Can You Use Recessed Lights for an Exposed Basement Ceiling?

When it comes to finishing a basement, one of the most important considerations is lighting. A well-lit space can make the difference between a dingy, uninviting basement and a bright, welcoming living area. One popular lighting option for exposed basement ceilings is can lights, also known as recessed lighting. Can lights are a great choice … Read more

Track Lights: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Type for Your Space

Track lights are a popular lighting solution that can add a modern and sleek touch to any space. These lights are designed to be mounted on a track, which makes them highly versatile and easy to adjust. Track lights are perfect for highlighting specific areas of a room, such as artwork or architectural features, and … Read more

What Is The Difference Between T5 vs T8 Lighting?

Get the Most From Your Lighting: Choosing Between T5 and T8 Bulbs As lighting evolves, new products get smaller, brighter, more efficient, and slightly more expensive. Although efficiency is key, as it provides energy savings, newer fluorescent lights are not always more cost-effective. In the following paragraphs, we will explore why T5 bulbs might not … Read more

How Far Away From Wall Should Recessed Lighting Be

How Far Should Recessed Lights Be from A Wall Recessed lights are a sophisticated, modern approach to brightening your home without intrusive equipment. With some recommendations in mind, you may design and implement a functional and aesthetically beautiful lighting project. This article will look into some of these guidelines. How Far From a Wall Should … Read more

Remodel vs New Construction Recessed Lighting

How to Choose Between Remodeling and New Construction Recessed Lighting can be an excellent choice for DIY installers who have experience hanging ceiling drywall and working around electrical boxes.If the space is already finished with drywall remodel cans are your only option. If the ceiling is still open then new construction can will be the best … Read more

Ceiling lights for low ceilings – the perfect choice for the home

ceiling lights for low ceilings

Ceiling lights for low ceilings are known as a product line useful for the home space, in addition to the main function, they meet two real requirements from customers that are convenient and high aesthetics. So the benefits that ceiling lights bring to you and what are good models for space, then in this article … Read more

Best lighting for vaulted ceilings: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2023

Best Lighting For Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted-ceiling lights are commonly used to illuminate houses with curved dome roof designs. And you can easily see them in some designs such as ancient villas, classic houses… The combination of decorative wall lights with decorative pendant lights dropping from the ceiling is a popular choice that creates a warm, lively and luxurious space. Installation … Read more

How To Install Ceiling Light Mounting Bracket – Safety and Detail

How To Install Ceiling Light Mounting Bracket

Installing the bracket for the recessed ceiling fan is not difficult, but how to install the ceiling light mounting bracket properly. It will only take a little while to get the mounts done for the ceiling recessed fan. Some of the challenges you will encounter during the installation process are finding or creating a place … Read more

Best Floor Lamps For High Ceilings – Lighting the whole house space

best Floor Lamps For High Ceilings

Floor lamps for ceilings are a product with a high amount of consumption, they are popular in modern houses, even for hotels, apartments … To choose a good floor lamp for a high ceiling, you will need to know some notes when buying. So in this article, we will share with you what to consider … Read more

Best Lighting For 12 Foot Ceilings: Top 8 Expert Picks 2023

Best lighting for 12 foot ceilings

Light is one of the essential elements of a room and strongly impacts everything around it. You will see them change from the color of the wall to the artistic beauty of the rug. That’s why it’s so important to plan your lighting design in detail as well as consider all light sources. Whether it’s … Read more

Top 8 Best Kitchen Lights for Low Ceiling: Expert Picks in 2023

Best kitchen lights for low ceiling

We realize how having low ceilings makes using traditional lighting solutions like chandeliers or pendant lights problematic. Because the average ceiling height in a home is 8 feet, many of us do not live in homes with extremely high ceilings. So, in this post, we’ll go through the best kitchen lights for low ceilings. When … Read more

Best Lighting for Exposed Ceiling: Top 7 Expert’s Choices in 2023

Best Lighting for Exposed Ceiling

It’s difficult to find the best lighting for exposed ceilings. The coldness of bare concrete walls is exacerbated by the fact that they do not reflect light well. Exposed floor joists can cast strange shadows. And mounting a light fixture on an exposed ceiling is a completely different story. However, you should not be concerned. … Read more

How To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring 2023

How to install a ceiling light without existing wiring

Ceiling lights are not too far away for any modern home, they have the function of providing a light source for space with standard light streams. At the same time, the product also does its job well when it becomes the perfect interior decoration for any space. Ceiling lights have been and are getting more … Read more

Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom: Top 9 Expert Picks

Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

What is the most beautiful bedroom decorative ceiling light pattern?  Should I choose cheap bedroom ceiling lights or high-end, luxury lamps?  Choose modern energy-saving LED bulbs or traditional lamps? All the above issues will be revealed by Lao Koon through the information selected and summarized below.  If you are looking for beautiful bedroom ceiling lights … Read more

Choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling

Best Lighting for low sloped ceiling

How to use lights for the best light is also a matter of concern for many families. Low or high ceilings, large or narrow spaces all need a suitable choice. This article will share with you the experiences of choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling. How to buy quality … Read more