A19 Light Bulb: Useful Lighting Knowledge 2023 [All-to-know]

A19 Light Bulb

Beautiful light is better to light. The A19 Series is part of our new and improved LED lamp family, and it offers a unique blend of omnidirectional comfort, high color rendering, instant-on, and quiet dimming. Even better, the A19 light bulb is exceptionally energy efficient, lasting up to 6 times longer than low-cost LED bulbs … Read more

How to wire an outlet from another outlet? [Expert Answer]

How to wire an outlet from another outlet?

Eliminate the revolting and frequently unsafe expansion lines. You’ll be able to include an unused outlet rapidly and effectively in case you have an electrical outlet. To ensure effective electrical conductivity as well as durability and safety when using, you need to apply the correct electrical wiring technique. Following electrical wiring guidelines will help you … Read more

Line Voltage vs Low Voltage: Which is the best for your space?

Line Voltage vs Low Voltage

Many LED lights come in two varieties: line voltage vs low voltage. A line-voltage version for direct use with a 120V mains supply and a low-voltage variant with a 12V transformer. LED technology has been around far longer than line voltage and low voltage technologies. Both variants of the classic incandescent bulbs were available. This article … Read more

Are LED Bulbs Hazardous Waste? [Expert Answer & All-to-know]

Are LED Bulbs Hazardous Waste

Many people discover that the first-generation LED lights they installed are simply insufficient for their needs and prefer a high CRI or flicker-free lighting option instead. However, they are unsure how to handle the old LED bulbs. As a result, frequently asked questions are: Are led bulbs hazardous waste? Where do you dispose of the … Read more

How to wire a light switch and outlet in the same box?

How to wire a light switch and outlet in the same box?

In daily life, sometimes we will need to repair electrical appliances in the house by ourselves. Since there are many things involved with electrical appliances, they are not so complicated that it is necessary to hire an electrician. Wiring electrical outlets and light switches is a job you can do yourself if you learn and … Read more

Circadian light bulbs: How to set up circadian LED lighting?

Circadian light bulbs

Circadian lighting is a term that has acquired notoriety lately – you might have additionally heard it alluded to as ‘human-centric lighting’ or ‘tunable lighting’ or referenced with regards to biophilia. While these are all the more frequently utilized as trendy expressions, circadian lighting is a space of genuine examination, science, and advancement. This article … Read more

Avian Full Spectrum LED Lighting: How to Choose for Your Bird?

Avian Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Like people, birds are intricate creatures that rely upon lighting to manage and flag different natural cycles. Regardless of our best expectations, pet birds as a rule get deficient light, or some unacceptable kind of lighting, which can be negative to their wellbeing. Most artificial lighting is designed by companies that endeavor to create as … Read more

LED Color Temperature: How to Choose The Best Fit For Spaces 2023

LED Color Temperature

Color temperature is a characteristic parameter of light, indicating the color of light emitted at a specific temperature K. To learn more about what LED color temperature is or how much color temperature of LEDs is suitable, continue reading! What is color temperature? Color temperature is a characteristic measure of light, indicating the emitted light’s … Read more

Do Led Light Bulbs Get Hot? Detailed Explanation from Expert 2023

Do Led Light Bulbs Get Hot?

LED is a type of lamp that uses extremely modern lighting technology with the advantage recognized by many users as its low heat capacity, does not increase the ambient temperature, and creates coolness, especially for white light LED bulbs.  This conclusion still makes many users doubt the accuracy of this conclusion. So many people are … Read more

LED COB vs SMD: Similarities and Differences- Updated knowledge 2023


We all need a light to guide us through the dark and point it in the right direction. Therefore, choosing the right LED is very important. However, since LEDs have a 25 times longer lifespan and consume less power, different LEDs are more popular than traditional incandescent lamps.   LED COB vs SMD are what they … Read more

Under Cabinet Lighting Bulbs: All-to-Know to Choose the Best One

Under Cabinet Lighting Bulbs

Under cabinet lighting is a great choice for adding atmosphere as well as a space-saving supplemental lighting solution for your kitchen or bar area. It doesn’t have to be limited to your kitchen, though. It can be added to basements, workshops, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you may have needed extra illumination under your cabinets. … Read more

LED Lifespan: 4 Important Factors That Influence LED Lifespan

LED Lifespan

When it comes to current lighting technologies, LED light bulbs take the top place. LEDs have an estimated energy efficiency of 80 to 90 percent compared to traditional lighting and light bulbs. One of the most significant advantages of LED lifespan is extended. Unlike halogen or incandescent lamps, LEDs do not require frequent maintenance and … Read more

Can you cut LED strip lights? How to ​​connect a flexible led strip?

Can you cut LED strip lights?

LED wires are no longer strange in modern life. The product is widely used in decorative lighting. You can easily come across LED string lights at showroom shelves, shops, cafes, supermarkets, entertainment centers, apartments, etc. Can you cut LED strip lights? is a common question when decorating spaces with this light type Whether you are … Read more

3528 vs 5050 vs 5630 LED: All need to know [Updated knowledge]

3528 vs 5050 vs 5630 LED

LED strips are considered the most convenient and efficient way to light up your space. Not only are they flexible in terms of lighting, but they are also much more energy-efficient than traditional lights such as incandescent or fluorescents. Moreover, LED strips are also expected to be a future lighting solution due to emitting much … Read more

RGB vs RGBIC LED Strip Lights: Main Difference & Application


What exactly is RGBIC? What’s the difference between RGB and RGBIC? What’s the better option? We’ll answer all of your questions about RGB lights and what RGBIC is today. As RGB technology advances, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for everyone to understand the distinctions in their buying products. So, for today’s talk, we’ll look at the … Read more

Warm White vs Cool White: Which is the better choice?

Warm White vs Cool White

Are you perplexed when you see the words “warm white” or “cool white” on an LED light? Perhaps you’re remodeling your home and wondering whether warm white or cool white is better for your kitchen, what’s the difference between warm white vs cool white? Maybe you’re not sure what color temperature is best for a … Read more

LED Lighting Ideas For Living Room: Best lighting ideas 2023

LED Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Each house will have a different living room design in terms of size, style, and layout. The living room is the gathering place for all family activities. The choice of furniture, style or lighting method is always the first consideration. Living room lighting is also more complex and demanding than other rooms in the house. … Read more

4-Inch Vs 6-Inch Recessed Lighting: What’s The Better Choice?

4-Inch Vs 6-Inch Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is used in modern homes and is fitted in hollows in walls or ceilings. Recessed lighting is noteworthy in that it has a wide range of uses. It’s excellent for brightening up your home, showcasing your unique decorations, or just producing uniform lighting at home. Most homes can benefit from 6-inch lights, while … Read more

D65 Light Bulb: Definition, Importance and Requirement for It

D65 Light Bulb

What is white? An apparently basic inquiry can have many responses, contingent upon who you inquire. What’s more, for some applications, the specific definition can have huge results. White, an innately sure color, is related to purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, … Read more

How Long Do LED Lights Last? 4 Important Factors Affect LED Lifespan

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

LED lifespan is always one of the most important factors that determine the quality of LED lights. Therefore, when choosing LED lighting, users should not ignore this parameter. So, how long do led lights last? This question will be answered through this article! ​​What are LED lights? LED (short for Light Emitting Diode) is capable … Read more