Top 8 Best Floor Lamp for Large Room [Top Expert Choices]

When there aren’t many windows or overhead lighting, floor lamps can help decrease eyestrain and manage the brightness of a room and improve the mood and add elegance.

Floor lamps are made up of a base, shaft, lamp head, and shade in their most basic form, although the variety of configurations and materials is seemingly endless. There are a few crucial designs to know when looking for the best floor lamp for large room in your house, from traditional club-style lights to futuristic torchieres.

We put famous lamps to the test to see which ones are the best for different lighting areas of the house. The top options from our list are listed below.

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JOOFO 30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere4.9See Latest Price
NXONE Modern Adjustable Standing Led Floor Lamp4.9See Latest Price
addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
Brightech SkyDome Double Torchiere Floor Lamp4.8See Latest Price
Nintiue Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Floor Lamp4.7See Latest Price
SHINE HAI 3-in-1 Shelf Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Rottogoon Floor Lamp for Living Room4.6See Latest Price
BoostArea 9W LED Torchiere Floor Lamp4.5See Latest Price

Review of the 8 best floor lamp for large room

#1. JOOFO 30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere

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You can effortlessly regulate the floor lamp with the remote control (with a 32.8ft/10m range) without leaving the sofa or comfortable bed. Stepless brightness adjustment (brightness from 5% to 100%) by long touch as an add-on touch control. It also boasts the brilliance of a 200W incandescent bulb, thanks to high brightness and low heat LED advanced technology. Because it is constructed of acrylic materials, it will not heat up over time.

The light can last up to 100,000 hours at the correct current and voltage, which means cheaper maintenance and replacement expenses, saving you money and energy. The Joofo floor lamp includes a stepless brightness adjustment and three color-temperature settings for warm white, natural white, and cool white light, ranging from 3000K to 5000K. It remembers your preferences between uses and when the power is cut off.

The foundation is massive. Your baby and pets will be safe. The base ensures safety and stability by providing good stability from falling. You may tuck it beneath your sofa or in tight corners to save room. You may rotate the light to any angle you need to make it fit you.

The illuminated surface may be rotated 350 degrees and tilted to any angle straight up and nearly parallel to the ground. It’s easy to prevent glare from the lit surface thanks to the 69inch/175cm height and tiltable top. When you’re on camera for remote meetings, point the bulb into a corner for excellent diffuse lighting.

#2. NXONE Modern Adjustable Standing Led Floor Lamp

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Decorate your living area, bedroom, or office with modern floor lamps in a minimalist design. Thanks to an ingenious retractable pole, the floor lamp’s height may be adjusted. Sit on the sofa or choose the proper size for your job. Choose from 5 percent to 100 percent brightness and four color temperature settings ranging from warm white to daylight to personalize your experience. You can modify the remote control with three different models and adjust the brightness and color temperature.

The flexible head and adjustable gooseneck allow you to pivot the lamp head up, down, or side-to-side for a range of applications, allowing you to focus light where you need it. A larger, heavier base is more stable and prevents the lamp from tipping over, making it safe for your children and dogs.

The memory function on the LED torchiere floor lamp allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Remote control design allows you to effortlessly brighten your room without having to leave the sofa or warm bed (with a 32.8/10m range), simply press a button to achieve the desired brightness.

Upgraded touch control, merely slide your finger to change the stepless brightness and color temperature as desired. 

#3. addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

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addlon Shelf floor lamp with four levels, each made of high-density fiber material and can hold up to 50 pounds. Photo frames, plants, books, and other items can be placed on it.

Furthermore, the light is sufficiently weighty to prevent it from falling over. One 3000K LED bulb is included in the shelf lamp, with 50,000-hour service life. It means that you won’t have to change the bulb for a long time.

In addition, compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, the LED bulb saves 50% more electricity each year. It comes with a lovely lampshade made of high-quality fabric. The lighting from the lampshade turns soft and gentle at night, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. It also gives complete manuals and installation videos at the same time.

This lamp is simple to set up and can usually be completed by one person. The entire light may be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, office, or any other home area, and its simple and quadrate design goes with any style of furniture.

#4. Brightech SkyDome Double  Torchiere Floor Lamp

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The Brightech SkyDome Double has a maximum brightness of 3200 lumens, which light a large space. The plastic domes diffuse the light, so it won’t blind you if you stare at it straight. It comes in various hues that go with casual, contemporary, urban, and ultra-modern decor.

The design and colors of the Brightech SkyDome Plus go nicely with mid-century modern, informal, contemporary, or even bohemian decor. The base of this modern, slim light fits beneath your sofa and glides unobtrusively into tiny places. 3 LED bulbs (16W / 1600 lumens, 2 x 9.5W / 800 lumens) are included in this Brightech lamp. Save 85% on your electric expenditure compared to 100W and 2 x 60W incandescent bulbs (220W vs. 35W).

The bulbs endure 20,000 hours – that’s three hours per day, every day for 20 years – so you’ll never need to replace one. LEDs don’t get hot. Therefore they don’t cause unintentional burns if you touch them—warm white color temperature of 3000K.

Brightech created the Dome Double with your children’s safety in mind. Its weighted base and solid design prevent tipping over, making it safe to use around children and pets. LEDs produce very little heat, so touching them will not burn you or create any discomfort.

#5. Nintiue Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Floor Lamp

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The dimmable floor light is entirely Stepless Dimmable, unlike standard non-dimmable floor lamps for the living room. Twist it, and the industrial floor light can be adjusted in the brightness range of 0 to 100% to meet the needs of various settings.

The dining room, living room, bedrooms, office, kitchen, corridor, cafe, basement, bar, club, restaurant, library, and reading room are all examples of general interior locations. The tall tree lamp’s attractive, simple black metallic construction fits industrial, vintage, and farmhouse furniture types. Its unique birdcage lampshade makes it suitable for various decorating styles, including minimalist, industrial, and mid-century.

The cage shade lampshade with a multi-head design provides soft, pleasant light while also adding a stylish touch to your room. This industrial floor lamp stands 68 inches tall and has a metal base diameter of 9.8 inches.

The LED floor lamp’s 6.17ft/1.88 meter long power chord allows it to be placed almost anyplace. The farmhouse floor lamp is designed with a robust, stable base and light pole to ensure upright even on carpet.

#6. SHINE HAI 3-in-1 Shelf Floor Lamp

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This 3-in-1 3-tiered cuboid 63inch height shelf floor lamp features a simple and elegant look with a TC lampshade and a wood grain appearance that is adaptable for any decoration style such as modern, contemporary, classic, glam, rustic style, and so forth. To turn on and off the light, pull the chain on and off.

The addition of two charging 5V/2A USB ports and one power outlet to the latest generation of shelf lights is the most significant improvement over prior models, allowing you to charge three devices at once. This will simplify your life by reducing the clutter of setting wires in your living room or bedroom.

This shelf floor lamp is equipped with an E26 base with the highest public approval to meet your local lighting standards. Warm, white, or RGB bulbs are available in LED, incandescent, or CFL bulbs. However, the maximum bulb power is limited to 60 watts. You may connect an intelligent light bulb or a Wi-Fi socket to Alexa for the convenience of brightness and color customization, as well as intelligent switches.

The shelf board’s space can be used for both storage and exhibition. On the second or third tier, you can put books you frequently read, picture frames, collectibles, flowerpots, knickknacks, vases, plants, and so on.

#7. Rottogoon Floor Lamp for Living Room

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Because the living room lamp comes in two shades, you may easily alter the hues to match your home’s design. This standing lamp emits a soothing 3000K warm white light that produces a relaxing ambiance for rapid relaxation. It comes with a low-energy light bulb.

Not only will this lamp not burn out or overheat, but it will also save you money and energy. It’s also simple to turn on and off. Allows you to accomplish anything else with your hands instead of bending down to switch off the light. Finally, it will look great in any room of your house.

#8. BoostArea 9W LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Compared to standard incandescent lights, the brilliant floor lamp uses energy-saving LED bulbs with a 50,000-hour lifespan, reducing electricity bills and maintenance expenses while saving energy and money. Also, the standing lamp’s integrated LED bulbs (not replaceable) keep a cool touch even after hours of use, so there’s no need to be concerned about overheating; Bulbs are not replaceable.

The adjustable gooseneck of the compact light allows you to various angles to illuminate your tasks, such as reading, working, or daily use. The Eye-caring floor lamp led daylight will not injure your eyes because it emits 3000K warm white light; also, with the three options of the rotary switch, you may choose the Main Lamp On, Side Lamp On, or Both Lamp On depending on your work needs.

This lamp for the bedroom tall provides good stability from dropping, safe for your kid and pet; it can also be conveniently positioned in the bedroom, living room, and other areas according to your wishes; it comes with a stable base and metal pole. Simple and easy to construct in under 5 minutes without any tools; all you have to do is screw all of the LED floor light’s parts together while watching the instruction video on the page.

The space-saving design of the home office standing lamp allows it to easily fit in any corner of the bedroom, slip it behind a sofa, or set it under a cabinet, allowing you to move it around your home with ease.

Why do I need a floor lamp for a large room?

A floor lamp can provide enough light to illuminate the entire room
A floor lamp can provide enough light to illuminate the entire room

A good floor lamp should provide enough light to illuminate the entire room. Adesso 3-light is a fantastic example of a floor lamp that brightens a whole room depending on where it is put. The lamp is long and has three lampshades that provide the right amount of light in the room.

The Amora Tiffany Torchiere is a fantastic example of design because it is built to be adaptable. Its shape causes it to project light, which causes some sunlight to shine outwards, brightening the entire room. As a result, a floor lamp can illuminate a vast space.

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Common types of floor lamps for ambient light

Common types of floor lamps for ambient light
Common types of floor lamps for ambient light

#1. Shaded floor lamp

The lamp’s shade is positioned at the top of a pole and, depending on its height, can shed a lot of ambient light across a single room. It is simple in form yet found in numerous designs.

#2. Torchiere floor lamp

The torchiere is the most common floor lamp style, with a base and a pole.

The torchiere, however, has an upturned shade that focuses light toward the ceiling, giving ambient light that diffuses around the area without glare, unlike a typical shade.

#3. Arc floor lamp

A floor lamp with an arc arm instead of a single upright pole is known as an arc floor lamp. The shade is located at the apex of the arc and takes up very little floor space.

It’s great for rooms that need a lot of light from a single source.

It is also employed as the primary source of illumination in a room because it is powerful enough to eliminate the need for additional light sources.

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What to look for in the best floor lamp for large room?

What to look for in the best floor lamp for large room
What to look for in the best floor lamp for large room

#1. Lamp Height

A floor lamp is typically between 58 and 64 inches tall, or approximately eye level for most adults. Torchieres have the potential to be taller.

#2. Bulb type

In the past, incandescent (tungsten filament) bulbs were employed in floor lamps. When compared to current light bulbs, however, these bulbs are inefficient. While they are initially less expensive, they burn out significantly faster than alternatives such as energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The finest floor lamp is one that accepts these options, allowing you to select and invest in energy-saving bulbs up front.

#3. Brightness& Color Temperature

Lumens are a unit of measurement for the total amount of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. These vary depending on the bulb, although there is an average for each type of light bulb.

Incandescent bulbs produce 14 lumens per watt on average.

CFL lights provide roughly 63 lumens per watt on average.

LEDs produce roughly 74 lumens per watt on average.

CFLs and LEDs can be used as task lights since they can be highly bright without being too hot. These energy-saving lights may also provide dimmer ambient and accent lighting thanks to innovative designs and softer, warmer bulb colors.

#4. Size & Design

Floor lamp size and design
Floor lamp size and design

Floor lamps are usually around 5 feet tall or higher. Shades that rest around eye level on classic lamps are ideal for reducing glare and optimizing light. Torchieres are often taller, as they are intended to illuminate the ceiling space. Adjustable shafts, extended arms, and flexible lamp heads aimed in various directions are available for reading and job lamps.

#5. Adjustability

Most floor lamps can be moved as long as they are close to an electrical outlet. Ensure cords are tucked beneath furniture and not spread across a heavily visited area to eliminate tripping hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of floor lamp gives the most light?

The lightest lamps are those that use LED bulbs. This is because, in comparison to other types of bulbs, lead produces more light but produces no heat, so your led light will not waste energy.

The ability to stand lights to provide numerous brightness levels is also a factor. This allows the user to select the most appropriate amount of light. Floor lamps with fewer embellishments also produce more light than those with much ornamentation.

The floor lamp should also be movable so that you can direct light in various directions, illuminating the concentrated area.

What kind of floor lamps are in style?

The most common type of floor lamp is the torchiere. Unlike a typical shade, the torchiere has an upturned shade that focuses light toward the ceiling, creating ambient light that diffuses evenly around the area without glare.

How many lumens do you need to light a room?

Depending on the number of lumens, the bulb increases brighter. The bulb becomes more brilliant as the number of lumens increases. As a result, you can achieve your goal of lighting up a vast room.

The number of lumens should be considered depending on how beautiful a buyer wants the floor lamp.

For example, if you require a bulb that can output 75 watts, a bulb with 1100 lumens is ideal.

450 lumens is the most acceptable option when seeking a reading floor lamp.

For more delicate work involving the examination of small parts, 800 lumens is sufficient.

In general, the number of lumens is determined by the purpose of the floor lamp.

How do I choose a floor lamp for my living room?

When selecting a floor lamp, consider the type of illumination you require in the space and the light’s material, color, and style to complement the furnishings in your living room or make an artistic statement in your bedroom.

Where should you place a floor lamp?

After you’ve figured out your light’s purpose, you can figure out where it should be and how high it should be. The proportions of all the furnishings and the size of the rooms will influence how a floor lamp is used.


Above is all-to-know about the best floor lamp for large room. Examine your surroundings to determine whether a floor lamp could help to brighten things up. Do you have three sources of light in each room? If not, try adding a single floor lamp to see if it makes a difference. More information on how to style a floor lamp may be found here. If you’re buying a light, make sure the shade is included in the price. Shades are sometimes available separately, and if you don’t believe in the lamp, they can be challenging to match in scale.