How To Choose A Table Lamp Suitable For The Eyes And Space

How to choose a table lamp? A simple quality desk lamp can be understood as a lamp model that can meet the following criteria: standard light, close to natural light, and no flicker;…

When we work, our eyes will have to be focused and active. Therefore, if the working space is not bright enough or the light is not continuous, it will greatly affect vision and work efficiency. Many people take advantage of light from the main source of the room or outdoor light without much concern about the design of the table lamp in the work area. Now your eyes will have to work and adjust more.

But first, let’s see how many types of post lights there are:

3 Common Types of Table Lamps

3 Common Types of Table Lamps
3 Common Types of Table Lamps

Incandescent bulb: is a round bulb with a cap or hook, giving yellow light. The advantage is a low cost, continuous light, no flicker and helps to illuminate objects with the most realistic colors. However, incandescent bulbs radiate a lot of heat, up to 95%, only 5% converted to light, so it is very expensive. Also causes heat when in use.

#1. Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs compared with incandescent bulbs, these lamps are about 10% brighter or more; The light is lighter in yellow, but it emits more heat that causes heat and does not save electricity. Also with advantages such as incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps for light stability and real color. Another drawback of this lamp is its low lifespan, not many bulbs to replace.

#2. Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs, also known as Compact bulbs, cap swirls, with electronic ballasts attached to the bulb holder or using removable ballasts. Fluorescent lamps have the advantage of saving electricity 5 times more than incandescent bulbs, less heat generation, so it is less hot and long life. 

Fluorescent lamps come in both light colors yellow and white. However, this type of lamp has an electrical discharge, so the light is not continuous, easy to flicker. It is recommended to use a premium grade so as not to cause eye damage and for a more realistic light quality.

#3. LED bulb

 LED bulb, this is a very popular lamp on the market today. This type of lamp has the advantage of electrifying compared to other types, low heat generation, and longer lifespan. Besides, the LED light has both yellow and white light, the illumination is stable and true color.

According to the characteristics of each type of table lamp, there are basic criteria to choose a suitable table lamp that meets both lighting needs and is safe for the eyes.

So the question is:

How to choose a table lamp? Choosing a desk lamp with a modern design will help you increase your creativity at work, bring high work efficiency while protecting your eyes.

So How do you choose a table lamp suitable for the eyes and space? In this article, we will help you answer.

6 Criteria For Choosing The Most Important Table Lamp

6 Criteria For Choosing The Most Important Table Lamp
6 Criteria For Choosing The Most Important Table Lamp

You need to know How to choose a table lamp according to standards, to meet your requirements and preferences but also to be effective in use tomorrow. Join us on the following factors to answer the question: How to choose a table lamp!

#1. Trademark

How to choose a table lamp according to the brand name is the part that helps to ensure the quality of the product. A good lamp from a highly regarded brand means the product will deliver high performance for your requirements.

#2. The light color of the lamp

Many people believe that yellow light is better than white light for the eyes, but that is a misconception. According to a most recent study, the same intensity of yellow light and white light both have the same effect on users’ health. The difference is that the color of the light can affect a user’s mood. If the yellow light feels warm and close, the white light will feel more comfortable and new.

#3. Suitable lamp light intensity

Depending on the nature of the job, you can choose lamps with different light intensities. If the light is for reading, you should choose one with an intensity between 500 and 550 lux. The standard illuminance for study and research is 700 to 750 lux.

For those who require meticulous and detailed work, such as drawing design, fine art processing, jewelry, … you should choose a desk lamp with the right intensity, above and below 1000 lux.

#4. Lamp features

Table lamps in addition to lighting the room, the study corner, and the workplace have many different features. And based on the purpose of use to choose the type of lamp with the function like.

One of the most prominent features that can be mentioned of the table lamp is the ability to prevent myopia, protect the eyes of the lamp. Also, currently on the market, several lamps can reduce the light shining from the computer screen. Or you can adjust the light, change the angle of the lighting of the lights, …

#5. Convenience

In addition to the slack feature, when choosing a table lamp, you should also pay attention to the individual utilities that the table lamp brings. Choice of table lamp with high design, wide bright area, easy to adjust for high flexibility and brightness. At the same time, looking for a smart touch feature, allowing foldable, durable lighting quality, saving power.

#6. Matching space

A lamp suitable for space is an indispensable criterion when choosing a desk lamp. For tables with a small footprint, you should consider choosing a wall light. Or the narrow room should avoid oversized and cumbersome lamps, only choose white lights with a simple design.

With spacious rooms, it is possible to choose simple lights, but it is necessary to pay attention to the style and color gamut that the room is aiming for to have the right choice. If you are a fan of strong and minimalistic styles, choose products with the same color tone. Also to increase the lightness and sophistication, prioritize the selection of a lamp model with a soft design.

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Choose Table Lamps According to Different Criteria

#1. How to choose a table lamp to protect eyesight against myopia

Choosing led desk lamps for anti-myopia protection should pay attention to several points such as lamp brightness, color index, light color, voltage, model … The following article hopes to help you. choose the right lamp model.

Tabletop brightness (luminance lux) #1

≥ 500 lux, the light from the center of the lamp is about 15-20cm and is evenly distributed on the tabletop, the light does not flicker.

The light color of the lamp #2

White/yellow light color does not affect vision health, does not affect light quality. Golden light feels warm and warm in winter, while white light feels awake and cool in summer. Depending on the preferences and needs of each person to choose the right light color, bring high efficiency in learning and working. If you only use a table lamp at night, choose a yellow light.

Lamp operating voltage range & Electrical safety indicator #3

Wide voltage range (170V-250V), lamp light quality is not changed when the grid voltage changes, helping eyes not be throttled when working in an unstable voltage environment

Product texture and appearance #4

The overall structure of the product is sure, ensuring safe use, and ensuring normal working functions. Flexible swivel joints, needles easily adjust the projection angle of the lamp to suit the sitting position, no shadow, no glare when studying, ensuring safe use, normal working functions.

The lamp’s exterior is free of defects that affect the aesthetics of the product or impede its use. Full range of parts, details accompanying the product. The outer surface of the lamp is free of defects that affect the aesthetics and function of the lamp.

#2. How To Choose The Most Suitable Bedroom Table Lamp?

Next will be How to choose a table lamp for the bedroom, to protect your eyes and have moments of relaxation after a tiring day!

According to the bedroom color #1

When choosing a bedroom lamp, you need to pay attention to the color of the wall and other furniture in the bedroom so that the light is balanced. Normally, bedrooms do not require strong light, mainly warm colors (commonly yellow) with low luminous flux to create lightness, relaxation, help eyes relax, and easy to walk. to sleep. Besides, the light in the room cannot create glare angles, causing eye strain.

Therefore, you should choose a night light that can adjust many different light intensities to facilitate everyone’s use.

Location for bedroom lighting #2

The arrangement of night lights is very important because a common mistake many people encounter when arranging night lights is to install them directly above the bed or on the ceiling, especially chandeliers or lanterns. support bar design. These are not good positions because a taboo in feng shui is “the crossbar over the bed”.

Installing night lights in these locations both creates feelings of insecurity, increases psychological pressure, easily causes health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, poor breathing … Poor sleep affects husband and wife’s affection, makes it easy to quarrel, and is opaque.

Choose according to the size of the lamp #3

A note for you, when choosing a bedroom lamp, you should pay attention to the size of the lamp, so that it is suitable for the bedroom furniture and room area. For large bedrooms, you should choose a type of chandelier to let the light spread throughout the room. For small bedrooms, choose tree lights or wall lights.

Suitable for users #4

For each age, it will be suitable for each type of lamp with different uses. For young children, parents should choose bedroom lights with fun patterns and colors out of the reach of children to make them happy before bed.

For young single people, you should choose bedroom lamps with delicate, minimalistic motifs, but bring elegance and youthfulness to the bedroom space.

For the elderly, it is necessary to choose easy-to-use night lamps with moderate brightness to avoid dazzling or annoying eyes. The function of using it is different. For young children, parents should choose bedroom lights with fun patterns and colors out of the reach of children to make them happy before bed.

For young single people, you should choose bedroom lamps with delicate, minimalistic motifs, but bring elegance and youthfulness to the bedroom space. For the elderly, it is necessary to choose easy-to-use night lamps with moderate brightness to avoid dazzling or annoying eyes.

#3. How to choose a very simple living room table lamp

Not any lights are suitable for your living room. Here is how to choose an extremely simple living room table lamp, invite you to consult:

Choose the right table lamp size #1

Depending on the area of ​​each living room space, you will choose the right size lamp. Because if a small living room, you choose a lamp that is too large, the interior will be unbalanced. The size of the light is too large for space, it will cause a feeling of claustrophobia. Conversely, a table lamp of too small size will make the space lost without accents and highlights.

Color in harmony with space #2

Living room table lamps are created with many different colors to meet all requirements and preferences of customers. However, not all lights are suitable for your living room. So you should choose a lamp that matches the color of the paint on the wall, floor, and furniture in the same space to have a unified whole.

Lamp design suitable for living room architecture

Each house will be designed with different styles such as classical, neoclassical, modern, … Therefore, when choosing a table lamp in the living room must also have a similar design, suitable for the common space of the house.

#4. How to choose a table lamp for the hotel space

Luxury decorative table lamps in hotels are usually arranged in the headboard tab. This is the location to ensure aesthetics, balance as well as size for space. However, before you install the lamp in this position, you need to choose the right lamp model.

Each hotel, depending on the preferences and development direction, will have different architectural styles and design styles. Highlight the aesthetic taste as well as the class of the hotel they want to build. Therefore, when choosing an interior for each hotel, you need to consider the architecture of the space to choose the right lamp design. And the same goes for imported table lamps.

In the market, the hotel table lamp is like a beautiful home decoration table lamp, designed with many different materials, styles such as crystal table lamp, ceramic table lamp, glass table lamp from classic to modernity. Suitable for many hotel spaces. In any hotel style, choose lamps with the corresponding design. Do not choose too fussy lamp models, with a magical, mysterious shape that will affect the health and spirit of everyone.

Choose the right lamp material and size #1

Not only pay attention to the decorative lamp design that matches the design style of the hotel, but you also need to pay attention to the material and size of high-end table lamps. Pay attention to the lamp foot, lamp body, lampshade made from what material, the color, the size must match the area and the interior of the hotel bedroom.

If a spacious room can choose a ceramic or glass table lamp with a wide lampshade design, a small room chooses a small, balanced lamp. This job helps you harmonize everything in space. The selection of materials will help you balance the initial cost, by the capital spent.

Pay attention to choose the color of light for beautiful hotel table lamps #2

Do not forget to pay attention to the light color of the table lamp. Table lamps are used for decoration and provide an auxiliary light source for people to relax and rest, so the light of the lamp is very important. Choose imported decorative table lamps with soft white light, warm yellow light is the most appropriate.

These light sources will help the guests sleep better and deeper, making everyone feel familiar and close to home. And especially note, the color of the luxury hotel table lamp should be identical to the hotel interior and wall paint!

The table lamp used in hotels has many great uses, so it’s no coincidence that it has become so important. Therefore, please keep in mind the information shared above to choose a beautiful table lamp suitable for each hotel of yours!


It can be said that the table lamp is something that any family in Europe comes. Because of the nature of work, activities, and culture of health protection, desk lamps are products with high consumption. Table lamp in addition to providing light for users to learn all, working also has the task of protecting the user’s eyes. In particular, they are also used to decorate the space. So please buy for yourself offline.

And with the information that we provide, hope to bring you the perfect choice!