Top 6 Best Headlamps for Kids [Top Highly- Recommended 2023]

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when running, cycling, walking, or camping at night without being able to see the road and other things/ people on the road? If you have, so will your children. The most convenient solution to this problem is to buy a headlamp.

In fact, choosing a headlamp for kids is much more difficult than finding one for adults. But, don’t worry, in this article, we will recommend the Top 6 Best Headlamps for Kids, that you can use as a reference before making a decision of buying a headlamp. 

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Shining Buddy LED Headlamp Flashlight4.7See Latest Price
COSOOS Bright Running Headlamp4.6See Latest Price

Should kids use adult headlamps? 

Should kids use adult headlamps
Should kids use adult headlamps

It is possible for children to use the adult headlamps, however, the adult headlamps still have some features that are not suitable for children. For example, the adult headlamps are too big for children to wear or the light of headlamps is so bright that it can dazzle children’s eyes. Therefore, the headlamp for kids is designed to fit children’s heads and make them comfortable.

The headlamps for kids are small enough to fit the kids’ heads so that makes the straps not slip off the children’s face like the adult headlamps. Thanks to the above characteristics, the kids’ foreheads are not carved with some red marks caused by the straps. In addition, if the children wear adult headlamps, they will rapidly get tired of adjusting the straps a lot of times. 

Furthermore, the headlamps for kids are produced much lighter than the adult ones, therefore it is not heavy for the children to wear them. The adult headlamps are only appropriate for children who wear them in a short time; and please remember to ensure that your kids are mature enough to use adult headlights. 

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What are headlamps for kids used for? 

The headlamps for kids have several functions. For each function, the kid headlamps are designed to meet the requirements of the activities that your children do. 

What are headlamps for kids used for
What are headlamps for kids used for

#1. Go camping 

The headlamps are indispensable items for both adults and kids to go overnight outdoor camping. The large beam of headlamps allows kids to see the surroundings clearly. It is brighter and more exciting when wearing the headlamps and sitting around the campfire. Besides, the headlamps for kids are small and slight, which is appropriate for reading books, cooking dishes, and going for a walk in the evening. Do not forget to purchase the headlamps for both your children and you before going camping.  

#2. Do exercise

For the family who has a habit of doing exercise or going for a walk with children in the evening, it is necessary to purchase the headlamps for kids. The headlamps increase the light that helps your children see everything easier. 

#3. Ride a bike/ Go hiking 

There are some headlamps produced for riding a bike or going hiking. The type of headlamp has a focused beam that allows the children to concentrate on a lane they ride or walk. Some types of headlamps can attach on the handlebars of your bicycles, which is more convenient for kids than wearing them.  

#4. Climb a mountain

The headlamps for kids which are specially designed for mountaineering are much more luminous than headlamps for running, doing exercise, or riding. Therefore, this type of headlamp for kids is more expensive than the others. 

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Features to consider when buying the best headlamp for kids

Features to consider when buying headlamp for kids
Features to consider when buying headlamp for kids

There are plenty of types of headlamps for kids on the market with different sizes, light intensity, light distance, bulb types… Each type of headlamp also has different functions that are used for different purposes. Therefore, it is relatively hard for customers to find suitable ones. 

However, don’t worry! Because below is a detailed guideline for you to buy the best headlamp for your kids. 

#1. Size, weight and trap 

The kids cannot wear a heavy headlamp on their heads for a long time. Therefore, the parents should choose a light headlamp for their child. The headlamp whose weight is from 1.5 to 2.5 ounces is suitable for children. Your kids will not be heavily laden with such a light headlamp. 

The size of the headlamps for kids should be small. However, the children grow up very fast, so an adjustable strap is suggested as an economical way for parents so that your children can use the headlamp for from 3 to 5 years. In addition, the adjustable headband can limit the situation that the headlamp leaves red marks on the forehead of your son/ daughter. 

#2. Brightness

The brightness is one of the most important factors that the parents should consider when selecting the headlamp for kids. The light must be bright enough for children to see clearly, but it also must not be too luminous to damage the eyes of your children and other kids. 

As experts suggested, the headlamp for kids should be less than 200 lumens. The range of 50 – 60 lumens is enough for your kids to use when talking with friends or sitting around the campfire. The range of 70 – 80 lumens is also appropriate for doing outdoor activities such as jogging, running, biking… For activities needing much light like reading, the range of 100 – 120 lumens is preferred. 

Because the kids have a lot of indoor and outdoor activities requiring headlamps. Each activity has a different suitable light intensity. Therefore, the parents had better buy changeable headlamps for kids. Thanks to this, they can adjust the brightness of the headlamps for their kids depending on the characteristics of the activity.

Brightness of headlamps for kids
Brightness of headlamps for kids

#3. Beam angle and distance

The beam is also an important factor that you should think about before buying a headlamp for your kid. The narrow beam is not suggested because of its high light intensity concentrated in a location that can cause glare for the user and children around. On the contrary, the wide beam let kids have a broader view.

About the beam distance, the long-distance allows children to see far. However, this distance can make the light not bright enough. Therefore, please check out this specification carefully based on your requirements. 

#4. Bulb type

In terms of bulb type, the LED light is the best choice. Thanks to the development of LED technology, LED light has more and more competitive advantages compared to other bulb type such as long lifespan, less power consumption, various color…

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#5. Water resistance

Outdoor activities cannot avoid abnormal weather such as heavy rain, strong winds, or heavy snow… Therefore, equipping a headlamp with good water resistance will help your kids see the road clearly in case the visibility is reduced due to the above abnormal weather phenomenon.

Moreover, children are often naughty and do not have the ability to manage things as well as adults, so they may drop the lights in the water during play. Waterproof can exert its superior effect in such cases.

In addition to work resistance, snow resistance, impact resistance are also two important features that parents can consider when choosing the best headlamps for kids.

Water-resistant headlamps for kids
Water-resistant headlamps for kids

#6. Battery life

Parents often let children use headlamps for outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, fishing, running, walking… The location of the above outdoor activities is often not easy to charge the battery immediately for the headlamps. Therefore, a headlamp with a large battery capacity, which can be used for a long time, is much more popular.

In addition, many children do not know how to manage things, so they often forget to turn off the lights after using them. Teaching kids to manage things is essential, but parents should also prepare for the case that the battery may run out while the children are playing by buying a headlamp with a large battery capacity.

In theory, the larger battery capacity is better. However, headlamps with a large battery capacity are often more expensive than other types. So, please read the specification of the headlamps carefully and choose the battery capacity that best suits your child’s outdoor activities.

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Review of the 6 Best Headlamp for Kids

Below is our Top 6 Best Headlamps for Kids. Please read our review carefully to find out the most suitable headlamp for your children. 

#1. Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlights 

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The Foxelli USE Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight is an appropriate headlamp for both kids and adults to do outdoor activities such as: go running, go camping and go hiking. The headlamp is very light with only 2.4 ounces, which are suitable for children of all ages.

The adjustable headband also allows the parents to change the length of Foxelli’s headlamp in order to fit the head of their kids. Thanks to the small weight of this headlamp, your kids will not even realize that they are wearing the headlamp on their heads. 

Charging the battery of Foxelli’s headlamp is also very easy via the USB port. You only need to charge for 4 hours and can use the headlamp for 30 hours continuously (in case of low-brightness light). Thanks to this specification, you no longer need to worry when participating in outdoor activities for about 1 to 2 days. However, please be sure to fully charge the battery before you go.

The brightness of Foxelli’s headlamp is 160 lumens and the lighting distance is 200 feet. There are two colors (white and red) with 5 modes of light including low, high, strobe, red light, and red strobe. As a result, you can easily change the intensity and color of the light of your headlamp to suit each activity.

One of the most important reasons why Foxelli’s headlamp is appropriate for outdoor activities is its water resistance. The IPX-5 waterproof protects the headlamp from the water splashed and sprayed water from any direction. In addition, this headlamp also has the ability to be dustproof, windproof, and snowproof. On that account, you can use the Foxelli’s headlamp in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowstorm, or strong wind. Besides, the headlamp will not be broken in case of dropping on the ground thanks to the shockproof.

Foxelli produces the headlamp in seven colors: black, white, blue, forest, khaki, neon pink, and neon yellow. You can choose the favorite color of your kids. The package of this headlamp contains one MX10 LED headlamp, one integrated USE rechargeable 1200 MAH lithium battery, and one USB type-B. You do not have to buy other accessories. 

#2. BLITZU Led Headlamps

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BLITZU Led Headlamp is a smart choice for your whole family (from the kids to the old) to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, biking, hiking, jogging, running, reading… The headlamp’s weight is only 2.2 ounces, which makes kids forget to wear it and focus on their activities.

The stretchy and adjustable headband is comfortable for the small head of your kids. In addition, this headlamp is made from 100% child-friendly materials therefore you do not have to consider the problem of wearing BLITZU’s headlamp affecting your kids’ health.

The BITZU’s headlamp is light and small, which is simple to put in a backpack to take with you on your trip. A full-battery BLITZU Led Headlamp can operate continuously for 45 hours in low mode and 3 hours in high mode thanks to the powerful LED technology. If you go trekking, you should prepare more batteries based on the length of the distance

The headlamp emits a 165-lumen and 300-feet beam, which allows children to see the road clearly from a far distance. There are seven modes of light with various intensities created from two colors white and red. Remember to press and hold the button “ON” to turn on the red light mode. 

The water-resistance of BITZU’s headlamp is designed and manufactured according to certified IPX-5 standards. For that reason, do not worry when using the headlamp in heavy rain weather. 

There are six colors of a headlamp for you to choose from: black, blue, camo, pink, purple, and white. It is enough for you to buy for both girl and boy kids. The headlamp is a wonderful gift for kids at birthday parties, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve…

#3. Vont LED Headlamp

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The Vont LED Headlamp is also one of the best choices for your kids to participate in funny outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, jogging, camping, and running.

The weight of this headlamp is much lower than other headlamps on the market, with only 1.83 ounces; which is appropriate for kids at all ages. Adjustable strap that has a sturdy stretch so your kids can take it for a run or other other vigorous activities without the headband loosening up.

The most special feature of Vont LED Headlamp is its battery capacity is double other headlamps on the current market. This headlamp can constantly emit light in 90 hours. The 3 AAA batteries are also included in the package. However, if your kids’ trip lasts a long time, please buy at least 3 AAA batteries for them for backup. 

The headlamp provides a 200-lumen white 9000K light thanks to the 3-Watt LED bulb. Besides the main light, the headlamp also has two sidelights whose color is red. There are seven light modes with different intensities made from two colors (red and white) including high white, medium white, low white, strobe white, SOS, strobe red and low red.

These seven modes are unique, which become the unique selling point of this headlamp. However, please select the medium white mode for children, because the high white may be too bright to glare at them. 

The water resistance is also the big reason that makes parents like the Vont headlamp. The IPX-5 standard is applied to produce the waterproofing of this headlamp, therefore, the parents can rest assured if your kids use them to play the games using water. The headlamp can also operate after falling into the water and during rainy or snowy weather. 

The Vont LED headlamp only has one type of color (black). Its style is also modern and simple. Therefore, the cool-boy and cool girl children may like this headlamp. 

#4. BROADREAM Kids Toys – Owl LED Headlamp with Elastic Headbands

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The BROADREAM Owl LED headlamp is specially designed for both boy and girl children from 3 to 10 years old. The weight of this headlamp is 4.2 ounces, which is double other headlamps for kids on the market. Therefore, this headlamp should only be used for children to play in a short time.

The BROADREAM headlamp also has an adjustable and comfortable headband, so parents can easily change the size of the headband according to the head of their kids. 

The premium ABS materials, which are child-friendly, are employed to produce the headlamp. Therefore, your kids can use this headlamp with complete peace of mind. There are 3 AAA batteries included in the package of BROADREAM headlamps. With these batteries, the headlamp can operate continuously for 48 hours (as the manufacturer stated). 

The maximum intensity of the BROADREAM headlamps is 260 lumens with four light modes: bright white light with funny sound, only bright white light, strobe white light, and colorful light. The colorful light mode is preferred by many little boys and girls. The funny sound is also a very attractive point for the little ones. 

The owl shape is a highlight of this headlamp, which makes them become different in the market. Thanks to this, the BROADREAM headlamp is not only a usual headlamp but also a funny toy for kids. It is appropriate for small gifts at birthday parties or Christmas. 

#5. Shining Buddy LED Headlamp Flashlight

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Shining Buddy LED Headlamp Flashlight is one of the best headlamps for kids in our Top 6 introduced now. Its lightweight is the first characteristic making this LED headlamp suitable for children. Your sons and daughters cannot notice that they are wearing a 2.6-ounce headlamp on their heads. This makes their outdoor activities more perfect.

In addition, the resistant strap is adjustable; therefore the headlamp fits both children and adults. You can purchase two headlamps to have a pair with your child. 

The package of Shining Buddy Headlamp includes 3 AAA batteries, so you can use the headlamp immediately after buying it. The package also has a backup strap for you to change when the first headband is broken or too old. 

There is one main light at the center of the headlamp and two auxiliary lights at two sides. The center light is 110 lumens white light with two settings: high beam and low beam. The two auxiliary lights also have two settings (red beam and red flash). 

The IPX5 waterproof makes the Shining Buddy Headlamp more durable. The lifespan of this headlamp can be up to 100,000 hours. 

#6. COSOOS Bright Running Headlamp

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COSOOS Bright Running Headlamp is a headlamp with many features, which can be used for both children and adults to participate in outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, dog walking… or indoor activities such as: repairing household items, changing bulbs.

The headlamp weight is only 1.6 ounces, which is very light and appropriate for children to wear. The adjustable headband has a minimum diameter of 14 inches and the maximum diameter of 23.6 inches, which fits both adults and kids. 

The COSOOS headlamp required 1 AA battery, however, the battery is not included in the package; therefore you have to buy and install the battery before using it. Thanks to the IP55 waterproof standard and LED light technology, the longevity of this headlamp may be up to 100,000 hours. 

The headlamp has three LED bulbs: one main light in the middle and two sidelights. There are three settings of lights: normal beam, high beam, and side light up. The maximum brightness of this LED headlamp is 150 lumens, the lighting distance is 100 feet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good brightness for a headlamp?

It is difficult for normal consumers to find out the best brightness of a headlamp because of complicated lists of specifications such as: light output, runtime, beam range, and different brightness modes. Regularly, the lumen range of a headlamp is from 25 to 1400 lumens. However, a brilliant user does not choose the highest-lumens headlamp because he/ she has to consider the purpose of activities to determine which specification (light output, runtime, beam range,…) is the most important. 

For the consumers that use a headlamp for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, or camping, it is recommended that the headlamp whose intensity is at least 300 lumens is appropriate. Normally, the lower-lumen headlamp will have higher runtime. If you have to go outdoors for a long time, the less-lumen one is more suitable. 

For the parents that need a headlamp for kids for reading when they go camping, the 100-150 lumen headlamp is recommended. These headlamps can provide enough light for children to see the word clearly and not hurt their eyes.

The 1000-lumen headlamp or more is only required in case of working.

What is the red LED on a headlamp for?

The red light mode of headlight for kids has two functions: protect the eyes of users and other people, and preserve the users’ ability to see. Because the white light is bright but it can cause glare, therefore the red LED on a headlamp is regularly used for (i) talking with a group of people when you go camping, and (ii) keeping your eyes ready before turning on the white light mode. 

Furthermore, the red light mode of the headlamp is also employed to see the stars at night. Because, the white light is too bright to suppress the light from the star, therefore the red light mode is appropriate for this case. 

How long do headlamp batteries last?

Normally, a full-battery headlamp can operate continuously for about 3 hours in case of high intensity and 30 – 45 hours in case of lowest intensity. Some special headlamps which are designed for trekking or hiking for a long time (especially in places without electricity) may last 100 – 200 hours in low-lumen mode.  

Can you use a headlamp for reading?

Nowadays, the headlamps are used by a lot of book-lovers for reading in dark rooms or dimly lit spaces. The headlamps whose brightness is from 100 to 150 lumens are highly recommended for reading as they supply enough light for both children and adults to read and protect their eyes. 

How many lumens do you need for headlamp hiking?

For outdoor activities at night such as hiking, the users should purchase the headlamps whose brightness is at least 200 lumens. However, the 300-lumen headlamp and more is recommended.


We hope that our sharing will help you choose the best headlamps for kids. Please remember the six factors that must be considered before purchasing a headlamp to make a good decision. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact and ask us. We will always be here as a friendly consultant for you. Good luck and have a nice day!