Best Floor Lamps For Nursery: Top 9 Expert Picks

Best floor lamps for Nursery are a very modern and smart product, they bring convenience to users during use and for any space. Today, floor lights are widely used in many homes, especially for kindergartens and children’s rooms.

In this article, we will give you the basic knowledge of the product, suggest good floor lamps for kindergartens with the hope of helping you choose the best products, fit and safe.

Reveal for you 9 best  Floor Lamps for Nursery

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Multi Head Stand up Lamp Bedroom Light4.9See Latest Price
Montage Modern Floor Lamp4.9See Latest Price
Floor Lamp, CHIPHY 52'' 4.8See Latest Price
Oneach Modern Floor Lamp 4.8See Latest Price
Arc Floor Lamp, Ambimall Store4.7See Latest Price
Amumo Floor Lamp 61-Inch 4.6See Latest Price
LED Floor Lamp, Hong - in Store4.6See Latest Price
Brightech Medusa Floor Lamp4.5See Latest Price
Globe Electric 67396 Barden Floor Lamp4.5See Latest Price

On the market there are many beautiful floor lamp models, they vary from color to style, from material to size. And here are some best floor lamps for Nursery that we learn and filter through many customer opinions.

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#1. Multi Head Stand up Lamp Bedroom Light

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Coming to the first Multihead Stand up Lamp Bedroom Light with 5- Head, you will feel the creativity and freshness suitable for the child. The product is installed with 5 bulb heads in 5 different colors to create the youthfulness of the nursery space.

Such a  floor lamp has many colors that can assist children in remembering and identifying good colors, as they are seeing these colors every day.

This floor lamp features an adjustable that enables you to aim the lamps in multiple directions. 

Uses: (5) x 25 Watt E12 Base Candelabra Bulbs or LED Equivalent (not included) Do not use other than specified high wattage bulbs. 

Actions: L:16 in. In x W:16 in. x H: 68.90 centimeters.

#2. Montage Modern Floor Lamp

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LED Floor Lamp, Montage Modern Floor Lamp is a product that is designed according to basic standards but exudes a youthful and modern beauty. The designer has a very harmonious color combination that enhances the elegance of the product, which is silver.

This floor lamp of the Montage style comes with an 11W LED A19 bulb equal to a 110W incandescent bulb, saving 90% of electricity. The LED lamp is also ideal for reading and learning with high visibility of up to 1100 lumens. Stop from flashing lights; you can also mount the floor lamp in a few minutes.

Besides, the product is durable and stable, helping you and your child to reduce injury when falling due to a collision. An absolute plus for this product line is long-lasting durability, no rust as it is made of high-grade metal material.

#3. Floor Lamp, CHIPHY 52”

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Floor Lamp, CHIPHY 52” Dimmable Standing Lamps are designed with a very eye-catching and not fussy design, especially this product is not picky for style without any interiors. For a room with modernity, they can still stand out with their own aesthetics, and for a room with the classic streak, this product creates a harmonious beauty for the room.

This screen is from Dupont Tyvek, a type of material that looks like paper, but is thicker and more resilient than paper. It is very light and convenient to move. You should put it in the baby’s space because the frame is sturdy. Moreover, the product cleaning is very convenient, you just need a wet towel and wipe it off

#4. Oneach Modern Floor Lamp 

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Oneach Modern Floor Lamp can be said that this is a modern product line today and extremely smart when using the most advanced lamp beads, the highest quality light source, and the most modern and advanced floor lamp and self-timer function automatic shutdown to give you a good night’s sleep.

A high-sky floor lamp glow can protect the eyes, and multiple angles can be changed. The light of the sky floor lamp can shine straight through the ceiling, making the space brighter. Since they don’t waste electricity like halogen, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, energy-efficient lights can save a lot of money, LEDs are rated to last 20 years (assuming 3 hours use/day)

#5. Arc Floor Lamp, Ambimall Store

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Arc Floor Lamp with a simple shape but extremely modern, neat, and completely not occupying too much space of the nursery. This floor lamp has two characteristic colors, the body is black and the head of the light is color white, with this harmonious combination accentuating the trendy look of the product.

Putting this floor light in the nursery will help your baby have a good reading space, a good time to relax effectively with bright bright lights.

In particular, the light of this product does not harm the children’s eyes because the floor lamp has a white lampshade that can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees, which helps create good light and is suitable for the child’s eyes.

#6. Amumo Floor Lamp 61-Inch 

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AMUMO 61 inches modern floor lamp is an earth-friendly product because it has low power consumption, helping you to save energy and save a lot of electricity bills each month.

Lampshades have one seam, you can cover them by changing the shade; 2.5 pounds is the secret counterweight, the foundation to have strong fall stability that can guarantee protection and stability; secure for your baby and pets

Lampshades have a seam, you can cover them by turning the lamp; 2.5 pounds is the hidden counterweight, the foundation to get strong drop stability can ensure protection and stability; Safe for your baby and pets

The advantage of this product is that it produces gentle, natural light that provides a standard light for children without harming the eyes.

#7. LED Floor Lamp, Hong – in Store

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The Arc Floor Lamp, LED Floor Lamp with Hanging White Lamp Shade provide the baby with good light sources and the ability to expand the light source. The product is made from high-quality metal so it is highly durable, so it is difficult to rust and has a stable fixed level to reduce the breakdown rate.

Matte black finish and white TC linen shade build a statement piece that illustrates simplicity for your home as the utmost elegance, making you feel cozy and relaxed in every space from industrial to contemporary or traditional

#8. Brightech Medusa Floor Lamp

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Brightech Medusa Modern LED Floor Lamp is probably a product with a different material from the above products because it is made from pure brass. So the characteristic color of this floor lamp is also retained in its original color to enhance its classic look. and classy to the product and its Brass color.

For an ultra-bright total of 45 watts, the Medusa features power-saving LED bulbs that pull a mere 9 watts each.  LEDs barely produce heat, which is how bright and energy-efficient they are. And with regular home use, the LEDs last 20,000 hours or 20 years-you will never have to replace a bulb.

#9. Globe Electric 67396 Barden Floor Lamp

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Globe Electric 67396 Barden Floor Lamp brings in a very traditional beauty when it is designed as a shade, silver, and white color combination to highlight the mysterious elegance of the product.

The floor lamp body is made of metal material but is minimalistic and lightweight while ensuring firm stability for the product and easy to move.

A white fabric shade adds a classic aspect to every room, providing a bright yet diffused light while allowing you to give your lamp and room a warmer or colder look based on the color temperature of the bulb you pick.

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Things to Note When Buying Floor Lamps for Kindergarten?

For floor lamps for children, we should choose products that are safe for children from the eyes to the living process.

  1. Quality of light: the light will be something that affects the brightness level of the space and directly affects children’s eyes. So you need to choose products that meet the standard brightness, are gentle and warm, especially without causing irritation to children’s eyes.
  2. Material: you should choose the floor lamps made from high-grade metal to keep the set durable and not too sore, the first is the product that is used for a long time and the second is to protect the child from the brown spots. cause scratches.
  3. Lightweight will help you and your child avoid scratches when the product falls and is convenient for moving.
  4. Color: Color will be the deciding factor in the style of the interior space for the child’s room. With active kids, you can choose a multi-head and colorful floor lamp, with quiet kids you can choose a product with a simple design and harmonious color…
  5. Size: for children, you should find floor lamps that are medium or taller than them so they will not be able to play with damaging the product and fall and hurt themselves.
  6. The lifespan of Lamp: The floor-lamps are built for a particular timeframe to last. There are lamps with around a lifetime of 20,000 hours, while most have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. To work for long enough, it is important to get a floor-lamp. Besides this, it must be economical in terms of fuel.
  7. Power cord: you should choose a product with a long cord size to facilitate hooking and especially easy to hide so that children do not stumble when moving or playing.

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Usage and placement of the lamp

Today’s floor lamps for children are optimized for simple models, mounting, and usage to create convenience for users.

#1. Usage

For products with an on-off function .. by touch, you just need to use basic commands on the control easily. In addition, with the off timer function, you just need to adjust the time you want to appoint and then the floor lamp will automatically turn off when it’s time to help your child have a good night’s sleep.

And with the bulbs that can be rotated many degrees, you just need to turn the lampshade in the direction you want for comfortable light sources. The product is solidly designed and durable, so you are not afraid or afraid to turn the lamp handle

#2. Placement

You should place a floor lamp near the reading table so that your child has an adequate light source to serve children in learning and reading. Monday you can put it near the head of the bed and the end of the bed to give your baby a good night’s sleep.

Note: for kindergarten floor lamps, you should not place them in the middle of the room because it will startle your children when you wake up, there are children who may stumble during play if they do not pay attention.

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Frequently asked questions

Floor lamps are manufactured to meet the needs of people, but in order to gain the trust of a large number of users, it is obvious that the product must ensure the safety of the user as well as for children…

– For the safety of kindergartens, the table lamp has a very low rate of injury to children, because most products are made from high-quality metal materials that are extremely lightweight.

At the same time, the product is compact in size and shape, with sturdy stability, so if you put them in the right place and fit, they are completely safe for children.

Today, floor lamps are used and gradually replaced for other lamps because it is recognized as a convenient and useful product for children’s activities such as reading, studying, relaxing, and going to bed. …

They appear in almost all activities of young people and are able to protect eyes with a standard light, so floor lamps used for kindergartens are essential.

The best floor lamp for nursery is a floor lamp that provides good quality light that produces gentle lights that do not cause irritation to the eyes. At the same time, he plays the role of display and decoration for interior space.

Besides, a good floor lamp will have the ability to save energy to help protect the earth.

White and yellow will be two colors to help children have a good night’s sleep, as these are two eye-soothing tones that are easy to wake up to push children to fall asleep naturally.

You can set any time because, in addition to lighting the room, they also have the ability to decorate the space. But if you are worried that your child will mess with and dispose of the product, you should only put a floor lamp in your child’s room during sleep, reading, studying, or relaxing…

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