Best Floor Lamps For High Ceilings – Lighting the whole house space

Floor lamps for ceilings are a product with a high amount of consumption, they are popular in modern houses, even for hotels, apartments …

To choose a good floor lamp for a high ceiling, you will need to know some notes when buying. So in this article, we will share with you what to consider when buying products and list the quality products that many people use so that you can have a smart choice for your roommate.

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Note when buying the best floor lamps for high ceilings

A good floor lamp for a suitable high ceiling is making your room more warm and luxurious. In particular, these floor lamps will be really helpful if the light on your ceiling is not enough.

Note when buying the best floor lamps for high ceilings
Note when buying the best floor lamps for high ceilings

Not only that, but the product also helps you to illuminate certain spaces at different heights depending on the purpose of use as well as brighten the space of the room.

#1. The height of the floor lamp

Before choosing an interior lamp, especially a floor lamp for a high ceiling, you need to determine where you will put that lamp? What is its use?

From there you will be very easy in choosing the right height. As a floor lamp should not stretch too far because it will not be able to shine the necessary light, a good floor lamp for a high ceiling to add overall light to space would need to be a bit taller, making it easy to use. can spread light throughout the room.

#2. Lampshade

The floor lamps do not all have the same lampshade, so you also need to pay attention to the lampshades to choose for yourself the most suitable interior lamp.

Depending on the type of lampshade, more or less light will be emitted. So, depending on your needs, you should choose a floor lamp with a suitable lampshade.

It is best to choose lamps that can adjust the lampshade, allowing you to focus the light in the directions you need. Lampshades also have many different shapes such as conical lights, blank lights, boys’ lights, …

Choose for yourself an interior lamp that best suits the overall space of the room. Lampshade fabric is also very important. A dark fabric will have a very different effect from white, so you need to know in advance what material will suit your floor light.

#3. Suitable for the room area?

When deciding on a product for any space, you need to consider the size of the room – especially the height of the ceiling.

If the ceiling is low and the lamp is too high, it is not very suitable, meanwhile, if you have a lot of space above and the decorative floor lamp is too short, it will also become inadequate because of these things: because it shines all around.

So, for good floor lamps for high ceilings, you should choose a high size so that the light can spread throughout the house.

#4. Light 

The product can be used for lighting or solely to illuminate the area around it. So, let’s see what is the key purpose, then you should prioritize buying the most suitable lamp.

If you want to place the floor lamp next to the sofa or armchair to provide illumination for reading, make sure that the shade at the bottom of the lamp is around your eye level while sitting – that is, the top of the light. Usually, around 1m5 when measured from the floor.

Remember, choosing the right shine shade is very important. If you want a gentle ambient light, choose a light for a semi-dim light, while you want to highlight a wall or ceiling choose one that creates a dark shadow, it is better to use decorative lighting of recessed LEDs.

How do you light a dark room with a high ceiling?

To light up a room, your floor lamp must ensure the first criterion is the height, the higher the lamp, the better the light spread. The second criterion is the lamp jars, as this is the factor that affects the color and amount of light that is released into space.

How do you light a dark room with a high ceiling
How do you light a dark room with a high ceiling

The last criterion is also important: the use of LED bulbs, it is proven to be the kind of bulb that brings true light as day but the power consumption is very little and the rate of explosion when used. usage is very low.

Below are the recommended standard illuminance for lighting areas from professionals

  1.  Conference room, meeting room: 500 lumens / 1m²
  2.  Classroom: 300 lumens / 1m2
  3.  Stairs, corridors of apartment buildings, buildings: 750 lumens / 1m2
  4.  Bedroom: 150 lumens / 1m2
  5.  Family living room: 150 – 300 lumens / 1m2
  6.  Family kitchen: 400 – 800 lumen / 1m2
  7.  Bathroom: 400 – 800 lumens / 1 square meter

Share for you 6 samples best floor lamps for high ceilings

There are a lot of good floor lamps for high ceilings nowadays to choose from, but it will take quite a while to review and learn them. Then, you can check out 6 product samples that we carefully selected for the light color to the right height for your high ceiling.

#1. Floor Lamp,30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures

Floor Lamp,30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures is a modern and smartly designed product, with useful functions that the product brings to your satisfaction from light color to lighting range, from texture to size.

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The product is perfect in every detail and is sure to be a good floor lamp for high ceilings.

  • With 30 W/2400 lumen super bright lighting to illuminate an all-room, apartment, family, dining room.The long service life and energy of the floor lamps lasting for over 50,000 hours without burning or overheating. Energy-friendly LED lumen lets you decrease the power fee. 30W/2400lumen Super bright 40 percent of other floor lamps & lighting wholesome living room.
  • The best lamp bead, good quality light sources, and the latest and sophisticated floor lamp, lamps can suit the living area 25-30sq.
  • Adjustable height of 74 inches and angle can sky floor lamp shine ways can protect your eye. High lamps in the sky can shield your eyes by changing multiple angles. The light in the sky can be directly illuminated through the walls, making the room clearer. Owing to the inability to waste electricity such as halogen, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, energy-efficient lamps will save a significant amount of money, LEDs are rated to last 20 years (assuming 3 hours a day).

#2. Joofo Led Floor Lamp

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Joofo Led Floor Lamp is well-known as a model that brings good light to the eyes but has a long lifespan, and the product is integrated with extremely intelligent functions to create a sense of convenience for users to use.

  • Brighter lamps shine with 12W lumens have visibility of 1,000 lumens (equivalent to a flammable bulb of 150W); a light that gently flickers less is not dangerous. The floor lamp has a life span of over 50,000 hours and saves up to 80 percent of your energy, and even the beautiful light is environmentally friendly and heat-free.
  • 2 In 1 Smart Remote Control and Touch Control: the lead standing luminaire on the bed or couch can be intelligently controlled in a span of 49.2ft. The highly adaptive, integrated touch control enables you to change steady light with light finger touch (brightness from 5 percent to 100 percent ). Stepless dimming gives you the convenient luminosity to dine, work, read, rest, and sleep.
  • Compatible With Smart Plug and Wall Switch: The floor reading lamp can be turned on and off by the wall switch and smart plug which is very easy to operate.

#3. TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is fully integrated with useful functions for your high ceilings, they are fully capable of illuminating your space.

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The product is designed with an ultra-thin metal headlight but optimized in weight so it is very light and so the product reduces the damage to the user when moving or having to fall.

  • Upgraded 56 3030 LEDs (1W by LED) with full performance. The LED torchiere light will emit ample natural light (5500K) to illuminate your living room, bedroom, or office in a 15″ by 20.’ 30W power consumption. The head of the lamp can quickly rotate and shine in any direction.
  • This floor lamp innovatively features 4 modular aluminum rods, all of which have the integrated power cords built inside. This design gives you the convenience & flexibility to assemble, disassemble and adjust the height. Its total height is 180cm/71in, taller than other similar lamps so that you won’t stare directly at the bright light.
  • Memory feature with 5 degrees dimmable. With five degrees of light and a sensitive touch-control, this dimmable floor lamp guarantees high lighting levels from 630lm to max. 5000lm. 5000lm. From the last use, it will transform back to the previous light set. When electricity is turned off, immediately it will turn on to become illuminated in the final light. To trigger the 30-minute light timer, click the on/off button for a long time and step safely upstairs without turning off the light manually.

#4. Artiva USA Micah- Floor Lamp

Arc brushed steel floor lamp will be the product line that you cannot ignore, as the name suggests, the product is designed with long-lasting metal material and is painted with a color layer to prevent the product from rusting time.

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Although the design of the product is somewhat disruptive and has many light bulbs, it is light in weight, so it does not bring injury to the user when moving and falling.

  • 5-Arm Design with dimmer options for illuminating a room or office entry and mixing into existing décor 
  • Micah measures 88″ tall and has a wide width of 36″, with a base of 15″ diameter; Weighs 40 lbs – recommend 2 people to be mounted. 
  • The Shades direct light in various directions and serve as filters and monitors to prevent eye contact with the light bulb. 
  • In the living room or bedroom, put your sectional couch or accent sofa in a dining room as a reading lamp or light source. 
  • Five (5) E12 B10 DIMMELY BODING 40 watt (included), 9 watts CFL or 5 Watt LED light bulbs Five (5) E12 B10 (must use dimmable bulbs)

#5. Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp attracts the eye at first sight, with a simple design but exudes elegance when combined with pure white tones.

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The image and size of the product show the convenience of movement of the product, especially they are models that give you good light rays for the eyes because of the use of advanced LED bulbs.

  • Stylish slim torchiere with clean line appearance features a white finish, Saturn glass diffuser to soften the light, directional pivoting head, and a heavy, stable base. Wall switch, timer, and smart plug compatible.
  • Easy to assemble standing lamps efficiently illuminate small spaces such as apartments or dorms, transform mid/large areas by placing in living room corners, next to a couch or recliner for easy reading or in tight spaces.
  • Uses 70 LEDs equivalent to 250W of incandescent light output. Color temperature: 3000K. Features rotary dimmer which includes full-range dimming capabilities from 360 to 3,600 Lumens.
  • Floor Lamp: 70.25″ (H) x 11.75 (D), Base: 2″ (H) x 11″ (D), Shade: 1″ (H) x 11.75″ (D). Compatible with any standard timer to automatically turn on/off at desired times. Wall switch and smart plug compatible.

#6. Tenergy Torchiere Remote Control Floor Lamp

Tenergy Torchiere Remote Control Floor Lamp has a simple design but is considered a creative product when using microphone-like images to complete the product.

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With this design, the product has completed two main tasks which are interior decoration and space lighting. At the same time, being made with a high size suitable for high ceilings helps the house to be filled with daylight-like daylight.

  • 2-in-1 Design with Torchiere Lamp & Reading Lamp: Versatile mother-daughter lamp can work separately or simultaneously. The main lamp shines toward the ceiling to diffuse better and softer light into a whole room, sub lamp lends a focused light for sewing or crafting – meet your personalized needs.
  • Easy-to-Operate Embossed/Debossed Touch Buttons: The main lamp’s embossed button and the sub lamp’s debossed button are highly touch-sensitive and easily distinguishable by appearance and touch (Not compatible with smart plug or wall switch) – you can identify between them.
  • Detachable 4-section lamp pole can be assembled to a height of 36.6in, 52.7in or 68.9in; the lamp head can tilt up to 30 degrees in any direction for ultimate flexibility to precisely cast light wherever you need – great for adding light to a specific area
  • The 4-section light pin can be placed at 36,6in, 52,7in, and 68,9in height. The light head can be tilt up to 30,00° in any direction to ensure ultimate versatility to reliably cast light anywhere you like.

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Frequently asked questions

The following will be an answer to questions that many consumers ask for a good floor lamp of a high ceiling.

Whatever light you select, the top three of your bedroom will be filled and a nice focal point will be added, so the remainder of your room will not be distracting enough. Do not be afraid to get floor lamps of various models for high ceilings. This will subtly split the space into numerous areas – kitchen, lounge…

Nobody wants a high dark ceiling, and then will an otherwise lovely room become spooky. But with high ceilings, the right floor lamps will repair it. The wise, modern architecture makes fantastic ambient lighting without overcrowding the ceiling.

A good floor lamp will be the perfect choice for you if the ceiling has no lights because the floor lamp has a good luminosity that provides your space with the necessary amount of light not inferior to other types. other lights.

When choosing a product, you should look for models made from LED bulbs to ensure the light factor and safety for long-term use.

For the height of a good floor lamp for a high ceiling, you should choose a size from 1m5 or more that is suitable.

Lumens (lm) today measure the energy-efficient LED light bulbs, with lumens showing how luminous it is. To find a space with a total area of 100 square foot a room that calculates the lumens needed in one room, multiplied the room length and width first to create the square footage. You would then figure out how many lumens you need per foot per square foot. It depends on the space and exactly.

Generally, a living room or bedroom needs 10-20 lumens per square foot, while a bathroom or kitchen demands a higher amount of light, between 70-80 lumens per square foot. Multiply the square area of the space by this amount to figure out the lumens you require.


With a good floor lamp for high ceilings, you will have to have a different choice from other floor lamps, so it will take time for you to learn. But in this article, we have analyzed and brought you the essentials for your product selection, hopefully, you will choose for yourself a perfect product.

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