendant Lights at home
Why you might need Plug-In Pendant Lights at home

Interior lights such as pendant lights have provided an effective light source to each area of ​​the room. The LED system is evenly distributed, continuous lighting is used inside the lamps, providing the best light source, no heat, and energy saving. The light of the lamp will help all human activities and play take place most conveniently. Without light or inappropriate light, not illuminating all spaces will make life more difficult for people, making people uncomfortable when living and resting right in their own homes.

Besides, to create a beautiful living space, in harmony with other furniture, no item can be more perfect than decorative lights. With a variety of designs, materials, colors, and designs, pendant lights are not only bright but also help bring a harmonious beauty to each space where the lights appear. Depending on the architecture of each area, you can choose the design style of the lights, the color of the lights to match and highlight the living space. In addition, many people may not know, high-class decorative pendant lights made of crystal, wood, or diverse colors also have feng shui effects, bringing good luck to people.

With plug-in pendant lights and some easy-to-install swag hooks, you can easily turn any space into a creative home. From the smallest closet under the stairs to an apartment in the heart of Hollywood, luxury furniture and style are at your fingertips.

Where can use Pendant Lights?

There are many different ways and different places for us to use pendant lights. They are commonly used for general lighting, area lighting, and task lighting.

Pendant lights come in many varieties with different brightness levels and are sufficient for your intended use. You can use them in the entrance hall, stairs, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and family room, or even on the porch. For some homes, they use them for decoration to light up narrow corridors, to highlight photographs, paintings, and sculptures, and to add sparkle to fountains.

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#1. Pendant lights for general lighting

You can mount the pendant light fixture as a central fixture in almost any room. Or you can use one or more lights to illuminate the hallway or corridor.

Many pendant light fixtures are designed to throw at least part of the light onto the ceiling. When light spreads across the ceiling and is reflected, it helps us see the room itself, the edges and corners of the space, giving us a better sense of where we are.

#2. Illuminate an area

The area lighting is lighting only a part of the room. It can supplement or provide some of the general lightings, but it doesn’t do the whole job on its own.

What if you wanted to provide good lighting through a sofa placed in the room? Bright lights hanging at each end can be suitable for reading, and some less intense lights hanging on the sofa can make you feel more used and comfortable.

#3. Pendant lights to illuminate your work area

Pendant lights can be very useful for job lighting. You can still have plenty of light for reading or any other work, by installing pendant lights.

In the kitchen, if you have an island or a peninsula with no overhead cabinets as part of the counter space, one or more pendant lights can provide as much light as you like.

How to Hang a Plug in Pendant Lamp?

Before learning about how to hang a plug in pendant lamps, I think you should know a few useful things in advance.

How to hang a Plug in Pendant Lamp
How to hang a Plug in Pendant Lamp

#1. Care Information

You should let the lamp cool for about 10 minutes before adjusting or cleaning. It should only be cleaned with a dry cloth and do not use detergents on the product.

#2. Note

  • It is recommended that you connect to a power source that complies with applicable IEE wiring regulations and must be installed by your local Building Regulations. They are intended for household, indoor ceiling use only and are not suitable for the Bathroom location.
  • The luminaire must be connected to a fuse-protected lighting circuit.
  • Before installing a light accessory, always turn off the power and remove the fuse or switch off the circuit breaker. Make sure that no one else with access can allow the supply to be reconnected accidentally.

Installation instructions

#3. Before you start

Please read the instructions included with the product carefully before installing and keep it for reference. Check and make sure you have all the necessary parts. Follow each assembly step to avoid the wrong assembly. Make sure that the product is fully assembled before use.

#4. Installing

You don’t have to be an electrician to add pendant lighting to your home. But you need to consult a professional electrician if you encounter any problems. Many styles of pendant lights are available that have long decorative cords and are designed to simply plug into a wall outlet near where the light is located.

  1. Decide where to install the lights and mark the locations of the electrical connections. Make sure there is a sturdy mounting surface, and where you want it to be in your home. Next is to prepare the necessary equipment and tools such as wire strippers, screwdrivers, tape…
  2. Remove the grub screw, then pass the cable up through the bare cup and secure by re-tightening the grub screw. Now the cable must be shortened, cut off the excess cable, and reconnect to the terminal block.
  3. Remove the two side screws and keep the screws for reuse. Use the fixing bracket as a template to mark the screw holes. Mark the screw holes and secure them to the ceiling with the appropriate fixing screws, making sure the bracket is properly aligned.
  4. Assist with your mounting and connection of indoor wiring to the terminal block. Any loose terminal blocks – not firmly attached to the bare cup – should always be covered with 2 layers of good quality insulating tape.
  5. Secure the recessed cup through the bracket using the screws removed above.
  6. Turn on the power and check the light output of the bulb.


Above are some of our shares on How to hang a plug in Pendant Lamp. Hopefully, this article will give you some basic information and knowledge. If you want to choose impressive and unique decorative pendant lights, look forward to the next articles. Every person’s life, wherever they are, needs light, so don’t forget to choose the right decorative pendant lights for yourself!