Top 7 Best Mood Lights For The Bedroom 2023 [Expert’s Choices]

Choosing the right mood lighting for the bedroom requires a basic understanding of the art of lighting combined with individual taste and style. Lighting plays the most important role in creating space for your bedroom. It can help you relax after a long tiring day or it can make you even more tired. In this article, we aim to bring you the best information about the best mood lights for the bedroom. Here are some simple but essential suggestions to get you started in the right direction.

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What is mood lighting?

First of all, we should have a clear understanding of mood lighting. This will probably be a new concept for some people. In general, mood lighting is softer than regular lighting and has a more realistic illuminance. They are used where you want to create a certain atmosphere in the room. Mood lighting provides a lighting environment that is perfectly integrated with people’s emotional experiences, using different lighting technologies. Based on human emotions and creating a mood-like lighting environment from a humanistic perspective.

Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor light contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. The amount and type of light directly affect concentration, appetite, mood, and many other aspects of daily life. Yellow tones corresponding to sunset and dawn are the most chosen lighting. When exposed to this light, the human body will usually feel more comfortable and also have the time to relax during the day. If you are mentally happy, the right red light can release your emotions, if you are depressed, the right green light can calm your mood.

Modern art and medical theories have long asserted that color, like light, can also affect human physiology and psychology. It affects not only the human optic nerve but also the heart, endocrine function, and central nervous system activity. Western psychologists have also shown that colors such as red, orange, yellow… have different effects on human physiology. 

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Types of mood lighting 

Types of mood lighting
Types of mood lighting

Mood lighting is diverse in many ways. They can be classified into the following four major groups:

  • Overtime: mood light in spring, mood light in summer, mood light in autumn, mood light in winter.
  • User age: mood light for kids, mood light for teenagers, mood light for youth, mood light for middle age, mood light for old age.
  • Performance or usage environment: romantic mood light, warm mood light, artistic mood light, smart mood light, anti-theft mood light, bar mood light air filter.
  • Under health: light emotional mood.

How do different colors affect mood?

Maybe we often don’t pay too much attention to the color in our room, but it is a fact that color every day directly affects our mood and thoughts. A stranger can judge your personality by the main colors in the rooms. There is a secret to having a home space with beautiful colors, which is to mix the colors you like, this combination will surprise you! Each color has a psychological value, there is a group of colors that bring peaceful feelings, there is also a color group that creates a feeling of bustle and excitement.

There are 3 basic color fields: active, passive, and neutral. You can easily combine every color in the room to suit your desires, preferences, and purpose of the room.

A few examples of colors you can use:

  • Red makes the room generate more energy. This is the most intense color, a good choice when you want to rock the space, especially at night.
  • Yellow carries the color of sunshine and transmits happy energy.
  • Blue is believed to help lower blood pressure, respiration, and slow heart rate.
  • Neutral colors (black, gray, white, and brown) are the basic colors in architectural decoration. These colors may not seem outstanding, but they can be applied very flexibly, when mixed with other tones, they can make tones darker, more vivid, or lighter, giving a cool look.

How to choose a mood light? 

Bright colors make the room seem larger and brighter. Deep colors bring a sense of sophistication and warmth, making large rooms feel cozier. Therefore, the color of the lights of each room in the house should be considered and chosen properly.

How to choose a mood light?
How to choose a mood light?

#1. Best mood lighting for Bedroom

This is a private room where you can relax and rest, so choose the lights carefully to create the perfect space, create comfort, the idea of ​​​​lighting in the bedroom. Using wall lamps helps create beautiful lighting spots and creates a warm and cozy space, allowing you to design the bedroom space. As a place to rest after a hard day’s work, most people want the most relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Avoiding blue light in the bedroom will keep your circadian rhythm from being confused with the natural light outside. This helps you to have a deep and comfortable sleep. Soft light, cozy colors to create comfort, pleasant sleep. You can choose light yellow, warm yellow light from reputable suppliers at cheap prices for lighting the room.

Are you a person who has a habit of reading at night? If you have a reading lamp at the bedside or plan to buy a lamp, warm white light or neutral light will be better for reading because the color creates high contrast to the page or causes glare that makes reading difficult.

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#2. Best mood lighting for Living room

The living room – the most frequently used area in the home space, is also the central area that best reflects the owner’s personality. Here, light is often used for decorative purposes rather than lighting functions. The lamps are ideal for lighting and decorating your room because they are recessed into the wall and allow light to spread in many directions or create accents for decorative objects in the living room. It is worth noting that the living room is often a public space, requiring a relatively soft and uniform lighting environment. Therefore, remember to install the light source of the lamp on top and use the top surface to illuminate the entire space. Unlike direct light, reflected light can always reach every corner of the space, so there is no obvious dark dead corner in the space. The ideal color for you to choose for your living room space is ivory white, milky white, or light yellow that will create a feeling of lightness, comfort and increase the intimacy of the room.

#3. Best mood lighting for Bathrooms

The bathroom space is generally not very large, so cooler colored lights can increase the feeling of large space so it is the best choice. Cool bright colors, blue are a few good options. This is probably the wettest place in your house. Be sure to install anti-fog caps on these lights to prevent moisture from entering and damaging the lights. Next is the proper consideration for installing lights in front of the mirror, above the toilet, and above the showerhead. This method of lighting can avoid the influence of water vapor on observation and visibility.

Top 7 Best Mood Lights For The Bedroom

Limiting the number of colors in a room to no more than three or four is worth noting. Too many colors can make a room look messy or cluttered. Here are a few products that can fit your selection criteria and your room as a whole.

#1. Keepsmile 50ft LED Strip Lights with Remote

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Keepsmile 50ft LED Strip Lights with Remove is an LED light that you can install and use in many different spaces of the house.

State-of-the-art technology is applied to all Keepsmile products. 50ft RGB LED strip lights can freely control thousands of colors through 44-key infrared remote control or smartphone APP. The sound is synchronized into the light strip to bring interesting music listening experiences and lively space. The Bluetooth strip light has a smart timer mode. You can manually preset the appropriate time and color to automatically turn on/off. Safe and effective voice control mode. The special thing about this luminaire is that you can customize the length of the LEDs. On the light strip body already marked, you can cut 3 LEDs along the cut mark. Or you can also use a specific connector to extend the light bar to other places. At the installation stage, you do not spend much time on it and it is also simple to do. The back of the light strip has a self-adhesive tape that can stick firmly to any surface, solving the problem of the light strip falling. The condition is that the surface must be flat, clean, and smooth. Before proceeding with the installation, you should check and read the user manual carefully.

#2. Deerdance Smart LED Strip Lights 

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Deerdance Smart LED Strip Lights 32.8 feet deliver desirable lighting experiences.

Smart lighting will be present in your home. You can connect to Alexa Echo / Google Home / Siri Shortcut easily through the app. Control the lights in the room with just your voice and sound. Just connect the LED strips to the Wi-Fi in your home and you can control them from anywhere. The fully-featured integrated light strip offers 16 million colors, 1-100% brightness, 2000k-9000k color temperature. A large size LED chip, SDCM < 5, LM80 approved LED emits pure light with high color. Highlighted PCB ensures low temperature and is touchable. The RGB strip LEDs can sync to any music beat and the light will change according to the rhythm being played. IR remote provides direct control. The LED light allows you to set a timer so that the light turns on/off automatically at the times you want. In particular, the memory function allows the smart light strip to restore its previous color when used again.

Like many LED strips on the market, this strip allows for easy cutting, splicing, and installation. Adhesive allows for quick mounting. You can cut the led strip to the required length without damaging or affecting the luminous ability. The strip will be reconnected using connectors. With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing LEDs, Deerdance promises to bring you products of the highest quality.

#3. GUPUP 100 Ft Long LED Strip Lights

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GUPUP 100 Ft Long LED Strip Lights to make your life more colorful and interesting.

As the name suggests, this is the longest strip of lights. Two 50-foot light strips are long enough to cover your entire room. The brightness can be customized as desired in different situations. You can control the LED lights in your room via the Apollo App and the 24-key remote. Diverse modes, freely choose according to your preferences. Made-to-measure strip lights to decorate your home with 64 scene modes. The light automatically remembers the last mode setting when you use it again via memory mode. time option, you can set the Bluetooth LED on/off at a certain time, which is both convenient and effective. It saves your time from confusing memos, brings a sense of intelligence to your life. Simply control your lights accordingly. Another smart point is the built-in sensitive microphone. You can synchronize the lighting that changes color to the music and the beat of the voice. The whole unit is super easy to set up and use.

#4. BAILONGJU Star Projector Night Light

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BAIONGJU Star Projector Night Light has a design like the shape of a light bulb with mysterious black color.

You can arbitrarily plug the LED into any USB interface without setting it. It can be adjusted from many angles with light levels covering the entire space by bending the design freely. Small size and light weight make it easy to carry when camping or traveling. You can use the light anywhere with a USB interface, easy-to-use universal for cars, decorative light, interior decoration light, DJ light. Built-in Starry effect creates a romantic atmosphere for the home or is used to decorate birthdays or certain holiday parties. Many people will like the design and features of the lamp. This starlight can be a special gift for friends or kids.

#5. BIGLIGHT Baterry Operated LED Ceiling Light

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BIGLIGHT Baterry Operated LED Ceiling Light has the shape of a large saucer, which can be installed indoors or outdoors.

If you are looking for a light that can be installed anywhere such as bedroom, bathroom, hallway, closet, shower, stairs… then this is a great choice. The light has 16 colors and 4 lighting modes for you to choose from. You can change the perfect color for the mood lighting. The remote control can operate the lights within 20 feet ensuring convenience for a smart home. Besides, they can also remember the last brightness and color state when turned on again. Brightness can be dimmed to 4 levels by pressing the dimmer buttons on the remote control. Each recessed light has 4 LEDs, 180 lumens, 3000K powered by 3 very long-life C-Cell batteries. Simple, neat design along with elegant white color enhances the interior of the whole room. Easy to install with screws when you want to do it yourself or to be on the safe side call a professional.

#6. QZYL 75ft LED Lights

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QZYL 75ft LED Lights are designed to create a more lively atmosphere in your home, office, or living space.

The QZYL bright LED strip light has 16 million different color combinations, 8 lighting modes, and adjustable brightness levels to create an amazing lighting experience. Using the 44-key remote control, the LED strip allows you to change the color and pattern of lighting. You can also adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%. Depending on the mood, the light can be adjusted as desired. They bring relaxation, full of energy to you and your surroundings. The super long 75 feet RGB LED strip has 405 LED buttons that can be used to light up rooms or personal spaces in your home. The LED light has an adhesive backing and a flexible strip design that makes it easy to stick to almost any clean, dry and flat surface. You can also cut according to your design without worrying about safety or damage.

#7. SOAIY Aurora Borealis Light Projector with Remote

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SOAIY Aurora Borealis Light Projector with Remote is available for a low cost and still ensures to give you new sensations.

Use interesting 2 dimensions. It will be a small night light when you cover the dome or a galactic aurora projector when the cover is removed. Projects realistic aurora light onto a ceiling or wall, creating an enjoyable and relaxing spatial experience. It can rotate beautiful patterns and colors on the ceiling and walls. This is a truly amazing experience to watch, lighting up your darkroom into an underwater wonderland or a colorful paradise. Also perfect for someone who wants a relaxing and calming effect to sleep better. You can adjust the brightness to the lowest level that is dim enough for parents to sleep but still bright enough for babies not to be scared in the dark. 8 Lighting modes with different colors depending on your mood. The lamp has a 45-degree tilt that can project the light straight up or in another direction, which is convenient for you to project in a larger area and get a wide panoramic effect. Auto-off after 1 hour, you can go to sleep with it and it will turn itself off. You can use the remote control to turn on/off the machine, rotate/non-rotate easily. Especially here is the built-in speaker. You can adjust the volume, plug in your iPod, iPhone, MP3, or another device. Better than playing romantic, relaxing music to help relieve the mood. You can take it traveling or camping anywhere with a full charger or spare battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read magazines, books, blogs, and design and architecture websites for ideas. In addition, let the furniture in the room guide the color of the wall paint. Next, we want to give you some answers to the questions most people ask. Refer to it with a new receptive mind.

What are mood lights for?

“Behavior tests and structural brain changes show that the color of light plays an important role in shaping mood,” said Randy Nelson, a professor of neurology and psychology at Ohio State University. It does not play an important role in determining the human vision, but the human eye perceives light and sends signals to the brain. From there, it helps to regulate the body’s circadian clock. mood and emotions or by adding accent lights. In your bedroom, you can create a more relaxing experience by combining different light sources to use at different times of the day.

What color light is best for mood?

The mood lights create effectively described effects or enjoyable experiences differently in a different way.

Yellow, a warmer light color (2500K-2700K) provides warmth and relaxation. For hundreds of thousands of years, in some parts of the world, fire has remained a nighttime necessity. That’s why yellow light can trigger feelings of warmth and relaxation compared to cool blue light.

A 2017 study reported in the scientific journal PLOS ONE (3) found that blue light induces post-stress relaxation three times faster than regular white light.

Purple light can help you fall asleep. It also reduces emotional and mental stress. The nervous system and eyes are associated with this secondary color.

Each individual will have her own choice. However, I suggest the right mood light which is the yellow light.

What color light is best for depression?

Light therapy or phototherapy is a treatment aimed at treating seasonal depression (SAD) and certain other health conditions by exposure to artificial light. Research indicates that blue light outperforms other light in the spectrum for treating depression. Light can be used at a specific wavelength and frequency with less intensity than full spectrum light to achieve the same kind of effect. The blue light used in light therapy for depression is filtered to block ultraviolet (UV) light.

Are LED lights good for depression?

Depression is seasonal, usually in the early winter days, when the days are shorter and the nights get darker. However, in winter, you can use LED lights to treat depression. LED bulbs have a more natural light quality than traditional lamps. There are even more lighting options like warm white, cool white, and neutral light. LED light is not guaranteed to cure all symptoms of seasonal depression, but it is a very positive factor in the treatment of depression.

What color LED light is best for sleeping?

Lamps with yellow light color will be best for your sleep. Yellow light is most suitable for the bedroom space. The color of the night light is yellow, the main space of the bedroom, and the color of the wall is a warm, deep color. You should install a light with a deep color to create a warm space, helping you sleep more deeply. That’s why incandescent lights with a yellow glow have been around for so long until the advent of LEDs. However, only when LEDs produce yellow light products will incandescent lamps be completely replaced.


While it is not possible to control the lighting of all the environments and spaces in which we will live, being aware of the effects light has on our bodies can make us think more about some of our choices. choose. But the lighting in the bedroom, you can choose. Hope what we wrote about the best mood lights for the bedroom above will be of great help to you.