Best LED Grow Light For 3×3 Tent: Top 6 Expert Choice 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly appeared in the beginning of the 2020 billions of people around the world to stay at home for social distancing. At home, many people have found new hobbies such as reading books, cooking, exercising…; and one of them is planting. 

To start with growing, planting two or three small plants in a 3×3 tent with a LED grow light is a good choice. However, it is challenging for beginners to look for a suitable LED grow light for a 3×3 tent. So, let’s find out the Top 6 best LED grow light for 3×3 tent now!

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FAMURS TF1200 Dimmable LED Grow Light4.9See Latest Price
BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 LED Grow Light4.9See Latest Price
SUNRAISE QB2000 Dimmable LED Grow Lights4.8See Latest Price
iPlantop Daisy Chain LED Grow Light4.8See Latest Price
Spider Farmer SE3000 Bar LED Grow Lights 300W4.7See Latest Price
KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights4.6See Latest Price

What is LED grow light? 

LED grow light
LED grow light

A grow light is a device that supplies an artificial light spectrum for plants to grow. This light spectrum may simulate natural sunlight or provide a suitable spectrum that meets the requirements of cultivated plants.

LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a semiconductor light source that emits light when charged with an electric current. The light of LED is created based on energy released from the combination of charged particles (electron and hole). 

A LED grow light, as suggested by its name, is a LED that produces light for growing plants in an efficient and economical way. The biggest advantage of the LED grow light compared to traditional grow light is that the plant growers can customize the specific ranges of the spectrum, luminous efficacy, and color temperature based on the feature of the plant, the photoperiod of the plant or the stage of cultivation.

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Types of LED grow light

Types of LED grow light
Types of LED grow light

#1. LED grow light panel 

LED grow light panel is the top grow light technology, which provides full-spectrum for both indoor and hydroponic growing. It is also the most popular type of LED grow light. The panel has a rectangular structure comprising multiple LED chips lined up in several rows. Each LED chip has different color (one of four types: blue, red, white, ultraviolet) in order to create a diverse light spectrum customized for each stage of plant growth:

  • Blue: commonly used in “egetative growth” stage
  • Red: commonly used in the “flowering” stage
  • White and ultraviolet: commonly used during veg and flower


  • Available in all wattages and voltages that growers can easily find in their house
  • Flexible for growers to select the suitable light for each stage of growth
  • Easier to save energy 


  • High initial investment cost

#2. LED grow light bar

The name “LED grow light bar” basically describes the shape of this type, there are many LED chips with different colors lined up in a single bar. 

The LED grow light bar is suitable for growers applying vertical farming that is growing crops in vertically stacked layers. Thanks to the development of vertical farming, the LED grow light bar is becoming more and more popular with growers. 

LED grow light bar
LED grow light bar


  • Suitable for narrow spaces with a high density of plants
  • Consume less power 


  • Regularly used as an auxiliary light for LED grow light panel system
  • Not diverse light spectrum option

#3. LED grow light bulb

Similar to the LED grow light bar, a LED grow light bulb is also exactly like its name; many LED chips with different colors are neatly arranged in a circle and fixed in a single bulb. The bulb is often employed to plant small leaf vegetables.


  • Easily power by a standard light socket at home
  • Diverse spectrum for each stage of plant growth


  • Require a reflector for each bulb
  • Need several bulbs to provide enough light for plants

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What to look for in the best LED grow light? 

What to look for in the best LED grow light? 
What to look for in the best LED grow light?

The best LED grow light must meet the following requirements:

#1. Spectrum 

The spectrum emitting from a LED grow light may be a full spectrum or specific spectrum but must be a uniform spectrum so that all plants under the light can get the same spectrum. 

The full spectrum is employed in most cases, the specific spectrum is only used as an additional source. The full-spectrum LED grow light can be adopted in all growth stages of plants (from seed to harvest). If the growers utilize the specific one, they will have to usually change the light according to the growing of plants. 

There are two types of full-spectrum LED grow light, including white LED light and multiple-color LED light. Some growers are fond of white LED light thanks to its similarity to sunlight. However, the majority of growers prefer multiple-color light because the white LED light contains too many spectrum ranges including green and yellow which is not necessary for plants. So, it is not economical and efficient for growers when using the white one. 

#2. Efficiency and Efficacy

Efficiency is the ability of a LED grow light to avoid wasting energy. It is measured by the power that light can generate per input power it receives. 

The term “efficacy” is closely related to the term “efficiency”. Efficacy is the ability to create a spectrum of LED grow light, which is measured by the number of photons that light can produce per 1 Watt. 

The growers should understand these two indicators clearly in order to optimize the operation’s efficiency and minimize the costs (especially the power cost). 

#3. Durability

Purchasing and installing the LED grow light system is an investment; the longer the lifespan of the light is, the more profit the growers receive. Most LED grow lights in the market currently are expected to use between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. 

The growers should buy the LED grow light from reputable manufacturers with a good warranty and follow the instructions to ensure that the LED grows light can be operated in the best condition and prolong the lifespan.

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The best LED grow light for 3×3 tent

The 3×3 tent with this ideal design to grow 4-6 full-size plants in limited space is popular with beginners to learn to grow. Most of the 3×3 tents are designed to fit the large closet, which is suitable for indoor growing. Therefore, the LED grow light is an essential device for planting in the 3×3 tent. Below, we suggest some most suitable LED grow lights for the 3×3 tent. 

#1. FAMURS TF1200 Dimmable LED Grow Light

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The FAMURS TF1200 is the LED grow light panel with a width of 108.96 inches (15.6″x11.6). The light illuminates a large space, which is suitable for growing in the 3×3 tent. A ratcheting rope coming with the light is convenient for growers to hang the light to the top of the tent. 

The light is produced by stainless steel in modern design style and classy black, which is easy to combine with a modern 3×3 tent so as to create a polite and superior feeling for your house. The light is expected to be fond of by young and modern growers that start to learn to grow at home. 

Both efficiency and efficacy are perfect thanks to the newest Samsung LM301H diodes. The light only consumes 0.1 kWh per hour, which is lower than other smaller-coverage LED grow lights. The light-emitting from FAMURS TF1200 is bright and stable even in the case of switching on continuously 24 hours per day. 

The multiple-color full spectrum including four colors (white, blue, red and infrared) combined with a dimmer knob allow the growers to control the light intensity to meet the requirements of each growth stage of plants. 

#2. BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 LED Grow Light

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BESTVA Dimmable is the top choice for indoor hydroponic plant growing, in which the Pro 1000 one with the core coverage area of 2.8′ x 2.8′ at 24″ height is suitable for 3×3 grow tent. 

The light is made of aluminum in white and green creating a traditional style. The slim design helps the light look more nice and fashionable. The beautiful and sexy spectrum emitting from the light is a highlight to decorate the growing area more brilliantly. The ratcheting rope is simple but secure, which makes the growers assured when using the light for a long time.

The BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 is not equipped with a fan system for cooling, instead, the manufacturer has employed a 3mm thick aluminum plate radiator for better heat dissipation. So, the growers are not annoyed by the noise of the cooling fan. 

The light is integrated with the Mean Well driver to increase PAR output and lifespan. The lifespan is expected to reach 100,000 hours in operation. In addition, the power consumption is only 105W, which means the light consumes only 0.105 kWh each hour, lower than the average power consumption of grow light. 

The full spectrum consists of four colors: warm white, white, red and infrared, which is considered to be extremely similar to sunlight. The dimmable knob allows growers to control the light intensity that is suitable for each growth stage of the plants. 

#3. SUNRAISE QB2000 Dimmable LED Grow Lights

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SUNRAISE QB2000 Dimmable LED Grow Lights is the best choice for growers that have intended to replace the traditional 400W HPS or MH light. Both two types of grow light are suitable for 3×3, but the SUNRAISE QB2000 has more strength. 

The power rating of SUNRAISE QB2000 is only 200W but the light’s efficacy is equivalent to the 400W HPS/MH one because most input power is converted to light energy while the HPS/MH light converts the majority of input power to heat energy. As a result, the growers can save 50% of their power bill.

The heat dissipation with a four-piece aluminum heat-sink is also a special advantage. There are no fans that make annoying noises. The modern cooling system is an important factor for the excellent efficiency of SUNRAISE QB2000. In addition, thanks to the heat dissipation system, the growers can turn on the LED grow light 24 hours per day without the fear of a large amount of heat will adversely affect plants.

The full-spectrum consists of four colors: warm white, white, red and infrared. The dimmer knob is designed to control the brightness of light so that the growers can select the best brightness for the growing of plants. The change of light intensity is also very smooth.

Specially, the SUNRAISE QB2000 is made of aluminum and coated with a waterproof layer in order to protect the light. The lifespan of SUNRAISE QB2000 is expected to be at least 100,000 hours of operation. 

#4. iPlantop Daisy Chain LED Grow Light

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iPlantop Daisy Chain LED Grow Light, whose width is 15.8″ x 11.8″, is suitable for growing plants in the 3×3 tent. 

The minimalist design style with less power cables keeps the 3×3 tent clearer and more succinct. Different from other LED grow lights, this light has two hang ropes in order to hold the light more securely and ensure the spectrum is more uniform and stable. 

The white full-spectrum includes neutral white, warm white, red color and infrared radiation; its intensity can be controlled from 0 to 100% so as to be suitable for all growing stages of plants. The neutral white promotes plant germination, the warm white promotes plant flowering, the red color increases chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency and infrared radiation promotes the elongation of stem and seed germination. 

iPlantop Daisy Chain LED Grow Light is equipped with a reflection hood made of aluminum. The hood is responsible for fixing the direction of light so as to avoid light illuminating into other places without plants and reduce the efficacy of the light. 

The packing list coming with iPlantop Daisy Chain LED Grow Light contains a monitor displaying the specifications related to temperature, humidity and time. It is convenient for growers to evaluate these specifications in growing areas. 

#5. Spider Farmer SE3000 Bar LED Grow Lights 300W

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Spider Farmer SE3000 Bar LED Grow Lights 300W is the only LED grow light bar in our Top 6 LED grow light for 3×3 tent. 

The light consists of four bars lined up and evenly spaced so that the plants in the grow tent can get the uniform light. The bar is designed to illuminate the light spreadly to the outer edges so that no plants are forgotten. 

Each bar contains many LEDs, all LEDs are coated with waterproof glue for anti-humidity.  The bars are also designed to cool easily. All of this helps to increase the lifespan of Spider Farmer SE3000. There are four hanging ropes fixing the light at a suitable height. The detachable driver helps move the light to a suitable height for the growth stages of plants. 

The full spectrum is propitious for growers that use only Spider Farmer SE3000 for the whole cycle life of plants. Just a simple act of rotating the dimmer knob, the growers can select the right light intensity for germination, vegetative, seedling or flower stage. 

#6. KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights

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Similar to the BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000, KingLED Newest 1000w LED grow light is also the right choice for growing indoor hydroponic plants in 3×3 tents. 

Several LEDs with different colors including red, white, warm white, blue and infrared create the full spectrum that is suitable for three stages of growing plants (germination stage, flowering stage, and fruiting stage). There are two buttons (veg and bloom) controlling the light. The veg mood is suitable for the germination stage, the bloom mood is suitable for the flowering stage, and turning on both two moods is suitable for the fruiting stage. 

The modern LEDs applied energy-saving technology can emit the spectrum whose intensity is similar to 400W HPS/MH while consuming only 145W. This means that the growers can save more than 60% power cost if using KingLED Newest 1000w instead of traditional 400W HPS/MH. 

The cooling system is structured from two parts: air vents on all sides of the lights and multiple built-in fans on the back. These fans are mute and do not create annoying noises. The system helps to enhance the lifetime of KingLED Newest 1000w.

Considerations when buying the best grow light for 3×3 tent 

Considerations when buying the best grow light for 3x3 tent
Considerations when buying the best grow light for 3×3 tent

There are many types of LED grow lights for 3×3 tents on the market with diverse prices, sizes, shapes, and specifications. Besides, the manufacturers provide different information, and some of them may be incomplete or misleading.

Therefore, the plant growers have to spend a lot of time and effort researching each type in order to look for the most suitable LED grow light for the plants. To help the growers choose the right light in the shortest time, we recommend some criteria for growers to evaluate and make a brilliant decision.

#1. Power draw

Experts advise that each square foot of growing space in a grow tent needs at least 25 Watts LED grow light, which means, theoretically, a 3×3 grow tent requires a LED grow light whose minimum power draw is 225 Watts. 

However, there are currently many new energy-saving LED grow lights appearing in the market. Their power draw is only from 110 Watts to 150 Watts but the light’s intensity is high enough for plants grew in the 3×3 tent. 

#2. Light intensity

In order to choose the right light intensity, the growers should identify clearly the life cycle of plants because in each stage (from germination to harvest), the plants need different light intensities. 

The dimmable LED grow light is the best choice for growing plants in a 3×3 tent. The growers can easily choose the right intensities for each growing stage of plants by rotating the dimmer knob according to the instructions of the manufacturer (the intensity range is from 0% to 100%). Thanks to this, the growers do not have to change another LED grow light when the plants come into the new phase. 

#3. Quality

The better the quality is, the faster the capital recovery will be
The better the quality is, the faster the capital recovery will be

Purchasing a LED grow light to replace traditional light or natural sunlight is an investment, therefore, the quality of the LED grow light is very vital. The better the quality is, the faster the capital recovery will be. 

The growers can assess the quality of the potential LED grow light based on its specification, the heat dissipation system, the technology of producing the LED chips, and the lifespan of the LED grow light. 

#4. Price

The price of LED grow light is becoming cheaper and cheaper thanks to the development of new technologies. Currently, the average price of a LED grow light that is suitable for a 3×3 tent is only $100-$200. Thanks to this price, more and more growers are replacing traditional grow lights with LED grow lights. 

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#5. Warranty

The errors of electrical equipment is not rare, therefore a good policy of warranty is highly essential. Some errors of LED grow lights may be the mute built-in fans for heat dissipation create annoying noise, the lights go out…

We advise the growers to read carefully the policy of warranty before purchasing the LED grow lights. The warranty period is regularly between 3 and 5 years depending on the brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many lumens does a 3×3 grow tent need?

The sun puts 10,000 lumens per square foot. The area of a 3×3 grow tent is 9 square foot. As a result, theoretically, in order to provide the spectrum that is most similar to natural sunlight for a 3×3 grow tent, the LED grow light must produce 10,000 x 9 = 90,000 lumens. 

However, the optimal number of lumens for growing is 7000 to 7500 lumens per square foot. Therefore, the 3×3 grow tent needs from 63,000 to 67,500 lumens. 

What do I need for a 3×3 grow tent?

It is challenged for new growers to determine what is necessary for a 3×3 grow tent. But don’t worry because here are some instructions to design a practice but attractive 3×3 grow tent. 

  • Choose the most suitable LED grow light for your 3×3 grow tent. Please see our Top 6 best LED grow lights for a 3×3 tent.
  • Purchase accessories for 3×3 grow tent: 
    • Inline duct fans: for ventilation, a 3×3 grow tents requires from 130 to 190 CFM
    • Carbon filter: for controlling the smell of plants, 4″ carbon filter is right choice for 3×3 grow tent
    • Dehumidifier: for absorbing moisture

How many plants can I grow with a 600w LED light?

A 600w LED grow light is regularly suitable for the 3×3 grow tent whose area is 9 square foot. Generally, each small plant after germination needs at least 1 square feet. This means that the growers can put 9 small plants under the coverage of 600w LED grow light. 

However, the plants are growing day by day; and in the flowering stage, each plant needs at least 2 square foot, some large plants need the whole 9 square foot; which means the 600w LED light can cover from 1 to 4 plants in the flowering stage based on the size of the plants. If the growers put 9 small plants after germination, plant maturation can be affected due to insufficient growing space and growers must move at least 5 plants from the 3×3 tent to another tent in the flowering stage. 

We suggest the growers research about the characteristics of the plants, specially the size of the plants, before deciding the number of plants. 

How far should a 600 watt light be from plants?

According to the experts, the optimal height from the top of plants to the 600 Watt grow light is between 30 – 38 inches. Following the growth of plants, the growers have to move the light in order to ensure the optimal distance. 

We recommend that the growers should experience some distances in order to find out the best one for their plants. It is better to start from the highest point.  

Do grow lights raise electric bills?

In today’s competitive market, the efficiency and efficacy of LED grow light are higher and higher thanks to the development of technology. The average power rate of our Top 6 LED grow light for 3×3 tent is 150 Watt, which means a LED grow light consumes 108 kWh per month (30 days). In case the price of electricity in the US is 12.83 cents ($0.1283) per kWh, the grower has to pay about $13,85 as electricity cost for the LED grow light. 


We hope that the Top 6 best LED grow lights for 3×3 tent are helpful for both beginners and senior growers that want to replace the traditional grow light. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.