The best headlamp for reading in bed – Perfect choice for eyes

Today, the best headlamp for reading in bed is an indispensable product for those who like to read, work and relax in a room at night or a dimly lit space. The product brings a good light source and is sufficient for the user’s eyes, in this article we will share with you the good headlight products and how to choose the right headlight.

9 the best headlights for reading in bed, trusted by many people

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED 4.9See Latest Price
Witmoving LED4.9See Latest Price
NITECORE NU174.8 See Latest Price
Binwo USB Rechargeable LED4.8 See Latest Price
SYOSIN Headlamp Flashlight 4.7See Latest Price
EverBrite 5-Pack 4.6See Latest Price
LED Desk Lamp - KKUYI 4.6See Latest Price
OUTERDO 24 LED 4.5See Latest Price
GearLight LED 4.5See Latest Price

To help you limit your search for the right headlight, right now we will bring you 9 models with different brands.

#1. Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED 

Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED is an extremely smart and convenient lamp when it is designed to be worn as a necklace when used, so users will no longer feel inconvenient when reading because one hand just holds the flashlight. while reading a book or having to put a light on the head makes reading relaxing no longer comfortable.

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Come in shape This flexible neckband hanger light lets you stay focused on what you’re doing without worrying about lighting, whether it’s reading in bed or the garden/yard, walking dogs for walks, repairing, building, working, or more.

Besides, this product line uses LEDs that are capable of giving good light, adjusting light shades according to many different levels. From there, give the eyes gentle light sources to relax, not harming the eyes when using.

Book lighting on each head is fitted with two LEDs. The light-free, flicker-free, and blue LEDs eliminate eye strains for adults and children. Every head has an autonomous switch for 3 electronic ballasts levels of brightness.

The cozy environment you want can be picked to read in the bed, crochet, camp, etc. Illuminate the smallest area with ample light for privacy protection without troubling your nighttime sound sleep companion.

#2. Witmoving LED

For its modern and convenient designs combined with environmentally friendly colors, Witmoving LED has successfully conquered customers.

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Flashlight AAA Battery Driven Lightweight Clear Headlamp, suitable for reading, Climbing, Caving, Camping Headache Headlamp with 3 light modes and adjustable angle Headlamp (2Pack).

New flexibility CREE COB lumens with 162 lumens are provided in this flexible headlamp, which can last for 5 to 8 hours and have long-life brilliancy and a beam distance of 35 meters. To see a lane, you could ask for help during an emergency, what’s more, you can select 3 light modes, press the button for super-bright, powerful light, second press for low light and long-pressure. 

Also, the product has an adjustable angle from 0-45 degrees to meet your needs, with a rotating angle so you do not need to move your head much and reduce neck fatigue. The product is powered by AAA batteries that have long-term use and easy battery replacement (use immediately when replacing new batteries) without having to go through many complicated steps.


NITECORE NU17 is a model designed in the shape of a necklace to facilitate reading, relaxation in bed and is combined with two main colors: black – gold. Equal with a compact design and harmonious combination of colors to bring aesthetics to the product. Features of this product line are super lightweight, do not bring heavy feeling when worn, helping users to use the product most comfortably.

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NITECORE NU17 has a bright 130 degrees lumen floodlight 180 degrees wide-angle, which illuminates the whole field of view. NU17 has also a high CRI light for up-to-the-minute information and red light, ideal for hiking, backpacking, fishing, star-starting, and much more. 

Ultra-lightweight, NU17 weighs only 1.62 ounces. NU17 weighs just 1.62 ounces. The NU17 is protected with an integrated silicone brace, which distracts sweat from the eye. Its reflection keeps you safe and visible from engine drivers.

#4. Binwo USB Rechargeable LED

Binwo USB Rechargeable LED is a product that gives good light, gentle, and comfortable for eyes. 500 Lumen LED (300 feet Beam) With WHITE & RED + Multiple lighting modes make this headlight the brightest and most versatile in its segment. Red light mode is mainly for SOS or emergency warning light, Use outdoor safety, not for lighting.

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Equal to the design as a necklace, having black as the main color has helped the product get a significant amount of sales. Besides, you can use the BINWO rechargeable headlight to illuminate your world with a hands-free lead, helping you to work, read, and explore anytime and wherever you want.

In particular, the product integrates many intelligent functions and is effectively water-resistant, suitable for use when camping, reading, and outdoor activities…

This headlight is built to resist water according to IPX5 standards, which means it is protected from splashing water or spray water from any angle. The solid headlight body tilts up to 60 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle of the head for a good view of your surroundings. This is one of the most convenient devices in your life.

#5. SYOSIN Headlamp Flashlight

SYOSIN Headlamp Flashlight brings an extremely dark experience to consumers, they are water-resistant iPX4, The light LED headlight is just 45g. This headlight is bright for all kinds of nighttime events and has higher visibility.

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Besides, the good light quality is super bright and lightweight, the LED headlamp is just lightweight 45g. This headlight is bright for all types of things at night with better visibility, larger beam length

The product is designed to be a convenient head covering for complete reading and relaxation, providing a full eye light source. Camping, Walking, Climbing, Hiking, Fishing, Night Reading, Biking, SYOSIN headlamp, 2 Pack lightweight headlamp, USB Ready Ultra Bright Portable Headlamp

#6. EverBrite 5-Pack

EverBrite 5-Pack is designed in a head-on design to bring convenience to the user and gives the space and eyes a sufficient amount of space, thus helping to better protect eyes while providing convenience. benefit the user.

Highly strong Bright headlamps. Our flashlights are designed for durability. Each light is guided by eight LEDs that last longer than 100,000 hours. Best of all, our headband lights can be seen with a distance of up to 20 m.

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4 ways of lighting. You can select from 4 different light ranges with your brand new LED headlamps. Driving, exercising, or walking your dog will conveniently choose 2 ampoules, 4 bulbs, or 8 bulb lightness stages. There’s even a strobe light mode that will shield you from unwelcome attackers to distort you when you exit.

Light, comfortable, and flexible. You won’t even know that you are wearing our LED headlights. Great design that suits both adults and children to the shape of your head. The light can spin up to 90 degrees, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

#7. LED Desk Lamp – KKUYI

LED Desk Lamp – KKUYI is designed with a modern gooseneck shape, combined with pure white tones to increase the aesthetic beauty of the product. The product is versatile integrated with a compact pen holder, which can adjust 3 color temperatures to suit each space.

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It takes 3 hrs to completely charge the student lamps using the DC 5V power cable, operates 5-12 hrs depending on brightness, the memory feature recovers the final setting of the luminosity instantly and doesn’t have to be replicated.

Cold white light can also be read by day, 2 warm yellow lights can be used to research at night after pressing the light button to adjust the color temperature mode. Responsive touch control means that you can quickly change the lightness

If the trousers are fitted at any angle, they’re not going to be squeaking/noisy as the pants are adjusted; silicone BPA-free ensures slip-retardance with no unusual smell.


OUTERDO 24 LED is a product with rechargeable headlamps, 9 light modes headlamp, red and blue, 45° light reading, USB Cable 2 battery headlamp for hiking, auto repair, outdoors. Headlamp, the zoomable waterproof headliner for camping fishing.

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It is easy to see the convenience that the product brings to your life, and at the same time assumes the role of protecting your eyes with good and gentle light lines. Besides, the product has a very unique and creative design, bringing modern beauty to the product.

  • SUPER BRIGHT & LONG LIFE: The luminous headlamp consists of 24 LED bulbs that are super bright and achieve the highest lighting of 600 meters, which reveals distinctly in the dark surroundings. The rechargeable headlamp can be charged until complete, and the battery box shows power for 7-9 hours.
  • The high-quality and USB headlamp is built of high-quality aluminum alloy with a COB downlight. And the Lead headlamp has two batteries that can be removed, charged by the supplied USB cord, and used for a long time.
  • The LED headlight features 9 light modes and the headlight can be turned down 90°, you can change lighting and direction by pressing two keys, very convenient to use, to suit your needs. ZOOM Role & 9 LIGHT mode: the headlight OUTERDO 24 LED headlight may rotate and zoom.

#9. GearLight LED

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GearLight LED has high durability set to challenge the weather environment and impact together, this is the reason that the product is loved by many customers. Besides, the product is designed in a simple but extremely modern design, combined with black to bring the product high aesthetics and lead the trend.

  • Super Bright and Durable — Efficient quality LED provides a bright beam with color and definition of daylight. Low runtime up to 45 hours, high runtime up to 3 hours. (Not included with 3 AAA batteries)
  • Comfortable and lightweight – Measuring just 1.8 oz (battery 3 oz), it is the perfect accessory for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Adult and child easily suit both, the removable, washable, and flexible headband.
  • Head of swiveling and 7 modes – This adjustable 45 degrees headlight provides you the ability to direct light to the right spot, including in narrow areas. Select 7 illumination modes easily. ( White Beam: Low, Medium, High, Strobe I Red Beam: Low, SOS, Strobe)

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The best brands of a headlamp for reading in bed

Each of The best headlamps for reading in bed will be produced by different brands with different models, functions, and materials, so choosing which brand to buy will make many customers wonder. Here, we will suggest to you some of the best brands selling reading headlights today.

  1. GearLight LED
  3.  KKUYI
  4. Binwo
  5. EverBrite
  8. Witmoving
  9. Vekkia

These are all brands that produce quality headlights today and are 8 brands with 9 products we shared with you above. These brands all produce products that bring good light to the user while integrating many functions to bring absolute convenience to customers.

The best buying criteria headlamp for reading in bed

In order to help your customers to choose a dark product, we will provide you with the necessary criteria when buying headlights.

#1. Uses

The precise choice of light has an immeasurable effect on reading use. It will make your space and eyes more comfortable and focused. Usually, different lamps are used for different purposes.

So we have to choose lamps according to the purpose of use. Among them, chandeliers or ceiling lamps are used to illuminate rooms, sofas, beds, tables, dining tables, stairs. The local lighting areas need wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps. So, when you choose a lamp to decorate your bedroom, you need to look at where you need to decorate the lamp, then choose the right lamp according to your needs.

#2. The light source of the lamp

Consider the light source according to the intended use. Normally, headlights used for reading need to use a standard light source, but not harsh and softer, beneficial for sleep, better eye protection.

So incandescent or energy-saving lamps or LED lights are suitable for requirements. Children’s eyes need a stronger light. Therefore, fluorescent or LED lights are the most suitable choice.

#3. Size of lamp

In general, the choice of headlights also needs to consider the size of the harmony with the user. Usually, many people choose headlights with a design that can wear head or neck for convenience of use.

Chandeliers are not suitable for bedrooms with small size, low height. Rooms with a height of 2.6 to 2.7 meters should not choose a lamp with a height exceeding 40 cm.

#4. Energy-saving lamp

Fluorescent lamps have the highest luminous efficacy among conventional lamps, but energy-saving LEDs are the optimal choice. Because induction rectifier fluorescent lamps have a flicker problem, although the fluorescent lamp of an electronic transformer can solve such a problem, it is very expensive.

LEDs not only save electricity but also have a very high average lifespan. At the same time, the brightness of the lamp is N times that of an incandescent lamp of the same capacity. LEDs are the most popular choice among lamps on the market today.

#5. Color of lights

The color of the headlamps can be chosen according to your preference, but it is good not to choose colorful lights, while children’s eyes should avoid colored lights. Because colored light strongly stimulates the optic nerve, it is very easy to affect a baby’s eyesight.

Fluorescent or LED lamps should be used because the light of these two lamps is closest to sunlight in the spectrum and the eye is most adaptable to it.

In short, the headlights for reading vary from the material, color, design, style, and functionality to use. No matter which lamp model you choose, you should pay attention to the harmony and good lighting for the eyes and space.

The most important thing is to choose to buy in places with brands, reputable stores, with a clear warranty, accompanied by professional installation and repair services.

Do not want to buy headlights at a cheap price, the quality is not stable, that is only more expensive. Choosing a reputable lamp brand is very important, to pay attention and find a reliable address.

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Frequently asked questions

When looking to buy a product, many customers often ask questions for the product, we will below ask frequently asked questions and answer questions to help customers better understand the product.

A good book lamp for reading in bed is to meet convenience and protect eyes. With products designed in the head and neck style will be a great choice for you and with lighting, you should look for lamps that can change the light level to adjust to suit your eyes.

Headlights used to read books need to meet 100 to 150 lumens so it will be eye-friendly and give enough light for space. Besides, if the headlight is used for road or outdoor camping, the headlight must meet 300 lumens then the user can work properly.

A good headlight to work with is a headlight that must meet 150 lumens to provide enough light for your eyes and we share with you to use white light for space, for your eyes so you can practice more intermediate at work.

Today many brands produce headlights, but many places make poor products. So we will share with you some brands that have quality products and ensure safety warranty policies for you such as GearLight LED, OUTERDO, KKUYI,  Binwo, EverBrite, SYOSIN, NITECORE, Witmoving, Vekkia.

It’s great to use LEDs for reading and study because LEDs are known to produce better light than other lamps and have a long lifespan. So with LED lights, you can rest assured when using.

Each light will have different benefits and uses. The cool white light helps the user to have a high spirit of concentration and the yellow light helps to relax the eyes by soft light sources, bringing good sleep to the user. So, if you are using it


With the convenience that headlights bring to your life, we believe this is an indispensable product for those who love to read, study, have a passion for work, and even travel. With this sharing, we hope to bring you useful knowledge and help you choose a good product for you. For studying, you should use white light and adjust the yellow light to relax your eyes.

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