Best Outdoor Lights For Coastal Areas: Top 6 Expert’s Picks

Do you want the light to completely illuminate the dark coastal areas? It would help if staying on for more than a few seconds or minus minutes. However, picking the right choice is such a challenge. Here come the Best Outdoor Lights For Coastal Areas guideline for you!

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Maxim 10110FTWT Bulkhead Outdoor Wall Sconce4.9See Latest Price
Trans Globe Lighting 69902 RBZ 4.9See Latest Price
Lakumu Upgrade Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern
4.8See Latest Price
Hykolity Large Outdoor Wall Light Fixture 4.8See Latest Price
Globe Electric Pacific Coastal Series Outdoor Wall Sconce4.7See Latest Price
DLLT 20W LED Motion Sensor Light Outdoor4.6See Latest Price

Buying Guide And Usage

As well as being highly practical, outdoor lights don’t compromise on style or quality. Traditional and contemporary designs, including pedestal lanterns, wall-mounted lights, pillar lights, and more are available. With such a wide variety of options, you shouldn’t struggle to find something to suit your requirements.

If you want to keep your electricity consumption to a minimum, many exterior lamps are also available with energy-saving LED bulbs. Some versions also come with dimmer switches, providing you with precise control over the level of brightness.

When you purchase outdoor lighting from these items below, you can rest assured that you will be getting the highest level of quality and excellent value for money. The supplier also uses our warehouse, meaning you will benefit from fast and reliable delivery.

If you want to find out more about our coastal lights, you can browse our collection online. Or, if you would like further information on our products, why not get in touch by email or phone? The expert team is on hand to help you with any queries you may have and recommend solutions that meet your needs.

Which Materials Should The Lights Be Made From (For Coastal Environments)

When buying outdoor lighting, it is essential to know the differences between the different metals used. Many people purchase outdoor lighting based on the appearance and light source of the fixture but pay less attention to the metal used. Thus, please refer to the strengths and weaknesses of various metals used in outdoor lighting, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Which Materials Should The Lights Be Made From (For Coastal Environments)
Which Materials Should The Lights Be Made From (For Coastal Environments)

#1. Aluminum outdoor luminaires

Aluminum luminaires are very affordable but are of the lowest quality metal described below and are not designed for long-term outdoor use. Over time, the aluminum will oxidize, and the paint will fade a little. Aluminum does not retain salt well and erodes over time, so it is not recommended for coastal use. If the aluminum frame is powder-coated, the paint will help seal the aluminum and extend its life. There are various outdoor aluminum fixtures, such as light bulbs, which are cost-effective options and are ideal for applications where customers will not be staying indoors for extended periods.

Stainless Steel External Lighting Stainless steel reflects the sun, which makes it look great in modern applications. Stainless steel must be clean to maintain its appearance and protect it from corrosion. Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by a layer of chromium oxide, damaged by sand, dirt, and other substances. For stainless steel outdoor luminaires, continuous cleaning is essential to maintain a layer of chromium oxide that prevents corrosion.

#2. Brass Outdoor Lighting 

Brass is a hard metal that withstands well in all environments and is made of a combination of copper and zinc. People can use brass fixtures for many years, and some manufacturers such as Best Quality Lighting, Corona Lighting, and Focus Lighting offer long-term warranties on brass products. Brass will rust or darken over time when exposed to these elements, but it does not rust and is ideal for outdoor and landscape lighting. Brass fixtures are an excellent choice for coastal environments. Brass fixtures are more expensive than other metals, but they are the highest quality, most durable, and last the longest.

#3. Copper Outdoor Lighting

Copper is another excellent quality option for outdoor lighting. Copper is not as durable as brass, so some manufacturers make brass fixtures and coat them to enjoy the best of both worlds and the beauty of copper. Copper also rusts over time and darkens when exposed to the elements. Copper prices continue to rise as supply continues to be short around the world. So, one downside of copper devices is the risk of theft due to the metal’s value.

#4. Vivex Outdoor Lighting

Maxim Lighting’s innovative outdoor lighting material, Vivex, is far superior to the polyurethane resin material used in most outdoor lighting systems. Vivex is not plastic. A unique synthetic composition of ground marble powder for enhanced durability and a rubber blend for added durability bonded with an ATP binder. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is a binder that has been tested at temperatures above 130°F to 20°F. The material is expected to withstand higher temperatures and is both flame retardant and biodegradable. The fabric retains its appearance and durability, making it ideal for applications near the coast.

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Review 6 Best Outdoor Lights For Coastal Areas

#1. Maxim 10110FTWT Bulkhead Outdoor Wall Sconce

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Up and downlights can be installed by hardware for mounting equipment in existing junction boxes. The item has a transparent polycarbonate lens near the top of the tubular cylinder. It is made of 316L marine stainless steel and is fixed to the floor using pre-drilled holes. The integrated LED module consumes 10 watts of power and has a light output of lumens at cold white temperatures.

The lights are made with a combination of high purity aluminum and AISI 316 stainless steel suitable for bathing establishments. The easy axis allows the light to be in the correct position.

#2. Trans Globe Lighting 69902 RBZ 

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This travel-themed outdoor light is part of the Astro Coastal Collection. It is made of natural brass and comes with an opal glass diffuser. It sits inside the outer frame and reflects light when illuminated. It comes with a 10-year warranty on all products in the Coastal collection and should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and restore it to its original condition.

This traditional style six-sided wall lantern is made of black polypropylene with glass panels and is attached to the wall via a decorative wall bracket and an extensive support arm that supports the lamp. The lantern can be switched to dimming or dimming and requires a maximum 1 x 60 watt E27ES bulb not included. It’s also available in a comprehensive collection of exterior styles to meet your landscaping needs.

#3. Lakumu Upgrade Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern

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Ideal for most driving environments, this accessory is made from marine grade stainless steel making it durable and long-lasting in all weather conditions and can be mounted in coastal locations.

Outdoor wall lights have a built-in photoelectric sensor that detects the brightness of the lamp. When it gets dark, the wall lights will automatically turn on to provide enough light to the surroundings. It is reassuring, and you don’t have to turn the lights on and off manually.

Unlike other materials that use cheap plastics and metals, we use 100% premium aluminum material suitable for outdoor use in all climates. Whether it’s rain or snow, ultra-hot or cold, or after years of service, the foam on this wall won’t rust.

The light glass on the outdoor walls is made of semi-solid, clear glass. Its design is waterproof and moisture resistant and makes the thin wall look new and beautiful when hanging outside the door all year round. The outdoor wall lights are dust-free. You don’t have to worry about outdoor wall lights getting dirty.

The clean design of the open bottom makes it easy to replace the bulb without taking it apart, saving you a lot of time. Compatible with standard E26 bulbs up to 100 watts. We recommend using LED bulbs which can save 90% of your electricity bill.

This outdoor light is designed with an elegant and eye-catching look in a modern and classic aesthetic from dusk to dawn. Outdoor patio lights can be applied to various locations such as doors, driveways, porch, garages, driveways, backyards, night lights, and the addition of stunning decorations.

#4. Hykolity Large Outdoor Wall Light Fixture 

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This sconce is a decorative wall fixture that provides beautiful lighting for entryways, doors, foyers, hallways, balconies, patios, and porches. In addition, photovoltaic cell control ensures day and night to ensure efficient use of energy to save costs.

Our wall lights feature a sturdy and robust metal frame and granular glass shade, making them ideal for any outdoor environment. With a sturdy and sturdy metal frame and beaded glass balls, the wall-mounted sconces are perfect for outdoor decoration. Besides, it’s easy to install as there are only three steps:

  • Attach the crossbar to the junction box.
  • Connect the wires.
  • Attach these wall-mounting sconces to the crossbar.

If you need technical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Hykolity.

#5. Globe Electric Pacific Coastal Series Outdoor Wall Sconce

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This is an utterly minimalist wall light with a simple design and small size that can lessen UV, glare, corrosion, and weather resistance to your outdoor space. With this series of photos, you can confidently light up anywhere.

Moreover, weatherproof transparent polycarbonate lampshade highlights selected bulbs to create the perfect lighting for your home. You can create different lighting solutions on your phone with just one choice: turn on at dusk, change colors with the seasons, bright white in the morning, warm white in the evening, and more!

#6. DLLT 20W LED Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

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The outdoor safety light has a maximum detection angle of 150 ° and a full detection range of 32 feet. You can easily adjust the lamp head, lens hood, and motion sensor to the required angle. Create the perfect lighting angle for your home. The item is a Built-in high-quality LED chip, low power consumption, and high brightness. The beam angle of each lamp head is 15 degrees, and the two lamp heads can illuminate 290 degrees. An ample space lights up your home and makes you feel safer.

With a high waterproof rating of IP65 and better waterproof and waterproof than other similar products, the double-ended outdoor security light can withstand rain, snow, and snow. Thus, it’s ideal for entryways, stairways, patios, workshops, and ample area lighting needs.

It produces up to 1500lm with high brightness and good heat dissipation. You can save up to 85% on your electricity bill. In addition, the LED chip has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, minimizing frequent replacement. Help you save money. The brand offers a full one-year warranty and a 60-day refund for quality. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact the brand as the main goal is customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Of Coastal Lights

If your property is located on the coast about 10 miles from the sea, the light will face a more hostile environment than homes inland. Coastal homes face the problem of adding salt to the air.

Salt is not in the sea. It is lifted by the waves and carried inland by the wind. Salt is present in seawater and is corrosive to many substances, especially metals. When the salt remains in contact with the steel, for example, when the salt is damp, a chemical action occurs between the steel and the salt, causing corrosion. Steel objects submerged in seawater or exposed to salty water have a minimal lifespan.

On the other hand, even if you already have an outdoor lighting system, careful maintenance can save and prolong its life. If they are galvanized, make sure they are in good condition. If it is painted, paint it regularly to make sure the paint is not damaged. In both cases, it is necessary to ensure that all holes are sealed to prevent the ingress of wet salts. Brass connectors will last longer when coated with non-conductive grease.

Polycarbonate products are inherently low maintenance, but copper and galvanized steel used in corrosive coastal environments can benefit from frequent rinsing with fresh water. You can do general cleaning of galvanized surfaces with laundry soap or car wash soap. Then carefully wash it off. Avoid any corrosive or mechanical cleaning that may alter the rust finish of the product. Consequential damage means the coating needs repair, and digging into zinc reserves will reduce the useful life of the coupling. Make sure to clean outdoor lights once a month. If not, the damage will happen.


Above are 6 best outdoor lights for coastal areas that we want to share with you. Not only because of its high quality and aesthetic appeal, but also because of its wide application. So, if you are looking to buy quality and standard temples, please refer to the above product lines!