Top 9 Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling: Top Choices in 2023

The kitchen is considered the place where the whole house is heated. In addition to the role of a place to store and process food, the kitchen is also a place to meet family and friends during meals and parties. Therefore, the lighting design for the kitchen must also be suitable for all those functions.

In case the kitchen cannot receive natural light from the outdoors, we must use lights to create brightness for the kitchen space. One of the indispensable tools in kitchen lighting is LED lighting. In this article, let’s dig deeper into the Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling.

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Cloudy Bay LED 7.5 inch 12W 840lm4.9See Latest Price
Hykolity 13 Inch Brushed Nickel Saturn Dimmable Lighting4.9See Latest Price
Cloudy Bay LED 10 inch 17W 1050lm4.8See Latest Price
Youtob 1100lm Brushed Silver Round Lighting Fixture4.8See Latest Price
FaithSail 4FT LED Wraparound4.7See Latest Price
Youtob Adjustable 3 Colors 1500lm4.6See Latest Price
VICNIE ETL Listed Arcylic Shade4.6See Latest Price
DLLT 48W 18.9inch with Remote4.5See Latest Price
DLLT 24W 13 inch with Remote4.5See Latest Price

What to look for when buying LED lights for the kitchen ceiling?

The kitchen has always had a special place in every home in any country. This is where the whole family gathers to reunite after a long day of work. And it is worthy that the space needs a perfect and delicate lighting design, synchronized with the interior design as well as the style in the overall home space. Recessed LED lights are a trusted choice by many designers for ceiling placement. What should I pay attention to when buying LED ceiling lights for the kitchen? Follow the criteria below:

What to look for when buying LED lights for the kitchen ceiling?
What to look for when buying LED lights for the kitchen ceiling?

#1. Bulb Type

First and foremost, you’ll want to narrow down your search for LED lights for your kitchen ceiling by determining the type of bulb and the mechanical shape of the bulb you’ll need. You will have to wonder a lot because there are many different types of light bulbs today.

To help have a complete lighting system to serve all functions in the kitchen, people also combine recessed lights such as spotlights, canopies or square LED recessed lights with moderate capacity. The combination of recessed LED lights and decorative LED lights is extremely advisable for every space, not just the kitchen.

Each type of lamp has a complementary lighting function to create the perfect lighting system, we can flexibly coordinate to best suit your kitchen. Please choose bulbs from reputable brands to be assured of the best quality.

#2. Brightness

In addition to considering the right type of bulb, you should also consider direct brightness. Lumens are used to measure brightness, where a high lumen rating results in better light output. Usually, there are 3 common brightness ratings like 3000 lumens, 5000 lumens, and 8000 lumens. The brightness of 8000 lumens or higher is the brightest when buying LED kitchen ceiling lights. Not sure how many lumens you need? You can estimate using a simple formula:

Lumens = [watts in halogens] x 15

CRI color rendering index>=80 always ensures high light realism. The higher the CRI, the more accurate the color of the object will be. It is very important for food, color changes can greatly affect the space in your home.

#3. Color Temperature

Next, you should consider color temperature. Although the color temperature of the lamp may not affect the performance. Color temperature is a number that describes the color of “yellow” or “blue” light – warmer or cooler.

Typically, color temperature ratings given in Kelvin can include a temperature of 2500-3000K for warmer lights and a temperature of 5000K-6000K for cooler lights. Lighting your home is ultimately a personal choice, but we recommend starting with a 3000K LED spotlight to test. You can consider increasing the desired levels. A small suggestion is that a color temperature of 4000K will make food colors look better. Anything placed under 4000K light will provide more realistic tones and look more natural. This light is bright enough to illuminate all activities in the kitchen, you can rest assured of meal preparation for hours and maximum efficiency.

#4. Size

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the bulb size. Round bulbs are usually about 15 inches in diameter, while rectangular ones range in length from 50 inches to 80 inches. A larger 80-inch size or length is a better choice for the best possible light.

Large pendant lights in a small kitchen will overwhelm the space and reduce the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. As a general rule, large lights can be hung higher and smaller ones hung lower. Smaller recessed lights may work well for standard height ceilings but will look dim on high ceilings. Those are a few examples of different lamp sizes. You should measure the kitchen space carefully and try placing them in the blueprint to get an approximate measurement. From there, you will have the basis to choose the type of lamp with the right size.

Bulb Size
Bulb Size

#5. Operation

The last thing you should keep in mind when choosing to buy LED lights for kitchen ceilings is operation. An easy way to know the performance of your kitchen ceiling LED light is to check its wattage and lifespan rating.

Powers range from 20 to 30 watts for low to medium options and 60 to 80 watts for higher-end options. The cooking area needs to be enhanced with task lighting, adding a few small 3-watt white ceiling lights under the kitchen cabinets that are both bright enough and aesthetically pleasing.

A quality LED usually has an extended lifespan of 20,000 to 50,000 hours. If you operate the lights 6 hours a day, 365 days a year, their lifespan is 20 years.

The light spreads throughout the room to help all activities taking place in the kitchen go smoothly and easily. It can be confusing to consider all sorts of things when choosing LED lights for the kitchen ceiling. But think about the long-term benefits and costs if there is a mistake.

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Top 9 Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling

With the above LED kitchen ceiling light classification, we have selected the Top 9 Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling. It will help you choose the best product.

#1. Cloudy Bay LED 7.5 inch 12W 840lm

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Cloudy Bay LED 7.5 inch 12W 840lm is the ideal light to install in wet places such as bathrooms, balconies…

LED recessed lights are designed as round discs with simple colors, easy to install in any space. The white finish is treated with anti-rust treatment to suit different home styles. The emitted light has a uniform brightness in the form of ambient light. The LED has a CRI rating of 90+ brightness. This allows the light to project the displayed object closer to the true and original color of the object. It is used for ceiling lights because it produces more accurate and vivid light than other types of lamps.

There is a downside of this LED light that cannot be replaced by a seamless design. Built-in dimmer from 10%-100% allows you to adjust the light intensity most conveniently. Now you won’t have to worry about making noise or anything annoying to people around when you use the hallway at night.

The low profile of 7.5″ width and 1.2″ height is suitable for medium lighting spaces. Built-in LED chip ensures durability and brightness for 50,000 hours. No cumbersome drivers are required.

Installation is simple and you can do it yourself using the included universal bracket for mounting in the junction box.

#2. Hykolity 13 Inch Brushed Nickel Saturn Dimmable Lighting

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Hykority 13 Inch Brushed Nickel Saturn Dimmable Lighting is a modern lighting fixture for your ceiling and one of the best LED lights for kitchen ceilings.

The design of this immobilizer is quite simple, but that is one of its greatest advantages. This modern luminaire fits easily across ceilings, and closet doors. The outside paint of the lamp is fully invested and you will not see any black spots appear in the light. The protective brushed nickel finish will look better for years to come, and the white lens helps diffuse LED light evenly. An incredible lighting design in these devices gives you edge-to-edge light – not an inch of space is wasted.

You can preset your preferred light color temperature – CCT: soft white, bright white, or daylight (3000K / 4000K / 5000K). The selection adopts dimmer with dimmer.

You won’t have to worry too much about your electric bill. This lamp can save energy up to 80% over its product life by replacing a 120W incandescent bulb with a 17W bulb. In particular, the lamp is very safe to use. They are ETL listed to avoid electric shock and fire hazards. This is a fixed lamp placed in the kitchen that is completely beneficial without any hindrance.

#3. Cloudy Bay LED 10 inch 17W 1050lm

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Cloudy Bay LED 10 inch 17W 1050lm produces more accurate and vivid light than other lighting alternatives.

Next, we want to talk about the best LED kitchen ceiling light that is perfect for any indoor environment – the Cloudy Bay LED ceiling light. The size of the lights is 10″ * 10″ * 3-1/2″ respectively, suitable for small kitchens for best lighting performance. Three color temperatures – 3000K / 4000K / 5000K, integrated combined in one fixture to meet your different requirements.

External switch design with silicone cap makes it easy to switch from one color to another and keep out dust.

You will get a more vivid scene with more special colors than natural light because you have this LED along with you. That’s because these lights are CRI90+ certified, which means their object color representation is much closer to reality than other luminaires.

A special design from the manufacturer as mentioned above. Built-in LED chip and can’t replace the bulb. Save 80% on electricity bills when using 17W bulbs instead of 120W incandescent lamps. In short, if you want your kitchen to radiate a cozy atmosphere then this is a great choice for you.

#4. Youtob 1100lm Brushed Silver Round Lighting Fixture

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Youtob 1100lm Brushed Silver Round Lighting Fixture is a modern style product.

LED lights use edge lighting technology, which distributes light evenly and dissipates heat. This helps to increase the lamp life to a higher level. The lamp provides a high light output of up to 1100 lumens which is extremely bright. They will give you the most realistic color experience.

The product dimensions are 8.7*8.7*0.65 inches, respectively. The 3000K color light temperature allows brighter light than similar bulbs on the market. Its smooth and large shadow makes the light even and wide.

30,000 hours life saving 85% power. However, this is a super bright light that cannot be dimmed or adjusted in any way.

The slim and silver paint design brings a simple yet elegant look to the kitchen. All parts are designed by the manufacturer, so you only need the right tools to assemble and put into use. Other great features including shock and vibration resistance are sure to get compliments from friends and family. This is a very versatile lamp that can be used in any room other than the kitchen.

#5. FaithSail 4FT LED Wraparound

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FaithSail 4FT LED Wraparound is a design lamp that replaces the old fluorescent tube light.

This light is brighter and whiter than traditional fluorescent tube lights. They help cut your electricity bill by more than 70%. This 4ft led surround light provides more than 4400lm which is equivalent to a 120W traditional lamp. The light is evenly distributed throughout the room so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

The sleek design of the lamp adds appeal to the room. Its cool medium white color matches most kitchen decor. They will not increase the cost of energy bills. A unique design style will make your space look more elegant. Acrylic prism lenses wrap around the fixture to maximize light capture and distribution.

The light is easy to install in just a few minutes. You can work from home with peace of mind with a proven safety level. All that is needed to install the light is a screwdriver.

#6. Youtob Adjustable 3 Colors 1500lm

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Youtob Adjustable 3 Colors 1500lm is an improved design with three colors in one fixture.

This is the perfect light for the minimalist home. It has a low profile of fewer than two inches and a sleek design that adds appeal to any space. The product size stated by the manufacturer is 8.7 * 8.7 * 0.65 inches. It offers the sophisticated low-profile look of recessed LED recessed lights without the high cost. Save money and still have a high-quality kitchen ceiling light. The lamp has a CRI90+ rating, allowing for more precise illumination of the room. No one wants to hurt their eyes sitting in a room filled with fake yellow lights that have a lot of light.

Its design provides a high light of 1500 lumens, much brighter than most other ceiling lights of this size. This stylish and circular LED recessed light features a low-profile, sleek design with an oil-brushed brass finish. You can adjust the button on the lamp, the color temperature of this ceiling light can be adjusted as needed for convenience. Three levels you can choose from are 3000k / 4000k / 5000k.

This circular LED recessed light is also easy to install in just a few minutes. Once the lights are installed, users can enjoy soft lighting with endless illumination allowing you to see what you’re looking at.

#7. VICNIE ETL Listed Arcylic Shade

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VICNIE ETL Listed Arcylic Shade has a unique design that brings sophistication to your kitchen.

Nickel-finished metal body, framed in white-finished steel, WHITE acrylic gloss, creates a beautiful silhouette. This unique design comes with energy-saving warm white LED lights, giving you a stunning look. The metal ball has a unique mesh design that is quite beautiful. It gives you a more modern and stylish feel in your home. It also adds a subtle touch to the décor.

Each LED downlight is integrated with 15 LED chips to provide brightness. You can dimmable 10%-100%, compatible with most standard dimmers. The 50,000-hour lifespan is incredibly long and uses 75% less energy than incandescent, eliminating the need for customers to constantly change bulbs.

The luminance of the lamp is CRI80+, allowing the light to display closer to the actual color of the subject. This is a number manufacturers are always aiming for because it produces more accurate and vivid light than other lighting alternatives.

In particular, the lamp has no infrared or ultraviolet radiation output. That can help protect your eyes from glare and harsh light. You can rest assured for the whole family to use this light. They are good for the eyes of children and the elderly.

#8. DLLT 48W 18.9inch with Remote

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The DLLT 48W 18.9inch with Remote may not be as bright as some other lights, but once you install them and put them to work, it’s hard not to enjoy the results.

Not only do they have 48 watts of power, but they also come with a remote to provide full control over how you use them. IP44 waterproof rating. That means they are more suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid environments. They will also illuminate any space up to 140 square feet with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

You can choose the light color from 3000K-6000K with the remote control and adjust the brightness (5% – 100%) to create a calming atmosphere in your home. It creates a very perfect light and makes this fixture completely glare-free, providing more natural light to the house. CRI 85+ – rendering light closer to the true and original colors of the subject.

Using a high-quality 2834 SMD LED chip, providing brilliant light with 3840 lumens. Surface mount lights save energy up to 85% safely, so it costs less than expected. It does not have a memory function, so it cannot remember the light and color of the last adjustment.

#9. DLLT 24W 13 inch with Remote

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DLLT 24W 13 inch with Remote is the last product mentioned in today’s ranking. A lamp from the next DLLT manufacturer.

In terms of shape and size, this lamp model is not too different from the one we just introduced above. The lamp also has a dimmable remote control, which can adjust 3 color temperatures to meet your mood. They also have no memory function.

13”x1.7” diameter with aluminum material creates an ultra-thin design with low pressure making the room look very spacious and modern. Lamp cover made of acrylic material, pollution-free anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. This ceiling light fixture has a CRI90+ rating. Flush built-in lighting systems with high power 2835 LED chips save energy up to 80% compared to halogen lamps. With an IP54 waterproof rating, this ceiling light can be used in wet locations such as bathrooms and hallways. AC 86-265V with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. The sealed design is not removable, so cleaning the lamp also becomes easier. Dirt or mold cannot penetrate inside, but only on the surface of the lamp. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth or with a little specialized cleaning solution. Night light mode 3000K and 10% brightness suitable as a night light for children’s rooms.

3 types of lighting for the kitchen 

The correct arrangement of kitchen lighting will help people have relaxing moments and increase the aesthetics of the house. Lighting design for the kitchen requires the designer to have an understanding of lighting techniques, plus a little more art will help the kitchen become a place everyone wants to go. Interior lighting can be divided into 3 types of lighting. Different types of kitchen lighting give you different functional and aesthetic benefits.

3 types of lighting for the kitchen
3 types of lighting for the kitchen

#1. Ambient light

This is the main source of light in your space. Whether natural light or artificial light. This light source is usually taken from windows with natural light and ceiling lights with artificial light. You can also combine chandeliers, task lights, soundstage lights, and wall lights to create a harmonious whole. Ambient light gives the space its mood and tone.

#2. Task light

Task lights or task lighting have the function of helping to clearly define the work that you are doing in a certain area. They are placed in the work areas of the kitchen where you prepare food such as countertops, islands, and peninsulas. If the task light is misplaced, it can cast shadows on your work area, preventing you from cutting, prepping, plating, or reading recipes correctly.

#3. Accent light

Cabinet lights or any light that can bring out your favorite elements in the kitchen is called accent lighting. It adds drama to a space with visual interest. Spotlight lighting, between ambient and work light in terms of brightness, accentuates architectural or decorative features in the kitchen, such as a wooden ceiling or a collection of crockery ceramic.

How many LED kitchen ceiling lights are enough?

A kitchen is a place that needs a lot of light. Before thinking about how many LED downlights for the kitchen is enough? You need to consider many factors such as illuminance, area to be illuminated, luminous flux of lights, ceiling height, the color of wall paint… Consumers base on their interior design, previous experience, the experience of friends, or the experience of salespeople. And make your own decisions about the number of lights for each space.

How many LED kitchen ceiling lights are enough?
How many LED kitchen ceiling lights are enough?

One of the important rules when installing LED lights for kitchen ceilings is that you need to clearly define the lighting plan based on each square meter of the lighting space. You should leave a certain distance between each meter of the lights. And a distance of half a meter from the wall lights. This will create a reasonable lighting space for your kitchen.

Next, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the area and location where the device is used. Because each room with different interior design and lighting purposes will require corresponding light levels. The kitchen will require high light. Large light intensity will help you easily handle kitchen tasks, bringing a clean and airy space to the room. Therefore, it is recommended that you use ceiling lights with an illumination level of about 500lux.

Light levels are in Lumen. You can find data on the internet. According to the lighting criteria, the required illuminance ranges from 400 lux – 800 lux, and with a kitchen of 11m2, it is planned to choose to install 4-6 ceiling LED lights. So choosing 6 12W recessed led lights for the kitchen is a reasonable choice.

In the end, the number of LEDs always depends on your taste and decorating style. Remember: Just enough, not too much.

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Where and how to install kitchen ceiling lights?

Are you wondering whether to install LED ceiling lights for the kitchen? Or how to install LED ceiling lights for the kitchen? You want to install and arrange the light so that it is reasonable and still has high aesthetics. Install recessed LED lights so that the kitchen space is fully lit, making it convenient for all members to enjoy meals. Depending on the location in the kitchen, you should choose the installation method, the number of balls, the distance between the balls, and the installation location.

#1. Location to install LED bulbs

  • Ceiling: LED recessed lights are placed on high and have the task of being the main light of the whole room.
  • Cooking stove: This location needs to have focused light, so use LEDs with a capacity of 5-7w with enough distance.
  • Kitchen cabinet: The installed light will hide in the cabinet and illuminate the entire space when you open the cabinet to get things.
  • Dining table: This is the only position in the kitchen where decorative lights can be used. Decorative lamps with unique designs will make the room more delicate, elegant, and luxurious.

#2. You can refer to the following calculations when needed:

  • How to calculate the distance between 2 bulbs: Distance between 2 bulbs = Ceiling length/ceiling width/estimated number of lights per row.
  • How to calculate the number of led bulbs to use: Number of lights = Ceiling length / Ceiling width / Distance between 2 bulbs.
  • How to calculate the distance from the wall to the led light based on the middle of the two bulbs? Light-ceiling distance = ½ lamp-lamp distance.

#3. How to install

How to install
How to install

The design of the LED recessed light bulb is very simple: there is no starter, lamp tray or lamp holder, etc. Therefore, you can install the recessed light yourself in case the design and test tools are already available. However, if you have difficulty, you can seek help from a professional electrician.

  • Tools needed: Professional repair kit (screwdriver, wire stripper, pliers, screws,…)
  • Installation steps

Step 1: Remove the old lamp and clean it (if any).

Step 2: Disconnecting all power may affect your light installation. You can use a meter box or a test pen for a final check.

Step 3: Drill and punch the installation position so that it fits the recessed light base to be installed.

Step 4: Connect the wires to the correct polarity to avoid causing a short when reconnecting the power source. If the lights have to be assembled by decorative details, you should install them on the ground before mounting them to the ceiling. Fix the fixing rod to prevent the lamp from falling during operation. Secure it with a decorative nut to complete the installation.

Step 5: Reconnect the power supply and check the operation of the lamp.

You can refer to the more detailed steps in the YouTuber or Google search videos. This is a must-do if you haven’t tried it once in your life. Get the job done in the best possible way. If you have trouble with wire color, call a professional who is licensed to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A beautiful kitchen can be invested a lot from space to comfortable interior design, but without a light source, it will greatly reduce its value. That’s why there will be a lot of problems around it. We have compiled a few questions to answer below. We think you will have problems with it too.

What is the best lighting for a kitchen ceiling?

This is the most asked question. Nowadays, choosing to buy apartments has become very popular, and the trend of young modern house design is also more interesting than before. Instead of using chandeliers or long tube lights as before, many households choose LED ceiling lights as the main light for their kitchen.

The brand is an important criterion when you buy any product, so LED lights are no exception. Not all brands meet quality standards, so before buying you should find out its origin. Currently, there are some famous brands for quality that are highly appreciated by consumers such as Philips, Duhal, Asoen, Kingled… In addition, the shopping address you should also learn carefully to buy cheap products with high quality, good service. The warranty period shows the quality and durability of the product as well as the reputation of the manufacturer. You should carefully consider the surrounding factors. Above, we have also recommended the Top 9 Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceilings, you should refer to them. Or at least refer to similar ones from the same name manufacturers.

How bright should a kitchen ceiling light be?

To choose for yourself a suitable recessed light, you need to pay attention to the area of ​​​​the space to arrange the lights, from which to choose the type of lamp with the appropriate capacity. If your kitchen is small and you use lights with too much power, it will make you dazzle, dazzle and waste energy. On the contrary, if the kitchen is large but uses a lamp with a small capacity, the amount of light provided will not be enough. Therefore, choosing the right ceiling light capacity for the space is very important. With an area of ​​​​less than 30m2, the power should be selected as 20-30W. If the area is > 30m2, you should choose the type from 30-50W.

What color LED light is best for the kitchen?

Using the right type of light can also be a big deal.

– Overall ceiling LED light for the kitchen:

To illuminate all areas in the kitchen, it is necessary to install LED bulbs in the center of the ceiling. Overall lighting for the kitchen, you should choose a ceiling downlight with white, neutral light to give the kitchen space full illumination.

– Ceiling LED lighting for the cooking area:

Lighting for this area is essential to make cooking easier. Recessed lights should have a white light because this light makes cooking easier. After all, it will give a realistic light. You will not mix human skin color with food coloring.

– Ceiling LED light for kitchen cabinets:

In the kitchen cabinets are often used to place cooking utensils or dry foods. To illuminate the kitchen cabinets, use white lights to support cooking when you need to get the necessary items in the cabinet.

– LED ceiling light with decorative lights for the kitchen:

The selected lamps often have a unique design and will be a great highlight for the kitchen, bringing both light and rationality.

Are LED lights bright enough for a kitchen?

Make sure LED lights have enough light for your kitchen. With all the available advantages, this is the best candidate. Today, you only need 7W-12W lamps to illuminate the kitchen space, extremely saving electricity. LED models are always improved, with diverse designs suitable for many different kitchen spaces from ceiling lights, spotlights, to decorative lights… also much more diverse. Using LED lights can create a more modern and luxurious beauty for the ceiling as well as enhance the overall beauty of the kitchen.

Are LED ceiling lights safe?

Recessed LED bulbs bring the most natural light, reflecting the colors of everything in space. LED recessed lights are completely safe for all spaces and all ages to use. They provide a safe light source when they do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, UV rays, etc. The light does not cause glare, eye fatigue, and ensures visual acuity. The explosion is a rare occurrence unless there is a short circuit from the power supply.


LED lights are a great type of light that contributes to the perfect kitchen when combined with the interior. Provide environmentally friendly blue light energy sources to ensure safety for long-term use. You will be free to choose with many designs, styles, and colors of light without being limited by a certain type of lamp. All will contribute to enhancing the value of a true kitchen where “keeping the family fire” with delicious dishes every day. If you want to choose to buy LED lights for kitchen ceilings, please study the article “Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling“. It will surprise you.