Top 8 Best Desk Lamp For Eye Strain [Top Expert Picks 2023]

Eye fatigue is increasing rapidly, making us worry about the health of our eyes. The reason is that sitting in the wrong position, the tables and chairs are not suitable for the body, and especially the light source is not guaranteed to cause harm to the eyes. Therefore, you should choose for yourself a suitable table lamp, with good lighting, without affecting your vision.

However, it is not easy to buy a good and cheap anti-eye-fatigue desk lamp. Therefore, in the framework of today’s article “Best Desk Lamp For Eye Strain” based on our experience, we will help you solve this problem easily.

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ibaye Memory Function 10 Brightness Levels4.5See Latest Price

The 8 Best Desk Lamp For Eye Strain

The eye strain desk lamps have a design quite similar to ordinary desk lamps but have a special feature that is much better and more stable. Typically, anti-eye strain lamps are equipped with a chip adjustment and touch feature to adjust the appropriate light level. Here is a list of The 8 Best Desk Lamp For Eye Strain that we have collected and rated.

#1. TROND Flexible Gooseneck Task Lamp

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TROND Flexible Gooseneck Task Lamp has long been favored by consumers, and it is also the first answer to the question of which desk lamp to buy for tired eyes. Not only possessing more features than other devices of the same brand, but it also has a moderate price, suitable for users’ wallets.

The lamp has the 3 most common lighting modes. You just need to press and hold the LED power indicator to activate the lighting mode. 3 modes – Working 6000K, Reading 4500K, Relaxing 3000K will meet your needs or mood best.

By swiping in the dimmer track, you can adjust the brightness up to 7 levels. It’s a fun and easy-to-use experience for every user and every lighting space. Flexible gooseneck LED desk lamp for any lighting angle. Ultra-thin base (0.63″) and low profile, perfect match with your home or office decor.

More specifically, the lamp has a built-in memory function that can remember the light settings from your last use. This is an eye care desk lamp that features a unique surface illumination source & produces a flicker-free, anti-glare light without ghosting. Suitable for children, students, or people with vision problems. When using the desk lamp, you will not feel eyestrain and can work for hours.

#2. JKSWT Eye-Caring Natural Light

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JKSWT Eye-Caring Natural Light is also one of the names worth considering when looking to buy a good anti-myopia study light. Possessing a compact design and an affordable price, JKSWT’s desk lamp has been gaining great love from millions of customers.

The special thing that makes this lamp stand out is the 72 full spectrum beads with soft, flicker-free, shadow-free light. effectively avoid eye strain caused by flickering and glare.

The LED desk lamp has 5 lighting modes with 9 Brightness Levels to choose from and provides the ideal light level for work and any lighting need. Lifespan up to 20000 hours, 30 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps.

The responsive touch panel lets you control different power, brightness, and lighting modes with a simple slide of your finger. Always keep in mind the last used brightness and mode for your added convenience. The desk lamp is the ideal product for reading and studying for a long time.

The solid metal body is durable and flexible. Use an aluminum alloy heat sink. The base of this light can be tilted 100° and the head can tilt up 180° & rotate 220°. Compact design, simple color highlights the whole room space.

#3. AmazLit Swing Arm Desk Lamp

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AmazLit Swing Arm Desk Lamp is an anti-near-sighted table lamp that we would like to recommend to you if asked which type of anti-short-term lamp should you buy. The convenience in design as well as the 180-degree flexibility of the lamp body ensures that you will not be disappointed.

A flicker-free and glare-free lighting system cover your entire desk area. Stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature (from 3000K to 5500K) will be ideal for any occasion.

They have a built-in automatic shutdown timer function. It can be set to 10 or 40 minutes before sleep, after which it will automatically turn off. You don’t have to worry to get out of bed on winter days to turn off the lights. Cabinet and you have a reading mode (4000K & 100% brightness) to enjoy relaxing and enjoyable reading time.

The extra-wide metal clip comes with a silicone gasket. The sturdy clamp supports countertops up to 2.1 inches and holds the swingarm light in place. The pad won’t leave any scratches on the table and you’ll maximize your desk space.

The 15.8″ long swivel light head offers consistent brightness and a variety of color options. With a flexible three-axis design, freely adjustable angles, and multiple positions, you can adjust the orientation. light according to his individual needs.

The light will return to your last mode the next time you turn it on. LEDs consume 80% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Compatible with wall switches and smart plugs.

#4. Ominilight Touch Control Swing Arm Craft

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Ominilight Touch Control Swing Arm Craft uses advanced LED technology, patented anti-glare panels for a bright, glare-free desk lamp.

Built-in 15 LED beads produce clear and flicker-free light, no ghosting, providing the ultimate care for your eyes.

The simple yet elegant design brings fashion to your home space. The champagne gold material is polished and shaped like a swan, making it look like a work of art. Anyone who loves art will want to buy it at first sight. The wider, heavier base is designed to increase stability so that when the angle is adjusted, the lamp will not fall.

The desk lamp features a touch switch, three dimming levels, and a 6,500K color temperature, making it perfect for all lighting needs.

The gooseneck design allows you to adjust the angle and height to your liking to meet your different needs in terms of angles and workspaces. The reading lamp head uses a curved soft board, which produces more refraction and creates a larger illumination area for a larger workspace.

With the modern design to meet all the needs of studying and working effectively as well as protecting eyes. This is a good value for money product when looking to buy a good anti-myopia study light.

#5. JUKSTG USB Charging Port

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JUKSTG USB Charging Port at first glance, this anti-near study lamp is nothing short of outstanding. But its accompanying functions are worth paying attention to.

The lamp design is extremely beautiful, luxurious, and delicate with white tones. The light can be folded neatly and easily moved. This nearsighted study lamp uses today’s most modern lighting technologies, with a super-sensitive and durable adjusting sensor.

The light colors are cool and pleasant to the eyes, the wide spectrum can freely sit, study, draw, read stories, watch online courses on touch phones, iPads…

Enjoy the uniform, soft and flicker-free light beam from the reading light which can effectively reduce eye fatigue to protect your eyes even after long hours of use.

Rotate the adjustable light arm up to 180° or rotate the base 90° for the best illumination, allowing you to adjust the LEDs easily and direct the light wherever you want.

The desk lamp is equipped with a USB charging port. You can charge electronic devices via the 5V/1A USB output.

Automatically turn off lights to save electricity bills when you fall asleep at night.

The lamp life of this LED desk lamp is up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to more than 20 years of use (4 hours/day of continuous lighting). This is one of the most outstanding advantages of this lamp for users to rest and change their sitting posture to help ensure health, study, and work efficiency.

#6. LEPOWER Metal Sandy Black Desk Lamp

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LEPOWER Metal Sandy Black Desk Lamp is a home appliance brand trusted by millions of consumers. The company’s products are always updated in terms of design and quality to serve the needs of users.

Lamps are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, do not use chemicals such as lead and mercury, the production process is strictly conducted to ensure no harmful gas emissions into the environment. This anti-myopia study lamp has a simple and eye-catching design that is suitable for many ages from students, to working people, to the elderly.

The maximum lifespan is up to 50,000 hours, which is 16 times longer than the life of Compact lamps and 50 times longer than incandescent lamps. Allows you to use it well for about 10 to 20 years.

Design lampshade and metal base with high quality, durable, high aesthetic. The switch is located on the lamp base for quick and easy use. The flexible swivel arm makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle.

The lamp has good anti-myopia with natural, even and continuous light, no harm to eyes and skin, safe for users to use for many hours continuously because this product does not emit UV rays, does not retain blue light, does not produce infrared radiation, does not dry the skin and does not flicker…

#7. TROND Sewing Crafting Drawing Nail Art

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TROND Sewing Crafting Drawing Nail Art has a luxurious design, designed with LED chips and anti-glare panels and controlled by touch with 3 levels with light colors. Table lamp clamp promises to bring you and your family the best experience.

Its flicker-free, anti-glare light with a total flux of 1000 flux is perfect for the job. With many different modes and brightness levels, the light will give you different lighting and experiences.

The durable gooseneck arm (41cm/16.1″) allows you to tilt & rotate the light as you like. Sturdy clamp opens up to 1.38″ (optimal width 0.6″ -1.1″) width perfectly used with desks, nightstands, drafting tables, drawing tables, easels, etc

The lamp is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain lead, mercury does not emit toxic gases into the environment. The design uses 10V DC electricity to prevent shock, not to generate heat, so it does not cause fire or explosion. The table lamp clamp base has high friction foam to help limit collisions and breakage.

With 5 lighting modes and 5 levels of dimmer, this desk lamp allows you to choose the right color temperature at different light intensities, to meet different lighting moods.

Press and hold the on/off switch for 2 seconds to trigger the light timer to automatically power off in 30 minutes. The built-in rear USB charging port can charge your 5V electronic devices.

#8. ibaye Memory Function 10 Brightness Levels

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ibaye Memory Function 10 Brightness Levels has a modern design with a light body that is easy to adjust the lighting direction to suit the user’s sitting angle.

The light emitted by the lamp has a natural, honest white color that helps users to use it for a long time without feeling tired. In addition, the bulb does not emit heat, which makes it comfortable to use, used for a long time without fear of exploding the bulb.

The lamp offers 3 color modes: warm light (3500K), warm white light (4500K), and cool light (6000K) with 10 dimming levels, ideal for simple to meticulous work. Always remember your last setting for next time use.

Made from environmentally friendly materials, no chemicals are used, the production process is strictly conducted to ensure no harmful gas emissions into the environment.

Extra-wide metal clip with silicone gasket, durable and scratch-free. The angle can be adjusted precisely to save space. With flexible three-axis design, providing you with more flexible lighting and a larger lighting area. The lamp body has swivel joints that allow users to adjust the height of the lamp as well as the projection angle to suit their needs.

LED table lamps consume 80% less power than traditional incandescent lamps. Lamp life up to 50,000 hours, extremely durable. The required voltage and current are low, so it will save and reduce costs effectively.

Why do I need the best desk lamp for eye strain?

Why do I need the best desk lamp for eye strain
Why do I need the best desk lamp for eye strain

Currently, the move away from smartphones and back to books is being encouraged and received by many people. So, the thing to do right now is to choose a good desk lamp to protect your eyes. The anti-myopia lamps with compact, convenient design will give you the necessary light source for reading or studying.

The workspace is the place that needs inspiration and positive energy the most, so the use of a desk lamp with a delicate design and luxurious design will help your soul to be comfortable, excited, and promote. This lamp model not only serves the working needs of the owner but also helps to adorn the workspace with a harmonious and balanced beauty, creating a professional attitude for the user.

Many people who work at their desks rely solely on overhead lighting, but experts recommend incorporating light sources in every room. The work and the light accentuate the greatness and balance between light and shadow. A desk lamp, specifically a good desk lamp, allows you to control the distribution of light on your desk, providing benefits that can affect not only your mood, but your health as well.

Desk lamp not only serves working needs but also helps to adorn the workspace
Desk lamp not only serves working needs but also helps to adorn the workspace

The current types of lights for tired eyes with the outstanding advantage of being gentle to the eyes, maximum power saving, extremely sensitive on and off sensors bring users a lot of conveniences.

For desk lamps with joints, joints between the lamp body and the lampshade, they can change different light angles to suit the needs of the homeowner. Eg:

– Users who want to focus on reading and studying will need a focused light source, so just pulling the lampshade down so that it doesn’t obscure the view can work more effectively.

– Users who want to do many jobs in parallel or use desk lamps as decorations will need a diffuse light source, so just pull the lampshade upwards, the light source is high.

The table lamp has few lamp details, so cleaning this model is also simple. As long as you prepare a soft cloth or hand-held vacuum cleaner, you can clean the entire working lamp easily and conveniently.

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Considerations when choosing desk lamp for eye strain 

Considerations when choosing desk lamp for eye strain
Considerations when choosing desk lamp for eye strain

It can be seen that the criteria of a desk lamp for eye strain are to create the most comfortable flight for the eyes so that the eyes do not have to adjust too much, the light does not blink, does not glare. Therefore, you can rely on the following criteria to choose a quality desk lamp.

#1. Color Temperature

The color temperature of an LED is the color of the light emitted by the LED. It has nothing to do with how the lamp works, the mechanism or principle of operation, but it reflects the color of the light that the LED produces. The most common color temperatures are warm white, natural white, and cool white.

Desk lamps should choose yellow light (3000-3500k) or neutral light (4000-4500k) because these two light bands will bring a gentle feeling to the eyes, not dazzling like white light (6000k -6500k). The color temperature of 2700-6500K helps it achieve an illuminance of about 1200 lux, much brighter than conventional table lamps. If you want to make your child feel cool and alert when sitting at the study table, choose a lamp with white light. The lamp has a yellow light that brings closeness, warmth, and friendliness.

Of course, increasingly advanced technology makes color selection easier and easier, as the integration of 3 light color modes on the same lamp product is a popular trend, even increasing. Reduce the light as desired with the touch sensor on.

#2. Brightness

The brightness of an LED is the ability of a lamp to illuminate a certain space or area. Different types of LED lights will have different brightness depending on many factors. Near the end of its life, the brightness of the lamp also decreases by about 75%. The brightness of the LED lights needs to be suitable for the area and purpose of the user.

Lux is the brightness of the lamp, usually, just 5-8W LED is enough, higher power is easy to cause glare because LEDs are many times more efficient than incandescent lights. Almost all LED anti-nearsightedness lamps guarantee this index > 80.

Brightness of desk lamp for eye strain
Brightness of desk lamp for eye strain

#3. CRI

CRI is the color rendering index, CRI represents the light quality of the lamp and directly affects the color and fidelity of the illuminated object.

The best CRI of 95 or higher is close to natural light, for high realism, closer to nature. The CRI index is very important when evaluating whether a lamp has good lighting or not.

Choose a table lamp model with flexible brightness adjustment to ensure the right light in many different usage situations.

#4. Bulb type (LED/CFL)

On the market today, there are 4 types of desk lamps that are good for eyestrain: compact fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lamps are trusted by many users thanks to their wide range of brightness, energy-saving, and durability. Incandescent bulbs are the first light bulbs on the market and have the longest lifespan. Similar to incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs are also capable of lighting quite well. The light emits a constant light and does not flicker without causing discomfort to the user. However, based on many other factors, LED bulbs are preferred to use.

It can be said that LED bulbs are the solution to compensate for the shortcomings of incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. LED lights have good light, do not cause eye fatigue, do not flicker, and save electricity. In addition, LED lights also have a very long life expectancy of up to 20,000 hours, many times higher than other types of bulbs.

The advantage is that it saves energy effectively, does not radiate heat to the surrounding space. Natural light quality, good anti-glare, thereby reducing the risk of refractive errors.

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#5. Lighting mode

Lighting is a particularly important factor when buying a desk lamp. Choose lamps with light emitted continuously, without glare, with stable and evenly distributed brightness to ensure that the eyes do not have to adjust much, avoiding eye strain when using.

A modern lamp will be fully integrated with the functions of lamp adjustment modes. This brings convenience to your usage needs.

Desk lamp for eye strain with lighting modes
Desk lamp for eye strain with lighting modes

#6. Height & Adjustability

Desk lamps are now designed with many different designs to suit each space and use needs. You can choose lamps with a standard height of about 40 – 50cm so that the light can spread evenly around the table.

As for the lamp body, it is recommended to choose a type of rotating shaft that can be flexibly rotated to different sides and angles to ensure a wide lighting surface and is suitable for all uses.

The part of the lampshade has the effect of helping to spread the light so that the light is not concentrated in one place as well as to avoid the light shining directly into the eyes, causing glare and eye strain. Therefore, when choosing a desk lamp, you should choose a type with a suitable diffuser so that the light does not shine out too much, causing glare, and also does not obscure too much light, causing underexposure.

#7. Energy-efficiency

First of all, the advantages of LED desk lamps make people love and trust them. That is the ability to save electricity. The energy-saving of LEDs is up to 90% compared to incandescent bulbs and 50% compared to compact bulbs. LED lights help users save energy up to 70-80% compared to traditional lights.

In economic terms, an example can be taken as follows: If in a certain period, you use the same incandescent and LED light bulbs, compact lamps for the same time. You will have to pay about $100 for incandescent bulbs, approximately $30 for compact bulbs. And only have to pay nearly $25 for led bulbs. When you use LED bulbs, you will save a relatively large amount. Because the initial cost you have to spend on LED lights is not too high.

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Tips to maintain the quality of light for eye-caring

Tips to maintain the quality of light for eye-caring
Tips to maintain the quality of light for eye-caring

With anything, when you want to use them for a long time, you need to have some tips to make them last longer. Here are important notes when using a desk lamp for eye strain.

– When using a desk lamp, even if it provides enough light, you should not turn off other lights in the room. Focusing the light source only at one location can cause eye strain when sitting for a long time, and glare when looking from morning to night and vice versa. Should create a uniform light space so that the eyes do not have to adjust too much. The table should be placed on the same side as the main light in the house, avoiding shadow.

– Do not place the light-emitting part of the lamp horizontally with the face because it will cause glare. Should be placed at an angle of 80-90 degrees perpendicular to the table.

– Place the lights at a suitable height, not too high, and not too close to dazzling the text.

– Do not expose yourself to the light for too long, even if the light is good, you need to take a break to let your eyes rest and then continue working.

– Avoid water completely, although LED study lights use 12-24v electricity through the power adapter, it can still be dangerous. LEDs are also electronic components, so they can cause a short circuit when exposed to water.

– Need to clean the lamp regularly to avoid causing dust to obscure the emitted light.

– Do not leave any objects to block the light because they will increase the ambient temperature.

With the above rules, whether you choose popular lamps or “genuine” lamps, locally produced or imported lamps will help provide adequate and reasonable light sources for better study and work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use a desk lamp?

Through research, if your eyes are weak, you should use an anti-refractory desk lamp.

Smart design that can be rotated to any angle for the best lighting.

The eye strain desk lamp produces a uniform light source using a high-performance LED luminaire. In particular, with different light levels and different color temperatures suitable for each situation such as working, reading, studying. You just need to choose the right light mode to make your eyes feel the most comfortable, increase your working and studying time more effectively.

Anti-refractory LED lights are integrated with many smart and convenient features such as timer mode, factory reset mode with last used light, time view, and USB integrated design…

Is an LED desk lamp good for the eyes?

LED desk lamps are now very popular in homes and even large and public buildings with outstanding advantages.

To bring the most accurate and useful answers to Laokoon’s readers. We have researched, analyzed, and consulted with industry experts LED bulbs themselves do not cause harm or produce negative effects on vision or related problems other health.

Therefore, LED lights are not harmful to the eyes will be NO. But if your eyes have impaired vision, it is necessary to consider, reconsidering the use of other specific causes. Besides, with extremely modern and advanced production technology, LED bulbs are almost the most appreciated of all types, this is also the reason why in all kinds of lamps, which are good for eyes LED is also “named” for that.

How many lumens do you need for a desk lamp?

Lumens are often listed on lamps, but now manufacturers use the term wattage instead. Lamp wattage tells about power consumption and you have to pay for electricity according to this parameter. Lumen is the light output from the anti-near study desk lamp, the LEDs have a power-to-light conversion efficiency many times greater than that of traditional lamps.

Another type of measurement for light output is called Lumen. The common range for work lighting is 1000 – 1400 lumens.

What is the best light to read by?

Natural light will be best for the eyes to read. Most incandescent bulbs emit a warm light between 2,700 – 3,300 K. LED bulbs can perfectly match natural daylight with color temperatures between 5,000 – 6,500 K.

There are many different opinions when choosing lamplight, but in fact, white light and yellow light are not so harmful to the eyes that it is necessary to speak up to boycott one or the other. However, these two types of light have a significant impact on the user’s psychology. If you want to create a feeling of coolness and alertness, the desk has a yellow light that is better for the eyes, bringing closeness, warmth, and friendliness.

What is the best lighting for working on a computer?

Good lighting for working on a computer should have a mix of artificial and natural light in the lighting design standards. It is not advisable to overuse one of the two factors above, there must be a harmonious combination.

To avoid the feeling of being dazzled when working, should choose lamps with white light such as LED lights. These types of lights both provide good lighting efficiency, save energy, and can ensure the eyes work for a long time without fatigue or glare. You should adjust the brightness of the screen to roughly the same level as the brightness at work.


When you need to get some work done late at night or even read a few chapters of your favorite book, you’ll be happy to have a desk lamp around as it will provide all the light you need. need. And whether you want something to use in your office or home desk, you can confidently find a model that will work well for you from the 8 products above. We hope you enjoyed the article “Best Desk Lamp For Eye Strain“.