Change Recessed Light Bulbs? Detailed & Clear Guideline 2023

Using recessed lights is now the trend of the times. Compact, aesthetic advantages contribute to decorating your home space more stylishly. So let’s learn about recessed lights as well as repair and change recessed light bulbs!

Structure of a LED recessed light

LED recessed light
LED recessed light

To make the change of the recessed lights bulbs easier, here is their structure you can consult. The current types of LED recessed light are composed of 3 main parts:

  • Lamp cover: It is an outer shell with the primary protection of internal components such as Led eyes.
  • LED chip: This is an essential part of the LED that can convert electricity into light energy to emit light. Heat sinks will protect this Led chip.
  • Power part: The function of maintaining the stability of the lamp when operating. The source port can be designed to be mounted on the same light block. This type of light is called an integrated source ceiling led light. Or design separate from the light block, with this type of light, will call the ceiling light of the removable source.

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Check before changing the recessed light bulbs

Check before changing the recessed light bulbs
Check before changing the recessed light bulbs

Before going into the details of how to change recessed light bulbs, you should know certain precautions to be taken to ensure your safety and the LED recessed light. So please read these instructions carefully and follow these steps!

  • Step 1: Turn off/off the power.
  • Step 2: Wear protective gear, or at least equip with insulating gloves to prevent accidental electrical leakage.
  • Step 3: After ensuring electrical safety steps, you hold the LED light, gently pull it down to the ground floor, and at the same time squeeze the two ears of the lamp located on the corner of the plaster ceiling. 90 degrees upward and slowly remove the bulb from the installed position.
  • Step 4: After successfully putting the bulb out, continue to remove the connector between the ceiling LED and the LED driver power supply. If the lamp driver is damaged, you need to remove all of them from the power cord to replace them altogether.

Note: The bulb must be removed first, then the connector between the ceiling LED. And the LED driver power supply, the purpose of this is to avoid affecting the bulb. If your LED ceiling light can still be used, but the Driver is damaged, you should also find another way to replace it to avoid future problems.

  • Step 5: Find out the fault of the LED ceiling light. In the worst case, you will have to change the recessed light bulbs with new LED downlights. Then, it would help if you found out how to replace the LED recessed light, as the installation process will be a bit different from removing the LED downlight.

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How to change recessed light bulbs?

How to change the recessed light bulbs?
How to change the recessed light bulbs?

#1. Preparation

  • Tools: pliers, knife, screwdriver, new led ceiling light, A-shaped ladder
  • Ceiling lights have a capacity suitable for their lighting purposes
  • Determine whether the hole in the new light matches the old ceiling hole. These two parameters must coincide with being able to fit in the existing position.

#2. Replace the ceiling light (according to the following steps)

  • Step 1: Disconnect the power and carefully separate the lamp from the power section on the plaster ceiling to remove the lamp from the frame
  • Step 2: Connect the lamp’s Driver to the power system already attached to the plaster ceiling.
  • Step 3: Insert the LED Driver into the hole, then squeeze the bar to fix the light deep in the hole.
  • Step 4: Finally, you check whether the ceiling light’s LED bulb has been installed correctly or not. Turn on the power to see if the new ceiling light is on. If yes, that means you have completed the replacement of the LED ceiling light.

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Repair the recessed light bulbs in some specific cases

Repair the recessed light bulbs in some specific cases
Repair the recessed light bulbs in some specific cases

LED recessed light bulbs are usually quite durable, with a lifespan of about 3 years. However, it still can not avoid damage due to several reasons. If your recessed light bulbs are gone out, but you don’t want to change them, here are some related problems and how to fix them.

#1. LED recessed lights are installed in a high-temperature place

When operating, recessed LED lights emit a small amount of heat. However, if you buy low-quality led ceiling lights, the poor heat dissipation makes much heat that cannot escape. In addition, the impact of ambient temperature is the cause of burning lamp ants.

How to fix:

In this case, the lamp needs to be replaced. Because the burned part is usually the tail of the lamp, the part is located inside the ceiling.

The remedy for you is to create ventilation holes in the ceiling. Avoid installing LED downlights in places where the temperature is too high. In addition, finding and buying LED ceiling lights with good heat dissipation is also one of the necessary measures.

Create ventilation holes in the ceiling for heat dissipation
Create ventilation holes in the ceiling for heat dissipation

#2. Poor quality wiring

Many cases of LED downlight failure are caused by electrical wiring. Although, for example, the wire is too small, or the connector is loose, it is easy to burn when the voltage increases suddenly without the wire having enough load.

How to fix:

In this case, using the LED ceiling light is effortless by disconnecting the power supply. Next, remove the recessed led light bulb and replace it with a new, better power line. Then put the lamp back in its original position.

#3. Unstable voltage

The most common cause of LED downlight failure is unstable voltage. To overcome this case, a set of wall lights usually comes with a Led Driver Power Adapter device.

Led Driver is responsible for converting power from alternating current to direct current to produce the correct voltage for the LED chip to work well. However, there are still cases where the led ceiling lights are damaged due to the sudden increase in voltage— causing the led Driver not to adjust in time.

How to fix:

You need to replace the LED driver adapter, and the light can work again. To avoid this situation, look for high-quality LED downlights with a wide voltage range. Also, to ensure that the lights always work well in unstable electrical environments.

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#4. The LED eye burn

The LED eyes are soldered together on a printed circuit. Some LED eyes may be damaged due to a burnt-out printed circuit at the location where the led eye is installed. You will quickly see the difference when you turn on 2 bulbs of the same type next to each other. Two lights, one bright, one dim.

How to fix:

Electronic soldering technique
Electronic soldering technique

In this case, you need to have an electronic soldering technique to be able to fix it. If the lamp is still under warranty, you can bring it to the store for free repair. The last case is that you find a reputable ceiling light repair facility to meet your best.

With some of the above fixes, it still does not fix the phenomenon of broken light bulbs. Therefore, you need to find a solution is to replace the ceiling light bulb.


It is very simple to change recessed light bulbs, right? We have provided some interesting information about recessed light bulbs. Hopefully, it helps you a lot when you want to change recessed light bulbs. Remember to disconnect the power supply before changing the bulbs!