Color Match Lighting: Light Sources and Use in Color Matching

Color Match Lighting

Lighting conditions greatly influence color perception. Because proofing colors in their actual end-use environment is not always possible, there are specific approaches that designers, brand owners, manufacturers, and production employees can utilize to ensure that a print’s colors match under every light source. As a result, by adopting color match lighting, all stakeholders have various … Read more

Street Light Height: How to calculate appropriate lamp post height?

Street Light Height

Life is improving day by day and the demand for lighting is also increasing day by day. Not only indoor lighting but village roads, alleys, hamlets, residential roads, national highways, highways, etc. are also illuminated with electric lights so that road users can easily observe and ensure safety when traveling. in the evening. So what … Read more

How many Led lights for Garage? Best lighting guide [2023]

How many led lights for garage

No one likes a poorly lit garage. It can lead to difficulty finding equipment and tools, strain your eyes, and even can cause more serious consequences such as falls or other injuries. That is also the reason most people are concerned about garage lighting.  So how many led lights for Garage is enough? The number … Read more

Circadian Rhythm Light Bulbs: Ideal Choice to Improve your Health

Circadian Rhythm Light Bulbs

You’ve probably come across the phrase “circadian rhythm light bulbs” while shopping for lights or on a lighting advertisement page, and you’re still not sure what they mean or how they affect your life. Indeed, various sectors, ranging from healthcare to corporate, have begun to investigate the potential benefits of lighting that mimic the human … Read more

High Density LED Strip: 5 Benefits & Difference vs Standard Form

High Density LED Strip

Do you desire a much brighter light output? Then you can’t afford to overlook high density led strip. When compared to standard density strips, high-density strip lights are a significant improvement. This is ideal for applications with higher ceilings, wide-open spaces that require more light to cover all areas, or if strip lighting is used … Read more

Recessed Lighting Costs: 5 Important Factors Affect this Lighting Cost

Recessed Lighting Costs

The LED light is considered a breakthrough invention of humankind. It is widely applied to both save energy and give good light and protect the environment. However, whether the benefits are so many, the recessed lighting costs are high or not? Let’s refer to our article to get the most accurate answer. Overview of recessed … Read more

4000K LED Lights: All-to-know about this ideal lighting

4000K LED Lights

When shopping for LED bulbs, look for “soft white” or “warm white” bulbs. Then there’s a muddle of names like “neutral white,” “bright white,” “daylight,” and “cool white.” You might be tempted to believe they’re all the same, or at least similar. In reality, these names can refer to a variety of color temperatures, such … Read more

How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last? Calculate LED Lifetime Exactly

How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last

Currently, the market for electric lighting is more developed than ever, more and more products are born with many outstanding features and advantages. And LED light is one of the highly appreciated products because it meets most of the needs that customers want to have. The lifespan of an LED is used to judge the … Read more

Fluorescent to LED conversion chart and Useful related information

Fluorescent to LED conversion chart and Useful related information

The outstanding features of LED lights have been mentioned quite a few times. But they don’t just stop at saving energy. There are still other issues that business owners or individuals are very concerned about when switching to LED lights. The cost of switching from traditional to modern lighting devices such as LEDs is still … Read more

E26 vs A19 Light Bulb: Differences and All Related Information

E26 vs A19

Nowadays, there would be no living without light, which is necessary and the reality of human life. Electric bulbs blessed people by giving them complete control over illumination inside their homes and offices at the flick of a button. People have gotten more selective in their search for high-quality light bulbs as time has passed, … Read more

What is Lux? How Much Lux Illuminance Should You Choose?

What is Lux

What is light intensity? What is the unit of measure? It is one of the important parameters that customers care about when choosing lights. However, not everyone clearly understands the concept, calculation, and characteristics of this parameter. For more information, refer to the article “What Is Lux?” below to get the most important details. What … Read more

Best lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights in 2023

Lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights

A lot of houses and apartments don’t have overhead lights or ceiling lights, which makes the space dull and dark. Depending on the designs, this case often occurs in houses with ancient designs. Over time, the need for more lighting, so people began to learn and add lighting items to the house. You can liven … Read more

LED lights interfere with garage door opener: Causes and Remedy

LED lights interfere with garage door opener: Causes and Remedy

LED lights are popular among the technologically adept. Assume you enjoy having the latest devices or are just aware of how technology may make your life simpler. In that scenario, you’ve either already installed or are going to install LED lighting in your home. The same is true with garage door openers. Why have a … Read more

Do led headlights need a ballast? [Expert Answer]

Do LED headlights need a ballast ?

When transitioning from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to the more market-dominant LED technology, you may be seeking for standard specs to compare the two. LED bulbs are apples, whereas other lighting technologies are oranges! Certain things are simply unheard of. A ballast is one of those components that is only applicable to the somewhat obsolete … Read more

IC Rated Recessed Lighting: Discover all things make it matter!

IC Rated Recessed Lighting

Surely everyone knows the type of ceiling light. But surely not everyone knows a standard to evaluate the quality of ceiling lights, called IC. So what does the ic-rated recessed lighting look like? What difference do they make from non-ic-rated ceiling lights? Let’s find out the answers in this article! Overview of IC Rated Recessed … Read more

Dimmable vs Non Dimmable LED Light: Which is better choice?

Dimmable vs Non Dimmable LED Light

The old incandescent lights were effectively dimmable. Yet, lighting innovation has changed to LEDs. On the close by this brings many benefits yet then again the innovation has gotten more perplexing. Controlling the brightness isn’t generally imaginable as there are dimmable vs non dimmable LED lights. In this article, we cover the contrast between these … Read more

Halogen color temperature vs Other Lamp’s [Light Comparison]

Halogen color temperature

The advent and development of LED technology have largely influenced the popularity of halogen lamps. However, there are many people who love the nostalgia and light that halogen bulbs bring. So how does the halogen light bulb’s color make it so popular until now? Let’s learn about halogen color temperature in this article! What is … Read more

Dental office lighting: 5 Tips to improve your dental lighting

Dental office lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating a welcoming and safe environment. A dental office is undoubtedly in need of such soothing lighting. When it comes to dental lighting, the goal is to provide enough light for visibility while also making patients feel at ease. While this can be a difficult balance … Read more