How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last? Calculate LED Lifetime Exactly

Currently, the market for electric lighting is more developed than ever, more and more products are born with many outstanding features and advantages. And LED light is one of the highly appreciated products because it meets most of the needs that customers want to have.

The lifespan of an LED is used to judge the quality of an LED bulb. Is LED life reduced by frequent switching on and off? What is the lifespan of the current LED lighting bulbs? All of the above questions will be answered in the “How Long Do Smart bulbs Last” article below.

What are smart lights?

Smart lights are LED lights that users can control with devices such as phones, tablets,… Smart lights were born to bring safety and convenience to people. use. In addition, this device will also bring efficiency in energy saving.

Although the price of smart lights is higher than that of traditional lights, other LED lights are on the market. But it will bring you modern features, modes, and a better quality experience.

What is smart lamp life?

Lamp life is simply the time the bulb is used. Calculated starting from the time of use until the lamp burns out or the light quality deteriorates.

Like other lamps, LED lamp life is affected by many factors, including the quality of the source components, the stability of the current, and the operating environment of the lamp.

How Long do Smart Bulbs Last?

How Long do Smart Bulbs Last (1)
How Long do Smart Bulbs Last?

The average lifespan is also known as the common rating for current LED light lines.

A current high-end LED street light has an average lifespan of 50,000 to 65,000 hours of use (not counting the number of times it turns on and off). This number is measured when the lamp is operating in a stable environment and has a temperature of about 25 degrees.

According to calculations, the time to use LED lights will be 3-5 times higher than the time of using traditional lights such as compact, fluorescent,…

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LEDs have a long LED Chip life, not the whole lamp

According to the manufacturer’s published specifications, LED lights have a lifespan of up to 10-15 years. However, this is only the life of the LED chip, other parts of the lamp may fail and need to be replaced during use. Even so, nowadays LED production technology is highly improved, so the attached links have a lifespan that is not inferior to that of LED chips. Currently, LED lamp life depends on the quality of the lamp’s quality and technology to a great extent. Therefore, as a smart consumer, you should choose high-quality and high-quality LED products for your family!

Advantages of smart lights

Advantages of smart lights
Advantages of smart lights

#1. Modern design

Smart lights are designed in harmony with many different designs, when installed in different positions, they will add a luxurious look to your home space.

#2. Easy to control

When using this light, you can easily control it through your smartphone or tablet. More specifically, the product can also be controlled by voice. You will also save more time instead of going to the place to turn on / off manually like before.

#3. Energy saving

Compared with other conventional light bulbs, smart bulbs will consume less electricity. In addition, you can also set the lights on and off according to your daily routine to avoid wasted time and increase your family’s monthly electricity bill.

#4. Save on installation costs

Using smart lights will reduce costs because you will not have to spend money on investing in switches or electrical panels. Installation is also easier than conventional lamps.

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Some limitations of smart lights

Some limitations of smart lights
Some limitations of smart lights

Sometimes there is a problem with the application software. Color adjustment applications may not be fully optimized. Then the lights will not receive a signal from the application without doing what we want. Although this situation is not easy to come across, it makes us feel uncomfortable at the time.

If you choose to control your smart lights with Bluetooth, you can only adjust the light when you’re at home. If you accidentally forget to turn off the light, you cannot use your phone to turn it off because the Bluetooth of the light and the phone are far apart.

If you choose to control your smart bulb with Wi-Fi, the time it takes for the bulb to respond to changes you make to your device or app will depend on your Internet speed and the devices connected to the Internet in your home. 

Voice-controlled lights can automatically activate when they pick up someone’s voice. When a light bulb comes on on its own or doesn’t listen to your words, it can be frustrating.

How to calculate LED life?

How to calculate LED life
How to calculate LED life?

#1. Method 1 Calculation based on LED life standards

This is a fairly simple calculation, based on the declared lifespan and LED rating standards.

LED life will be based on L70 and L50 standards. The standard is based on the luminous flux attenuation of the lamp.

For example, LED street lights have a standard L70 life of 65,000 hours. This means that after 65,000 hours of lighting, the lumen loss of the lamp is 30%. For street lighting areas that do not need high brightness, lighting can still be used.

#2. Method 2 Calculate the life of the LED bulb based on the lamp housing parameter

Genuine LED manufacturers, always publish important parameters on product packaging. Where lamp life is a must.

When buying a product, you should carefully read the product packaging to choose the right LED light.

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Is LED life reduced by frequent switching on and off?

LEDs don’t use ballasts instead LED sources. The use of LED sources will minimize the waste of power when consumed, and also do not limit the number of times the lights turn on and off. The light of the lamp glows as soon as we turn on the switch. So is LED life reduced by frequent switching on and off? The answer is no.

Therefore, it can be said that turning the lights on and off regularly will not greatly affect the time that you use the product.

The longest life LED bulb in the world?

The longest life LED bulb in the world
The longest life LED bulb in the world

Pharox is the most commonly used LED bulb today. It has the longest lifespan in the world up to over 25 years if it glows continuously for 4 hours a day. The manufacturer of this LED bulb claims that Pharox can emit light with the same brightness and quality as a 60 W traditional bulb.

The price of Pharox bulbs is quite high (about $ 40), however, users will pay back after three years of use. The special thing is that Pharox bulbs can achieve maximum brightness as soon as the user turns on the power switch. This is a type of ball made of frosted glass, it contains 4 white LEDs and two red LEDs.

However, the invention of this LED light bulb has such a long life that many people consider this a “suicide” act for this lamp manufacturing company. Because after 25 years, customers can return to use this lamp model.

Is the LED lamp life printed on the packaging reliable?

Currently, due to the appearance of many fake goods, customers are confused when choosing LED lights. Many products have 100,000 hours of use, but only about 30,000 hours.

To ensure the safety as well as the long-term use of the lights, you should choose genuine lamp suppliers. This number will ensure about 96-99% compared to the information on the package.


Above, we have summarized and shared with you information related to Smart Lights through “How Long Do Smart bulbs Last”. Hope this is a useful reference for you. Thank you for following our article!