Best Floor Lamps For Bright Light: Top 11 Expert Picks

Today, floor lamps have probably become an indispensable thing for every home, not only lighting your spaces but also a decoration that adds beauty to your room. Therefore, choosing a good lamp is extremely important. If you are wondering about the best floor lamp for bright light, then this article is for you!

The 11 Best Floor Lamps For Bright Light

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Govee Led, Adjustable, 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures4.9See Latest Price
JOOFO 30W/2400LM Sky LED, Black 4.9 See Latest Price
Dimunt LED Floor Lamp with Remote & Touch Control, 3000K-6000K Colors 4.8See Latest Price
Outon Floor Lamp, 30W 2400LM LED Modern Torchiere Sky Lamp 4.8See Latest Price
Henn& Hart FL0014 Modern farmhouse seeded, Black4.7See Latest Price
O’Bright Metal Lamp, 70 Inches, Black 4.6See Latest Price
ADDLON, 9W LED Bulb, Black4.6See Latest Price
Brightech Tree Spotlight LED 4.5See Latest Price
SOARZ Lamp, Adjustable, Matte Black 4.5See Latest Price
HueLiv 25W, Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED 4.5See Latest Price
Addlon LED 2500 Lumens, Classic Black with Gooseneck4.5See Latest Price

#1. Govee Led, Adjustable, 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures

You are looking for a floor lamp that brings the perfect light to your spaces while saving energy? This is the ideal one for you.

Govee Led help you adjust the light to best suit your room and lighting needs with 4 color temperatures (candle / warm white / natural white / cool white) and 4 brightness levels (25% / 50% / 75% / 100%). Besides, an elegant design with a flexible and durable neck allows rotating easily to control the lighting angles perfectly. 

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This is also a long-lasting product for you whose lifespan is more than 20000 hours. It can not only help to save up to 80% of your electricity bill but also help to reduce costs and inconveniences caused by light source malfunction. 

The slim design with a space-saving stable base makes it a highly recommended lamp for small spaces or when lamp corners are narrow.

#2. JOOFO 30W/2400LM Sky LED, Black 

JOOFO 30W/2400LM Sky LED is designed with modern features to make it most convenient for you with a 10m remote control and memory function to remember your settings between uses.

Its brightness is equivalent to a 200W incandescent bulb, with less heat. The light also has a lifetime of up to 100000 hours at the right current and voltage which helps to save your money and energy. 

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This lamp provides safe and varied lighting with Stepless Dimming and 3 Color Temperatures (from 3000K to 5000K for warm white, natural white, and cool white light) to suit almost any space. 

Besides, a flexible design with 350 rotatable lighted surfaces can bring to you great diffuse lighting that is directional and glare-free no harm to your eyes. The slim body, heavy and secure base fit a lot of spaces, even narrow corners in your room.

#3. Dimunt LED Floor Lamp with Remote & Touch Control, 3000K-6000K Colors

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp with Remote & Touch Control, 3000K-6000K Colors is a lamp that you cannot ignore because it is very smart and perfect for all your lighting spaces.

This lamp provides a safe light source, no flick, no glare, no eye strain that can easily be adjusted to suit every space by 5 different color adjustable temperature settings: Cold White, Natural White, Warm White, and Warm (from 3000 K to 6000 K) and Stepless brightness adjustment (from 10% to 100%). Besides, six scene modes bring to you more choice. You can also customize these patterns with appropriate colors and brightness.

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Other state-of-the-art features such as a 15m Remote Control, Memory Function, and Touch Control ensure maximum convenience for you. 

A long lifespan of up to 50000 hours and the ability to save 75% energy make it a highly recommended floor lamp for your rooms.

#4. Outon Floor Lamp, 30W 2400LM LED Modern Torchiere Sky Lamp

Outon Floor Lamp, 30W 2400LM LED Modern Torchiere Sky Lamp provides super bright lighting of 2400 lumens (equal to 180W incandescent bulb), enough to light a whole room of 25-30sq with the varied lighting options (4 different color temperature settings: Cold White/ Natural White/ Warm White/ Warm).

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You can enjoy safe and gentle light, no flicker, no dazzle that helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.

The sturdy base design makes it safe around children and pets, and a flexible neck helps you easily pivot and shine light in any direction you need to suit almost your tasks and spaces. Besides, this lamp also has some modern features such as Timing Function and Automatic Shutdown. 

Another plus point for this lamp is its ability to save energy and long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. An ideal light that both illuminates perfectly can reduce your electricity bill by 80%. In the long term, choosing to use this lamp means you are doing your part to protect the environment!

#5. Henn& Hart FL0014 Modern farmhouse seeded, Black

I believe you will love this lamp at first sight because of its classy and elegant design. This is an ideal lamp for both lighting and decoration, to enhance the elegance of your room. 

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You can rest assured about the quality of this lamp. It is made of high-quality premium materials: a clear glass, milk glass, or seeded glass shade to illuminate any room in your house or apartment, and a steel metallic base with handcrafted finishes for optimum beauty and durability. 

Besides, Henn& Hart FL0014 also has compatibility with a wide variety of smart bulbs for safe and bright light to suit every space and tasks from work, study to relaxing. You can use an E26 base bulb (the standard, basic light bulb) with a max wattage of 100 watts or energy-efficient LED bulbs to put out much more light per watt.

#6. O’Bright Metal Lamp, 70 Inches, Black

O’Bright Metal 70 Inches, Black is a lamp to make your room unique!  This standing lamp is built-in an E26 Standard Base Socket, allowing you to customize your stylish lamp with different shapes of any E26 base light bulbs to create your own signature decoration style. 

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Stable and durable design with 100% metal. Solid light body and weight base provide safety when using, avoid breakage. The lamp’s elegant design is suitable for almost any space, giving a rustic but modern look to your room. It is also highly recommended for rooms with a limited area because the minimalist design saves space, but still satisfies the lighting needs for all your tasks: reading, working, relaxing, etc. 

This floor lamp passes the ETL Safety Standard Test. ETL safety standard ensures you have a safe product for daily use.

#7. ADDLON, 9W LED Bulb, Black

Eye-catching design and long lifespan are the hallmarks of this lamp. ADDLON 9W LED brings to your space an artistic look with a unique lamp shape design that is both modern and classic, perfect for every decoration. Besides, this lamp has passed very strict product quality verification.

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The sturdy body and well-weighted, high stability base that prevents being tipped over by anyone, ensuring the safety of the user, especially the aged and children. 

The standard base screw-in LED bulb is equivalent to about a 60w incandescent bulb that can give plenty of light to read at night but still help you to save energy perfectly. This long lifespan lamp also helps to reduce your cost and hassles of lighting problems caused by lower quality or shorter lifespan lamps.

#8. Brightech Tree Spotlight LED 

This is a very bright vertical light with many outstanding advantages, ideal for all your spaces! It provides 1856 lumens of light (equal to 120W incandescent) which is enough to be the sole light source for large spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc without overhead lights.

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This light’s built-in dimmer accommodates your mood and lighting needs.

The Brightech Tree has 3 omnidirectional LED fixtures that pivot 360° help to adjust lighting angle to suit any tasks you are performing. 

This lamp emits light of 3,000K with a light color that is a pleasant: warm white/ yellow hue. Diffusers on the panels keep the light soft on the eyes to protect your eye health. LED lighting generates no heat, so it’s safe and won’t burn kids. 

With a compact design that doesn’t take up much space, it suits a lot of space, including small or narrow rooms, perfect for both lighting and decoration

20000 hours life span per bulb, more energy saving, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient lighting of incandescent, halogen, CFL, etc.

#9. SOARZ Lamp, Adjustable, Matte Black

SOARZ Adjustable Lamp is a lamp with the most distinctive design on this list, furthermore impressive by its great illumination.

This lamp comes with 2 lamp heads with different functions (20W main lamp and 5W side lamp with flexible gooseneck) which are independently controlled for flexible lighting adjustment based on your demands. Touch Stepless Dimmer and Memory Mode provide additional comfort for users.

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Both lights have 3 Color 3000K Warm light, 4000K Cool Light,5000K White daylight to serve your different tasks and spaces.

Besides, this lamp provides uniform brightness and super bright light (up to 800 lumens) enough to illuminate the entire room but does not cause glare, no shadows, no flicker, helping to reduce eye strain effectively. It is suitable for long term use, as the soft light helps to protect your precious eyes.

SOARZ lamp can also save up to 75% on your electricity bills thanks to its low electrical energy consumption. Lifespan up to 50000 hours, effective illumination without burning or overheating.

#10. HueLiv 25W, Super Bright RGBW Smart WiFi LED 

If you are a technology lover, you should not ignore this smart light. Modern and elegant design suitable for many spaces and its preeminent features will surely make you satisfied. 

HueLiv smart floor lamp can be controlled by voice, APP & touch and can work with Amazon Alexa, Echo & Google Home. You can easily switch, select color, and change the brightness with just a few simple steps. It brings to you a wide range of choices with 16 million colors and 8 scenes. You can set different scenes in different situations. 

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This lamp offers a super bright light (with maximum lumens up to 2000) that can be adjusted to your liking. Advanced LED chip technology saves more energy and lasts longer than conventional bulbs.

In addition, the lamp is also designed with an adjustable head and stable base, avoiding being shaken or overturning, creating maximum safety for the user. Its elegant and simple design is suitable for almost any space.

#11. Addlon LED 2500 Lumens, Classic Black with Gooseneck

The last super bright light that we would like to recommend is Addlon LED 2500 Lumens

This Standing Lamp is 6000K super bright light and will illuminate your room for any project or hobby. Gentle light is safe for the eyes, does not cause fatigue, suitable for many tasks, including those requiring high concentration.

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Safe and secure design with a highly stable base, flexible gooseneck for easy and convenient light angle adjustment. I believe the design of this lamp will definitely satisfy you!

This lamp is also appreciated for its high performance and long lifespan.  This led floor lamp includes a 14 Watt power-saving LED light (its brightness is equivalent to a 150W incandescent lamp) and could be used for more than 20 years. Besides, LED technology helps to save your electricity and can reduce many costs and hassle of replacing bulbs when using other conventional lamps.

Some Types of Brightest Floor Lamps for Your Room

Since there are many types of floor lamps with diverse designs and features in the market to meet the different needs and tastes of consumers, choosing the brightest floor lamp for your space is probably not a simple problem. To give you a better overview, we have some information about the popular types of good floor lamps for your reference.

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This is a lamp that is used quite commonly, characterized by a light bulb that often comes with a lampshade to increase lighting efficiency and a fixed body, firm base. Classic design suitable for spaces with elegant style, a lamp can both light and decorate.

This type of lamp can be adjusted or rotated to the direction or angle you want, suitable even for jobs that need lighting from many different angles. This lamp also gives you a safe light for your eyes that can be used for a variety of lighting purposes and spaces.

A distinct feature of this lamp is the bowl-shaped shade. The bright light is emitted upwards and diffused through this shade. This type of lamp is highly recommended for effective lighting in dark rooms.

This lamp is shaped like a tree with certain branches mounted on a fixed stem. Each branch will be fitted with a light bulb. This type of lamp produces a high luminous efficiency, which can be adjusted to light in many angles. In addition, its unique design is also quite suitable for the purpose of decorating your room.

How To Choose The Best Floor Lamps For Bright Light?

In order to choose the best and brightest floor lamp, you need to give certain criteria before deciding to buy. You can choose lights according to your own criteria, but do not overlook a few factors below. It is necessary for a good lamp.

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Factors you should be aware of regarding the physical characteristics of the lamp such as the height, base or structure of the lamp, etc.

A lamp has a reasonable height compared to the space to be lit, its light will be able to spread and cover better. In fact, it is not that the taller the lamp, the brighter and wider the light will be. That depends on some other factors such as the type of bulb and its wattage.

As for the base, you should choose a lamp with a solid and safe base, preferably the base must have weight, to avoid falling or overturning, causing danger to kids, pets and the aged when used.

You should also pay attention to the light structure, such as whether its design is safe and suitable for your space; whether the pole, socket and lamp finishes are well insulated, etc.

This is a fairly important factor that you should not ignore. The things you should consider here are the brightness and color of light that the lamp emits, the spread and coverage of that light.

In order to protect your eye health, you need to see if the light emits a soft and safe light or not. Flare or flicker, shadows will cause eye strain.

An energy-efficient floor lamp will help you reduce your electricity bills in the long term. And that also means more environmental protection.

The long life of the lamp helps you to reduce the costs and hassle of having to replace the bulbs many times. It’s also more economical.

Today, most good floor lamps use LED bulbs, which are energy-saving and safer for the user because it does not generate heat or burn during operation.

Benefits of a good floor lamp 

You want the room to be both effectively lit and more attractive and eye-catching, then a floor lamp can help you. Investing in a good floor lamp can be a bit expensive but the benefits it offers are definitely worth it. Here are some undeniable advantages that a good floor lamp can bring to you.

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Of course, almost any lamp is used for the primary purpose of lighting. However, the lighting ability of each type of lamp is not the same.

A good floor lamp not only helps to light up your dark room, but also gives a bright light (many can simulate natural light), safe for your eyes and health.

Besides, with modern floor lamps, you can also adjust the brightness and color of light to suit all your lighting purposes, from study, work to rest or relaxation.

Whether you know it on purpose or not, the floor lamp is still a decorative item that influences the style of your room.

Nowadays, with a variety of designs and features, you can easily choose a floor lamp that suits your room design, from classic to modern, from minimalistic to flashy, etc.

A floor lamp is not the centerpiece of the room, but it can create a highlight for your space.

In addition, the light emitted by the floor lamp can also contribute to creating a nicer space for you, and enhance the beauty of other furniture.

This is purely a fact that you can verify. Floor lamps can influence your mood and spirits through the brightness and color of the light it emits.

For example, low intensity light with warm colors will make you less attentive, creating a cozy space suitable for rest and relaxation rather than work.

Whereas more intense light and brighter colors (like bright white, simulating sunlight, etc) will help you focus more on your work, better mood and thereby increase your productivity and work’s efficiency. 

Today, the modern floor lamps offer you a wide choice of brightness and color in just one lamp, giving you maximum comfort.

You can freely adjust the light of the light to match the mood or the task you are performing, with just a few simple steps.

Floor lamps can protect your eyes, reduce eye fatigue or strain by emitting a soft yet brighter light with LED bulbs.

It does not cause glare, shadow or flicker like some other traditional bulbs, very friendly to your eyes and can illuminate effectively.

You can use this lamp for a long time without having to worry about eye or health problems.

Another outstanding advantage of LED floor lamps is the ability to save energy. LED floor lamps use most of the input power to produce light, with almost no heat, so they are more energy efficient than other lamps.

In addition, this type of lamp is also  more environmentally friendly than other lamps, especially incandescent lamps.

Which are the most suitable places for a floor lamp?

You can place the floor lamp wherever that is most convenient for your use. However, if you are still wondering about where to put floor lamps in each different room, you can refer to the following suggestions.

For the living room, a suitable place to put a floor lamp is next to the sofa. This is usually the center of the room, where most of your activities take place. You should combine the floor lamp with another light source of the room, preferably full coverage, to get a perfect lighting space.

Similarly, in the home office, you should also place a floor lamp next to the desk or where you spend most of your time. However, do not keep the lighting of the lamp too close or too far from your eyes, it can make you distracted. High intensity light with bright color is recommended.

You can place a floor light next to the kitchen table, the area you cook and prepare food, or next to the dining table, where the most light is needed.

A little suggestion for you, in the cooking area, you should adjust the light with a higher intensity to keep focus, avoid getting injured by sharp objects.

Meanwhile, the dining area should have moderate intensity of light with a warmer color to create a cozy feeling for your space.

In the bedroom, you should place a light next to your bed, to facilitate reading or entertainment before bed. You should also choose low intensity and soft light for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

5 Frequently asked questions

Just try some helpful ways below. I believe they will make you satisfied:

  1. Optimize the light source with LED bulbs
    White LED bulbs that create light that simulates natural light are a perfect solution to brighten up your room. It produces a brighter and safer light that can protect your eyes and promote your spirit while helping you save more energy than some other bulbs. 
  2. Use mirrors
    The mirror is able to reflect light from the floor lamp, allowing the light to be evenly dispersed. The room will look brighter and larger, especially giving a sense of depth. 
  3. Change colors of the room
    The color tone of the room also affects the lighting of the floor lamp quite a bit. To make the floor lamp look brighter, choose a light paint color for the room and choose furniture and decorations in light tones.

800 lumens is equivalent to the amount of light emitted by a standard 60W incandescent bulb. 800 lumens is bright, but not very bright. 

Each lighting space will need a different brightness that means the number of lumens needed for each room type will vary. For example, a home office needs a light of about 800-1000 lumens to keep you focused and motivated. The bedroom needs softer light, so it needs a lower lumen level, around 300 lumens, to help you relax and sleep better.

You can also determine the required lumens based on room size with approximately 1000-2000 lumens for a 100 square foot room.

60 W in LED means that this LED bulb produces the same amount of light as a 60 W incandescent bulb, not means that it uses 60W.

Typically, an LED bulb only uses about 10% of the energy that an incandescent lamp consumes to produce the same amount of light.

It means that a 6W LED bulb can produce the same light as a 60 W incandescent bulb. One thing worth your attention!

The answer is YES. 

LEDs are noticeably brighter than a fluorescent lamp because it emits light in a certain direction while the light of fluorescent lamps spread in almost any angle.

Spreading light across more directions makes the angle of fluorescent light beams also wider while LED’s smaller illumination angle makes the division of light less, so more lumens (luminance-related unit) per unit, more brighter light.

Which lamp to use will be cheaper depending on the wattage of the bulbs you use. Assuming a ceiling light consumes more electricity but it can light as effectively as 2 other lamps, you should still consider: a ceiling light or 2 other lamps!

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After reading this article, hopefully, you will gain some helpful experiences in choosing the best floor lamp for bright light. If you spend enough time and effort in searching and choosing lamps, the results will not disappoint you. Thank you for your time in my article. Have a nice time!