Best lamp for vanity table: Top 7 ideal choice lighting for makeup

When it comes to applying makeup, proper lighting is essential. The perfect lighting will eliminate any shadows on your skin, allowing you to apply your makeup easily and evenly.

The best lamp for vanity table is one that allows you to see exactly what you’re doing without casting harsh shadows on your skin. It should also have a light that replicates the appearance of natural light. That way, you may be certain that your makeup colors will look excellent when you walk outside.

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Ralbay 6 Lights LED Modern Vanity Wall Light Over Mirror4.9See Latest Price
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Ralbay Modern Black Bathroom Vanity Lighting4.8See Latest Price
ViLSOM Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit4.7See Latest Price
ZUZITO LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Cool White 6000K4.6See Latest Price
Pretmess Lighting Fixture Strip for Makeup Vanity Table4.6See Latest Price

What is the best vanity lighting?

Makeup artists frequently emphasize the significance of lighting while doing makeup. Some experts in the entertainment business may emphasize the significance of makeup lighting, even going so far as to argue that lighting is more essential than the makeup itself.

To apply makeup at your vanity, you have two lighting options: natural and artificial.

  • Natural lighting

Ask any cosmetic professional, and we’re sure that the majority, if not all, would swear by natural lighting while applying makeup!

Because there is no chance of distortion produced by unusual light bulbs, your makeup will appear precisely the same when you leave the home as it did when you applied it. There will be no nasty surprises.

When it comes to situating your new cosmetics vanity, relying on natural light is a better alternative in larger bedrooms where you aren’t constrained by the room’s existing arrangement.

However, there is a downside to purchasing a cosmetic vanity that does not include any sort of artificial lighting. When the sun goes down and you need to get ready to go out, you’ll be left in the dark literally. Worse, you’ll be forced to rely on that glaring yellow overhead light.

  • Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting can make or break your makeup routine, which is why it’s critical to understand which types of light to use and which to avoid at all costs (don’t worry: we’re going to reveal the secret in this post).

A cosmetics vanity with lights is a safer choice in compact spaces if you don’t have many alternatives for choosing a spot for your new table.

Even if you have access to a huge window, we believe that a cosmetic vanity with lighting is a preferable option. It will allow you to beautifully apply your makeup anytime you need to get ready in the evening, but nothing prevents you from using natural light during the day.

Review the 7 best lamps for vanity table

#1. LPHUMEX Hollywood Style Vanity Makeup Light

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If you’ve always desired a Hollywood-style vanity but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one, here is the place to be.

These led vanity mirror lights can help you get that appearance for close to nothing. These cosmetic mirror lights are completely waterproof. Choose thoughtfully where you want your lights, whether it’s for a living room, bathroom mirror-front illumination, a mural, a vanity table, or an art exhibit.

While the adhesive bulbs mentioned above are simple to install and very adjustable, if you have a smaller mirror, a strip light like this one could be a better option. Because of their thin nature, these lights may be placed on the very edge of your mirror and can even be bent to fit on a round or oval mirror.

This 10-foot LED light strip emits a white light that reviewers praise for cosmetic applications. Indeed, this is one of the primary reasons why over 17,000 Amazon reviewers have purchased these makeup lights.

#2. Ralbay 6 Lights LED Modern Vanity Wall Light Over Mirror

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The lamp with a high-quality black metal frame design, sophisticated sealing technology, and electroplating workmanship, dustproof, anti-fog, anti-corrosion, and moisture-proof, suited for damp environments, will firmly meet all of your needs. Besides, the acrylic lampshade is robust, durable, and indestructible. Its luminosity is consistent and glare-free, providing you with the pleasant experience you want.

Furthermore, it employs LED technology, which saves up to 80% of the energy used by traditional lights and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. When you possess this lamp, you may use it without fear of wasting power or it breaking down fast.

#3. Bonlux LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror Light

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Because this lamp is completed in mirror polished stainless steel with an acrylic shade, it will provide a modern and glossy aspect to your space if you possess one.

Furthermore, the LED cosmetics light is powered by continuous current and coated in acrylic, so it is flicker-free and glare-free, reducing eye strain from flickering and glare and boosting the area’s shine.

Therefore, this modern vanity lamp is not only the perfect choice for your home but also widely applied to many places such as the office, workplace, restaurant, hotel reception, art gallery, dressing room, bedroom, hallway, stairs, etc.

So, what are you waiting for if you don’t get one right away?

#4.  Ralbay Modern Black Bathroom Vanity Lighting

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This lamp has a basic style, yet it is nevertheless elegant and dignified. It has a length of up to 32.6in and a color temperature of 4000K, as well as being IP44 Waterproof and CE approved for LED power driver. As a result, it is suited for a wide range of applications, making it an excellent Multi-Purpose Light ideal for restrooms, vanities, mirror cabinets, vanities, and art galleries.

Furthermore, the lamp’s durability has been evaluated. Because they are composed of high-quality materials, these LEDs are intended to produce light for up to 50,000 hours.

Finally, this led vanity light is stunning, bright, and stylish! It’s ideal for your vanity mirror! The ideal answer for your quest to improve the lighting on your make-up table.

#5. ViLSOM Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

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This is the ViLSOM LED light, which promises to improve your cosmetic experience. The light strip has 240 LED beads and can give a greater illumination area, virtually simulating natural and gentle sunshine. It provides a gentle glow and color-correct illumination to help with the cosmetics application process.

The vanity light bulbs can be mounted directly to the mirror in minutes, and users may turn on the lights by plugging it into a 12V power source.

There is also a smart switch that allows you to change the brightness to match your own needs and preferences. The kit is 13ft long in total, so it will fit virtually any standard-sized mirror. ViLSOM is without a doubt the greatest cosmetic vanity lighting. It is appropriate for dressing rooms, windowsills, and wall usage, among other things.

#6.  ZUZITO LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Cool White 6000K

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This ZUZITO LED Vanity Lamp, like the modern black Ralbay bathroom vanity light we mentioned above, has a modern and minimalistic thin design and is similarly elegant. The difference between this ZUZITO lamp and others is that it does not have a metal plate encircling it. As a result, the whole lamp body is lit.

The light from the lamp, on the other hand, does not produce glare for users. As a result, the color temperature of the light might reach 6000k. Suitable for use as a bathroom light, cabinet adornment, or wall light. Ideally suited for make-up and changing rooms.

Furthermore, the lamp is made of brushed Satin Nickel stainless steel and matte white acrylic. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about the lamp’s endurance and durability. It is completely worth the money you paid for it.

#7. Pretmess Lighting Fixture Strip for Makeup Vanity Table

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This cosmetics lighting comes with three color settings to accommodate a variety of applications and needs. It has natural and pleasant lighting. There are ten LED lights that can provide adequate light for you to do your makeup even in low-light conditions. The brightness may be changed to one of five settings.

These lights consume very little electricity and can also be charged over USB for low-power support. To provide the highest consumer pleasure, if users are dissatisfied with the product’s quality, they are guaranteed their money back within 30 days.

Lighting requirements for applying a makeup

Necessary and sufficient conditions of light for makeup include:

Lighting requirements for applying a makeup
Lighting requirements for applying a makeup

#1. Lumens

Lumens are the most important aspect in evaluating if you have the finest makeup lighting. Lumens are the units of measurement for the quantity of light emitted by a bulb or fixture. When all light bulbs were incandescent, brightness was measured in watts. We’d see a 60-watt bulb and know how much light it would provide.

As time passed and lighting technology advanced, fluorescent, halogen, and finally LED bulbs were introduced. We discovered that each of these alternative bulb selections generated varying quantities of light (lumens) while using the same number of watts. This is why, when it comes to energy savings, we just look at watts, whereas lumens will be the measurement for how much light we can anticipate from that bulb or fixture.

#2. Color Temperature & Color light

Color temperature is measured using the Kelvin scale. Every bulb sold will state the color temperature it will produce right on the box. These colors vary from warm (yellow in color) to cold (blue in color).

Before proceeding, it is a good idea to learn about the Kelvin color temperature scale so that you have complete knowledge since choosing the appropriate color is also crucial.

The finest cosmetics lighting will most likely have a temperature of at least 5000k. This will more nearly resemble the earlier described natural light effect. What effect does this have on your lighting shopping? You should limit your search to light fixtures that come with at least 5000k bulbs or can be changed with the bulb of your choosing.

Concerning the color light: The optimum color light for cosmetics is neither chilly nor warm, but simply white. We strongly advise against using colored or fluorescent lighting. They may jeopardize the ultimate outcome of your makeup by displaying different colors and hues than what you’ll notice when you’re no longer seated near those lights.

The yellow light may make you seem weary and sickly, prompting you to overuse your powder, concealer, and foundation to hide it.

Pink light, on the other hand, might have the opposite effect, preventing you from noticing regions that require more attention.

And finally, fluorescent light highlights even the smallest of flaws, resulting in overapplication of foundation and blush that looks dreadfully out of place as you move away from your illuminated mirror.

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#3. Shadow Problem

When you consider natural lighting, you will see that it covers you uniformly and without dark areas. We aim to replicate that look in your bathroom or wherever you apply cosmetics on a daily basis.

One of the issues we have with some light fixtures or vanity lighting is that the light source is frequently immediately in front of you. That is useful for putting cosmetics to the tip of your nose. However, this is not so nice when you notice shadows on the sides of your cheeks.

When planning your makeup lighting project or selecting which fixture to buy, you should definitely consider something that will give lighting at broader angles and, if feasible, surround you.

If you are installing lighting in your bathroom, make sure that your entire bathroom lighting project is focused on ideal makeup illumination. If you begin by selecting and installing the appropriate recessed lighting, the shadow problem will most certainly be alleviated.

If you want to purchase a cosmetic lighting fixture that will sit on a table in your bedroom, for example, the fixture you select is critical. Most bedrooms have relatively inadequate illumination, typically consisting of only a few table lights. If you buy a cosmetic application fixture, you should get one that is as broad as possible to avoid these shadows.

Which is the best light bulb for a vanity table?

Best light bulb for a vanity table
Best light bulb for a vanity table

LED light bulbs with a CRI of 90 or above are the best option for cosmetic vanity lighting. You’ve undoubtedly observed that colors seem uneven under various types of light sources, which is due to CRI variations.

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and relates to the capacity of a light bulb to display multiple colors: a CRI of 90-100 is the closest you can come to a sunshine impression.

As a result, the moral of the tale is to select a cosmetic vanity with lights that use white LED bulbs with a CRI of 90 or above.

If possible, position it in front of a window so that you may benefit from natural light during the day while feeling like a Hollywood star at night!

How to choose the best lamp for a vanity table?

Try to imagine it. When you put on your cosmetics in the morning, you believe you look amazing.

However, later in the day, you check your makeup in the mirror of your vehicle visor only to find that your foundation is cakey and your eyeshadow colors are all incorrect for your skin? This typical issue is entirely due to poor illumination.

If your vanity table lighting isn’t bright enough or an incorrect hue, it can cause a slew of issues with your makeup. Choosing a beauty lamp made particularly for doing makeup is the greatest method to ensure that you appear attractive in natural light.

Instead of a standard lamp, you could want to opt for an illuminated mirror. These mirrors are a cross between a table light and a table mirror. In the middle, there is generally a mirror surrounded by light bulbs. This creates soft, even illumination for the skin, making it simple to apply makeup flawlessly.

If you prefer a simple table lamp to a lit mirror, search for one with light bulbs arranged in a circle or ring. This will assist to guarantee that your face is lit equally from all angles, minimizing shadows to the greatest extent feasible.

If there is an equal quantity of light coming from above and below your face, you are unlikely to get severe shadows. This might result in a more equal application of makeup.

The bulbs you use in your lamps are almost as essential as the lamps themselves. Look for full-spectrum or daylight bulbs. These light bulbs are specifically intended to mimic the appearance of natural sunshine.

How to choose the best lamp for a vanity table?
How to choose the best lamp for a vanity table?

You won’t have to worry about your makeup looking different outside than it does in your bathroom if you use daylight lights. Instead, no matter where you travel, you may receive consistent outcomes.

The finest vanity table light will illuminate your face from every aspect, eliminating harsh shadows. At the same time, it will give natural-looking light that is as near to actual daylight as possible.

This will assist in guarantee that the colors of your makeup appear beautiful outside of your bathroom and not only in it. Otherwise, you could notice that your makeup appears completely different when you step outdoors than it did when you initially applied it.

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Best place to put a vanity table

  • If you’ve opted to use natural light, the placement of your cosmetic vanity is critical! When using natural light, the ideal spot to situate a cosmetic vanity is in front of a window so that you can get it from all sides.
  • If you place your makeup vanity against the window or on either side of it, you will receive shadows on your face, resulting in inconsistent effects.
  • If you intend to use artificial light, the position is less important, especially if you have a tiny space or wish to add it to a windowless walk-in closet.
  • However, if you have the option of situating your cosmetic vanity with lights in front of a window, we recommend doing so that you may use either.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is warm white or cool white better for makeup?

When doing makeup for a night at the movies or a candle-lit supper, we recommend utilizing warm white lighting. The ‘Daylight’ color temperature is ideal for doing makeup before going out for the day or having lunch with friends. The color temperature of ‘cool white’ is most suited for a day spent in the workplace or school.

Are LED lights good for bathroom vanity?

They are, indeed. They will provide a sleek and modern style to any bathroom. They are completely waterproof and take up very little room. They’re great for adding mood lighting or using instead of the main lights at night. Select bulbs or LED lights that generate light that is as near white as possible—and be sure to select bulbs with a high CRI (about 90-100) for the most realistic colors. Bulbs in the 2700K – 3000K’soft white’ range are especially suitable for regular bathroom use and cosmetics application in particular.

How many watts should a vanity light be?

There is no hard and fast rule for determining how much light output you require from each bulb. However, 75 to 100 watts per bulb is a reasonable starting point. It also depends on your goal. As an example:

That should be approximately 60 watts for a space with enough natural light. Balance the 60-watt desk light with ambient overhead lighting in a space with few or no windows, or increase the amount to 75 watts.

Should vanity light hang over the mirror?

Yes. Because vanity lights are primarily meant for task lighting, they should be positioned properly to illuminate the head and face evenly and eliminate any shadows that may hamper operations such as shaving or cosmetics application. In many situations, this will imply suspending the light over the mirror. Some areas, however, may be better suited to single- or double-light bathroom vanity sconces. If your mirror is narrow enough, two sconces positioned at the correct height on either side of the mirror will provide equal illumination over your face.

Should bathroom vanity lights face up or down?

In the bathroom, you’ll need both ambient and task lighting. As a result, vanity lights with shades pointing up offer ambient light, while those with shades pointed down provide task light.

You should also be aware that the light bounces off the ceiling and walls, increasing the total lighting in the space. Vanity lights should be hung 78 inches above the floor, regardless of the direction they are hung.


We hope this post provided you with some information on vanity lighting. You may then select the best lamp for vanity table that suits your needs, allowing you to boldly show off your individuality with immaculate makeup. If you have any further questions, please post them in the comments area at the bottom of this page, and we will try our best to respond. Thank you for reading!