[Expert’s choice] Top 6 Best desk light for zoom meetings in 2023

Videoconferencing is an accurate visual medium. In short, spending time on lighting optimization can help others see you better and, at the same time, describe you better.

At the same time, good lighting helps build confidence. Knowing you’ve spent a lot of time setting up means you have shown yourself professionally as much as possible and focus on delivering compelling messages.

However, some people have no idea about how to pick up the one that fits most. Thus, the text below will give you more hints to Best Desk Light For Zoom Meetings, buddies!

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YMCRLUX Desk Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder4.8See Latest Price
Elitehood 10" Led Ring Light4.8See Latest Price
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Miady LED Desk Lamp4.6See Latest Price

Who Should Get This?

Since the COVID19 epidemic, the use of videoconferencing has exploded. Video conferencing has become the ultimate solution for connecting employees remotely, as organizations worldwide quickly implemented work-from-home policies to slow the spread of the virus. Conference calls are now so standard that many employees who have never attended a video conference before are influential experts in organizing, participating, and collaborating with colleagues.

The manufacturers all called to places where some of the attendees were difficult to see due to poor lighting. They are usually backlit, creating a shadow effect. Otherwise, you may have harsh shadows on one side of the face, too much light to look dazzling, or little shine. However, poor lighting can prevent participants from seeing each other clearly, distracting them at best and detrimental to the overall experience at worst. That’s why it’s imperative to have adequate lighting before making a call, especially if you’re meeting key stakeholders, leading a group meeting, hosting a company-wide event, or hosting a webinar.

How To Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Video Calls?

How to choose the best desk lamp for video calls?
How to choose the best desk lamp for video calls?

Lighting is the same as all other parts of working from home. You need to confirm before you start the call. If you sit down during a call and encounter a shadow or a hazy person, it’s not time to start relocating the lights. Don’t risk becoming a distracted person repairing lights and blinds for 10 minutes while everyone politely ignores him and tries to focus on their schedule.

Heading to purpose is the direction for you to select The Best Desk Lamp For Video Calls!

The ring light is a big hit for TikTok stars, YouTube professionals, and other influencers who want to watch the movie at its best. They not only project a beautiful glow on your face but also emphasize your eyes with a subtle ring of reflected light around each pupil. Filmmakers and videographers have used them for decades to capture beautiful images in television shows, commercials, and movies. They can do the same for you when you use one as a zoom call light.

Some come with suction cups or clips for easy attachment to a laptop. It’s the panel light to put in your backpack or bag. You can also fine-tune the color temperature and brightness for a perfect look.

6 Best Desk Light For Zoom Meetings

#1. Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

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With a ring-shaped lamp design, the light is more even than monochromatic light on the face, without glare or shadow, soft light without glare. It is also a mini-ring light. You can widely use it for remote online working, video conference, zoom call, auto broadcast, live broadcast, makeup, YouTube, Tiktok.

 [Stable, flexible and convenient to carry] LED video light adopts clip design. Just squeeze the clamp on the edge of the computer screen. It is extreme and does not come loose. The ring can also adjust the direction and angle of light. The lamp’s dimensions are very light and easy to carry, making it an ideal partner for work.

All USB ports can be used to power work lights such as monitors, laptops, portable power supplies, and cell phone chargers, giving you more power options. It is respect for the environment.

The manufacturer also provides high-quality after-sales service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the brand.

One downside of this machine is that the controls are annoyed by noise. You can improve by installing silencers.

#2. Bekaa LED Desk Light with Clamp for Video Conference Lighting

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This item is made of high-quality LED; LED reading light provides flicker-free and glare-free light, protects eyesight and reduces eye strain caused by extended reading. This clip-on LED ring light provides a soft and complete light that fully functions as a computer light for video conferencing and zoom conferencing.

You can fold the gooseneck arm into any shape to adjust the direction of light. If you bend your arm into the right shape, the clamp can fit comfortably on your desk.

When you pin your phone in the center of the phone chat light, it comes with an adjustable tripod and different lighting modes and brightness levels so you can dial. Designed for use on smartphones, you can adjust it to other color temperatures. It also comes with a fully adjustable kickstand, charging socket, and carrying pouch for video conferencing.

One note you should keep in mind is that you need to reset the light every time you turn on the light. Thus, pressing the power button until you get the right temperature is the possible way.

#3. YMCRLUX Desk Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

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The table tripod is the latest and has a small but stable weight. Don’t worry about falling when adjusting your ring light or phone angle; the height is suitable for computers and laptops.

Maximum width of 3.6 inches allows the item to be compatible with most smartphones. The 60 degrees rotate phone clip will enable you to position your phone horizontally or vertically when taking pictures or recording videos.

The touch screen allows you to control the power supply quickly. To change the light mode and brightness, slide your finger. To adjust the angle to your liking, tilt the head and base of the lamp. The head can be rotated 350 degrees and tilted up to 180 degrees. Its high color rendering index provides the most realistic colors possible.

However, It is not easy to turn it on and off, so we recommend using the automatic delay function.

#4. Elitehood 10″ Led Ring Light

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The product is suitable for desks, computer desks, dressing tables, etc. Because using a sturdy metal stand and round base instead of a plastic tripod, this table lamp is more stable without tipping over. In addition, everything can be placed on it, saving twice the distance compared to other tripod models.

This circular light is height adjustable to provide the most comfortable lighting angle and convenient viewing height, online school/conference zoom, virtual classroom, audio recording, facetime, video recording, car, wearing. And it’s great for makeup applications that create a soft glow for makeup tutorials.

The light comes with an upgraded phone holder, so you don’t have to worry about phone dropping as it fits all iPhone and Android devices, with or without a case.

On the other hand, it is not as bright as expected. If you want more brightness, add more natural light.

#5. Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting

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Our video conferencing lights have three color temperatures (white light / warm light / natural light), five dimming levels, and 72 LED balls with a brightness of 10W. Quickly change your ideal light with just one switch to make your skin more perfect and in a better environment.

Enhanced lighting for video conferencing, teleworking / lighting for zoom calls/auto broadcast, and live streaming / YouTube video / Tik Tok.

Thanks to using a ring lamp design, the light is more uniform than the projector, without glare, shadows, and soft light. It is also a mini-ring lamp. You can widely use it for remote online work, video conferencing, zoom calls, auto broadcast, live streaming, makeup, YouTube, and Tiktok.

More powerful options are available as you can power your work lights using any USB port such as a monitor, laptop, laptop power, cell phone charger, and more. It is environmentally friendly. It does not support charging.

Sometimes it produces annoying high-frequency noise. The only way to get rid of it is to unplug it.

#6. Miady LED Desk Lamp

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The product emits natural, flicker-free light without hurting or straining your eyes. Additionally, there are 12 different lighting modes, and you can adjust the brightness and temperature with the touch of a button.

Designed with a flexible, durable, and 360-degree rotatable gooseneck, you can freely direct the light to your work area without making any annoying noises. The table lamp uses a unique ring design; the light is more uniform, non-dazzling, with no shadows or soft glow so that you can study for a long time without eye fatigue.

Besides, it adapts naturally to your office, bedroom, and living room. This cool, modern desk lamp is made of super durable plastic with a swivel head and 8 LED lights.

What Is The Best Type Of Lighting For Video Conferencing?

Use the ringtone or light panel if you want to stand out as a top-notch executive on a call. The light and ring panels are preferred by experienced YouTube users, Twitch enthusiasts, and other video professionals. But you don’t have to have a video career to justify the cost. It also tends to be a bit bulky, making it unsuitable for calls.

How Do You Light A Desk For Video Conferencing?

Natural light is not always a videoconferencing companion. Without blackout curtains (which work), you can’t control natural light, and the quality of your calls depends on the sun and clouds. Technology often continues to try to compensate for changes in light. It means that the video quality is inconsistent.

When lighting a desk on standard criteria, make sure that a nearby light source is bright enough. Run tests on all of your devices to see if you’re creating shadows and where you need to adjust highlights.

What Is The Best Color To Wear For A Zoom Meeting?

It sounds simple, but bright white colors reflect light and can create confusing visual effects for computer cameras. Instead, relying on a darker color scheme can neutralize weird lighting effects and make video calls comfortable and straightforward.

There is also a reason to shop. If you work from home, check out these fantastic black and comfy gray options and decorate your wardrobe.

How Do I Get Good Lighting For Zoom Meeting?

Facing the window is usually a functional issue as external glare puts excessive pressure on the eyes. However, as long as the Zoom call is only a tiny part of your working hours, you can get many benefits by reversing this rule. It looks good when the Zoom and Microsoft Teams are making calls within your budget, sitting in front of the window. Indirect sunlight from the windows fills all the sharp edges and is also the perfect image loved by photographers. However, outdoor lighting is different, so that the results will vary depending on the weather and time of day.

These video conferencing lighting tricks are helpful, but they may not give the executive a professional look. Thus, using a desk light is recommended. 

How Can I Make My Video Call Light Better?

The cheapest way to improve the look of your video conference is to replace the bulb. The goal here is to achieve a constant color temperature for all light sources. Therefore, make sure that all bulbs are scratched. Even better, choose a daylight LED bulb for maximum warmth and brightness.

Usually, you need a light that fills the room and hits the wall behind your head. You also need a light to illuminate the face and body. There is no bright light at the top, and it looks dim. You can achieve both of these goals by installing LED bulbs on both ceiling and table lamps. Find cheap LED bulbs like this set of 20 at Amazon. Or, for a little more control, look for an app-controlled bulb spring that can adjust color temperature and even hue. LED bulbs can be an excellent help for real value without spending a fortune.


Above are the top 6 of best desk light for zoom meetings that we researched and shared with you. At the same time, we also provide more useful information about this product line, hope you will choose the right products!