How tall should bedside lamps be? Expert’s Answer [Update 2023]

If you want to decorate your bedroom in the best possible way, knowing the height and size of the lights will make a big difference.

The lamp is large enough to create a good morning for reading but not so large that it overlooks the bed while taking up all the available space on your nightstand. Oh, and it has to be pretty, too. Isn’t that difficult? The article will help you keep in mind when choosing the right bedside light.

“How tall should bedside lamps be?”– you will find out your answer through the article below!

How big should the night light be? 

It’s a logical starting point: Basically, should a night light make a statement or match perfectly with the background or at least the rest of your decorating project? How many other lights are in the room, and does that affect how well the desk lamp works? 

As a general rule, your headboard should be one-third the width of your mattress, and to match this ratio, the widest point on your lamp should be one-third the width of your nightstand. Instead of a visual thinker? If you have a large bedroom with a super king bed in the center, then we’re talking trendy table lamps, perhaps the one with a broad base and lots of detail or a large decorative shade.

How big should the night light be?
How big should the night light be?

Conversely, if your room is smaller and space is limited, you’ll focus on slimmer, streamlined lamp bases with a smaller footprint. In addition, floor lamps or even wall lamps are also worth considering in a crowded room where there is no room for a bed.

How tall should bedside lamps be? 

You don’t want your reading light to be at a height where it shines in the eye or casts a shadow over the book, making it difficult to get lost in your latest page reader. If your bedside table is the same height as the top of the mattress, it’s best to have the bedside lamp the exact measurement again.

As an aside, the size of your light can also dictate the location of its switch – make sure it is at a level of distance that you can easily reach without getting out of bed.

“How tall should bedside lamps be?”– it’s up to your bedside table.

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How to determine the height of a bedroom table lamp?

In general, it’s best to keep all tables, bedside tables, and floor lamps in the same height range – for each room within 58-64 inches of the floor surface. This gives a more consistent light flow in the room.

For most bedrooms, the best height is usually at the middle or bottom of this height range. However, if the bedroom is large, the upper end of the height range may be more appropriate.

How to determine the height of a bedroom table lamp?
How to determine the height of a bedroom table lamp?
  • Measure the height

Please consider the height of the table and the distance from front to back (depth) at which the lamp is installed. The higher the table, the shorter the light should be. 

  • Subtract the table height from 58 and 64.

If your desk is 30 inches, you need a desk lamp around 58 ″- 30 ″ = 28 ″ and 64 ″ – 30 ″ = 34 ″. For a table 30 “high, the table lamp height should be 28” to 34 “to the top of the tabletop. 

The cap is a decorative screw that attaches the lampshade to the harp. If your bedroom is small, a bedside lamp or a sideboard lamp with 28″ to 30″ dimensions. This height is at the bottom of the height spectrum.

How tall should the bedside lamp be? Please check the table first.

  • Check the height. 

Another way to determine the best size is to find out which size you like

Take an existing lamp around the house and place it there to add light. If necessary, place books under the lamp to temporarily increase the height. This can give you an idea of what size you like. Now you will likely see taller appliances in the bedroom. However, the choice is ultimately yours. 

How to select the shape, style, and color of the lampshade?

#1. Shape and style: 

Typically, bell-shaped and cone-shaped lampshades work well with traditional lamps, while drum lampshades are often used when the leitmotif is the modern or contemporary design.

If you want to update your light in a classic style, consider changing from a conical lampshade to a drum lamp shade. It will quickly give your room a new look. 

Shape and style of the bedside lamp
Shape and style of the bedside lamp

#2. Color 

Although the lamp base is often an eye-catcher, you should also consider the shade. If you want to bring general lighting into the room, choose lighter shades; dark shades can create a mood and atmosphere when ambient lighting is irrelevant.

What are the best bedside lamp styles? 

Along with the question:” how tall should bedside lamps be?”, another one which is “What are the best bedside lamp styles?” also fluster customers.

While it doesn’t directly affect finding the right-size lamp for your bedside table, your lighting style is still relevant as some shapes and patterns look better than others in specific layouts. 

For example, brass or gold-plated lamps contrast beautifully with the black wooden table, and a slim metal table lamp will always look chic on a glass bedside table. Choosing a colorful table lamp with an unusual design will attract attention, instantly adding character traits, as well as illuminating a darkened space.

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How Many Bedside Lamps Do You Need? 

This isn’t always a stupid question, actually; now, no longer each bedroom has room for a symmetrical setup, and in a child’s room with an available bed, there’s no actual want for two bedside tables so that lights needs might be different. However, in an average double or main bedroom setup, wherein area isn’t an issue, maximum human beings endorse a layered lights machine that doesn’t depend totally on bedside lamps. 

Matching lamps, positioned on both sides of a bed, will create an asymmetry experience and permit you and your bedmate to manipulate your lights (and studying time) as you wish.

For smaller bedrooms with the most effective one bedside table, an available lamp can nonetheless convey a fashionable note, particularly in case you select one with a putting design. Interesting patterns, distinctive shapes, and tactile substances will assist you in creating an eclectic, layered effect. 

Comparison A vs B

#1. Bedside lamps vs standing lamps 

Bedside lamps vs standing lamps
Bedside lamps vs standing lamps

Bedside lamps mounted on bedside tables are the most popular bedroom lighting fixtures. They are usually equipped with diffusers, from which light is emitted only from below or from above and below. It is soft and diffuse, and most importantly, it does not shine in the person’s eyes sitting on the other side of the bed.

In Art Nouveau interiors, floor lamps with adjustable brackets located by the bed are also popular. The massive range of arrows and the possibility of their correct adjustment is the main advantages of such lamps. Therefore, they are a convenient way to illuminate the bed and only where light is needed.

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#2. Halogens vs LEDs

Some people prefer halogen spotlights instead of classic ceiling lights. No wonder, however, that this type of lighting can be effective and practical. Thanks to halogen lamps, you can effectively illuminate all the nooks and crannies of the interior, for example, a stunning niche in the wall, your favorite painting, or the space above the bed.

When deciding to buy halogen lamps, pay attention to their power and the angle of incidence of light.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should wall lamps be over the bed?

Bedside lamps on the table are not the only practical lighting for the bedside table. Wall lamps mounted on bedside tables or just above the headboard will also work great. Each building system has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Top bedside lamps should have rotating lampshades, and bedside tables should have a long strip that allows for error-free light adjustment. Wall sconces with long, adjustable arms are perfect for students who often learn while sitting in bed or using a laptop.

Should wall lamps be installed for headboards?

A headboard should be used for this purpose in a small bedroom, preferably with additional storage, shelves, and even cabinets. 

Clip-on flashlights, on the other hand, can be easily attached where they are needed.


No rule says bedroom lights are for bedrooms only or buffet lights are for buffets only. How you use the lights in your bedroom or the rest of the house is up to you. The only rules that apply are designed to keep your favorite lamp on the right countertop, depending on height, shape, color, and style. 

Of course, keep in mind how many watts you need. As a general rule, it’s best to have an outlet that holds at least one 60-watt light bulb, preferably 100 watts or more. 

Otherwise, feel free to choose the style you like best.


Many of us like to read a few pages of our favorite book before bed. Unfortunately, general light from chandeliers or night lights often obscures a book, making it uncomfortable to read. 

How tall should a bedside lamp be? When choosing this type of lighting, make sure that the shade’s bottom edge ensures maximum comfort for your eyes.