5 Steps to Decorate Room with LED Lights [Best Lighting Ideas in 2023]

As per the study, the main explanation individuals need to decorate the room with LED strip lights is the need of making an unwinding, warm, and heartfelt space. Room lighting not just gives a delicate light source that allows individuals to remain calm yet additionally assists with easing the fatigue brought about by harsh working and personal life, to establish a relaxing home atmosphere.

In the present circumstance, LED strip lights can be an excellent decision. This article will show you how you can decorate room with LED lights that are stylish and unique in your own way.

Decorate room with LED lights: What type of LED lights can be used?

#1. LED desk lamps

The clearest use for a desk lamp is for practical task lighting – that is, on the grounds that you need to illuminate a particular area so you can perceive what you’re reading or writing (or on the other hand, in case you’re retro, composing with a pen). 

Yet, in case you’re more into the inside plan side of things, work area lights can be utilized for lighting or surrounding lighting in the organization of a room. 

For instance, if your work area is in an open set up living space as opposed to a committed office, you should utilize a guided work area light to feature a decoration or component. Or then again when layering light in a room, work area lights can work close to desk lights, roof lights, and floor lights to make a general climate (for additional on lighting configuration, see our total manual for layering light in your home here.) 

At long last, a work area light can likewise be absolutely beautifying – as such, intended to look lovely around your work area, perhaps without having a functioning bulb inside.

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#2. LED light strips 

Decorate room with LED light strips
Decorate room with LED light strips

Beautiful and brightening LED lights when done right can make your insides look cool and complex. Since LED light strips are slim and adaptable, you can place them in places conventional bulbs wouldn’t typically fit, such as underdrawers or inside cupboards. Your alternatives on the most proficient method to adorn a home with LED lights are restricted simply by your creative mind.

That is the substance of why they’re unique, however, this is what you need to know: a LED light makes a similar measure of light yet with undeniably less energy utilized. They likewise last far longer than radiant bulbs and utilize less energy, which means they cost less over the long run.

How many kinds of LED light colors are there?

There are 6 major color tones of LED lights you can set up for your room:

  • Blue

Assuming you need to concentrate for quite a while, the unmistakable champ is a blue light tone. It’s been shown in many examinations that blue light tone upsets the circadian mood( the body’s interior regular clock), you will be more ready and you won’t feel lethargic. 

Your synapses are more touchy to blue light than different tones and due to that organizations across the world are putting resources into blue keen lighting to assist with further developing worker productivity and concentration. On the off chance that you need to accomplish some work that needs your full concentration, change your lights over to blue, and lift your inventiveness. 

  • Red 

Red light has a terrible standing, it’s connected to outrage, stress, danger, and many alert buttons have a red blazing light. Interestingly, the inverse is valid with regard to red LED lights. Red is a quieting and loosening up light tone. Investigations have discovered that individuals who are presented to red light have diminished disturbances to rest examples and state of mind issues contrasted with different shadings. 

  • Yellow 

Yellow is a warm shading that can assist with raising your state of mind. It additionally gets consideration, which is the reason it’s a generally expected taxi tone. 

Assuming you need to support inventiveness and correspondence, you should pick a yellow light. It’s a generally expected decision in workplaces and different working environments. 

  • Orange 

You will not see orange LED lights regularly in any case, it’s an exceptionally inviting shading. 

It can animate cravings in kids. It will make a well-disposed climate where utilized, the shading can likewise build oxygen to the cerebrum, and push your psychological movement. 

  • Green 

Green LED light tone is the most apparent shading to the natural eye. It’s connected to recuperating and mitigating, and it’s the most utilized shading in emergency clinics. It likewise diminishes glare and hence is utilized in working rooms in emergency clinics and hospitals. Schools can have a green light tone since it can assist with learning and fixation. 

  • Purple 

Clubs have purple lighting since it produces a sensation of enchantment and motivation. It’s additionally a testy shading and it gives out a feeling of extravagance and riches. Assuming you feel somewhat wild, make an effort and attempt purple lights in your home. According to the color’s features and the atmosphere that they create, you can easily manage the lighting to suit your room.

Steps to decorate room with LED lights

Steps to decorate room with LED lights
Steps to decorate room with LED lights

#1. Make a step by step plan

Count the number and kinds of bulbs in your home. You might be astounded at the number of lights you have! Most will have a check on them to reveal to you the wattage, voltage, and surprisingly the foundation of the bulb. In case you don’t know what sort of bulb you have attempted, Our reference diagrams are one more approach to assist with recognizing what styles of bulbs you have.

The most usually utilized bulb in homes is an A19 medium screw base bulb. Reflector styles are frequently found in recessed lighting, track, or outside security floodlights and candelabra styles are regularly utilized in enriching apparatuses, for example, ceiling fixtures and divider sconces.

Contingent upon your home or business application, you may likewise be keen on supplanting your fluorescent direct cylinder lights. There’s a LED for those as well! Make a rundown of your present bulb shapes and sizes to assist you with discovering reciprocals while shopping. 

#2. What shade of light do you need? 

Choosing the right light appearance for your space can have a significant effect. The Kelvin scale is utilized to portray a light appearance. Lower degrees Kelvin show a hotter, yellow-white light, and higher degrees demonstrate a blue-white light.

Warm white (2700 Kelvin) most intently approximates a customary brilliant bulb and is supported in rooms and lounges. It gives a warm and welcoming light. Unbiased White (3500 Kelvin) can be utilized in pretty much every space-it’s nonpartisan. Office/work areas will frequently use this shading temperature. Kitchens, washrooms, and work areas might profit from a cooler shading temperature (4100-5000 K). Sunshine White (6500K) can be utilized for task lighting, enumerating, or numerous modern applications. 

Here a basic knowledge for you to choose your light colors depending on the type of room in your house:

  • Livingroom 

Warm white lighting installations are regularly liked in lounge rooms and rooms to make a comfortable climate. The kelvin numbers presented for LED lights are ordinarily 2700K and 3000K. These warm white lights are a decent decision to praise hearty tones and wood furniture. 

  • Bedroom 

The light warm white tone (2200-2700K) and warm white (3000K) are the most appropriate for bedrooms. As a general rule, individuals don’t like to awaken with too brilliant lighting. Accordingly, warm white lighting can be seen as excessively splendid by certain individuals. 

Decorate room with LED lights
Decorate room with LED lights
  • Kitchen 

A warm white light is suggested for the kitchen. These bulbs make a yellowish-white tint and are ideal for this space. A light with a trace of red is likewise a decent choice; they are said to invigorate appetite and conversations! As far as splendor, around 7,000-8,000 lumens are suggested for kitchens.

#3. Know your watts from your lumens

At one at once, to allude to wattage a proportion of bulb splendor. All things considered, wattage shows the measure of the energy a bulb utilizes and in conventional glowing bulbs, higher wattage connects with a more brilliant bulb.

In any case, new and more productive Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs use undeniably less energy. Hence, wattage is as of now not a precise marker of bulb splendor. All things being equal, search for the Lumen (lm) rating, which depicts the measure of light a bulb emits or its brilliance. This is the most reliable approach to tell how splendid bulbs are in contrast with their glowing cousins. 

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#4. Manage your monetary and ecological investment funds 

LEDs are one of the more costly bulb types available today, however late headways in LED innovation have brought down the expense significantly. To assist with lessening the forthright expense numerous electric service organizations offer discount programs.

Driven bulbs are speculation and over their long life, they will set aside your cash because of their high energy effectiveness. They have the most reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any bulb type. Our video clarifies the Total Cost of Ownership in more detail.

#5. Calculate your financial and environmental savings

LEDs are one of the more expensive bulb types on the market today, but recent advancements in LED technology have lowered the cost dramatically. To help reduce the upfront cost many electric utility companies offer rebate programs. LED bulbs are an investment and over their long life, they will save you money due to their high energy efficiency. They have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any bulb type. 

Top 5 ideas decorate your bedroom with LED light strips:

Top 5 ideas decorate your bedroom with LED light strips:
Top 5 ideas decorate your bedroom with LED light strips:

#1. Behind the Bedside Background Wall 

There are numerous approaches to move toward LED strip lights. The principal thought I recommend is to have them behind the headboard on the divider. Stowed away in the headboard, the refracted light makes the highest point of the bed more three-dimensional and gives the room warm and heartfelt air.

Truth be told, dividers are the most widely recognized region where LED light strips are utilized to enlighten a space. There is an assortment of ways you can utilize LED light strips to light dividers. Nonetheless, every one of these ways is by and large isolated into three classifications: 

In recessed divider lighting, LED light strips to look through an empty piece of the divider. This kind of lighting is extraordinary for giving your space a diffused, smooth look. Recessed divider lighting can be utilized in homes (particularly in room dividers), workplaces, and surprisingly business spaces as they give your space a more modern look. 

You can likewise pick surface-mounted divider lighting where LED light strips are stuck or mounted on the outer layer of the divider. This sort of lighting is typically favored when you need unfiltered splendid light in your space. 

Ultimately, you can likewise utilize LED light strips for ornamental divider lighting. You can allow your innovativeness to take off and use RGB and RGBW LED light strips to make workmanship pieces on your dividers. LED light strips are extraordinary for embellishing lighting as you can undoubtedly introduce them and bring them down. They can be reused for quite a long time. 

Necessary Equipment: 

For divider lighting, through LED light strips we recommend you utilize 3528 CCT Adjustable Strips for recessed lighting, 5730 LED Strip for surface mounted lighting and Built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW Strip for improving lighting 

You can utilize somewhere in the range of 60 LEDs/m to 120 LEDs/m for both these strips relying upon how brilliant you need the light to be 

The length of the strip will rely upon the estimations of the divider. You can utilize LED light strip connectors to interface the strips with one another and associate the strips to a force source 

You can sort out the wattage needed for running the strips by increasing the absolute length of the strip with the wattage per meter. For instance, 20 m of 5730 LED light strip will burn-through 20m × 13w/m = 260w 

Effectively control the shading temperature and brilliance of the LED light strips utilizing LED light strip regulators

#2. On the Bottom of the Bed 

Put a circle of LED light strips on the lower part of the bed, without turning on the principal light around evening time, the light can advance rest, and regardless of whether you’re lying on the bed and playing with your cell phone, it will likewise lessen eye disturbance.

On the off chance that we need to get up around evening time, the light can likewise enlighten, however it won’t especially glare in the eyes to influence your rest. LED strip lights under the bed can likewise assist with making a warm and heartfelt environment, which is more helpful for a couple’s relationship. 

Under-bed lighting is perhaps the most renowned LED strip lighting idea that has assumed control over the plan world. May it be in your kitchen, your office, shop showcase, or even distribution center racks, under cupboard lighting can be seen all over the place. LED light strips are the most ideal approach to get the ideal lighting impact as they are a perfect size and adaptable to squeeze into sharp corners. 

Under-bed lighting is an incredible method to add space and light to any corner or bed. This method is utilized in kitchens and washrooms to make them look more extensive and more open. You can duplicate a similar impact by utilizing LED light strips under your cupboards. 

Necessary Equipment: 

For under-bed lighting, we recommend utilizing Seamless LED Under-bed Lights as they furnish splendid light without any spots or shadows 

You can pick single line under bed light strips from 20w to 90w or twofold column under bed lights from 20ww to 90ww contingent upon how splendid you need the light to be 

The length of the strip will rely upon the size of the bed. LED light strips can be effortlessly cut and associated utilizing LED connectors 

Elstar LED light strips to have 3M cement at the back so you can undoubtedly adhere them to a level, smooth surface. We likewise give mounting clasps to home LED lights introduced wherever else 

You can utilize remote LED light strip regulators to change the shading temperature and splendor of the LED light strips

LED light on the Bottom of the Bed
LED light on the Bottom of the Bed

#3. In the Ceiling 

Implanting LED strip lights in the ceiling is likewise an exceptionally normal and good thought. ceiling lights can be covered up with the goal that the light source in a roundabout way enlightens the ceiling through reflection, breaking a discouraging looking space brought about by the faint ceiling, the mix of light and dim can upgrade the layering of the room. 

LED light strips are most regularly utilized for lighting ceilings. This is on the grounds that they are accessible in various sizes and can be introduced as recessed, surface mounted, or pendant lights. Their adaptability and capacity to be controlled through remote far-off regulators settle on LED light strips, an alluring decision for ceiling lighting. 

There are so many imaginative approaches to light ceilings, you can utilize LED neon rope lights to amp up the spot, LED tape lights with aluminum expulsions to make your space look tasteful, or LED straight lights to truly enlighten your space. With regards to ceiling lighting with LED light strips, your creative mind is the breaking point. 

Necessary Equipment: 

For ceiling lighting, you can utilize any sort of LED light strip contingent upon how brilliant you need your space to be. We propose utilizing LED direct light for fixed ceiling lighting and LED light strips for one end to the other ceiling lighting 

The length or size of the strip will rely upon the estimation of the ceiling. LED light strips can be cut and you can utilize LED connectors to interface the strips with one another. Request exceptionally LED strip lights for appropriate length for LED straight lights 

Sort out the wattage needed for running the strips by duplicating the complete length of the strip with the wattage per meter 

You can utilize an LED power supply to control your LED light strips and an LED lights strip connector to interface your LED strips to the force supply 

Diverse LED light strip regulators for controlling the shading temperature and splendor of the LED light strips

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#4. Behind the TV 

Do you stare at the TV in bed? Assuming this is the case, you can put LED strip lights behind the TV, with the goal that when you stare at the TV around evening time, there is sufficient light so as not to hurt your eyes. 

Backdrop illumination on your TV screens is an extraordinary method to add to the general style of your TV and your room. LED light strips are adaptable and safe so you can undoubtedly introduce them on the rear of your TVs without agonizing over harm or obstruction. This is an incredible method to make a tasteful piece of lighting, particularly when your TV is wound down. 

Backdrop illumination TV screens are a genuinely simple cycle. You can browse a wide range of hued LED light strips and even shading evolving ones. 

Necessary Equipment: 

For backdrop illumination your TV screen, we recommend you utilize 5050 RGB and Single Color LED Strip as it has extraordinary iridescence and an assortment of shading choices 

The length of the strip will rely upon the estimations of your TV screen. You can utilize LED light strip connectors to interface the strips, particularly around the corners 

You can sort out the wattage needed for running the strips by increasing the all-out length of the strip with the wattage per meter. For instance, 5 m of 5050 LED light strip will burn through 5m × 14.4w/m = 72w 

You can handle the shading temperature and brilliance of the LED light strips by utilizing remote RF LED light strip regulators

#5. Around the Furniture 

Besides the 4 strategies depicted above, we can likewise enliven around the furniture with LED strip lights. On the off chance that you have a dressing table in your room, you can likewise put the LED strip lights behind or before the mirror, so it tends to be utilized for lighting just as a valuable light for taking photographs. 

What to consider when choosing strip lights for bedroom

What to consider when choosing strip lights for bedroom
What to consider when choosing strip lights for bedroom

What are the critical components of LED strips lights that we care about in a bedroom design? An all-around planned, little, and subtle lighting arrangement consistently have a solid visual effect. Decorators love them hence, and by and large, they will not trouble you with any neon, blasting, or diverting lights. There are a few provisions we should think about prior to buying LED strip lights for the room. 

#1. Shading 

Fundamentally, the shade of the LED light strip is principally dictated by the beautification style and tint of your home. We generally utilize warm white light and regular white light for bedrooms, and in some cases, we additionally use RGB light with a regulator to change the tones to make a more bright world.

Truth be told, the room is the primary resting place for individuals. The light in the room isn’t just with regards to the lighting, it’s likewise about the air and rest. Then, at that point when we pick room LED strip lights, it is smarter to choose low-brightening/low shading temperature lights rather than a lot more brilliant or amazing ones. For instance, we can utilize a yellow light source to establish a warm resting climate, which can give individuals a private and energetic inclination. 

#2. Controller 

When utilizing lights in the room, comfort is a vital factor. These days, LED strip lights are consistently furnished with a distant regulator, and with some savvy LED strip lights it is feasible to turn the LED lights on or off and change the tones or splendor with an App or voice control. We don’t have to stress over hitting the foot of the bed around evening time anymore. 

#3. Splendor and Dimmable 

As a general rule, rooms should be less brilliant than kitchens and restrooms. At the point when we pick LED strip lights for rooms, we should think about this. What’s more, as the hour of day transforms, we need various degrees of splendor, so we likewise need a dimmer to change it. LED strip lights with a dimmer can likewise save more energy. 

#4. Safety 

We go through around eight hours every day in the room, and guaranteeing we are protected is vital. At the point when we pick room LED strip lights, we need to investigate their security rating and pick some dependable brands like LE Lighting EVER, with the goal that we can be calmer when utilizing our room lighting.


At the point when LED lights previously showed up available, they came up short on the adaptability required for most home insides. Be that as it may, things are distinctive now, and LED light strips are presently exceptionally well known alongside different kinds. There is a wide range of manners by which you can utilize them in your home, regardless of whether it’s intended for lighting or decorative purposes.