Choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling

How to use lights for the best light is also a matter of concern for many families. Low or high ceilings, large or narrow spaces all need a suitable choice. This article will share with you the experiences of choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling.

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LWYTJO 8 Lights Sputnik Chandelier4.7
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LEGELUX Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light4.7See Latest Price

How to buy quality lights and suitable for low sloping ceilings

  • To choose beautiful lamp models for your home, you should immediately save the following experiences!
  • Determine the space of the room to choose the appropriate lamp size. You should not choose a lamp that is too bulky to create a feeling of narrowness for the house. And also should not choose a lamp that is too small to hang in a large room. So there will be no highlights, entering will feel empty.
  • Choose the right type of lamp, preferably ceiling and wall-mounted lights. Currently, there are many ceiling lights on the market that are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and designs. For example, some popular lamps include chandeliers, recessed LED lights, ceiling fans, wall lights, and pendant lights. Choosing ceiling and wall lamps will create the spacious, airy, best lighting for low sloped ceiling.
  • Choose lights with bright tones. Because the house has low ceilings, you need to choose bright lights to increase space. Choosing dark-colored lights will make your home look very cramped, not convenient for family activities.
  • Choose lights with simple details. You should refer to the use of modern lamp designs to avoid sophisticated and sophisticated details that are not suitable for low-sloping ceilings.

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Some luminaires used for low sloping ceilings

Here are some lights to help bring out the best lighting for low sloped ceiling in your home

#1. Feit Electric Scoop Head Downlight

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This is a product from Feit electric company – California brand (USA) with 40 years of experience bringing the best quality lighting product lines to users.

  • Size: 5-6 inches
  • Power: 75 Watt
  • Light color: use white light


  • Energy-saving – uses only a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent lamps
  • Long service life: providing 30000 hours of light, saving money compared to conventional lamps that have to be changed frequently
  • LED Enhance Technology – LED products with the highest energy efficiency and light quality.
  • Dimmable up to 10% for sharp, high-contrast light with a CRI of 90+
  • The lamp head is designed to be rotated 360 degrees, tilted 80 degrees
  • Well suited for low sloping ceilings or commercial spaces

#2. HMVPL Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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This is a product from the company HMVPL

  • Dimensions: Canopy tube diameter: 5.7 inches, overall dimensions: 12.8 * 8.5 inches
  • Maximum compatible power: 60 Watts
  • Light color: white light inside


  • Suitable for aisles, bedrooms, craft rooms, wardrobes, dining rooms, … bring a pleasant vintage feeling
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy to find E26 bulbs to fit inside
  • Safe bulb socket for users
  • You can adjust the brightness to suit your home
  • Easy to decorate

#3. Modo Lighting 2pcs Sloped Ceiling Adapter

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This design is produced by the company Modo Lighting. This is an accessory for ceiling light fixtures

  • Product highlights: Gold, silver, black
  • Size: D15.5*H60MM (0.6*2.4 inches)


  • Chandeliers can be customized to hang from slanted ceilings
  • Rotating Angles: 90°, 180°, 355°

#4. CloudyBay Gimbal LED Recessed Light

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This is a product of the light Cloudybay Lighting brand

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.9 inches
  • Power: 9.5 watts


  • Easy installation, no junction boxes or boxes required.
  • High durability, use 25000 hours
  • Can change the light color for each bedroom, kitchen, bathroom
  • Energy saving


  • Can’t change the lighting angle at will
  • Can’t change the light bulb inside

#5. LWYTJO 8 Lights Sputnik Chandelier

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This product comes from the brand LWYTJO

  • Dimensions: 30.1 x 30.1 x 12.6 inches
  • Power: 60 watts


  • Beautifully designed with simple product lines but exudes a modern and stylish look
  • High durability with excellent electroplating process, quality
  • Wide applicability, suitable for any space in the house

#6. LEGELUX Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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This is the design of the company LEGELUX

  • Product size: ‎12.56 x 12.52 x 8.62 inches
  • Power: 60 watts


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for any space and decor.

Ideas for installing lights and overcoming the disadvantage of low sloping ceilings

  • Use bright colors for both the room and the ceiling lights and furniture. This combination feels like hacking space
  • Limit unnecessary furniture to create an open space
  • If using a chandelier, you will install it in the middle of the room, if using a recessed LED, you can arrange to install the inner ring or in a rectangular, square shape depending on the ceiling structure.
  • Installing LED recessed light is a measure that should be considered to overcome the limitation of low sloping ceilings. Because it does not occupy the area of ​​​​the room, increasing the modern, luxurious style for the house.

How to install lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling

With this way of hanging, you can fit multiple structural lights into a square on the ceiling. Your home space will become more spacious and comfortable.

Experience choosing ceiling lights

For the living room

Experience choosing ceiling lights for the living room
Experience choosing ceiling lights for the living room

Choose lamps with light colors that can highlight the wall paint color as well as other accent positions such as wall paintings, furniture in the room, etc. The color combination in space will affect the overall look. room body.

Choosing a ceiling light with a reasonable capacity for a large or narrow space is very important. This will help homeowners save costs, electricity bills and get the best lighting for low sloped ceiling space.

Recessed lights can be combined with other lights in the room: In addition to providing enough light, recessed lighting designs also contribute to the aesthetics of the living room – the room that is the highlight of the whole house. House. If space is still somewhat spacious, you can use chandeliers and pendant lights for low ceilings to beautify the room.

Choose the right lamp design: recessed lights are more widely used thanks to their gentle design, good lighting effect, suitable for all spaces, and wide applications. If round LED lights are suitable for living room space, square LED lights will be more suitable for corridors and aisles.

Installation arrangement: The principle when arranging the position of recessed lights is that the distance between the lights is equal to the distance between the lights and the wall. This principle helps to increase the lighting efficiency of the lamp, suitable for all types of ceilings.

For the bedroom

The selection and installation of ceiling lights for the bedroom will not be as strict as in the living room. Due to the narrower space, the lamp power in the bedroom does not need to be too large, somewhat softer for sleep. The most suitable power is from 4-6W.

Installation arrangement: the lamp is installed in a reasonable position to avoid glare at the head of the bed. Low heat generation. To avoid feeling stuffy, you should use recessed lights that generate less heat. The right amount of heat will create a warm space for the room

Install a light that directs the light upwards

Currently, there are many models of lights that direct light to the ceiling, suitable for low sloping ceilings. Entering the room, you will feel the surrounding space as being more open.

With this installation, the light will not be glare down below. The lights will be installed about 40 -50cm from the ceiling to be able to disperse the light for the house space.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best lighting for sloping ceilings?

Low sloping ceilings are a limitation for rental houses and apartments best lighting for low sloped ceiling is just enough light, not too bright, nor dark. Light creates a comfortable space, not stuffy, secretive for the room.

How to light a room with a sloping ceiling?

To illuminate a room with a sloping ceiling, you should use lamps suitable for the area and space of the house. The above lamp models are very suitable, you can refer to them to make your home more comfortable and airy.

Should low sloping ceilings use drop lights?

The answer is that you can still use some styles of pendant lights if you are a fan of this model. Modern pendant lights combined with furniture still ensure the comfort of the room.

Currently, on the market appear many models of lights designed for low ceiling types wall-mounted. Customers can still freely choose for themselves modern and luxurious designs.


Hope the above information will help you if you are still wondering about installing lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling. Good luck!