Top 8 Best Kitchen Lights for Low Ceiling: Expert Picks in 2023

We realize how having low ceilings makes using traditional lighting solutions like chandeliers or pendant lights problematic. Because the average ceiling height in a home is 8 feet, many of us do not live in homes with extremely high ceilings.

So, in this post, we’ll go through the best kitchen lights for low ceilings. When these lighting fixtures are added to the rooms, they provide a feeling of height and make the space appear larger and more expansive.

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Ensenior Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light4.9See Latest Price
EDVIVI Adjustable Ceiling Light with Crystal Drum Shade4.9See Latest Price
Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting4.8See Latest Price
Lunabode LED 15-Inch Double Ring Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light4.8See Latest Price
Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting4.7 See Latest Price
VICNIE Flush Mount Light Fixture4.6See Latest Price
DINGLILIGHTING Modern Dimmable Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture with Remote4.6See Latest Price
VICNIE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light4.5 See Latest Price

Review 8 Best kitchen lights for low ceiling

#1. Ensenior Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

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Recessed lighting is one of the best options for kitchens with low ceilings because it takes up no additional space. This irreplaceable LED recessed light requires only 2 inches of ceiling space and fits a variety of ceilings and joists. Typically, you’ll want to evenly space your recessed lights for this minimalist lighting option. Another common practice is to place recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room.

As a result, this light’s 80+CRI technology provides true color rendering to your home. The 6-inch slim lights use a new generation of LED chips that produce more lumens while consuming less power. The 1050LM uses 12 watts, which is equivalent to a 110-watt incandescent lamp, saving you up to 88 percent on energy costs. Anti-glare and scratch-resistant frosted LED lens.

Now, the recessed can is no longer a constraint on your options.

#2. EDVIVI Adjustable Ceiling Light with Crystal Drum Shade

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If you have a breakfast nook, consider hanging a chandelier above it. But not just any chandelier—try a modern model like this one. The 4-Light crystal chandelier design creates a soft glow of light in the room. This makes the space feel cozier and adds a stylish touch. It also comes with a chain that is 39 inches long and adjustable. It can be shortened by removing some links, making it suitable for almost any ceiling height or room size.

Hang a contemporary chandelier and add some floor pillows to a corner of your living room to create a cozy conversation area with perfect downlighting.

Furthermore, this crystal chandelier also includes three rows of cascading hanging crystal pendants, a crystal-encrusted drum shade, and a chrome finish. This complements the overall aesthetic of your home and provides an artistic touch as well as beautiful illumination.

#3. Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

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In any case, avoid using any type of hanging light fixture in a room with a low ceiling. Flush-mounted lights, on the other hand, are typically used to add ambient light in dark spaces.

This LED ceiling light has a CRI90+ rating, which allows the light to render colors that are truer to the original and true color of the object. As a result, the lighting is more accurate and vivid than other lighting options.

This ceiling light should be chosen because geometric designs are a particularly nice choice because their minimalistic design is unobtrusive and will cast more lighting around the space. Another reason we recommend this lamp is that it has a low profile at 7.5″ wide and 1.2″ height, as well as a Rustproof treated white finish that complements a variety of home styles. As a result, it’s ideal for your kitchen.

#4. Lunabode LED 15-Inch Double Ring Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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Choosing lights that stay close to the ceiling, such as flush mount ceiling lights, is one of the best ways to open up a kitchen with low ceilings. For a contemporary look, you can choose modern low-profile lights, such as circular flush mount fixtures with metallic accents that match the rest of your furniture. A telling example is the Lunabode LED 15-Inch Double Ring Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light.

This LED flush mount ceiling light provides uniform illumination without flicker or noise, reducing stress caused by traditional lighting’s harsh glare. Simultaneously, it is compatible with a wide range of name-brand dimmers and has 10-100 percent smooth dimming to create a pleasant living environment in your home, particularly in the kitchen. To ensure adequate lighting for your space, arrange several lights in a line.

#5. Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

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When it comes to LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, it is impossible not to mention the LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting of the Youtob brand. The reason for this is that the Youtob Super Bright LED Downlight has a high light output of 1100 lumens and a color temperature of 3000k. It is significantly brighter than most other ceiling lights of this size.

 In addition to brightness, we are often interested in whether the design configuration is beautiful and appropriate for the aesthetics of the house in general, as well as the kitchen in particular when purchasing a kitchen light for a low ceiling. As a result, this kitchen lamp proves its worth yet again. Its Smooth and large Gloss design, with Dimensions: 8.7 * 8.7 * 0.65 inches, not only makes the light even and wide but also gives it a modern and luxurious feel.

#6. VICNIE Flush Mount Light Fixture

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VICNIE’s LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is also among the best kitchen lights for low ceilings. The reason for this is that the VICNIE Flush Mount Light Fixture has 1100 lumens and a 3000K Warm White color temperature that is dimmable from 10% to 100%. It is much brighter than most other ceiling lights of the same size, thanks to its 120-degree wide beam angle and compatibility with most standard dimmers.

At the same time, by replacing your 100W incandescent with a VICNIE 15W LED recessed ceiling light, you can save more than 75% on your electricity bill. Furthermore, the lifespan of this kitchen light is extremely long, lasting up to 50,000 hours.

Furthermore, it has a lovely design configuration and is appropriate for the overall aesthetic of the house, as well as the kitchen in particular. It adds a dreamy and warm feeling to your kitchen with a simple design that includes a layer of metal pattern on the outside when lighting.

#7. DINGLILIGHTING Modern Dimmable Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture with Remote

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Another choice for flush mount light is modernly dimmable led flush mount ceiling light fixture with a remote from DINGLILIGHTING brand. This kitchen lamp has a similar shape to the products mentioned above. It is made of aluminum and has a round shape with a diameter of 13″x1.7″.

The ultra-thin low-pressure lamp’s design makes the room appear very spacious and modern. Ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, closet, kitchen, basement, office, hotel, shop, hallway, and stairs, among other places.

The unique feature of this light is that you can use the remote control to adjust the brightness and 3 color temperatures to match your mood: Warm white 3000k, neutral white 4000k, and cold white 6000k. However, it does not have a memory function and does not operate on a battery.

Moreover, when you replace the halogen lamp with this kitchen light, you can save more than 80% on your electricity bill.

#8. VICNIE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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This is another Flush Mount Light product from the VICNIE brand. Its design and features are very similar to those of the previously mentioned VICNIE Flush Mount Light Fixture. This lamp has a simple design with a layer of white metal pattern on the outside that, when illuminated, adds a poetic and warm feeling to your kitchen.

This recessed LED, like previous VICNIE lamps, has a CRI80+ rating. This allows the light to appear closer to the subject’s true and original colors, producing more accurate and vivid light than other lighting options. Furthermore, it is dimmable from 10% to 100% and is compatible with most standard dimmers.

When you replace your 125W incandescent with VICNIE 20W LED recessed ceiling lights, you can save more than 75% on your electricity bill. This kitchen light has an extremely long lifespan, lasting up to 50,000 hours. The size of this ceiling light is 14 inches, which is 2 inches larger than the VICNIE Flush Mount Light Fixture.

Ideal types of kitchen light for low ceiling

provide additional task lighting
provide additional task lighting

#1. Recessed light

Recessed lighting is ideal for a kitchen with low ceilings since it does not take up any more space than necessary. Arrange the lights so that they are equally spaced. You may also place them around the edge of the room. It will appear well-put-together and will brighten everything for you.

Recessed lighting brightens the environment and simulates daylight. They are superior to the clumsy can lighting of the 1990s because they are seamless. The impact of the lights is what you notice, not their size.

Choose kits that have a four-inch diameter but a long beam span. Then, using a grid design, space them out every four feet. The production is quite important. It gives the impression that natural light is flooding into the kitchen when it actually isn’t.

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#2. Flush-mounted light

In any case, avoid employing any sort of hanging light fixture in a room with a low ceiling. Flush-mounted lights are commonly used to provide ambient lighting in gloomy areas. Choose fixtures with faceted shades or deal-sized tile light bulbs to cast more light across the area.

The multiple-lighted flush mount fixture is another form of flush-mounted light. Multiple-light flush mount lights are an excellent choice to spread light around the space with a single lamp. This model appears cool and ancient, yet its design is ageless. Flush mounts are an excellent source of ambient lighting.

With this type of lighting, even the darkest kitchens will have a bright and cheery environment. Sure, many of us recall antiquated “boob lights,” but these fixtures have gone a long way since then. Look for a light fixture with a faceted shade. The bigger glass panes do a better job of projecting light around the space.

#3. Mini pendant light

Hanging pendant lights from the ceiling may make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Pendants and chandeliers, however, cannot be put in the middle of any space with a low ceiling due to height restrictions. If you hang it too near to the floor, you risk knocking it over and shattering or destroying your lamp.

Mini pendants or slide fixtures are ideal for this since they can be hung on a short cable or pole and take up less area, allowing you to create an accent feature while avoiding gloomy corners. But, once again, keep them away from the kitchen’s pedestrian routes.

Mini pendant light
Mini pendant light

#4. Track light

Track lighting may be an excellent option for a low ceiling in a kitchen or other setting, and LED lights provide enough lighting while consuming little energy. Directed spotlighting can give enough light by directing it to the appropriate areas, such as the walls and ceiling.

#5. Wall Sconce

Installing wall lights eliminates the need to install and maintain a slew of ceiling lights that draw attention to your low ceiling. Wall sconces can be used anyplace when extra job illumination is required.

Consider the kitchen sink, a sconce on a wall over a kitchen bar, or near a dining table, for example. These are simple and straightforward to install with the assistance of an electrician. It’s an easy technique to increase lighting when there isn’t enough owing to low ceiling lighting. They also add a pleasing symmetry to your decor.

If you don’t want to employ an electrician, you may also go for plug-in wall lights. Appear for ones with a styled cable so they look nice when connected to your outlets. This will look excellent in almost every kitchen you can think of.

#6. LED strip light

LED strip lights should be used to line the ceiling trim. It not only adds lighting where it is needed, but it also adds architectural value to your decor.

#7. Floor lamp

Another option in this circumstance is to produce uplighting from floor lamps. You may do this by utilizing a handful of eye-catching floor lights that shine upwards onto your ceiling and walls.

However, you should avoid using one that points downward. Look for one with a semi-transparent shade that diffuses light in all directions. It’s excellent since it creates a comfortable atmosphere in the space.

#8. Table lamp

In the kitchen, table lamps provide additional task lighting. Place lamps near areas where people use them to see what they’re doing, such as near a dining table or near a cooking area. You can use as many as you have counter space for.

Things to consider when buying kitchen lights for low ceiling

Things to consider when buying kitchen lights for low ceiling
Things to consider when buying kitchen lights for low ceiling

#1. Lighting type

General-purpose ambient lighting is provided by overhead and ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for focused task lighting, such as when cooking. Accent lighting comes in a variety of forms, including LED tape lighting, which can be used in virtually limitless kitchen applications. Let’s take a closer look at each type of kitchen lighting.

Ambient lighting, also known as general kitchen lighting, is typically mounted to the ceiling and used to bathe the room in light. This is essential in every kitchen and transforms spaces from dark caverns to warm hearts. Chandeliers, pendants, lanterns, linear chandeliers, and recessed can lighting are examples of fixtures that can be used to provide ambient kitchen lighting.

An ambient lighting fixture that hangs close to the ceiling is an excellent choice for a small kitchen or one with a low ceiling. A flush ceiling light is flush with the ceiling, whereas a semi flush ceiling light is slightly lower. Larger fixtures, such as chandeliers and large pendants, may be appropriate if you have more space to work with or a larger area to illuminate.

All of these ambient light fixtures are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes to ensure the best fit for your kitchen.

#2. Brightness & color temperature

Under-cabinet lighting comes in a variety of styles, including all-in-one linear, modular linear with power connected from one fixture to another via a process known as daisy chaining, surface mount puck, recessed mount puck, and LED tape.

If you’re adding under-cabinet lighting to an already finished kitchen, surface mount fixtures are the easiest to install. Modular linear fixtures are simple to install and expand.

While under-cabinet lighting is most commonly used to provide focused and useful task lighting beneath a cabinet, assisting people with tasks such as cutting and preparing food, it can also be used above a cabinet to cast an interesting glow on the ceiling. Under-cabinet lighting, particularly puck styles, can also be used to illuminate glass-front cabinets displaying artful but rarely used items.

Another option for under-cabinet lighting is to use LED tape lighting at the toe kick to create a subtle yet useful light, which is especially useful when going into the kitchen for late-night snacks and only needs a little light.

LED tape is so adaptable that it can be used for a variety of kitchen lighting tasks. It can bend at 45-degree angles, is waterproof, adheres to almost any surface, and is simple to install. There is even LED tape that can change colors on command. Your imagination is the only limit.

There are a few different types of fixtures that can be used on a kitchen island. While pendants are the most common option, mini chandeliers can be used to create an elegant and sparkling effect in that space. Above an island or table, linear island fixtures can be used. Some island fixtures, like track lighting, even have independently adjustable light sources!

Track light
Track light

In many kitchen areas, sconces can provide useful and stylish accent and decorative lighting. They are typically installed in pairs beside a sink, in a pass-through, or above an area that requires more focused task lighting, such as a food prep area. Adjustable neck sconces are ideal for the kitchen because they can be moved to exactly where they are needed at any given time.

Sconces can also be used for accent lighting, directing light to objects and details in your kitchen that you want to highlight, or you can choose sconces primarily for their decorative appearance.

Do you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with your ambient lighting? Use bulbs with a warm white color temperature on the Lighting Facts label, or look for the color temperature in the fixture’s specifications if the LED lights are integrated. You can also use a dimmer to fine-tune the color temperature of the light at any time. It should be noted that LED lights and incandescent dimmers do not mix well, so if you want to dim LED bulbs, use an LED-compatible dimmer.

#3. Size & Design

Measure the length and width of the room you want to light with a single fixture for kitchen ambient lighting. Then, by adding them together, convert this number to inches. That figure represents the ideal width of the fixture.

For an 8’x10′ room, for example, an 18″ wide fixture would be ideal. The standard height for hanging a chandelier in ambient use is 7 feet, but this can be adjusted for your home based on the size of the fixture, ceiling heights, occupant heights, and so on.

Recessed can lighting should be installed directly over the corners of the countertops and spaced approximately 3 feet apart. For the best beam spread, 6-inch cans are recommended. The smaller the can, the closer they must be together, requiring more holes in your ceiling and more fixtures. If your kitchen ceiling is white, use white recessed can trim to make it appear as if the cans have vanished into the ceiling.

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Measure the width or diameter of your table if you’re using a chandelier or a single large pendant above a kitchen island or table. Then look for lights that are between two-thirds and three-quarters of that width or diameter. Keep in mind that a fixture with a busy or complex design will appear larger, so if that’s what catches your eye, reduce your maximum width slightly.

If your ceilings are 8 feet high, the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30 and 36 inches above the tabletop. However, if your ceilings are higher, add 3 inches above the table for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Start with 28-34 inches above the table as a rough guideline for hanging pendants above a kitchen island or table, but make sure to consider the sightlines of the people in the room so that no one hits their head or gets glare in their eyes on the pendant.

A pendant light should be installed every 2 feet or so above a kitchen island. While many people choose identical pendants and hang them at the same height, some eclectic kitchens make excellent use of varying pendants or pendants hung at different heights.

If you want to add scones to your kitchen, keep in mind that the smaller the sconce, the closer you will be to whatever the sconce is lighting. If the sconces have them, place the bottom edges of the shades a little below eye level. So, you should consider eye level when it comes to reducing glare. ADA-compliant sconces are limited to 4 inches from the surface, which is ideal for narrow or small spaces.

Consider the size of the fixture as well as its placement when installing under-cabinet lighting. If you sit in the light’s line of sight, installing under-cabinet lights in the back of the cabinet may cause glare. If you have reflective countertops and backsplashes, mounting in front may cause glare. Keep the specifics of your kitchen in mind.

If you’re thinking about installing lighting above your stove, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Because stoves produce a lot of heat and can splatter grease or oil, hanging a pendant is not the best solution. If you insist, however, you must hang it at least 30″ above the stove and ideally 30″ to 40″. Consider the heights of the people in your home and ensure that the tallest person does not hit their head on the pendant while standing at the stove.

Other alternatives to pendants for above-the-stove lighting include vent hoods with integrated lights, under-cabinet lights mounted in cabinets above the stove, adjustable recessed light fixtures on the ceiling, and track lighting.

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Some lighting ideas for your low ceiling kitchen

Some lighting ideas for your low ceiling kitchen
Some lighting ideas for your low ceiling kitchen

#1. Natural lighting

In a low-ceilinged room, create a breakfast nook by hanging a single pendant light above a dining table. Maintain a natural aesthetic by using a neutral pendant, selecting wooden accents for the table and chairs, and allowing plenty of natural light through unadorned windows.

There are so many options for low ceiling rooms that you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements. Semi-flush mount fixtures are always a good choice, but recessed lights, ceiling fans, and pendants are also good options. You can even combine several to achieve perfect layered lighting.

Besides, clear glass lights create the illusion of more space and an open-air feeling. It’s ideal for rooms with lots of windows because it makes the kitchen appear larger than it is.

One home design trick is to include a lot of glass, such as glass doors, when contractors are building a low ceiling. The reason for this is that it creates the illusion of space and diverts attention away from the ceiling.

#2. Lighting in layers

Don’t concentrate all of your attention on a single lighting aspect. Illuminate a dark space with lamps of varying heights and sources. This can help to make the area appear less dark and is a simple method to remodel a room without using too many lights. Designers will occasionally place sources above eye-level at around standing height and around eye-level for sitting individuals. These lights are often table lamps or wall sconces.

Thinking in layers can help you set up the correct lighting in a kitchen with a low ceiling, for example. Because large fixtures and low-hanging pendants cannot be used, numerous layers at varying levels below assist to generate equilibrium.

#3. Create illusion

By arranging three or more pendant lights that cast light across the room, you may give the impression that your ceilings are taller than they are. You may arrange the fittings in a linear pattern and vary their lengths.

This provides you a modern and one-of-a-kind appearance that looks fantastic over your kitchen island. Dimmers are required if you have them above your dining table since they allow you to alter the mood of the light.

#4. Artistic Piece of Lighting

If your ceilings are low, use an artistic piece of lighting. This gives the area a decorative appearance without the need for additional wall hangings or knick-knacks. A lamp with an unusual form or design adds interest to your area and offers your visitors something to speak about.

Lighting fixtures like this one are wonderful because they direct your attention to the artwork. This allows the low ceiling to fade into the background, allowing the attention to be on your stunning and one-of-a-kind lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of lighting is best for low ceilings?

For evenly dispersed ambient light, use a cylindrical semi-flush mount fixture for low ceilings. Add a dimmer to give you even more control over the warmth of the light. Choose low-profile lights if your living room has 7-foot ceilings to create the sense of additional height.

How do you deal with low ceilings?

When lighting a space with low ceilings, aim for an equal distribution of light and eliminate any dark nooks or strong contrast regions. You may assist to draw attention away from the ceiling and emphasize the larger area by utilizing a range of light sources at different heights and levels. You can also focus on flush mount recessed lights and eye-level and below-eye-level lighting layers when lighting a low kitchen ceiling. But, as long as they don’t get in the way, don’t be scared to experiment with hanging lights.

How low should your ceiling light be?

Allow 7 feet of space between the bottom of the fixture and the floor. If your ceiling is 8 feet high, consider a low-profile flush mount to meet the clearance and overall lighting needs of the space. Hang chandeliers or pendants with the bottom at least 6″ higher above the entrance in an open foyer or hallway.

Are LED lights good for the kitchen?

Yes, they are. LED lights are ideal for use in the kitchen since they are low-profile. Because there is already limited room in under cabinet spaces, adding a standard bulb fixture might take up precious space.

Thus, LED lights for kitchens must be selected with care to guarantee that the worktops beneath kitchen cabinets are adequately lighted. LED strip lights or rope lights tucked beneath the cabinet frame are ideal for this situation. LED tapes with tightly spaced LEDs are an excellent choice for a beautiful and bright experience. This will guarantee that the space beneath the cabinet is appropriately illuminated.

How many ceiling lights do I need in my kitchen?

A decent general rule of thumb for positioning is to split the ceiling height by two. As a consequence, the amount of space to leave between each light is determined. For an 8-foot-high ceiling, for example, recessed lighting spacing would be 4 feet between each light. This will provide for adequate space for typical room illumination.


We hope this post has given you some ideas for low ceiling lighting. You can then choose the best kitchen lights for low ceiling to suit your needs, making your kitchen more modern, convenient and shining. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we’ll do our best to answer. Thank you for reading!