Best LED Light Bar for the money: Top 8 highly-recommended in 2023

The need to travel between cities or travel through difficult roads is increasingly popular. Using LED light bars instead of car lighting has become a very popular trend. Possessing outstanding features such as a good light source, fuel economy, and extremely long life, LED  light bars are currently popular with car enthusiasts. So what is the best LED light bar for the money? Let’s find out in the article below!

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Nilight 18022C-B 6.5 Inch4.9See Latest Price
Autofeel LED Light Bar4.9See Latest Price
ASOKO Dimmable LED Light Bar4.8See Latest Price
ASOKO 14.5 inch LED USB Light Bar4.8See Latest Price
Zmoon 240W Led Light Bar4.7See Latest Price
Zmoon 14 Inch Signal Row Light Bar4.6See Latest Price
Govee Smart LED Light Bars
4.6See Latest Price
A SZOKLED Remote Control Lighting Wireless 6 Pack4.5See Latest Price

Why do you need a good LED light bar? 

Why isn’t the available car’s lights enough? Why do you need to install more LED light bars for cars? Those are a few questions that you will find hard to think about. Let’s take a look at a few reasons below:

#1. Better vision at night

The LED light bar is capable of lighting at night or in dimly lit places. They further support the headlights to help the driver have better visibility when moving in the dark and can easily detect obstacles from afar, ensuring safety during vehicle movement. The luminaires are reasonably installed with various sizes making the lighting process convenient and wide coverage. However, the lighting surface area or light intensity depends on the size or specifications that the LED bar possesses.

#2. Longevity & Energy efficiency

An average LED will last between 50,000 and 65,000 hours of light. This is the level of the index recorded when the lamp operates in a normal environment with a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. According to the evaluation, LED lights have a lifespan of 3-5 times longer than traditional lamps. Therefore, LED lights are applied in high life. You don’t need to worry too much about the durability or longevity of the LED light bar. The cost to repair or replace is not too high.

#3. Versatile with proper setup

LED light bars are now being installed a lot in off-road vehicles. They have the right settings so you can see anything on any terrain. The LED light bar is also flexible as it is easy to install without you having to replace or relocate any components on the vehicle. In addition to being used for cars, they are also used in factories and desks that require high brightness.

Common types of LED light bar 

Before choosing to buy an LED light bar for yourself, I think you should learn to distinguish between the multitude of lights on the market. They are classified by rod configuration, illumination level, size. You must know why you choose them, why do you like them? LED off-road lights are the newest and very popular bulb type. They use 1/10th of the energy a halogen bulb uses, are compact, more durable, and last longer than any other bulb. In addition, LED terrain lights are stylish, as they can be made in a variety of colors and shapes. It is important to have LEDs installed professionally, as systems often burn out prematurely due to improper installation. There are 5 main types of terrain light bars:

  1. Single row LED light
  2. Double row LED lights
  3. Cube or square LED
  4. Round LED light
  5. Small LED or puddle LED

Key factors to consider when choosing the best light bar for the money 

Before installing a car LED light bar system, it is necessary to accurately determine your needs, then learn carefully about each type of light, and learn more about the regulations on installing light bars for cars. Finally, you can choose the right type of lamp. The choice of car lights to replace is mainly to increase the light of the lights or change the color of the lights to increase the aesthetics or simply change the bulbs that have a long life and consume less electricity. Let’s consider the factors below when choosing the best LED light bar for the money.

Key factors to consider when choosing the best light bar for the money
Key factors to consider when choosing the best light bar for the money

#1. Type of LED light bar

There are two main types of LED light bars as straight LED light bars and curved LED light bars. This is decided based on the shape of the LED bar to be manufactured for the best fit.

Straight LED light bar

According to the shape, the straight LED light bar is usually installed in the front. They focus the light on the front and do not create a large coverage. Suitable for off-road vehicle mounting with the highest light level to see all objects ahead.

Curved LED light bar

Curved design installed on both sides creates a wide and indistinct illumination. You can feel the light surrounding you.

#2. Size & Design

Usually, the size of LED light bars varies, and ranges from 4 inches (smaller) – 52 inches long (larger). With that size range, you can freely choose the model you like. Make sure that option is the best fit for your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to see them unbalanced by being shorter or longer. It’s a great idea if you measure the area you want to install the light bars in before you buy them. And please check the light bar again before installation.

Due to the desire to sell more than competing manufacturers, manufacturers also offer a variety of different models. However, a good LED light bar with a simple design and good quality is on top. Simple but cannot be overshadowed.

#3. Brightness

Brightness or lumens are different from watts. Lumens is the scientific unit used to measure the total amount of visible light that reaches the human eye after being emitted from a light source. The light source here is the LED light bar. A standard 60-watt bulb (like the one we use at home), produces about 800 lumens of light, of which a candle provides 12.57 lumens of light. Accordingly, we can conclude that the higher the number of lumens, the brighter and stronger the light produced. Currently, most bulbs manufactured will provide brightness between 10,000 and 100,000 lumens. According to your needs, you can choose the light bar with the appropriate lumen. However, you need to be aware that lumens are expensive, so LED light bars that produce more lumens will cost you more.

#4. Weather resistance

The weather resistance of LED light bars is measured using the Ingress Protection (IP) scale. The IP rating is an international protection mark used to evaluate the sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign objects. When driving, your car is subject to weather patterns such as rain, humidity, wind, the amount of dust that will accumulate on your light bar. Withstanding such extreme conditions is directly related to durability, you can tell its level by noting the IP ratings. A high IP rating ensures that your LED light bar is fully qualified for safety. IP ratings are expressed in IPXX, where the first X is the number representing protection against solid objects such as dust and the second X is the number indicating the quality of waterproofing. Dust resistance ranges from 0 – 6, and water resistance ranges from 0 – 9. Therefore, you should not buy any lighting fixtures with ratings less than IP67.

#5. Color Temperature

The color temperature needs to be between 6000K and 6500K for light quality to be guaranteed. This is the recommended level of natural daylight.

6. Beam pattern & angle

The two most commonly used lamp models are floodlights and spotlights. In particular, headlights are designed to project a wide range of light covering as much area as possible. Spotlights, on the other hand, provide a focused beam of light that is as far away as possible. Headlights are used to illuminate more. They are more useful for less dangerous roads. Ideally, you’ll get an LED light bar with a combination of floodlight and spotlight to ensure large enough coverage over an area, thus minimizing your limited field of vision for any area. any kind of danger on the road.

The 45° tilt of the LED light bar will allow you to position the light at the angle that best suits whatever terrain you’re driving on. You can manually set the tilt angle of the lamp by adjusting the beam angle accordingly. This will help if you want to go camping with friends or you want to stop for a while.

#7. Efficiency

LEDs typically operate at 80 percent efficiency, while conventional or incandescent bulbs operate at around 20 percent efficiency. These are two surprising comparisons. This once again confirms how efficient and necessary the LED light bar is for you.

#8. Durability

LED light bars withstand harsh conditions directly related to durability. We’re sure, you don’t want your new LED light bars to have problems or not work while you’re on the road. An LED light bar with approximately 30,000 hours of illumination is a great choice. Double-check the information from the manufacturer and your budget to get the best LED light bar.

#9. Price

The majority of LED light bars are quite expensive. However, you may need to distinguish between the essentials and eliminate the unnecessary to get the most reasonable price. However, if you look at it as a long-term investment, the hefty price tag makes sense. You can think about the level of safety provided by this device. They will become quite priceless.

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Top 8 Best LED light bar for the money

In recent years, drivers have gradually changed their prejudices and perceptions about the brightness of the lights, they no longer try to use the lighting system anymore. Instead, increase the light to overcome the shortcomings of the beloved driver, making the drivers feel more secure no matter what conditions they move. That way they will add to the front of the car enough LED light bars for lighting needs. Let’s take a look at the Top 8 best LED light bars for the money today!

#1. Nilight 18022C-B 6.5 Inch

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Nilight 18022C-B 6.5 Inch is a basic lamp made in China.

The 120 watts LED light bar is at its lowest, and the length of the bar is 6.5 inches. This type of light is a basic type that can be installed in many vehicles. High-quality Led chip and clear PC lens are big plus points of this LED light bar. This LED housing is made of high heat dissipation 6063 profile aluminum. Seamless protective shell design with waterproof glue for excellent waterproof, dustproof, and earthquake-proof performance. The emitted light is 6000k pure white light, which can effectively illuminate the dark road at night. The right combination of spot beam and flood beam for wider and farther illumination. In other words, this is a combination of a curved LED light bar and a straight LED light bar. IP rate is IP67 standard level. Meticulously crafted brackets can best fix the light bar. This ensures that the light bar does not slip or fall when traveling through rough terrain.

#2. Autofeel LED Light Bar

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Autofeel LED Light Bar features superior optical technology compared to traditional light bars.

IP index = 68, is a stable index. The all-weather waterproof 68 design ensures a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours. The center 170° headlight is surrounded by a 30° dual-row spotlight. Brightness on both sides of the spotlight is increased to provide an extremely long and wide coverage area. Superior quality 3030 LED chip with high light efficiency. 6500k white light, 60W & 5500lm supply both effectively illuminate the entire dark road ahead. The driver can see a further and wider field of view from the sitting position. 2835 flip-chip technology provides better heat dissipation. Die-cast aluminum housing is a good heat-dissipating metal that can be used for light bars. The optical lens and light transmission rate are higher than the PMMA lens.

#3. ASOKO Dimmable LED Light Bar

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ASOKO Dimmable LED Light Bar offers an experience of 3 adjustable brightness levels at a reasonable price.

The first thing to mention is that the USB plug is compact and safe. Uses only 30% of the space on the socket. USB port, you can use it anywhere indoors or outdoors with devices with USB ports. The 3-level brightness is easily adjusted with a soft silicone switch. They are simple and comfortable for all your lighting needs. The memory function saves you from having to adjust the snags level every time. You can also use Smart Plug or timer, it will stay at the brightness level you set last time when power on again and turn on/off at the set time. The built-in magnet allows you to remove or reassemble the light at any time. Therefore, you will not spend a dime on a mechanic who does not even use screws or bolts. In short, this is a high-quality LED light bar that produces bright light with low energy consumption. You won’t have to worry about energy savings.

#4. ASOKO 14.5 inch LED USB Light Bar

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ASOKO 14.5 Inch USB Plug-in has the same design as the above product of ASOKO.

Built-in 3 different colors for you to freely choose: Warm White (2700K), Neutral White (4000K), Day White (6000K). Like the light bar above, this light cannot be charged, they use power directly through the USB port. 350 lumens makes the LED light have high brightness and wide illuminance. You can adjust the brightness to meet your needs with the included switch on the light body. The light is fitted with a built-in magnet so you don’t need tools and can still remove or install it at any time. The 6W LED light bar is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, which is both bright and money-saving. The memory function automatically saves the brightness settings. As a result, you don’t need to adjust the lights every time you turn on the lights, and they’re also very easy to use. You can use the light with any USB-powered device for outdoor or indoor use. The kit comes with a UL-Listed adapter for this led cabinet light, beautiful appearance and appreciated quality, safe to use. You can be installed to use as a cabinet light, under table light, under counter light, shelf light…

#5. Zmoon 240W Led Light Bar

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Zmoon 240W LED Fog Light is a set of led light bars suitable for many vehicles and many lighting locations. Easy to install and can be made at home.

The bracket is made of stainless steel, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. The bracket can be adjusted at a 45° angle to easily adjust the installation position as needed. In particular, it is possible to fix the light bar without causing vibration when moving in complex terrain. Advanced 120pcs high-quality chip provides 24000 lumens and emits 6500k bright white light, which can illuminate the whole front. 170° illuminator so a wider lighting range can be achieved. The led light bar is 7 inches long. Heat-conductive silicone gel material and diecast aluminum heatsink with 10 heatsinks, can maximize the surface area for optimal cooling. LED lamp life can be up to 50,000 hours. Weatherproof IP67 waterproof design, dustproof. The 240w light bar is fastened with all-aluminum housing and protected seamlessly with waterproof glue, providing excellent performance.

#6. Zmoon 14 Inch Signal Row Light Bar

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Zmoon 14 Inch Signal Row Light Bar is a little different from the above product. However, this is also an option worth keeping in mind. Despite being a cheap light bar, you will get good performance out of it.

The 14 Inch Zmoon LED signal light series is the average length in the market. A High-end LED chip provides 8000 lumen 6500K brilliant white light beam. 30°spotlight and 170°headlight provide you with a further and wider field of view. You can rest assured to drive safely. The IP67 waterproof slim light bar looks like some expensive options. The light has 6063 aviation aluminum housing, the surface is anti-oxidation treatment, it works well in all conditions with high efficiency. They are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. Especially, this lamp has a built-in cooling fan 0.06-inch and 0.26-inch distance between two fans to enhance heat dissipation, provide enough cooling space, increase cooling area.

#7. Govee Smart LED Light Bars

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Govee Smart LED Light Bars work smart with virtual assistants and can connect with other smart devices.

Govee gives you a new viewing experience with light bars that sync easily with the picture and sound on your TV screen. Experience your gaming, movies, and music with enhanced vivid lighting. You’ll be amazed by 16 million colors and 12 preset modes all in one LED light bar. Voice control via virtual assistant Alexa or Google assistant. Every control will become easier. Colorful design and simple light bar with remote control. Synchronize the colors displayed on the TV screen and automatically apply them to the lights. They do not need to use an HDMI converter or any other service. The sound is also synchronized most vividly. You have a standard karaoke room in your house. The Govee Home app is made to easily manage your light bars ease. There are many other features integrated into this light bar. You have access to timer function, DIY color, video mode, scene mode… This is the LED light bar for modern tech enthusiasts.

#8. A SZOKLED  Remote Control Lighting Wireless 6 Pack

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A SZOKLED Remote Control Lighting Wireless 6 Pack is a touch wireless luminaire with 3 color ranges.

Built-in light with 10 different brightness for you to freely adjust. The remote control allows you to operate quickly and efficiently when 10m away. LED color is switched quickly, you can choose warm white or cool white as you like using the controller or touch switch. Timer to turn off the lights automatically before 15/30/45/60 minutes, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights. The light bar includes 20 bright LEDs (10 warm white LEDs and 10 cool white LEDs), providing enough light to ensure you can see clearly in the dark. It only takes 2-3 hours, you can fully charge the battery and use it for hours at a low cost. Easy to install by built-in strong magnetic. It can be absorbed on any iron or stick anywhere you like.

How to install a LED light bar?

An effective way to save money is to do it yourself at home. The LED light bar installation shop is your garage and you are the mechanic. Just follow the steps below and you won’t have to spend money to hire a mechanic.

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare a complete toolbox to be able to do it yourself. Disconnect your car battery. To avoid a short circuit, remove the ground terminal wire first, followed by the positive terminal. Check the area where you want to install the LED light bar.

Step 2: Carry out the installation

  1. Mark the drilling position, mounting hole according to the correct size of the light bar holder. It is also important not to drill holes anywhere that could allow rainwater to enter the compartment. Let’s start with small drill bits and then big drills for the highest accuracy.
  2. Attach the light bar with bolts and screws. Note that any bolts and screws should not be fully tightened until you have made all necessary adjustments to the mounting.
  3. Fix and connect the harness to the LED light bar. Make sure your harness is not tangled to identify yours properly.
  4. After finding and placing the light in the desired position, use the adhesive to place the switch. Reconnect the other end of the switch back to the harness.
  5. Locate the relay at the position closest to the battery. Then take the red positive cable and attach it directly to the red terminal of the battery. Ground the black negative cable by attaching it to the chassis.
  6. Run the LED light bar connector to the light bar position. Hook the extension cords and adjust the angles of the light bar. Tighten the connectors again.

Step 3: Test and use

Now you can turn on the lights and enjoy your upgraded lighting system. Don’t forget to maintain them regularly.

To know more about the installation steps, you can refer to the video tutorials available on Youtuber.

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Some tips to use LED light bars efficiently

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the most effective LED light bar tips. You should consider before and after you buy.

  • Before buying, check the heat dissipation level of the LED light bar with the following questions:

– Is there enough airflow in the light bar housing to dissipate heat? The circulating air will bring the heat out quickly.

– Are the circuit boards made of copper cores? Because the copper core helps to reduce heat.

– Does the LED light dim when changing the voltage? Inexpensive LED light bars have been used and this will reduce the life of the LED light bars.

  • Is the stand safe and secure when traveling on uneven terrain? If they are cheap, they are often absent or made of poor materials that are harmful to use.
  • The size of the LED light bar you buy needs to match the width of the place where you want to install it. Please measure carefully before deciding to buy.
  • The supplier’s guarantee. You should buy lights from reputable lamp brands in the market.
  • Cheaper low-quality light bars come with thin conductors and often don’t have connectors. You should carefully check this part because it will be directly related to the durability of the lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions 

After a while of researching and digging deeper, we found that there are still a few questions. Surely when learning about the LED light bars you will also have difficulties. We decided to answer them right below. Let’s follow and comment!

Are LED light bars worth it?

Simply put – if the lighting is really important to you, then buy the best LED light bar. They have also been regulated with different prices and qualities. You can buy some lights for a cheaper price, but it comes with a sacrifice. That’s the rule of the business world. You need to decide if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of performance and longevity to save money. If not, then I recommend spending a decent amount.

Are all LED light bars the same?

No, they are completely different. There are different grades of LED light bars, both names and brands are different. The IP rating also varies based on how much moisture can get into the lamp compartment. As well as other factors.

What is the better curved or straight light bar?

According to the survey, people use straight LED light bars more than curved LED light bars. The straight LED light bar projects intense, focused forward light. Those who need more focused and intense light will likely find straight cars better. But if you are looking for a beam that can illuminate a wider area, the curved LED light bar is the best choice for you.

How hot does an LED light bar get?

Overheating LEDs will reduce lifespan and reduce operational efficiency. To prevent this, you should option for LED lights with aluminum housings. Because it can effectively remove excess heat. Next is to always make sure the place to install the light is open, there are no obstacles when the lamp radiates heat. You should also clean the lights and the car regularly to avoid dust and dirt sticking for a long time.

What wattage light bar should I get?

A good LED light bar should have a minimum of 120 watts. The 240 watt light bar would be the next best choice. It will provide enough lumens to pierce the darkness and allow you to see the road ahead. You can also use a light bar of 800 watts or more. However, choose everything at a reasonable level.


Above are the best LED light bar for the money using the best chips today. They not only improve the quality of lighting but also bring a luxurious look to your car. You can use a combination of many LED lighting models to get the best light quality at night. Even a little, but I hope you will understand more about the LED light bars and use them effectively.