Best Desk Lamps For Artists: Top 11 Expert Picks

Today, the best desk lamp for artists and the best lamps for drawing is an indispensable product for thorough and detailed work such as architecture, drawing, negotiation … There are many brands that have made a great revolution for the product line. This product, so you will have many choices for yourself.

With the desire to help you choose a good desk lamp for your work as well as for your eyes, in this article we will reveal to you the product lines that meet international standards and how to choose products. accordingly

How to Choose the Best artists Studio Lamp?

The art studio is one of the famous jobs today, to perfect a perfect space, you will need a good table lamp for the art studio.

Right now, you will no longer have to worry or waste time choosing the right product for your job, as we have the quality products for you below.

#1. Bulb type

The quality of the photos you take depends on the equipment you use, whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner.

Photography is a challenging task, especially when shooting indoors due to the lack of natural light.

LEDs will be a perfect choice and come in handy as they provide you with the much-needed illumination for capturing or drawing objects, people, and other objects.

LEDs also attain color clarity, consistency, free of flickering, energy-efficient, and incredibly low heat generation, making them suitable to be used long-term by craftsmen and craftsmen.

An LED lamp with a magnified feature can also be taken into for weak eyes, aging eyes or other eye conditions are suffering. The glass lens acts like a lens. The LED bulbs around it often have the right lighting for thorough work.

#2. Brightness

Brightness will be a direct influence on your image and look, so pay attention to a lamp that can offer many different levels of light, providing flexibility and how it looks. looks in a multi-dimensional way.

#3. Colour Temperature

Measured in kelvin, it shows you the variety of colors produced by light, from cool white to warm yellow. White light is generally suitable to work and study when the geld light reads and stands.

#4. Multifunction

Today, the table lamp for the Studio artist is no longer a primitive one, but now they are more advanced thanks to the essential needs and technological developments of the era. So, with a modern lamp will be an integrated USB charging port for you to charge with any electronics.

#5. Light color

You often work a lot and need to focus on your drawing or design, so it’s important to choose a good table lamp for the studio artist to be the color of the light.

In order to produce the desired look and look for your images and images, often experts recommend choosing white light and yellow light for your eyes.

So for a table lamp, you should choose products that are able to provide you with these lights, and at the same time can give you experience with many other shades of colors.

#6. Flexible movement

The nature of the work will be the factor that makes you choose for yourself the table lamp with good flexibility.

For the convenience of changing the space to refresh the idea or to refresh the scene, but still able to achieve familiar and good lighting, you should pay attention to the arranged sunshine of the product.

Closer to say, within the range on the tabletop, you should choose products with flexible rotating headlights with 360 degrees, ensuring your convenience at work

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5 Best Desk Lamp for artists Studio

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Brightech Litespan - Bright LED 4.9See Latest Price
LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp 4.9See Latest Price
Desk Lamp with Clamp - AmazLit 4.8See Latest Price
Phive LED Desk Lamp 4.7See Latest Price
BenQ e-Reading LED 4.7See Latest Price

#1. Brightech Litespan – Bright LED 

Brightech Litespan – Bright LED is a product known to many people with modern style, meeting the small needs of not taking up too much space. At the same time, this product line enhances the values ​​in the eyes of consumers with extremely reliable lamp durability and safety for long-term use.

See Latest Price

Also, the light from the product provides enough for the eyes and space, helping customers achieve optimum efficiency at work. The light of the product is safe and protects the eyes well during use.

  • For reading books and craftsmanship, strong visibility and contrast light: Do you like a light with a high intensity that reveals you even good color contrasts for hobbies like weaving, knitting, and puzzles or to read the print? Don’t look for more. The lifespan brightens 850-950 lumens – but draws just 12W of fuel.
  • Even after hours of use, the LEDs remain cold, preventing incidental brush burns and overheating your cabin. The gentle night light offers you an orange glow that shines your way through the darkness so you can remain secure at nighttime.

#2. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp is a product line with outstanding advantages that are used by a large number of studio artists, which is a flexible gooseneck design with a modern beauty suitable for all art spaces.

See Latest Price

Having high durability and strong fixed ability when designed with high-quality metal material, thereby improving the service life of the product to help customers save about monthly maintenance costs.

  • The Lamp is integrated with a high-quality metal lampshade and base that is robust, solid, and aesthetic.
  • For fast and simple use, the switch is placed based on the light.
  • The lightweight swingarm makes the right angle of light easy to reach. Simple and quick to use. It’s perfect for the workplace, children’s space, or school dorm.

#3. Desk Lamp with Clamp – AmazLit

Desk Lamp with Clamp from the AmazLit brand is a smart product that few artists do not know because they carry a very modern, compact design that does not take up too much space but produces good light. for the eyes.

At the same time, the product is good for those who have weak eyesight and has a perfect timer function, saving power, providing comfort for users when focusing on work.

See Latest Price

In particular, this is a table clamp product line, so it is very convenient to move, the folding design can be adjusted high and low according to your preferences. Therefore, the product has received a lot of compliments from users.

  • Flicker-free and clear light fills the whole area of the desk. Stepless dimming and adjustable (3000K – 5500K) color temperature. Suitable for all times, including reading, operating, pensioning, recreation, painting, knitting, weaving, lobbying, artisanal craftsmanship, etc.
  • Automatically built-in lock lamp delay feature. Until bed, it can be set to 10 or 40 minutes and immediately shut down. You can experience a calming and fun reading period by clicking on the read mode (4000K & 100 percent brightness).
  • When you trigger it next time, the lamp will return your last setting(mode). 80 percent lower energy consumption of highly effective 98 LEDs than traditional incandescent bulbs lasts 50,000 hours of life. Wall switches and intelligent plugs compliant. When you monitor the light from a wall or smart socket, the light will be on and off instantaneously.

#4. Phive LED Desk Lamp

See Latest Price

Phive LED Desk Lamp is one of Phive’s best-selling series this year, they bring you great functions to meet the basic needs of your work.

  • Protect Sight – Similar to daytime lighting, the diffusion panel emitting dim light without ghost, glare, or flicker.
  • Stepless dimming – a brightness memory that can be easily adapted and preserved by the user.
  • Extremely adjustable – 180° rotational light head, adjustable metal arm 16.3 + 16.3 cm, rotatable frame. Up to 2.36 inches of tabletop supports heavy clamping.
  • Long life & Energy Saving – 50000 hours, no lamp changes issues in the next 25 years. Life and energy saving. The incandescent lamp does 20 percent energy consumption.

#5. BenQ e-Reading LED

See Latest Price

BenQ e-Reading LED will be the perfect choice for you, they bring comprehensive functions to your work. The product is designed with an eye-catching appearance when combined with silver color to create elegance and brighten the space, contributing to boosting your enjoyment while working.

  • Includes sophisticated lighting equipment, a curved head, fully-adjustable arm systems, and ball connectors; the lamp lights up the whole desk (35 inch).
  • Equipped with an adjustment pushbutton, which helps you to adjust the temperature to warm and warm, while controlling the brightness of your light. 
  • The light senses ambient luminosity and adapts it automatically to the light level for safe working conditions during the day and evening.
  • Special nature eliminates the screen glow, offers smooth illumination without splashing, protects the eyes from tension, and protects your vision.

How to choose your perfect drawing lamp?

Drawing is a job that requires meticulousness and detail for an artist, so the best lamps for the drawing will be indispensable in this job. And we have 6 products that meet the standards of safety and quality to share with you.

#1. Light color

 Many people believe that yellow light is better than white light for the eyes, but that’s not the right opinion.

According to a most recent study shows that in the same intensity of yellow light and white light both have the same effect on users’ health.

The difference is that the color of the light can affect a user’s mood. If the yellow light feels warm and close, then the white light brings focus, coolness.

So you can choose your own desk lamp that is right for the job or buy a product that meets these two light colors to change the emotion and space for the eyes.

#2. Suitable light intensity

 Depending on the nature of the job, you can choose lamps with different light intensities.

If the light is for reading, you should choose one with an intensity between 500 and 550 lux. The standard illuminance for study and research is 700 to 750 lux.

For those who require meticulous and detailed work, such as drawing design, fine art processing, jewelry, … you should choose a desk lamp with the right intensity, around 1000 lux…

#3. Lamp Features

Table lamps in addition to lighting the room, the study corner, and the workplace have many different features. And based on the purpose of use to choose the type of lamp with the function like.

One of the most prominent features that can be mentioned of the table lamp is the ability to prevent myopia, protect the eyes of the lamp.

In addition, currently on the market, there are also a number of lamps that can reduce the light shining from the computer screen. Or you can adjust the light, change the angle of the lighting of the lights, …

#4. Convenience

In addition to the slack feature, when choosing a table lamp, you should also pay attention to the individual utilities that the table lamp brings.

Today, there are many table lamps on the market with the advantages of high design, wide bright area, easy adjustment, high operation, and brightness.

Also features smart touch, solid structure, foldable, durable lighting quality, and energy-saving.

#5. Suitable for space

A lamp suitable for space is definitely an indispensable criterion when choosing a desk lamp. For tables with a small footprint, you should consider choosing a wall light. Or the narrow room should avoid oversized, cumbersome lights and simple, design.

With spacious rooms, it is possible to choose simple lights, but it is necessary to pay attention to the style and color gamut that the room is aiming to have the right choice.

If you love strong, minimalism, style. Also to increase the lightness and sophistication, prioritize the selection of a lamp model with a soft design.

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6 List Of The Best Lamps For Drawing

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
TORCHSTAR Metal Arm Desk Lamp 4.9See Latest Price
TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp 4.8See Latest Price
LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp 4.8See Latest Price
Multifunctional Led Desk Lamp 4.7See Latest Price
PHIVE LED Desk Lamp 4.6See Latest Price
Desk Light with USB Charging Port, Wireless Charger, 5 Colors Lighting 4.6See Latest Price

#1. TORCHSTAR Metal Arm Desk Lamp

TORCHSTAR Metal Arm Desk Lamp exactly as the name says its durability and stability when used, metal is always a durable material line over time so you can choose this product for the purpose of use. its long-term use.

A perfect plus point for this product line is that they are integrated with many advanced functions, bringing satisfaction to consumers when using.

See Latest Price

In particular, you will not help to admire the trendy design designed with high aesthetics, when combining the classic bulb jars and modern foldable metal neck.

  • You can either stand the lamp alone or clamp it up vertically or horizontally up to 2″ high on any surface with an adjustable c-clamp. Locations such as college, bedroom, workplace, bedroom.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Light a wide area and move your spot with the lightweight, spring-balanced, adjustable arm that can reach up to 18″.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: due to its weighted frame, the lampstands securely, and the shade of the swingarm and lamp consists of solid metal and black, which is durable and excellent to look at. The power connector is classified as UL and is safe to use.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The slender form and the 51″ power cable helps you to position them anywhere you choose, without taking up too much room.

#2. TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp

TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp is one of the eye-friendly products, using modern lamps and providing dark light sources, so this is the first reason why many customers decide to choose. this code sample line.

See Latest Price

Next, it brings your convenience during drawing or working, with a flexible gooseneck design that easily adjusts the heights – near and fares.

  • Give daylight task illumination or working. Trond halo 9w-c is not a low-cost book lamp, instead, it’s an incredibly bright, full-size task lamp, emitting a daylight beam to the position it is needed to fulfill the job at hand (5800k ~ 6000k, 1000lm). Various lighting applications are used to read, write, craft, peel, crochet, knit, jigsaw, tattoo, make-up or shave, etc.
  • Not glaring and eye-care. The newest light source surface and the groundbreaking screen support create a splash less natural daylight without fantasy. The gentle, non-gloss lamp is human-friendly and is suitable for infants, seniors, and vision-problem persons, such as macular degeneration.
  • 3-level w/ built-in memory dimmer. The physical configuration of our clamp light is absent. You can switch on / off the light and change 3 different luminance levels to suit your varied lighting needs with the control icon on the head of the lamp. The updated memory feature knows the brightness settings from last use.

#3. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp 

Like the above product lines, LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp meets functions useful for work or appearance.

See Latest Price

The highlight of the product is made from high-quality material that is durable and provides good light for the eyes, so the name of the product is always listed on the list of the best lamps to draw.

  • This lamp has a high-quality metal lamp and a high-duty, sturdy frame, and an esthetically built base.
  • TABLE LAMP  & CLIP: There are several roles of the reading lamp: it can be on the desk, or you can clip on with the clamp. The actual difference is up to inches for the flexible clamp. The lamp may be clipped on the table or in the rack.
  • Adjustable head lamp, it can concentrate on any sector you want. The small size saves space on the desk too. Great office illumination accessory.

#4. Multifunctional Led Desk Lamp

Coming to Multifunctional Led Desk Lamp, you will enjoy a unique and eye-catching beauty, promote the aesthetic creativity of your looks.

See Latest Price

In addition, the product also gives you comfort and greatness for artwork and office work, you can completely use the product as you like with full functions that a desk lamp shows. great need.

  • Removable Desk Lamp for 2000m Ah Battery Rechargeable powered lamp, last for 4 hours, without plug-in full visibility, smartphone for anywhere you want.
  • All LED bulbs are energy-efficient with the 6W sun, no flicker, no dim surface, the perfect way to read, work, research, and craft, etc. 
  • 3 Lighting Modes The Lighting Modes can be changed by means of responsive touch controls.
  • This reading light is the flexible gooseneck arm that can be adjusted to any angle, which is incredibly compact with a lightweight cordless build.
  • The easy-to-use solution is fitted with 5V/2A converter, universal USB cable and can be powered by an adapter or power bank, monitor, laptop, etc.

#5. PHIVE LED Desk Lamp 

PHIVE LED Desk Lamp will be the perfect desk lamp for drawing, reading, and office work; Because the product has the ability to provide the space and eyes with different lines of light, bringing the perception of color nuances to its looks. Therefore, the product used by artists is a dedicated lamp for work.

See Latest Price

With the requirement of an earth-friendly product, you cannot ignore this model line. By using LEDs, the manufacturer has succeeded in helping to protect the earth, because this type of lamp has the ability to produce light sources that do not harm the eyes but save energy efficiently.

  • The lighting of the LED panel is soft-lit, flicker-free, and non-blended, and it is easy to enjoy regular illumination. Ideal for learning and reading for a long time.
  • Flexible Fit and space-saving head, 180-degree wave lamp, flexible metal arm 16.3+16.3 inches, rotatable body. Up to 2.36 inches, the tabletop is provided with space-saving metal clamps.
  • 4 Color Temperatures and stepless steaming dimming. The stubborn, 4 lighting modes sensitive touch screen can be customized to meet your needs
  • Long-term and Energetic Saving Potential over the next 25 years for 50,000 hours, no bulb shifting issues. As the incandescent lamp does, 20 percent electricity consumption.

#6. Desk Light with USB Charging Port, Wireless Charger, 5 Colors Lighting

Desk Light with USB Charging Port, Wireless Charger, 5 Colors Lighting is a product that integrates many useful functions to assist in drawing or drafting designs,… At the same time is one of the products that provide space and eyes of the artist. safe, gentle light source.

See Latest Price

From there, show your superiority when able to protect your eyes and save power, actively reduce your monthly electricity bill with smart LEDs.

  • Shines a flicker-free light that brightens your space without harming your eyes, space-free light that does not affect your skin, perfect for reading, working, or learning
  • With the combination 25 LIGHTING CHOICES: Touch to control 5 lighting modes × 5 levels of brightness, you can freely adjust the brightness of desk lamps office without irritating the eyes., our LED Desktop Lighting offers the ideal setting.
  • USB charging port functional: do not sacrifice illumination charging – built-in USB port holds your cell phone at maximum power.
  • Adjustable design: the correct lens to cast, tilt-up head 135°C & pivot 90°C; the foundation tilts down into 150°C and pivots up to 45°C. 
  • Energy Friendly LED: Turn your conventional lamp onto the TaoTronics lamp to help reduce electricity use by up to 75% with excellent environmental efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A table lamp that is good for your eyes will be a table lamp using LEDs because this light produces light like a day that does not harm the eyes and is suitable for detailed work.

It’s all about how much light is on or near the drawing. For crafting activities, a minimum of 2000 lumens is required.

For an art studio, the light will be an important factor determining the aesthetics of the image. The white light will be a great choice for this job, as this color brings freshness and coolness to any space or image, or look.

The second option will be light yellow, the color for perfect relaxation. But in between this choice of two tones, we recommend using white light for your work.

As with studio table lamps, painting or oil painting desk lamps will require the assistance of white light and yellow light, but for oil paintings, the light will probably bring people. Artists’ inspiration and feel better.


As you can see, the desk lamp gives you many conveniences to assist you in your work perfectly without harming your eyes. With such a great product, what are you waiting for without buying yourself a table lamp!

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