The 8 Best Desk Lamps For Computer Work are preferred of 2023

The best desk lamp for computer work will illuminate the work and study space with standard light that does not harm the eyes. And you need to have for yourself a safe desk lamp that does not cause an explosion and can work for a long time, then in this article, we will introduce you to 8 product lines that are trusted by many people today.

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LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp 4.9See Latest Price
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Notes when choosing to buy desk light for computer work

Currently, many manufacturers have created good desk lamps for computers work to serve the essential requirements of consumers in terms of lighting, style, safety …

But there are also a lot of poor quality lamps placed on the market that make consumers confused, understand what you are worried about, so we have selected 8 models that are relatively safe and high quality for you.

#1. Color Light 

The bulk of school lights have a white or yellow glow. When you pick a light you get several different opinions, but white light and yellow light do not directly affect your vision. 

However, the psychology of the consumer is influenced by all kinds of light. When you are seated at your desk, pick a lamp with white light if you want to create and concentrate.

You should prefer golden light if you are going to build warmth, intimacy, and friendliness.

#2. The color temperature of light (degrees K)

The color of the light emitted by the light source depends on the temperature, usually in Kelvin units (degrees K). With different K temperatures, the light source will be different in color.

In fact, a substance begins to emit red light at 1000 ° K, becomes white at 5000 ° K, and turns blue at higher temperatures.

There are three most popular types of LED colors on the market today:

  • Warm Light: The light will have a color temperature of 2700K – 3500K.
  • Neutral color or natural light (Nature Light): 4000K – 4500K.
  • Cool Light: 5500K – 7000K.

#3. Structure

The overall structure of the product is sure, ensuring safe use, and ensuring normal working functions.

Flexible swivel joints, folding levers easily adjust the projection angle of the lamp to suit the sitting position, does not get shadow when studying, ensures safe use, normal working functions.

The lamp does not contain defects that affect the aesthetics of the product or interfere with its use.

A comprehensive selection of component parts and descriptions. The lamp’s exterior is defective, free of the lamp’s aesthetics and work.

#4. Lamp height

Lamp height suitable for the smallest children is from 40 – 50 cm, with adults can be from 40 – 60 cm.

Such high-altitude lamps, when combined with the height-adjustment function, ensure a wide range of illumination.

Flexible lighting capabilities, suitable for the eyes. Minimize eye fatigue, blurred vision, and the dangers of myopia.

#5. Color rendering index, illuminance, the voltage range of lamps

Table lamp products need to achieve color rendering index, illuminance, voltage range according to national lighting standards TCVN 7114-1: 2008. Electrical safety standards TCVN 7722-1: 2009 / IEC 60598-1: 2008.

To know these parameters you can read the information on the box when you first bought the lamp, specifically the parameters:

  • Color rendering index: ≥ 80 Ra, for pure, natural light. Improved color recognition of illuminated objects.
  • Illuminance: ≥ 500 lux, for evenly distributed light. Stable on the flat surface minimizes flicker and irritates the eyes.
  • Voltage range: From 170 – 250 V, with a wide voltage range. The quality of light will not change when the grid voltage is changed. Eye control limits, increasing lamp life.

#6. Rendering index of CRI Color 

The Color Rendering Index is the main parameter for lights people do not notice (CRI). CRI displays the light quality of the lamp and influences the hue and faithfulness of the illuminated object directly. More authentic and normal the colors of the item lit are, the higher the CRI score. 

  • CRI = 0: Blue, red, purple, and yellow monochromes, etc. is the lowest faithful light 
  • CRI <50: The object’s color is changed absolutely (when illuminated the object will be pale, unlike reality)
  • CRI 50-70: light can be used without precise color in commercial processing. 
  • 85-95 CRI: used for areas involving uniform color, including workshops for color printing, workshops for painting… 
  • CRI = 100: Illumination for half a day is the most faithful light. 

Should choose one with a minimum CRI greater than 80.

#7. Capacity of light 

Lamp production is important to shield the eyes. When you pick lights that have insufficient strength, too weak, or too strong, your eyes will change a lot and will create pain in their eyes.

So, you can pick an LED bulb with a capacity of less than 13w or, whether it’s an incandescent bulb, a bulb with a capacity less than 60w.

The illumination is between 300 and 500 lux, the lower the light is inadequate to control eyes, the greater the blindness, the more eye distress.

#8. Select lights with auxiliary features

Such as the ability to protect eyesight against myopia, the ability to minimize light reflected from the computer screen, adjust the light color, light intensity according to demand…

They are often integrated into modern table lamps with luxurious design and easy to use and are increasingly prioritized by users to serve the needs of users while ensuring good protection for vision health…

#9. Using LEDs

On the market today there are many different types of bulbs: led bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, compact bulbs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, induction bulbs,…

When buying desk lamps. You should not only pay attention to the design, style, color but pay attention to the type of bulb inside.

From the advantages and disadvantages of light bulbs, home experts recommend using desk bulbs that are incandescent bulbs or LEDs.

The LED bulb is arguably the most ideal type of lamp available today for desk lamps. Its advantage is that it is very energy-saving, long-lasting, and radiates less energy so it does not cause discomfort when using the lamp for a long time.

Most especially, the LED light gives a very realistic light color, helping to protect the user’s eyesight. These advantages make LED bulbs much more dominant than other bulbs.

#10. Objective 

Each lamp has a particular function: they provide a light that can assist you to carry out a mission.  However, for maximum efficiency, different activities need different light levels. Therefore, you need a good picture of specifically why you need a light.

Best office lighting for eyes and computer work: Watts or Lumens?

You need to differentiate the concept between watts, lumens.

Watt is known as the power output of an LED bulb, denoted by W. This is the power consumption index for 1 working hour, which means that the larger the W-index bulb, the more power consumption the greater the light, so reducing the W number of the device while still keeping the equipment working is what we should aim to save money on electricity every month.

And Lumens This is an index to measure the efficiency or luminous efficiency of the bulb. The higher the lumens, the greater the light output will be and this index helps you to replace and choose the most suitable bulb for the space you install.

So, we will use Lumens to measure and calculate the office light temperature needed for the eyes and work on the computer. And today, manufacturers and consumers choose LEDs for their computer desks. Because this bulb produces good light for the eyes, it produces more precise lumens than other lamps.

For light, there are 3 primary colors: yellow, neutral, and white. Based on the kelvin color temperature unit, the larger the color temperature, the cooler and whiter the light.

  • The yellow color has a led color temperature of 2700K – 3000 K. Creates a relaxing, comfortable, and gentle light source.
  • Neutral has a color temperature between 4000 K – 4500 K. Creates attractive light.
  • White has a color temperature of 5500K – 6500 K. Produces realistic, vibrant, and vivid light.

Or in units of Lumens :

  1. Kitchen: 300-400 lumens
  2. Living room: 400-500 lumens
  3. Corridor: 300 lumens
  4. Bedroom: 300-400 lumens
  5. Large bedroom: 700-800 lumens
  6. Bathroom: 500-600 lumens
  7. Large bathroom: 700-800 lumens
  8. Reading area: 400 lumens

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8 best Desk Lamps For Computer Work are chosen by many customers

Currently, many manufacturers have created good desk lamps for computers to serve the essential requirements of consumers in terms of lighting, style, safety …

But there are also many poor quality lamps on the market that make consumers confused, understand what you are worried about, so we have selected 8 relatively safe and quality models for you.

#1. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp is one of the products that we love, because it gives you a trendy design, convenient to use, and highly durable, so product life also lasts for a long length by year.

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You can easily see this product line popularly placed at computer desks, study desks, and work desks to help light up space and eyes.

  1. METAL MATERIAL: The lamp is integrated with a high-grade, sturdy, and esthetic metal lampshade and frame, and lightens your living room, bedroom, office, or studying area. 
  2. ON/OFF: Click for fast and simple use on the base of the light. 
  3. BULB REQUIREMENTS: The kit does not contain a bulb. The bulb can be placed as needed with an E26-sized screw frame. We recommend that you use a 10 W-12W light bulb, 12 W-20W light bulb, the 20W-40W light bulb power saving (40W MAX).
  4. Flexible swing arm that encourages the quest for the ideal angle of light. Flexible swing arm, lightweight and easy ideal for office, children’s or school do.

#2. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp will be a perfect choice for you when using it for your computer desk. A trendy design and combined with silver tones add to the aesthetics of your desk or desk space.

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In addition to products used to support work and study, they also do a good job of decorating the interior space, it can be seen that this is a desk lamp for the computer that has one of two useful functions.

  1. The lamp is integrated with a high-grade, sturdy, and esthetic metal lampshade and frame, and lightens your living room, bedroom, office, or studying area. 
  2. ON/OFF: Click for fast and simple use on the base of the light. 
  3. Flexible swing arm that encourages the quest for the ideal angle of light. Flexible swing arm. It the lightweight and easy. Simple. Ideal for office, children’s, or school dorm.
  4. Stylish Design: A nice, low-cost, and functional metal desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs, perfect for reading, also elegant looking as a decoration.
  5. Stylish design: A beautiful and practical metal lamp, ideal for reading, and also stylishly decorated to suit your simple lighting needs.


GLORIOUS-LITE 5W LED is a desk lamp for any computer or desk, so it is often appreciated for its flexibility and convenience in moving.

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In addition to the table, this product line meets almost the entire purpose of users such as clamping at the head of the bed to read or relax, dormitory rooms, dressing tables, drawing …

With beautiful design and convenience, this product line completely scored plus points in the hearts of customers.

  • The LED clip light switcher on a cable has 2 keys and each has 3 different options: hot light, white light, and off. Customizable brightness & color: The other one is fitted with 2 options: bright and dark. Meets your light needs on numerous occasions and is flexible for reading bedrooms, working in the workplace, studying girls, etc. 
  • 40-cm flexible gooseneck, which makes the light direction and angle easy to twist and set. Crafted from top aluminum that is heat-dissipating and twisted tough.
  • A sturdy clip with foam pad with a diameter of 2.3inch/6 cm max. when the light is set, it is robust and will not wobble. Your furniture is covered from scratch by the clip of a foam pad. You can clip on a headboard of the bed, a desk, piano, and so on as a clip light. 
  • USB powered: with a 59″ USB cable that is easy to connect to your device, AC adapter, and power bank USB.

#4. OxyLED Dimmable Table Light

OxyLED Dimmable Table Light is a good product for eyes with a standard light, does not flicker that makes eyes uncomfortable, and completely does not contain radiation that can harm eyes.

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Working with the light of this desk lamp, your eyes will be safely protected and provide a productive workspace.

  • The eye-care desk light provides light that is smooth and benefits readers, particularly kids and young people who work hours a day. Enjoy a uniform, flicker-free, eye tiredness spotlight, whether for working, learning or just reading, even in long hours of use. 
  • Built-in 24 power effective LEDs, easy control button for low brightness, and warm white/daylight white/cold white light. 
  • Connect a USB cable for a desk lamp power adapter, PC, or other USB. Settle your preferred luminosity and the memory of OxyLED will retain the brightness you prefer.
  • FLEXIBLE GOOSENEECK & Reliable CLAMP: robust, 14.8 inches / 37.6 cm long gooseneck design, simple to change the led luminaire to adjust the light beam precisely where desired Solid aluminum clamps open up to a length of 1.1 cm / 2.79 cm.

#5. YOUKOYI LED Desk Lamp

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YOUKOYI LED Desk Lamp with a flexible gooseneck design makes it convenient for users to work on the computer desk and in any space, Video conference lights can be balanced upwards and downwards by 180 degrees and rotated by 350 degrees to conveniently place and set the perfect direction of light, if appropriate.

  • Dimmable 10 Shine Levels — Press the Gloss button helps you to quickly change the gloss level to the proper level of illumination from 10 to 100%. Find the project’s ideal lighting easily. Optional 3 color temperatures – 3000K-4000K-6500K (3 color temperatures) reading lamp to suit the various illumination specifications. 
  • This desk lamp comes with an adapter. Put the USB Cable through the Clip Lamp to power the converter, monitor, or other USB devices. When the light is switched off, your lighting memory will recall the present brightness.
  • Professional eye protection, transparent diffusion film, soft light without ghost and shine or not flicker. Driven work lamp for bedside, reading, standing, drawing, serving, study, and many more.

#6. Desk Lamp Battery Operated – Colorlife

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Desk Lamp Battery Operated from Colorlife brand is designed with a simple design but exudes a modern look, the product gives your eyes and space the good light lines for your eyes, so many people believe in using.

  • Modified battery life & steady brightness: the 3000mAh integrated battery offers plenty of hours of use with a power of up to 5–6 hours at optimum brightness and 100 hours at the lowest level. Unlimited Lightning options for all modes like working, reading and sleeping, for every single mode (from 10% to 100%). 
  • Muti-Clip or Stand & Modern design: Up to 2-inch wide clamp that is appropriate for the desk/table, bedroom, and monitor headboard or leave yourself alone with your anti-skid foundation. Great balance of sophistication and versatility in minimalist touch, normal to every kind of decor, like office or bedroom.
  • Gentle to the Ears: The reading light is made from 5500K Lead, which allows a soft eye-care lighting source, 24 LEDs with an optical grade diffuser, which offer soft lights to reduce the eye strain. 
  • Flexible Gooseneck and lightweight: Flexible alloy gooseneck made of smooth-silicone smooth aluminum wrapped alloy that can be conveniently balanced and lighted anywhere you wish. You can transport it anywhere with lightweight/collapsible designs.

#7. LED Desk Lamp with Clamp – Hokome

If you are looking for a good desk lamp for your computer, you cannot ignore the LED Desk Lamp with Clamp model of Hokome Store brand.

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This product line gives you the basic functions that you need, smart modern, and especially not harmful to your eyes.

  • Sturdy Compact Gooseneck desk lamp – the neck can be 360 degrees in three modes flexibly and infinitely customizable, it’s a huge satisfaction to position and to set great lamps. 
  • The 90 highly efficient LEDs offer sunshine and illumination, soft light without a break, shadow, or ghost, while the light surface covers your whole desk, just to help protect your eyes. 
  • Solid clamp with silicone pads, clamp attaches to a tabletop of 3.1″ and firmly leaves in place a gooseneck arm light. Don’t leave a scratch at all, the secret cable architecture has a totally free surface.

#8. Clip-on Light – LED Desk Lamp

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Clip-on Light – LED Desk Lamp is a good product for the eyes of children and for adults, they have different lighting modes that bring good light to the user and can flexibly change the light color light at any time.

  • 3 MODES and 10 BRIGHTNESS – Juhefa Booksleeper Illumination, with 23 Upgraded LEDs – 11 white luminaires (6500K);12warm lights(3000K). Every illuminated mode comes with 10 brightness dimming levels, which fulfill all your different light requirements in your daily routine.
  • The children’s eye care lamp is more durable and convenient than common incandescent lighting, which is intended to support eye protection and eye tension for those who learn and work every day for hours of time.
  • This 360° long-lasting night light gooseneck makes it possible for you to conveniently adjustable your clip light and focuses the light however you want. It can even be folded into a compact lamp: it can be lit where you need it.

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Frequently asked questions:

If you do not have much natural light, artificial light is even more important when you think about lighting the workspace. And a good desk lamp for your computer with strong light intensity and using LEDs is that you can light up your computer desk.

When you decide to buy a good desk lamp for your computer, you need to pay attention to factors such as

  • Light color
  • Texture and style
  • Light temperature
  • Ability to protect eyes
  • The color temperature of light (degrees K)
  • Rendering index of CRI Color 
  • Select lights with auxiliary features

Because these factors directly affect work performance and your eyes.

Most people look at the computer screen to work the rest of their day, so it’s important to minimize the most discomfort. Inappropriate lighting and machine use side effects include headaches, itching, and itchy eyes, and blurred or double vision. Therefore, while there is still evidence of long-term damage, it will undoubtedly cause a lot of problems in the short term.

So light on while on the computer is necessary

The lower the brightness, the more damage the eyes will be.

Since higher light means your pupils are smaller and makes it easier for your eyes to focus and improve the depth of the field and sharpness of your vision. A faint screen causes the students to scatter, indicating that their area is shallower. Shallow field depth (the lens of your eye) means that your cornea has to adjust more closely. 

This change will over time raise the risk of nearsightedness, which is why myopia rises sharply, especially in Asian countries, where children are supposed not to play in the open but to spend a long time learning.

As mentioned above, here we have 8 desk lamps that are good for computers and for the eyes.

  • LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp
  • LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp
  • OxyLED Dimmable Table Light
  • YOUKOYI LED Desk Lamp
  • Desk Lamp Battery Operated – Colorlife
  • LED Desk Lamp with Clamp – Hokome
  • Clip-on Light – LED Desk Lamp

Usually, there will be two light colors recommended by experts, which are light white and light yellow. White light is a cold tone that brings comfort and focuses to the mind, helping to work or study with high efficiency.

The yellow light is a warm, gentle tone that brings comfort to the user. Here we will base on the intended use and the requirements for the eyes to choose the right light color.

According to experts, both lights are not harmful to the eyes.

For those who want to improve absolute focus for work, you should choose white light for yourself. For those who want the eyes to have a relaxing space and do not cause eye strain, they should choose the color of scum.


Working in front of a computer for a long time causes eye strain and aches and you need a solution that is safe for your eyes but still ensures the work done effectively, so you don’t have to worry because you have a light. A good computer desk helps you with these requirements.

With good product information and how to choose a safe, quality table lamp if above; We hope you will choose a good desk lamp for your computer as desired.

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