E12 LED Bulbs: Outstanding Advantage & All Related Knowledge

You have used incandescent bulbs and compact bulbs with the advantage of being compact, suitable for lighting in your home. But with the appearance of LED Bulb bulbs with advantages: outstanding brightness, efficiency savings, and long life. You decide to switch to using LED Bulb lights because their cost is relatively cheap compared to the advantages you can get in return.

Buying LED bulbs is easy, but how do you know for sure that the base of the old bulb will fit the bulb you are about to buy. In this article, we will help you learn the standard LED Bulb bases and holders and specifically the E12. From there, help you choose the E12 LED Bulbs more accurately!

What is a lamp holder?

The lamp holder is one of the important parts required to install a light bulb. The purpose is to attach the light bulb, with the power input part. At the same time, it helps to hold the bulb tightly, ensuring a stable power supply in lighting.

On the market today, most bulbs are designed to fit two standard holders. Those are E27 vortex holders and B22 holders.

Structure of the LED lamp holder

Structure of the LED lamp holder
Structure of the LED lamp holder

LED lights use modern LED chip technologies to emit light. The LED bulb (LED Bulb bulb) retains the same vortex shape as the old incandescent bulb.

LED Vortex Bulb, also known as LED Bulb. It is a light bulb using modern SMD LED chip technology, superpower saving, long life, high durability. Swivel LED bulb, shaped almost like an old incandescent light bulb. Because it still retains the lamp holder design to receive power.

The lamp holder is called the lamp body, has a simple cylinder or circle shape, but still creates an aesthetic for the living space. They are made of galvanized copper, aluminum alloy, or zinc-coated iron.

Outside, covered with a layer of electrostatic paint. Helps to minimize the negative impact of the environment on product quality. Inside is designed a heat sink. Because the light bulb will get hot during the light-emitting process, when an electric current flows through it, it will convert it into light energy. The heat sink reduces the effects of heat to prolong the life of the lamp.

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Application of LED lamp holder

Round LED lamp holder, also known as LED Bulb, is the first choice of people to use. Since current LED bulb shapes are designed to resemble older incandescent bulbs, LED lamp holders are easy to replace.

  • 26mm or 27mm diameter LED bulb holders (E26, E27) are used for ceiling lights, outdoor lighting, and factory lights.
  • 12mm diameter LED bulb holder (E12) for decorative lamps.
  • LED bulb holder with diameter 39 mm or 40 mm used in industrial lighting such as warehouse lights, parking tunnel lights.

Types of twisted lamp holders as standard

Types of twisted lamp holders as standard
Types of twisted lamp holders as standard

When choosing lamps with vortex holders for a new installation, especially when replacing old bulbs at home. How can you choose the right lamp holders to fit the old lamp base, without having to bring the old bulb to ask the seller?

All types of lamps: incandescent, fluorescent, and led lamps are manufactured according to common standards. So you can completely buy LED bulbs to replace the old bulbs, as long as they have the same standard of lamp holders.

Specifications for standard lamp holders are recorded by the manufacturer on each product when it comes out of the factory. The size of the lamp holder is large or small, usually proportional to the size of the bulb.

We will share with you common lamp holder standards so that you can easily determine the type of lamp to buy.

– The letter E is the symbol for the torsion tip

– Numbers 14, 26, 27, 40 after the letter E represent the outer diameter of the lamp holder vortex (unit: millimeters).

Currently the most common is the standard E27 screw, then the E14 standard. Standard E14 is usually used for small lamps, E27 is used for larger lamps.

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E12 LED Bulbs – Diameter 12 mm

E12 LED Bulb Diameter 12 mm
E12 LED Bulbs Diameter 12 mm

E12 is often used for very small lights such as ball bulbs, refrigerator bulbs… Mainly incandescent lamps. LEDs also come in some models that use the standard E12 torsion standard.

LED Bulb E12 is commonly used for decorative lighting applications, such as chandeliers, wall lights, night lights. And lamps with E12 holders – 12mm in diameter are often modeled after a candle or ball.

Some bulbs with E12 holders are:

  • Small tubular bulbs: T8, T6, T22.
  • Candlestick bulbs: C7, C9, CA10, B10.
  • Small globe-shaped bulbs: G14, G16, G50.

Outstanding advantages of E12 LED Bulbs

Outstanding advantages of E12 LED Bulb
Outstanding advantages of E12 LED Bulbs
  • Low power consumption: Compared with traditional light bulbs of equivalent brightness, LED lights to consume 80-90% less power.
  • Long Lifespan: A typical E12 LED Bulb has a lighting life of about 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than incandescent and 5 times longer than fluorescent lamps.
  • Cost savings: Initial investment costs are not too high. We will not have to spend too much replacement cost and also do not take time to continuously replace the bulbs when damaged.
  • Safe for users: E12 LED Bulbs will help us be safer and limit mercury poisoning.
  • Environmental protection: Of the total amount of electricity consumed, electrical energy used for lighting purposes accounts for 22%. If it is LED, it will save a significant amount of energy. This means that the environment will benefit from the reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment.
  • Low switching costs: Compared with other lamps, E12 LED Bulbs use old bulbs and do not have to be changed. Therefore, you can save some money if you switch from light bulbs. Because, the E12 LED Bulb also uses the power supply of AC 90-240V, 50-60Hz.

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Where to buy the lamp holder of the LED Bulb bulb?

Where to buy the lamp holder of the LED Bulb bulb
Where to buy the lamp holder of the LED Bulb bulb

Today, when society develops, the amount of electricity consumed is so much that the price of electricity is increasing and dizzy. The most economical and optimal solution is that everyone should use LED lights, replacing LED bulbs. for fluorescent or compact lamps to significantly reduce electricity bills. Some families have reduced their electricity bills by 20-40% compared to the months when they have not bought LED lights.

But to achieve the best efficiency and save power, we should look for a reputable, genuine LED Bulb product. You need to find a big brand that uses Samsung LED chips for the production of LED bulbs because the bulbs use Samsung LED chips that are extremely good and have a long life.

In addition to finding yourself the best LED, the brand is done. The question now is where to buy genuine and best-LED Bulb lamp holders today?

You need to find distributors, authorized stores of major light bulbs to buy. A level 1 distribution company of LED light bulbs with extremely good prices, genuine products, warranty of up to 2 years is the right choice.

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Thus, through the above article, we can understand more about E12 LED Bulb. In addition, we also know more tips to choose where to buy genuine LED Bulb bulbs. Besides that, there is a lot of other information brought to you. Hope this article has brought you a lot of good information.”