Best lighting for vaulted ceilings: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2023

Vaulted-ceiling lights are commonly used to illuminate houses with curved dome roof designs. And you can easily see them in some designs such as ancient villas, classic houses… The combination of decorative wall lights with decorative pendant lights dropping from the ceiling is a popular choice that creates a warm, lively and luxurious space. Installation and planning also become simpler if you take some time to research them. To better understand this unique decorative light, please follow our article about Best lighting for vaulted ceilings for useful information.

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Best types of lighting for vaulted ceilings 

Vaulted ceilings are decorative lights used to illuminate spaces with vaulted-shaped roofs, bringing interesting accents to the overall architecture of your house. The material that makes up this lamp is mostly pure copper, copper cement, natural stone lampshade, or a mixture of cement powder clay, and glass. Normally, the weight of the lamp is quite heavy, so it can avoid rain and wind damage to the tail and bulb. Currently, vaulted ceilings are divided into 6 types – diverse in design and quality.

Best types of lighting for vaulted ceilings
Best types of lighting for vaulted ceilings

#1. Recessed lighting

Recessed lights are lights with the back part of the light installed in the ceiling instead of floating on the ceiling like traditional lights. This is considered the most prominent advantage in the design when producing recessed lights. Using ceiling lights, you will get the most “open” dark space with high light quality, environmentally friendly, and safe for users.

In addition, recessed lights are also equipped with many outstanding features such as the ability to save 80% of electricity compared to traditional lights, a life span of tens of thousands of hours, less heat, and can be operated for a long time. In many different environments, with high luminous efficiency, light sources spread evenly in space… Recessed lights are designed to be ultra-thin, highly aesthetic, suitable for both lighting needs and decorative needs. time. Installing them requires a hole in the ceiling so we recommend calling a professional to minimize the risk.

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#2. Pendants & Chandeliers

Chandeliers or pendant lights are rather special decorative lights. Because its normal size is usually large, the structure is also more complicated and the price is also much more expensive than other common lamp models.

Therefore, when choosing a lamp to decorate your home’s interior space, you should not only pay attention to how to choose the lamp model but also ensure that the lamp is installed correctly and appropriately. The stylization of chandeliers can be inspired by natural phenomena or simply suit the design of that space. So modern chandeliers have countless new and unique designs for you to choose from. The choice of the can also make you worry a lot.

#3. Skylights

A skylight is an open space from the roof to the lowest floor. This space is designed vertically with an area not too large. Usually, this skylight area will be above the stairs or in the kitchen area. Bring natural light into the house while ensuring the aesthetics of the space. Skylight lights are hanging lights that bring new colors to the skylight space. The top is fixed with a rope or a sling that can be adjusted in length. Users can easily adjust the size to suit their homes. Skylights also create accents for the space of the house. Just dispelling the feeling of the occult, cramped, and creating a sense of comfort for the user. The skylight area is where family members come and go. Therefore, to ensure safety, we should not use too heavy lamps in this area. It is recommended to use skylights with simple and gentle designs.

#4. Track lights

The track light is also known as a searchlight. This track light is mainly used for decorative purposes. The light is focused into a beam, so the lighting area is not wide. You need to install a chain or a system to get the best lighting experience. Lights are often used to increase the prominence of products and displays.

In terms of design, the lamp has a round tubular design with simple colors usually black or white. Therefore, it is suitable for use in many different spaces, both classy and modern. The lamp has 2 flexible swivel joints, the light angle is wide, so the lighting angle can be adjusted easily. Lighting efficiency is significantly increased. Compact size fits any space.


#5. Wall Lights & Sconces

Wall lights or sconces are a line of lighting and interior decoration products that are embossed on the wall of the house. The lamp is usually a type of LED lighting using modern LED technology, has the most powerful lighting ability, the light is emitted continuously, not harmful to the eyes.

The wall lights are designed very delicately and uniquely, highlighting the luxurious and classy beauty of the decorative space. Wall lights with white light, yellow light create accents for the installation location. With a variety of designs, wall lights are used for many different space styles. The beauty of simple, natural designs brings warmth and comfort or meticulous, skillful, attention to every line.

#6. Directional spotlights

Directional spotlights can shine from above and focus on a certain area with a customized power to provide a light source that highlights the beauty of the main subject. Lights are installed with the main purpose of creating decorative accents or highlighting spaces that are artistic and highly aesthetic.

You can picture it like a giant flashlight that has great power and shines only where you want it. Not only is it fixed to the ceiling – but Directional spotlights can also rely on the support of pillars and reflectors to adjust the projection angle flexibly. The ability to adjust the projection angle makes it easy to adjust the lighting space to suit the function and the moment. Directional spotlights with a narrow beam angle are the top priority that best suits the display function. Should be used a lot in the display centers of museums, shops… to enhance the unique beauty of each design.

Top 5 Best Lighting For Vaulted Ceilings

The vaulted ceiling has a rounded shape, so it is difficult for the owner to choose a traditional decorative light to cover (or mount). If you do not choose carefully, you will lose the aesthetic value as well as the exterior of the house. Here are a few suggestions for the best lighting for vaulted ceilings. Take a look and choose between them.

#1. Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3-Light Pendant

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Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3-Light Pendant from Globe Electric has a simple but elegant design with copper color.

Design the main bar that splits into three 9.85″ metal hangers that can be manipulated to customize the fixture to your desired lighting and styling needs. The structure is suitable for luxurious places and The joints between the slats are checked for accuracy and guaranteed not to drop while hanging. The outer cover of the lamp is made of transparent glass for the most realistic light quality. You can fully dimmer with a compatible dimmer to create the perfect level of brightness. Dimmer switches are sold separately in stores or can be purchased directly. The lamp is decorated in a vintage-inspired lighting style, but the perfect three-light pendant lends it a century-changing industrial look. The included parts are easy to install and move to your liking.

#2. TORCHSTAR Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting 6 Inch

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TORCHSTAR Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting 6 Inch is shaped like a large white plate with a rotatable center.

Ultra-thin design with 355° horizontal and 30° vertical rotation, this LED recessed light provides you with even and balanced light. You can optionally change the lighting angle according to the scope of use. Dimming range from 10% to 100% will meet your different lighting needs. Because sometimes you just need a little light to watch a movie or meditate. Thanks to its matte PC finish, this recessed downlight distributes soft light without glare. This light has no flicker and won’t hurt your eyes if you expose it for too long. CRI90 presents the most realistic and vivid subject colors. The life of the super lamp is up to 40,000 hours, so you can use it with peace of mind. This reduces frequent replacement costs. The 800lm power of the lamp is an energy-saving light. The airtight design makes cleaning easier as well. Extremely good heat dissipation thanks to the large space design. The body of the lamp is made from a material that is both strong and durable. Installation is made easier with the included spacer mounted on the body. This lamp is very suitable for the bedroom, kitchen, office, hallway…

#3. Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is the simplest model on this list.

Youtob LED wall-mounted ceiling light is one of the perfect choices for those who are looking for recessed lighting at an affordable price. The lamp is made of simple but modern aluminum and PC plastic. Youtob super bright LED ceiling light provides 1200 lumen high light and 4000k color temperature. Lighting levels are extremely bright but there is no desired brightness adjustment mode. This is much brighter than most other ceiling lights of this size. If you only need one brightness to illuminate the entire room, this is not a bad choice. The smooth and large bulb makes the light even, wide, and modern. Lighting performance lasts more than 30,000 hours. This level is equivalent to the brightness of a traditional 100 Watt fluorescent light bulb. But here the lamp only uses 15W LEDs, so it saves you 85% of electricity. You won’t have to worry about saving electricity anymore. Installing Hardwired LED Downlights Youtob provides detailed installation instructions and easier installation.

#4. Hardware House H10-4029 Dover Chandelier

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Hardware House H10-4029 Dover Chandelier will make you exclaim when you come across this luxurious design.

The Art Deco-inspired 4-lamp Dover chandelier combines a sophisticated traditional aesthetic with a modern flair. It adds glamor to the space and can work in modern or classic interiors. The metal components of the lamp are finished in brushed nickel. Graceful upturned gypsum lampshade and glossy satin nickel finish. The lamp consists of 4 average 60 watt A19 bulbs divided into 4 equal directions, so the light is evenly distributed in all directions. Detailed installation instructions and easy installation hardware guide. Ideal for hanging in the dining room, bedroom, aisle, bar, and more. This is the perfect match between form and function. You should try using them for your vaulted ceilings for the best experience.

#5. DLLT 4-Light Led Track Lighting Kit

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DLLT 4-Light Led Track Lighting Kit installs in compartment time, good lighting, and easy to adjust.

The lamp design consists of four 3W gu10 led bulbs, a total light output of 960 lumens, equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent lamp. This gives the best light for large spaces. This luminaire is perfect for accenting a wall art or simply adding ambient light to a living space. A broader use for this light is in product displays or museums. 85 CRI, which produces a more accurate color rendering of the objects around it. Two pivots allow you to direct the light where you need it most. They can be fully rotated 360︒ flexibly however you want. The luminaire includes all mounting hardware and a canopy mounting plate for quick and easy installation.

How to Hang Lighting on Vaulted Ceilings?

As with any work involving electricity, there are potential hazards that are unpredictable. Make sure you know the electrical system in your home and install it in the best way. If you are not confident to install the lights on the vaulted ceiling, it is advisable to call a professional because they know exactly what to do. We recommend that you consider the following rules and tips:

  • Before you start the installation of the lighting, disconnect the power in the network (just break the circuit in the shield). Make sure there is no electricity in the room by turning the lights on/off.
  • Mark the location you want to install by measuring carefully.
  • Use a screwdriver/electrical tester to check the voltage on the wires coming from the ceiling. If there is no indicator light then you can start working.
  • Make wire connections using terminal blocks. Twisted terminals should be safely insulated, ensuring no open winding.
  • Don’t buy low-quality products from unknown brands or with no policies attached.
  • Regular care and maintenance of the joints or lights on the dome ceiling.

If you follow these safety measures, it will be possible to install the lights on the vaulted ceiling quickly and without any problems. Depending on the type of light, the installation method is different. You should choose the type you want to use and then carefully study the instructions for use of the product.

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How Can You Make Your Vaulted Ceilings Look Better?

How Can You Make Your Vaulted Ceilings Look Better?
How Can You Make Your Vaulted Ceilings Look Better?

A house that is considered beautiful and highly aesthetic needs to have harmony and balance in the overall architecture. Not only need beautiful furniture, luxurious and comfortable rooms but also need to know how to decorate the ceiling beautifully. So, how to design the most impressive vaulted ceiling? Check out the ways below:

  • Paint/Wallpaper

This is a very simple way to decorate the vaulted ceiling, but it attracts everyone’s eyes. You can choose the paint/wallpaper color with the same color as the wall paint to create harmony for the space. You can combine different colors to create the most unique design. The ceiling is covered with a layer of paint to help your room stand out, impress and attract more people. And they also help protect the inner layer from moisture, temperature impact.

  • Fix the lights

The vaulted ceiling is always the type of homeowner who wants to show off its modernity and elegance. Wow!!! is someone’s first expression after entering a room decorated with magical lighting fixtures. Lighting will be key to illuminating your vaulted ceiling area. You can refer to the types of lights that we introduce above. They will be one of your future options.

  • Add vintage windows and chic curtains

Windows will bring a lot of light to the room during the day, but at night they need to be covered. It might be a mistake to have a window without a curtain.

  • Paintings and decorations

Your wall will be less monochromatic if more paintings are hanging on it. You should try to find bookshelves, tables, and chairs, shelves… Any color from any decoration will bring a different atmosphere to the room with a vaulted ceiling.

  • Translucent printed ceiling

Thanks to the application of modern printing technology, you can easily create impressive printed ceiling designs such as blue sky, sunset on the sea, or even majestic forests right in your daily living space. No need to go far, you have created your piece of heaven right in your home.

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Things to consider when lighting vaulted ceilings with beams

Whatever happens, we always give you useful advice.

  • Form and function

With a house that you have to spend a lot of effort to design, of course, you will want it to be highly aesthetic. But the important function of lights is to illuminate your home so that you can work, play and live in the space. You need to balance these two factors to create the most harmony.

  • Highlights

Consider and determine what elements of your home do you want to draw attention to? It is a part of a room or an architectural feature or a commemorative object. You need to place certain lighting to draw attention to that area.

  • Areas that need the lightest

Which areas do you use the most? Identify it as it will need more light than the rest of the room.

  • Area to be Illuminated

The sheer size of the room can be a challenge for lighting at different times of day and night. How much sunlight your room will receive at different times of the day so you can adjust accordingly. Especially at night when there is no additional light source to enter the room.

  • Dual lighting system

You don’t have to choose only one type of light. You should choose more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting fixtures with high energy efficiency, long service life, and environmental friendliness are an effective choice for the modern home. Lighting fixtures for vaulted ceilings are easy to install in any room, offering a wide range of choices. Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about these products.

Do vaulted ceilings add value?

Vaulted ceilings can add value to your home. A vaulted ceiling adds distinctive architectural beauty, besides making the room look more spacious. The vaulted ceiling brings a classic and airy beauty to the house. In rooms with vaulted ceilings, there are large windows, so the amount of natural light is very high. It will make you feel immersed in the warm air outside. However, in some places with warm climates, you will use a lot of electricity to operate the air conditioner. Some people prefer standard ceilings, which means a vaulted ceiling can make your home lose value in the eyes of certain buyers.

What are the different types of vaulted ceilings?

Each type of vaulted ceiling creates its jaw-dropping effect. According to our research, we found that there are many different types of vaulted ceilings. Examples of 4 typical types

– Modern vaulted ceilings

Modern vaults are created using a paraboloid hyperbola. It is a surface with a double curve, with both convex and concave forms present on different axes.

– Fan dome ceiling

The fan arch uses a single curve as the center for all the ribs, supported by a four-centered arch. Create curves like a peacock’s tail.

– Ceiling of a barrel vault

A barrel cellar is designed to be simple yet highly effective when applied with a thorough knowledge of space utilization.

– Grooved vaulted ceiling

Made up of two intersecting barrel arches. It is also called a crosshatch. The construction is also much more difficult but produces good effects.

How do you light a room with vaulted ceilings?

Often the vaulted ceilings are very high, which is great during the day when the sun comes into the room from the many double-height windows. On the other hand, at night, these windows turn black of reflective glass which can make the room darker and colder. So we need tips on how to light up a room with vaulted ceilings.

– Pendant lights can be very useful to fill extra space and revive the style of the room.

– For a more complex architecture, you can also try linear lighting. They give the ceiling an elegant and artistic look.

Recessed lighting is a great light that can be taken as the main source of light, especially when combined with pendant lights that create a beautiful layer in the vault room.

Can you hang pendant lights from a vaulted ceiling?

Modern pendant lights with beautiful ceiling lights are decorative lights that are relatively popular with many people. Choosing drop ceiling light bulbs to decorate the interior to help the space become more beautiful and splendid. Above we have clearly explained and given suggestions about the pendant lights.


There are many options for lighting in spaces with vaulted ceilings. But consider them so that the decorative lights match the paint color and interior of your house. With our sharing on “Best lighting for vaulted ceilings” above, we hope that readers will have more options in lighting the space of the vaulted ceiling.