Best recessed lighting for basement: Top 7 Expert Picks [2023]

Illuminating the space below can be of great help to your home. Best recessed lighting for basement improves the usability and allows you to expand its storage space while reducing the clutter of the rest of the house. It can even encourage you to perfect your basement and add more living space. Here are the 7 best choices!

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Ensenior 12 Pack 6 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light4.9See Latest Price
Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch New Construction Housing4.9See Latest Price
Hisoo 18W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light4.8See Latest Price
Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 6 Inch New Construction LED4.8See Latest Price
Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box4.7See Latest Price
CT CAPETRONIX 4 Pack 6inch Led Recessed Ceiling Light4.6See Latest Price
BBOUNDER 6" Ultra-Thin Led Recessed Lights4.6See Latest Price

Basement Lighting Options and Ideas

There are countless ways to illuminate the basement as all standard options apply, such as ceiling and wall lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps. Low-height lights can create a cozy atmosphere, while ceiling lights best illuminate the entire space. There are several types of ceiling lights.

#1. Tracks

Streetlights use multiple sets of lights mounted on a center strip called a track. Place the lamp anywhere on the road and tilt it to illuminate in any direction. 

#2. Dip

All the lights are on the ceiling with the low beam lights, and the lights shine in the room. Adequate lighting for space often requires many lights, but it can be a perfect lighting option. 

#3. Pendant

Pendant lights hang below the ceiling and are generally 1-3 feet tall. This is a stylish option for effectively illuminating areas like counters and bars, but it doesn’t shine much light into other parts of the room. Also, it’s unobtrusive and can get in the way in the middle of a room or hallway. 

#4. Embedded Lights

Embedded lights mount directly to the ceiling’s surface instead of being placed above the top or hanging under the awning. Dip lights often illuminate an entire room brighter than pendant or dip lights, but they’re generally less elegant.

Review 7 products best recessed lighting for basement

#1. Ensenior 12 Pack 6 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

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This box-type LED downlight is classified as an integrated circuit that allows contact with bare insulation. This means that the junction box is thermally protected. It requires only 2 inches of ceiling space and is suitable for different types of ceilings and stairs. Wall boxes are no longer the limit of your choice.

This product has a high level of brightness. 80CRI technology brings actual color to your home. The 6-inch thin light uses a new generation LED chip with higher intelligence and lower power. The 1050LM consumes 12 watts. It is equivalent to a 110W incandescent lamp, saving up to 88% on energy costs—Matte LED lens for anti-glare and scratch resistance.

The device is also comprehensive. Thin embedded lamp suitable for new furniture. What to do? Drill holes in the ceiling with a 1: 1 drilling pattern- Connect the J Box with a cable- Secure it to the top using a spring clamp. The installation process is completed in minutes.

Thanks to the ultra-thin body, smoothly dimming from 5% to 100%, compatible with most dimmers, you can apply the light in humid places such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, workplace, and other hard-to-reach spaces.

#2. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch New Construction Housing

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The new Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch New Construction Housing are airtight, which prevents the air conditioning and heating system from leaking outside. Besides, it is also heat resistant and is designed for installation on ceilings covered with insulation. The cans do not overheat or cause a fire in the roof or the space between the posts. There are two different models of this product. The model fits a 7 1/2 inch high for a 6-inch lamp, or a whole inch light is 5.5-inches.

How to install? These cans provide some tips for mounting on a suspended ceiling. All you need is a wire to secure them to the net. There is a hanging tongue that presses against a wooden beam. You can fold them by removing the mounting nail and screwing them onto the rail.

LED bulbs and other bulbs do not screw into the socket. Lights are included in the kit, and there is an adapter included with the screw-on gear where the bulbs will go when these units burn out. Thus, you need to replace the whole because there are no bulbs to change, but the service life is very long.

#3. Hisoo 18W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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This product can emit 1600LM of brightness, equivalent to a 150W incandescent bulb, saving 85% electricity bills. High brightness and low power consumption is also a significant advantage of LED supply technology. This motion sensor light does not require a ground wire. You now have two lines. Black is L and white is N. You can use light by connecting the two wires.

After crossing the long corridor, you don’t need to turn around and turn off the lights. When you enter the laundry room, the light will automatically turn on if you have a laundry basket. 

The indoor light has a sensitive sensor, so it turns on automatically when the sensor turns on and lasts the 30S / 120S. Hence, the item is suitable for ceiling lights in the hallway, laundry room lights, and basement glow. With the motion detector turned off, it can be used as a standard bedroom ceiling light, a bathroom ceiling light, or a kitchen light. Different color temperatures can be selected via the outdoor wall switch and adapted to other places and atmospheres.

#4. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 6 Inch New Construction

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If you already have a boxed item with an e26 socket, most of the LEDs that come with the frame have an e26 plug to screw conversion. The Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 6 Inch New Construction are newly built lights, not remodeled lights. They can be mounted between 16 or 24 central ceiling joysticks.

You can install it in the shower area as long as you change the moisture barrier (gasket) on the back of the lightweight siding at the point of contact with the drywall. This ensures that the appliance is dry. The manufacturers sell 6-inch shower decorations for built-in lights above the shower. Alternatively, you can run clear or white silicone beads around the LED frame. 

This product does not come with a standard lamp holder. However, the LED comes with a plug if needed. So, connect the LED connector to the connector inside the case. In short, you can use standard bulbs with sockets.

#5. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

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This product was a 3/8 hole, which allows the box to be placed on the ceiling without interruption, even when the object is vertically centered. The J box measures approximately 3.5 x 3.5 and is easy to assemble. To connect over the network, you need to loosen the cord a bit. The ground wire inside the box is very short, but that’s okay. The three separate dimming circuits are excellent enough. 

These clip-ins are designed for dimmers, eliminating the need for additional wiring beyond traditional lamps. But if you already have a can on the ceiling, use a retrofit LED which is explicitly designed to fit the can.

#6. CT CAPETRONIX 4 Pack 6inch Led Recessed Ceiling Light

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This product uses a state-of-the-art LED chip with a 6-inch slim illuminator with anti-glare and scratch-resistant matte LED lenses, and quality control experts claim the best performance of built-in LEDs. It ensures a flicker-free and noise-free built-in lighting experience. As an essential part of the built-in luminaire, the washer mounted on the back of the luminaire can effectively protect you from steam and dust and maintain your work efficiency.

The CAPETRONIX T retrofit LED ceiling light is the perfect solution for different ceilings as it is very bright and requires only 2 inches of free space for installation. The built-in light has a smooth dimming range from 5% to 100%. Compatible with most dimmers, you can widely apply it on many occasions such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, door, corridor, wardrobe, basement, and more. You can use it immediately.

#7. BBOUNDER 6″ Ultra-Thin Led Recessed Lights

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BBOUNDER 6″ Ultra-Thin Led Recessed Lights helps to save 79.2% energy consumption. With only 12.5 watts of power, it provides 850 lm of balanced light, equivalent to a 60 W incandescent. The connection length between the lamp and the included Jbox is 22.5 inches. The size is longer than most similar lamps on the market.

A 5-year warranty backs bounder Lights. That is, customers can contact the supplier for replacement when the product has quality problems. The integrated light is ETL certified for performance and safe operation.

What to Know Before You Buy Recessed Lights?

There are a few things to consider before adding a built-in light, also known as a box light, or before deciding which built-in light or box light to install. What do you want to illuminate? Do you want a light pool or a tiny place? What size do you need? What kind of light bulb do you want to use? Should I use Retrofit, or can I create a new home? How about connecting the new lights? Do you need an IC (isolated compatible) or AT (sealed) device, or both?

There are some parts of Recessed Lights you should know:

Housing: Some footprints are all in one position, but most are made up of two parts. In a two-part installation, the accommodation is a ceiling-mounted part. The seal is fitted to the housing. Depending on the type of case and bezel you choose, you may need to remove the bezel to check the bulb. 

Watts: Each luminaire corresponds to the maximum wattage of a safety or incandescent bulb. Most implants are rated at 75 or 100 watts, but some are rated at 150 watts. 

Frame: Integrated units designed to be mounted on an open structure with mounting brackets mounted on the joists to secure them in place.

Recessed Lighting Buying Guide

These are all elements for you to consider whether to buy one item or not.

Recessed Lighting Buying Guide
Recessed Lighting Buying Guide

#1 Style

One of the fun parts of choosing the best underground lighting is finding a style and finish that complements the lights in the rest of the house. If you tend to have cottage-themed decor, consider choosing lamps with exposed bulbs made of rustic materials like iron or copper. The glossy metal finish and striking decorative glass are the room’s focal points if you prefer a modern aesthetic. If you are a minimalist, then embedded lighting is the best option. 

Most appliances come in various finishes, typically bright nickel, matte nickel, bronze, black, and white. In most cases, it’s also good to combine the basement furniture finish with other metal accessories in the house, such as door handles and hinges.

There are different types of light emitted by different types of fixtures and how they illuminate the room. You need to consider the amount of lighting you need for your space and the number of embedded lights you plan to buy. Another factor to remember is whether there are other light sources in the room.

#2. Color temperature

Bulbs usually have a color temperature. This shows how hot or cold the lamp is in space. Color temperature is quantified using the Kelvin (K) index rather than degrees. Typically residential lighting is between 2000K and 6500K. 

It may look outdated, but the lower the color temperature, the warmer the light in the space. A bulb with a color temperature of 2000 K emits a warm, soft yellow light, and a bulb with a color temperature of 6500 K emits a cold, bright light. Some LED lights have a color rendering property that allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your space and taste. 

#3. Dimming

It is also important to note that many devices are dimmer compatible, and the user can adjust the output. With these fixtures, you can choose between bright and dark settings to fine-tune the lighting results in your space.

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Where to Place Recessed Lighting

When it comes to installation, some appliances may be preferable to others who prefer to do it themselves. For example, replacing an old hunting light with a new embedded light or track light is relatively easy and usually requires only a screwdriver and a pair of electric pliers. However, wiring a new downlight using an old downlight junction box makes the task much more complicated. 

In general, the appliance contains the hardware needed to secure the instrument to an existing junction box. The only tools you usually need are a screwdriver, pliers, and an electric tester. Access to the area above the ceiling is essential when installing new lights. This may require a sheet metal saw, a drill, and a bit for a hole drilled in the ceiling bracket for wiring.

Follow these tips for optimal use and storage of your device. 

Do not place recesses too close to the center of the room or in rows. This type of installation is reminiscent of an airport runway. 

Adjusts the size of the recesses according to the distance at which they can be placed. The standard rule is that devices should generally be spaced at least 4 feet apart. 

Center the recessed light in front of the object you want to illuminate pictures, shelves, curtains, etc. 

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Low beam lights should be carefully placed over the head so that the head and shoulders do not block the necessary light. 

Integrated lighting of 3D objects such as fireplaces, sculptures, and flower arrangements is more effective than engraving from two or three different angles. 

Use dim lights to wash the walls around a small room to make the space larger.

Install a recessed light fixture at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Wash your countertop with a focused project.

What are the best-recessed lights for a basement?

These are lamps designed to diffuse light throughout the space. For basements, ambient light is usually best achieved through built-in lights (tin, bounce, or spotlights). Path lighting is an alternative to built-in lights and is cheaper, especially if you want to regulate ambient light in a completed space.

How many recessed lights do I need in my basement?

To determine the distance between the indentations, divide the ceiling height by 2. If the room has a ceiling of 8 feet, the embedded lights should be placed about 4 feet apart. If the top is 10 feet, you need to put about 5 feet of space between each fixture.

Using too many built-in lights can darken the room area and increase your electricity bill. Experts can help you plan the correct number of lights based on the size of the space and the technical aspects of the luminaire in question.

How can I improve the lighting in my basement?

You can use lighter window coverings. The window shade is softer and more transparent than ever, protecting your privacy while letting in light during the day. Lightweight window coverings are especially useful in craft rooms and underground reading rooms because they require all the natural light you can get to focus on letters and small objects.

What is the difference between can lights and recessed lights?

When making a decision, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two sources. Built-in lamps typically use incandescent or fluorescent lamps. The combination of low-voltage light bulbs and the adjustable wall box trim made lighting the room much more accessible.

What color light is best for my basement?

It is necessary to lighten the color of the furniture and the carpet in the basement. More neutral and subtle colors like white, blue, and beige will reflect the most natural light and create a brighter atmosphere.

If you want to improve the lighting in the basement, this guide will help. Outline some of the essential factors in choosing this particular light and choose some of the best underground lighting options on the market today to facilitate shopping.


The products about the best recessed lighting for basement that we share in detail above, with the 7 product models shared above, are sure to satisfy you in terms of features, quality, and aesthetics.