Top 7 Best Full Spectrum Lamps for Perfect and Healthy Light

A full spectrum light emits light that spans the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet. These lights contain all of the wavelengths that are beneficial to humans, animals, and even plants.

A full spectrum lamp, for example, will emit light across the entire visible spectrum. As a result, you get better quality natural light from them.

With so many different designs and companies to choose from, determining the best full spectrum lamps can be difficult. As a result, we will concentrate on some of the best full spectrum lamps on the market today in this article.

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Sunrise Sensations - DayBright Light Therapy Lamp Full Spectrum4.9See Latest Price
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Circadian Optics - LED Happy Mood Lamps4.8See Latest Price
Erligpowht - UV-Free 10000 Lux Therapy Light4.7See Latest Price
Circadian Optics - Light Therapy Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Circadian Optics - Full Spectrum Sun Lights4.6See Latest Price

What are full spectrum lamps?

Full Spectrum Lamps
Full Spectrum Lamps

Full-spectrum light spans the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet, encompassing all wavelengths beneficial to plant and animal life. Sunlight, for example, is considered full spectrum. Full spectrum lamps mimic the entire spectral power distribution range of natural outdoor light, including visible and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Interior design, crafts, graphic arts, sewing, painting, detailed tasks, and any other job that requires detailed color separation will benefit the most from a full spectrum lamp.

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Benefits of using the best full spectrum lamps?

Benefits of using the best full spectrum lamps
Benefits of using the best full spectrum lamps

Excellent for reading and crafts. One of the best aspects of a full spectrum lamp is that its head can be turned and adjusted so that you can simply direct it to properly illuminate whatever you are working on. It provides a clearer view of words and colors.

Ideal for people who have vision problems. The aging process alters our perceptions of the world. The more we get older, the more we suffer from eye strain from glaring lights.

It is safe for both pets and plants. Because this type of lighting mimics the light emitted by the sun, it is ideal for illuminating your pet fish, bird, or any other type of animal that lives indoors. This is also beneficial to your indoor plants.

Now that you understand how these non-glaring light fixtures can be used for performing routine daily tasks or alleviating seasonal blues, it’s time to learn how to buy a full spectrum light. As you go about your daily activities, you must find good lighting that is safe, easy on the eyes, and comfortable. Although it may be more expensive than other types of lamps, the benefits of full spectrum lighting far outweigh the cost.

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Review of the 7 best full spectrum lamps for health

We’d like to introduce you to the top 7 best full spectrum lamps for your health.

#1. Sunrise Sensations – DayBright Light Therapy Lamp Full Spectrum

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This wood-framed sun lamp is one of the most visually appealing on our list, but it’s so much more than that. This DayBright Light Therapy Lamp, like several others on this list, provides the recommended 10,000 lux, full spectrum, and UV-free light. It also includes a handy remote control with presets and toggles for simulating sunlight at various times of the day.

#2. Verilux – UV-Free LED Therapy Lamp

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As with most full spectrum lamps, this light produces 10,000 LUX, making it ideal for light therapy. The fact that you can customize your experience with three brightness levels, a detachable stand, and an optional wall mount distinguishes this lamp.

With this full spectrum lamp, you will noticeably improve your sleep, energy, and mood. The bright light emitted by this lamp sends signals to your body, assisting in the improvement of your focus, energy, and sleep.

This full spectrum lamp has an easy-to-use tablet design. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally and blends in seamlessly in a small space.

#3. Northern Light Technologies – Flamingo Therapy Floor Lamp

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At about 12 inches, the Flamingo full spectrum lamp emits 10,000 LUX. Furthermore, it is free of UV rays, making it ideal for natural light therapy.

The lamp stands 4 feet tall when fully assembled. It also has a rotating head, allowing you to focus the spotlight on the area that is most appropriate for your needs.

The incredible performance of the Flamingo full spectrum lamp will astound you. It is powered by electronic means. This ensures consistent performance with no flickering or humming.

#4. Circadian Optics – LED Happy Mood Lamps

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The cycles of our bodies and our moods are regulated by sunlight. Today, as people spend more time indoors, it’s critical to ensure that our bodies are getting the nutrients they require, and this daytime lamp is here to help.

These mood solar lights are not only good for us, but they also add style to any space while providing the light our bodies require. Sunlight is also free of harmful UV rays.

The fact that this light therapy lamp is designed to mimic the color of daylight is an advantage. It emits the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness to make winter greenery, improve concentration, regulate sleep, boost energy, and make us feel less blue.

It also has the advantage of being simple to use. You only need to use a quick touch of your hand to operate it. This is exactly what makes our lights revolutionary: they are simple to use with no complicated settings to fiddle with. Furthermore, it has three brightness levels that allow you to customize the brightness for maximum efficiency and comfort.

#5. Erligpowht – UV-Free 10000 Lux Therapy Light

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The Erligpowht full spectrum light therapy mimics the sun’s full spectrum as seen in daylight. The best part is that it is free of UV rays and emits 10,000 LUX, making it ideal for combating jet lag, winter blues, work shifts, and seasonal changes.

Because of its ultra-thin design, it is relatively light in weight and extremely portable.

The Erligpowht full spectrum light has a rotatable stand that can be set to 90 degrees, allowing you to use it in either a landscape or portrait position. Furthermore, the opening angle can be adjusted, allowing you to position the light in your preferred position.

It is very simple to set up and use this full-spectrum light. With a unique appearance and four-timer functions, you can set this therapy box light to work for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Begin with 15 minutes and gradually increase to the most appropriate time, energy-saving, and convenient usage.

#6. Circadian Optics – Light Therapy Lamp

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This is also one of the full spectrum lamps of the Circadian Optics brand. With a unique design, the Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp, a full spectrum light box that simulates the effects of a bright sunny day, harnesses the healing power of natural light. There are three modes to help you ease into longer, more intense sessions to quickly improve your mood and concentration at work. Some athletes swear by them as a quick pick-me-up before a workout during the colder months. Recharge your batteries and avoid seasonal affective disorder.

Furthermore, LED natural light lamps to have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, which is significantly longer than that of fluorescent bulbs, and produce uniform, spot-free light of the same quality as the noon sun (5500K).

#7. Circadian Optics – Full Spectrum Sun Lights

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The Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp is the next evolution of phototherapy for a premium light panel with superior design. With adjustable angles, three intensity levels, and a slim, travel-friendly design, you can turn on your day and maximize your session. With one-touch operation and full spectrum lighting, it’s an excellent addition to your mood-regulation routine.

It is widely accepted that using full-spectrum lights is beneficial for those looking to increase their vitality and improve their mood. Those suffering from seasonal affective disorder can benefit from daily light therapy to naturally alleviate the winter blues. Our carefully chosen products are intended to be used throughout the year to promote a balanced and consistent sense of well-being.

Things to consider when buying full spectrum lamps

Full-spectrum light is considered to be sunlight, and your full spectrum lamp simulates this power distribution range. Because it provides excellent color discrimination, full spectrum lighting is the most beneficial for completing tasks. When shopping for a full spectrum lamp, there are a few things to consider.

Things to consider when buying full spectrum lamps
Things to consider when buying full spectrum lamps

#1. Light intensity & Quality

While the lux, or measure of light intensity, of light therapy lamps varies, most typically offer a brightness of 10,000 lux. According to research, indoor lighting typically provides 100 lux, whereas a sunny day provides 50,000 lux.

More advanced models may have multiple brightness settings, as well as sunrise and sunset modes for gradual transitions from day to night. Other noteworthy features to look for include flicker elimination technology, glare control, and non-white light—all of which are beneficial if you are light sensitive.

You may also prefer LED lights over fluorescent bulbs due to their higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

#2. Adjustable settings

If you value variety, you might prefer a pick with multiple settings to choose from. Adjustable dimming and brightness enable more versatile use regardless of the time of day, location, or season.

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#3. Timer

If your lamp lacks a built-in timer, you should time each session manually to avoid sunburn and overexposure.

Follow your doctor’s and the lamp’s manufacturer’s recommendations for usage frequency and duration. This can vary from 30 minutes in the morning to 10 minutes in the afternoon to two hours in the evening, depending on your specific case and symptoms.

Best full spectrum lamps with timer
Best full spectrum lamps with timer

#4. Overall Design

If you want a pick that you can easily pack for work or vacation, go with a thin and rectangular lamp that comes with a detachable or convertible stand. Meanwhile, if you already have a permanent location in mind for a lamp, you may need to consider details such as durability, weight, and shape. Some options work best on flat surfaces, while others require more adjusting to stay at eye level.

#5. Durability

When it comes to lamps, especially the best full spectrum lamps, nothing is more important than durability. Material and craftsmanship both contribute to the full spectrum lamps’ longevity. The best full spectrum lamps will last for years and provide the desired effect if they are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are full spectrum light bulbs good for you?

Full-spectrum light sources are not better for your health than most other types of electric lighting. According to recent research, the solar light/dark cycle has a significant impact on human daily activities. Full spectrum light sources have also shown no benefit to dental health. However, light box therapy, which is not always a full spectrum, is a medically proven treatment for SAD.

How do you know if a bulb is full-spectrum?

A full spectrum bulb mimics the sun’s entire visible light spectrum. The CRI (color rendering index) on a scale of 0 to 100 is the closest we can come to measure this. The higher a bulb’s CRI, the more accurately it represents the entire visible light spectrum.

Are LED lights full spectrum?

No. Although they are labeled as such, they are not full spectrum. Most have LED diodes in a variety of colors. That is to say, they have specific wavelengths but not all wavelengths.

Is 5000K LED full spectrum?

This standard is usually met by full spectrum lights. This standard is also met by any electric light bulb with a color temperature of 5000K or higher.

Does high CRI mean full spectrum?

Yes. When looking for a full spectrum light, we recommend looking for one with a CRI of 95 or higher. Look for a light source that also publishes its R9 rating – a R9 rating of 80 or higher typically indicates a high-quality spectrum.


Full-spectrum lamps have numerous advantages. These lamps can be used as a room lamp, a desk lamp, or as a therapy tool to treat a variety of health conditions. No other lamp on the market today can provide you with the same health benefits of natural sunlight as the full spectrum lamp.

Finally, we hope that this article has been of great help to you in selecting the best full spectrum lamps that will meet your needs.