Top 10 Best Floor Lamps Under $100: Smart choices for any space 2023

We should take a moment to discuss lighting. Extraordinary lighting can create an amazing atmosphere, while terrible lighting can cause a space to feel uninviting and uncomfortable, best-case scenario, and totally feasible even from a pessimistic standpoint.

Most overhead lighting is intended to do the hard work—a solitary roof sconce that attempts to enlighten a whole space, for example. While now and again pragmatic, depending entirely on overhead lighting isn’t generally fitting. 

Floor lamps can without much of a stretch supplant or supplement most overhead lighting, and they can assist with making a cozier, more adaptable energy. From current torchieres (which are a lot more pleasant than the one you had in your school apartment, we vow) to curved lights that could turn into the essential lighting hotspot for your parlor or room, there are huge loads of choices out there. 

Here is the ultimate list of the best floor lamps under $100 for enlightening your space, regardless of your style.

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
The Joofo LED Modern Torchiere 34.9 See Latest Price
OUTON Store Modern Torchiere Sky Lamp4.9See Latest Price
CO-Z Industrial Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
SHINE HAI 3-in-1 Shelf Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
Nintiue Store Dimmable Floor Lamp4.7See Latest Price
TOBUSA Traditional Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Dimunt LED Floor Lamp4.9See Latest Price
Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp4.9See Latest Price
PAZZO Store Industrial Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
BoostArea Industrial Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
Nekteck Led Floor Lamps4.7See Latest Price
Addlon LED Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price

Best Floor Lamps Under $100 [Review 2022]

A. Best Floor Lamps Under $100

#1. The Joofo LED Modern Torchiere 3

See Latest Price

With the controller, you can undoubtedly control the floor light without leaving the couch and comfortable bed (with a 32.8ft/10m range). It’s likewise furnished with add-on touch control, stepless splendor adjustment(brightness from 5% to 100%) by long touch. 

With high splendor and low warmth LED trend-setting innovation, it has the brilliance of a 200W radiant light. Long haul use won’t warm up as it’s made of acrylic materials. The light has a long period of as long as 100,000 hours at the right current and voltage, which means lower support and substitution costs, absolutely set aside cash and energy. 

The Joofo floor light has a brilliant change just as three flexible shading temperature settings from 3000K to 5000K, for warm white, regular white, and cool white light. It recalls your settings among utilizes and when force interferes. 

The base is exceptionally weighty, which is alright for your child and pets. The base gives great solidness from falling that can ensure security and stability. Also, save space, you can put it under your couch or restricted corners. The base likewise has 350 turns, you can change any point you need it to make the light fit you. 

The lit surface can be turned through 350 degrees and shifted to any point between straight up and practice corresponding to the floor. The 69 inches/175cm tallness and tiltable top make it simple to keep away from glare from the lit surface. Pointed into a corner, the light gives incredible diffuse lighting when you’re on camera for distant gatherings.

#2. OUTON Store Modern Torchiere Sky Lamp

See Latest Price

Outon torchiere floor light has Remote Control and Touch Control that permit you to control the brightness(5%~100%) and 4 shades of lights(Warm, Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight White).

Likewise, the attractive controller makes the interaction more helpful, it can adhere to a metal divider plate or ice chest, making it simpler to divert on or off from anywhere(Within 49.2ft). It is Compatible with Wall Switch and Smart Plug, offering back you a keen floor light. 

The contemporary floor light components Stepless Dimming Function, 5%~100% splendor levels give you more opportunity to change the light to accuracy and set the tone. It is also controlled with 30W LED lights, the floor light creates 2400 lumens. Regardless of whether you need to peruse, compose, or just loosen up, the light gives adequate enlightenment without stressing the eyes. 

The standing light has a memory capacity to recollect your last splendor and shading temperature when you walk out on. The floor light has an astounding 50,000+ hours life expectancy, you will not at any point need to stress over supplanting it. There is a clock that will consequently wind down the light following 60 minutes. 

The weighted base(5.5lbs) gives security to the light body, doesn’t wobble or tip over that without any problem. You needn’t stress over your children or pet wrecking it. The slim body of the light can slide into limited corners, and its base fits under most sofas chairs, and understanding seats, incredibly save your space. Additionally, it never overheats, so you don’t consume yourself each time you contact it. 

The standing floor light is really simple to gather, quick, and easy to assemble, simply screw all areas of the light shaft together adhering to the guidance. It weighs just about 8.3lbs that makes you clearly convey it in your single hand. The light has a 7.25 feet rope and subsequently, you can move it around in a room. The light head is turned up to 360-degrees which makes it very simple for you to change the light to your pleasure.

#3. CO-Z Industrial Floor Lamp

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Inspired by living spaces converted from historically commercial architecture, Co-Z combined traits of modern minimalism with a rustic and vintage appeal to create this unique industrial light fixture.

The lamppost and lampshade are made entirely of metal before being slightly distressed and finished in aged bronze with gold highlights hand-painted by experienced artisans for both elegance and durability.

Adjust height between 55” and 65” to accommodate various spaces. Create custom lighting moods by swiveling the lamp head 90° for uplight or downlight. You can add an Edison bulb to complete the industrial look (bulb not included).

Outstanding quality and unparalleled safety proved with ETL certificate. Compatible with E26 Socket Type A bulbs (60W Max., LED & CFL Compatible, bulb not included). 5-foot power cord for your convenience. Rotary On/Off switch on the lamp head.

#4. SHINE HAI 3-in-1 Shelf Floor Lamp

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With a TC light shade and a wood grain appearance, the 3-in-1 3-layered cuboid 63inch tall rack floor light has a basic and exquisite appearance which is appropriate for any improvement style like current, contemporary, provincial style, etc. Pulling the chain on/off effectively to control the light on and off.

Customized clasps can undoubtedly tie down the wire to the post of the light to decrease the excess of the wire and increase the magnificence. 

The greatest development of the most recent age of rack lights contrasted with past models is the expansion of 2 quick charging 5V/2A USB ports and an electrical plug, which permits you to charge three gadgets like PDAs, arouse, iPad, etc simultaneously. This will decrease the messiness of charging wires in your parlor or room and work in the comfort of your life. 

This rack floor light is furnished with an E26 base with the most noteworthy public acknowledgment to meet your nearby lighting necessities. You can pick a LED, brilliant or CFL bulb with warm, white or RGB shaded changing lighting. But the limit of the bulb is close to 100W. Likewise in the event that you pick a keen light or Wi-Fi attachment, you will actually want to associate it to the Alexa for the accommodation of brilliance and shading change and keen switches. 

The space of the rack board can understand your capacity and show work. The books you frequently read, odds and ends, photo placements, collectibles, window boxes, plants, etc can be set on the second or third board. The length and width of the rack board are 10.24inch and 10.24inch, and the region is, which is practically equivalent to the space of an iPad Air.

#5. Nintiue Store Dimmable Floor Lamp

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Not at all like the customary non-dimmable floor lamps for the living room, our dimmable floor light is completely Stepless Dimmable. Basically, wind it and afterward, you can change the mechanical floor light in the brilliance scope of 0 to 100% as per the necessities of various scenes.

Ideal for general indoor regions which include the Dining room, Living Room, Bedrooms, Office, Kitchen, Corridor, Cafe, Basement, Bar, Club, Restaurant, Library and Reading Room. 

With a design of the rich, basic dark metallic development makes the standing light very much coordinated to styles of modern, vintage, and farmhouse furniture. The exceptional bird enclosure lampshade makes it ideal for quite a long time of enhancement, like moderate, mechanical, and mid-century. The multi-head configuration confines conceal lampshade, brings the delicate warm light you need and adds an enlivening impact to your room. 

68 inches tall, this modern floor Lamp with Metal Base has a width of 9.8 inches. the 6.17ft/1.88 meters long force line makes it simple to put your LED floor light anywhere. The farmhouse floor light is uniquely worked with a weighty, stable base and light shaft to guarantee it continues to stand consistently even on the rug. 

The floor lamps are planned with 3 E26 light holders. Viable with an assortment of typical E26 LED, CFL, brilliant, and halogen bulbs (Dimmable Bulb Only). This set accompanies an E26 base bulb, 25,000-hour bulb life, 6W(60W same), 800 lumens, 2700K (warm white), No glint or humming.

#6. TOBUSA Traditional Floor Lamp

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The TOBUSA Sophia LED Floor Lamp takes on the class oiled chime shape lampshade and matches well with the bronze completion metal pole base. The remarkable rich example configuration finishes the exquisite look, make our standing light impeccably for different stylistic theme plans like retro-present day, customary, mid-century, exemplary, vintage, provincial, or any events like parlor, room, office, concentrate on the room or a great, warm greeting close to your doorway table, effectively get your visitors’ eyes! 

This room floor light likewise accompanies a simple arrive at pull chain switch, paying little mind to how this floor light is situated in a side of your room or lounge, turn on/off are inside simple reach.

In addition, with 63.8 crawls in stature higher than ordinary ones, this tall post light is most certainly an ideal decision for better enlightening your entire space, standing simply over your couch, rocker, work area to get sufficient light for perusing or working! 

TOBUSA  impressively overhauled this vintage floor light with a more weighted metal base, more steady association, it very well may be forestall spilled by anybody incorporating the matured, kid, pets. Bronze oiled shade radiates warm delightful light that will make a comfortable, happy feeling, secure your family’s vision. With hostile to rust completion and separable lampshade that can be perfect helpful, TOBUSA standing light will look new following quite a while of utilization 

The E26 attachment of this customary standing floor light applied a high warmth scattering ability to guarantee longer life expectancy, viable sorts of E26 bulbs included incandescent, LED bulbs for ECHO/ALEXA. With the old oiled brush innovation and uncommon LED bulbs, the light is additionally eye-ensuring that can offer you an amazing experience. 

B. Best Floor Lamps Under $50

#1. Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

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Dimunt floor light form in 112 pieces of high brightness LEDs, and with arcuated lights plan which can build light reach up to 1000 lumen, which is sufficient for perusing in the living room or bedroom. 15 watts LED tall light rather than incandescent lights consuming 100 watts, with 50000 Hours in length lifetime, you don’t have to supplant any bulb, extremely helpful and saving energy. 

This standing light alters your experience by picking Lightness from 10%-100% brilliance and step-less shading temperature settings going from 3000K-6000K, and furthermore has 5 redone models with the controller. One-hour timing setting capacity causes you and your child to have a sense of security and nod off without any problem. 

You can undoubtedly control the floor lamps without leaving the couch and comfortable bed with the controller (with a 32.8/10m territory). Simply press a button, get the right brilliance and shading temperature for perusing, working, recreation, breastfeeding, and dozing. 

We planned the advanced floor light considering your security. Its weighted base and tough plan make it protected around kids and pets since it won’t handily tip. The LED floor lamps don’t warm up with the goal that you don’t consume yourself when you contact them. Delicate, non-glinting light offers you a comfortable encounter when perusing or playing after quite a while. 

Memory Function can store your brightness and shading in your last use. With a delicate and rotatable gooseneck, you can handle the lights to enlighten anything impeccably. The gathering is simple, simply follow the included outline; no extra instruments or parts are required! Kindly go ahead and email me on the off chance that you need any help.

#2. Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

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Addlon shelf floor lamps with 3 levels extra room, each board utilize high-thickness fiber material, which loads 50 pounds max. You can put photograph outlines, plants, books, or anything else on it. Likewise, the actual light is adequately substantial to abstain from tumbling down. 

The rack light accompanies one 3000K LED bulb, which can give 50,000hrs administration life. It implies you don’t have to change the bulb for a long time. Additionally, the LED bulb saves half-power charges each year than ordinary radiant bulbs. 

We give a delightful lampshade, it is made of great texture. The lighting through the lampshade turns out to be delicate and delicate, which makes a comfortable and agreeable air around evening time. 

We give an itemized manual. This light is not difficult to introduce, ordinarily can wrap up by one individual. The entire light stylistic layout of your parlor, room, office, or any home corner, its straightforward and quadrate plan suit for all outfitting styles.

#3. PAZZO Store Industrial Floor Lamp 

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It’s an or more that this standing light incorporates a Led light, it’s a smooth shading plan with warm light and long life expectancy; It’s 60 Watts brilliant identical with just 9 Watts energy utilized.

This standing light has an implicit E26 standard base attachment, you can modify your beautiful lights with various states of any E26 base lights to make your own design; It’s ideal to have the option to substitute, change the bulb, make your own style 

The 5 feet string permits you to put your light where you need it generally; The on and off foot switch makes this an incredible light for individuals who frequently have their hands full (i.e., conveying a baby, the television remote, popcorn). Stepping on the button to enact the light is much desirable over hunting for a little switch typically covered up on the light shaft 

The primary material of this standing light is made of metal; a Strong metal stem and weighted base will immovably hold the standing light and gratitude to the substantial base, it’s probably not going to tip when thumped into, making it protected around children and pets; It not just addresses solidness and toughness for everyday use yet carries elegant designs to your modern home decoration

#4. BoostArea Industrial Floor Lamp 

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Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a story light with an exceptional plan and furthermore a 100% match with your home style? BoostArea modern floor light is your optimal reply.

This standing light accompanies an inherent E26 Standard Base Socket (Bulb Not Included), which gives you substantially more space to plan it as indicated by your home style and your own taste. When utilizing various shapes and shades of bulbs, the floor light gives different looks. Change the Bulb, Change the Look; Tips: Only for E26 bulbs. 

BoostArea mechanical floor light made with matte dark metal, without complex adds, this moderate floor light offers an agreeable and awesome vibe to your home with the advanced post and uncovered (Bulb Not Included); Less is more, much obliged for the straightforward plan, this standing light passes on space for you to DIY, you are the originator for your remarkable room; Pick it as the floor lamps for room or parlor, appreciate with vintage, mid-century or contemporary styles 

This 63 inches tall floor light is not difficult to collect with no devices, you simply need to screw every one of the parts together through adhering to the guidance on the page; 6 ft rope and its smaller base permit you to move the advanced floor light in any side of your room, sliding it behind a couch or spot it close to a cupboard as you like; Besides, joined with the footswitch, you can undoubtedly tap the floor light on or off with your foot; Easy to gather and utilize, makes your life a lot simpler 

This modern floor light is 100% made of metal from head to toe; With a solid metal post and weighted metal base, this vintage floor light gives great soundness from falling, which is alright for yourself as well as your family; Besides, this dark floor light breezes through ETL Safety Standard Assessment, it guarantees the wellbeing and nature of this Edison floor light 

You can connect this floor light to the savvy plug (excluded), add it to your home machines bunch, and effortlessly control it by your telephone; This floor light stand is additionally viable with an E26 brilliant bulb (excluded), keen plan assist you with appreciating simpler life and home robotization.

#5. Nekteck Led Floor Lamps 

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Nekteck floor light with 90pcs eco-accommodating splendid LED lights to illuminate your lounge room or room to 2000 lumens; Lifespan as long as 5000 hours longer than different items on the lookout 

With its inventive delicate touch innovation, you can without much of a stretch control the splendor of the light from 5% to 100% dependent on your inclination; It recollects your settings among utilizes and when force is hindered 

The slanted point can be changed 30° and the top of this floor light can be turned 360°; Nekteck standing light is taller than others up to 71 creeps to try not to look straight at the light 

Save more space since this corner light is sufficiently thin to be put behind different machines; a Minimalist design makes your lounge room and room look more and stylish and present day 

#6. Addlon LED Floor Lamp 

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Another product comes from the Addlon store. The lamp gives 4 splendor (25%/half/75%/100%) and 3 shading temperatures (3000K/4000K/5000K), which fulfills your numerous light necessities at a lower cost 

Driven bulbs save 40% power charges each year. The light won’t glare/flash/ghosting, it ensures eyes and gives a happy understanding of the space.

The neck of the light can be turned to any point, likewise, it tends to be turned a huge number of times and won’t lose, which permits it can illuminate anything as your necessities 

1 Tap simple to control an accessible board situated on the light head, long press to turn on/off, short press to change splendor. A short press-on mode key to change shading temperature. 

Weighty square base to keep the entire light steady, which gives security enough to forestall children or pets thumped. We give 3-year quality help to the light, kindly get in touch with us in whenever on the off chance that you have question

What to Look for When Buying Best Floor Lamps

What to Look for When Buying Best Floor Lamps
What to Look for When Buying Best Floor Lamps

#1. Switch 

Prior to purchasing your standing lights, taking into account what sorts of switches are helpful for you. Foot pedal, contact, or remoter? If you intend to put the light behind something, lights with foot pedals are not suggested. 

Is it true that you are using it as a lamp close to your bed or concentrating on a light close to tables? Contact on light is better for concentrating on tables while it is more helpful to control the light through a remote in rooms. 

#2. Base

The foundation of the floor light ought to be recognizable throughout bargains since it is a decisive factor to gauge if a light is secure. The people who have children and pets need to give extraordinary consideration. A light with a weighty base made of metal materials will be more secure than those with modest clasps. 

#3. Height

Height is one more elaborate factor. Various purposes require floor lamps with various statutes

In case you are searching for a light for design, make sure to purchase a moderately short standing light. 

Simply need to illuminate your understanding of alcoves? Attempt to see the one which is neither too high nor excessively low for your seats, couches, and tables. 

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a splendid light that can cover your entire space? A tree Lamp is the best option on the off chance that you have a tall roof and need to illuminate the most region. 

Guarantee that the created light is away from your immediate vision. Direct the light at the level of your shoulders where it is appraised to be eye-defensive. 

Height of the floor lamp
Height of the floor lamp

#4. Switch Types 

Most floor lamps have rotating switches, which is only a handle you turn off, and some considerably offer three customizable light levels. This is truly useful in case you’re setting your floor light close to your work area, understanding alcove, or whatever other region where you should change light levels for the duration of the day.

All things considered, footswitches (the sort that has a button you step on to wind down the light on or) can be a helpful alternative for lounges and different spaces where sans hands comfort is critical. Simply be certain the base is in a simple to arrive at the place, and not behind a seat or couch. 

#5. Shade Types 

Picking the right sort of lampshade for the most part relies upon whether you’d like warm, diffused light in your space or a more brilliant gleam that expands wattage. In the event that your new floor light will be simply down to earth, pick one that has a glass or plastic shade. Drum conceals, especially of the cloth or burlap assortment, can add a degree of feel yet will not give splendid light to an enormous space. 

#6. Bulb Types 

Most floor lamps are viable with LED bulbs, yet consistently make certain to check. LEDs utilize something like 75% less energy than brilliant bulbs and can last quite a bit longer, so there’s zero excuse not to select floor lamps that are viable with them. In case you’re somebody who can’t survive without Smart Home gadgets, there are a lot of Alexa and Google Assistant-viable lights out there—they could actually be a bit more costly.

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Things to consider when buying the best floor lamps under $100

Things to consider when buying the best floor lamps under $100
Things to consider when buying the best floor lamps under $100

#1. Quality vs price

Overall you’ll see that all things considered, floor lamps cost more than table lights and work area lights. This is part of the way because of the cost of materials, yet floor lamps are normally a lot bigger than these different lights.

Standing lights need to remain on the floor and venture up into the room. This requires materials for a solid and stable light base. Then, at that point, there are materials for a proportionate measure of lighting equipment and some sort of shade. On the off chance that the light is likewise very intricate and ornamental, it might likewise expand the cost. 

Since a story light, by and large, gives around double the splendor of a table light, you can generally hope to pay about twice as much as the expense of a table light. It resembles two lights moved into one. A commonplace cost for a sensible quality light might go from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars.

You’ll see that lights with much ‘more slender’ bases and less ruffles and plan components are less expensive, because of the expense of materials. A superior “looking” light will by and large build the cost. Floor lamps do go on special also so it merits checking for freedom floor lamps or modest floor lamps.

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#2. Your budget

The expense of floor lamps can shift fiercely from minimal expense, absolutely useful models, to a great many dollars for imaginative or configuration pieces. For the most part, the more unpredictable the stylish or positive the name, the more costly the piece will be. Be that as it may, the idea of a story light regularly implies a fabulous plan can fill in as a masterpiece for the room it’s in.

#3. Energy saving

Most floor lamps under $100 are using LED light bulbs. The expense of LED lights has diminished significantly since they entered the market and costs are relied upon to descend further as more items become accessible.

While LEDs are more costly than conventional radiant bulbs, they actually set aside cash since they keep going for quite a while and have exceptionally low energy use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who makes the best floor lamps?

Here are some of the most famous brands of floor lamps in the US:

  • Brightech
  • Amazon
  • AllModern
  • Ikea
  • Lumens
  • The Home Depot
  • West Elm
  • Addlon
  • Nekteck

Do LED lights really save you money?

When you use LED lights, the lights last significantly longer, some of the time as long as 10 years relying upon which lights you buy and how long your lights are on every day. A normal LED consumes around 80% less energy than standard lights.

In addition to the fact that they last more, yet they utilize much less power as well, which means you’re making some generous investment funds on your energy bill. LEDs transmit just 5% of their energy as warmth which is another advantage since utilizing lighting as a warmth source is an extravagant method to warm a structure, and in summer can make life truly awkward for individuals who work under those lights.

Are LED floor lamps safe?

LED bulbs use 90% less energy and they’re cool to the touch ‘ so they’re safer too. LED light bulbs last 25 to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Is it cheaper to use lamps or lights?

For lights and lights with 60-watt globe, the expense will be something very similar. A 20-watt light, for instance, is less expensive to use than a 40-watt light. This estimation depends on power utilization in the United States. Along these lines, property holders should utilize lower watts assuming they need to set aside cash.

How many lumens does a floor lamp need?

The brightness, or lumen levels, of the lights in your home may vary widely, so here’s a rule of thumb: To replace a 100 watt (W) incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 1600 lumens. If you want something dimmer, go for less lumens; if you prefer brighter light, look for more lumens.

Therefore, how many lumens do I need for a room? To determine the needed lumens, you will need to multiply your room square footage by your room foot-candle requirement. For example, a 100 square foot living room, which needs 10-20 foot-candles, will need 1,000-2,000 lumens. A 100 square foot dining room, which needs 30-40 foot-candles, will need 3,000-4,000 lumens.

All in all, how many lumens do you need for a floor lamp?

For general ambient light where your lamp is one of multiple sources, it’s best to work out how many lumens you need in total for the room. A rule of thumb is that a sitting room or bedroom needs about 10 to 20 lumens per square foot in total and a bathroom or kitchen needs 70 to 80 lumens per square foot.


An excellent floor lamp can relax the vibe of specific places and light up either a whole room or a particular corner. Concerning the financial plan of $50 to $100, you can search for a respectable floor light with a few extra features.