Top 7 Best Craft Lights – Great Lighting For your Craft Room

Anyone who enjoys sewing, painting, or crafting requires about 3 to 5 times the amount of light we normally consume in our daily lives. Craft lamps and craft lights are essential for them in their job, but they may also be utilized for other household tasks and projects.

Let’s find out the top 7 best craft lights for your craft room!

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Brightech Leaf - Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Crafts room4.9See Latest Price
Ominilight LED Desk Lamp Dimmable Portable Eye-Care4.9See Latest Price
MIPAWS LED Desk Lamp Goose-Neck Workbench Light4.8See Latest Price
Addlon LED Floor Lamp Standing Gooseneck4.8See Latest Price
ibaye LED Desk Lamp Adjustable Metal Swing Arm4.7See Latest Price
Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Daylight Company LLC UN1430 Craft Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price

Which type of light is best for crafting?  

CRI influences the color of the observed item, whereas Kelvin temperature influences the color of the light emitted.

Our perception of color may be greatly influenced by lighting. It’s not just about the light temperature; it’s also about something called CRI (Color Rendering Index), which has nothing to do with color temperature (Kelvin).

CRI refers to the accuracy of the light source (your light bulb) in contrast to natural daylight, and it ranges from 0 to 100. (a true color hue). The stronger the color rendering capacity across a wide spectrum, the higher the CRI. Daylight has the highest amount of color rendering, which is why there is a visible variation in the hue of indoor and outdoor things.

Kelvin is a unit of measurement for describing a light source’s color temperature. Soft White (2700K-3000K), Bright White (3500K-4100K), and Daylight are all common ranges (5000K-6500K).

Here are some lighting suggestions for your creating space to assist you:

Best types of light for crafting
Best types of light for crafting

#1. Daylight

The brightest daylight should be used as the best light. This LED work light is necessary for lighting huge areas of your workstation. Furthermore, the color contrasts in thread and fabric are visible in daylight. Under natural daylight LED, subtle color contrasts pop and make your work simpler, whereas artificial lights blur those colors together.

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#2. White Light

The major source of light in your creative environment should be ambient light, which is a natural favorite. The major source of illumination in your space is ambient lighting.

The use of white light for general illumination in the space simplifies things, making navigation and project work simpler.

Avoid using yellow or orange light bulbs when working on your tasks since they might cause stress and weariness to your eyes.

According to many studies, a high Kelvin/daylight color temperature of 5000K-6500K with a CRI rating of at least 90-95 or higher is the best lighting you can have for nearly all craft rooms that use color as an important factor in their workspace.

Cordless desk lamp vs Standing floor lamp: which is better for crafting?

Cordless desk lamp vs Standing floor lamp: which is better for crafting?
Cordless desk lamp vs Standing floor lamp: which is better for crafting?

Cordless desk lamp vs Standing floor lamp can both be used for your craftwork, but let’s analyze the benefits of each type of lamp and choose the best craft lights for you:

#1. Cordless desk lamp

A cordless desk light saves space on your desk while still providing effective illumination. Because of its lightweight and small design, you can simply move the light and even put it in your pocket when moving.

It may also be put on your desk without interfering with the current design. The lamp’s base is made of rubber, which is easy to clean when it gets filthy, making it a good choice for saving time and effort while cleaning the lamp.

It also has a few choices for variable light output, such as modifying the color lights and their associated brightness levels for different jobs.

The Gladle lamp, for example, provides ideal natural light for tasks such as knitting and painting. The stretchy neck aids in remembering the best viewing angle.

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#2. The Free-standing Floor Lamp

Free-standing Floor Lamp
Free-standing Floor Lamp

The floor lamp is more accurately referred to as a standing light because it is self-contained and contains the brightest bulbs available. While a free-standing floor lamp will save a lot of energy, it will not be as energy-efficient as others.

The power supply for the free-standing floor light must be sufficient. This floor light is, once again, more performance style than efficiency.

Of course, if you’re concerned about energy consumption, the led independent floor lamp features delicate aesthetic elements as well as functional features such as wires for removing the lights.

The two types of best craft lights mentioned above are acceptable for use in your craft room or workplace, but you may select the best craft lights for your craft room based on your needs and tastes.

We propose Cordless desk lights for small and medium craft spaces to conserve space and energy while assuring lamp performance. It may also be securely attached to a tabletop. It will allow you to drag the light into almost any position you wish and it will remain in place. When you use a clamp, you don’t have to worry about knocking the light over.

If you have a light with a magnifying lens, this is especially useful since, depending on what you’re working on, you’ll either want to bring it closer or push it out of the way.

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Things to consider when choosing the best craft lights

There are several factors to consider before purchasing the best craft lights that will suit your needs. Below is a quick buying guide to help you figure out what to look for when shopping for craft lights.

Things to consider when choosing the best craft lights
Things to consider when choosing the best craft lights

#1. Brightness

Light output needs to be sufficiently bright and color-true as poor lighting causes eye strain and other discomforts such as sore neck and shoulders, headache, blurred vision, and difficulty with concentrating on your task.

According to the Illuminating Engineering Society, illumination of 30 to 50 footcandles is needed for most home and office work. Manual jobs require more concentration and complexity than require 200 to 500 footcandles. 1,000-1,400 Lumens is a commonly accepted range for most applications of craft lighting.

#2. Color temperature

The color temperature of a light source is measured in Kelvin, as we all know. Soft White (2700K-3000K), Bright White (3500K-4100K), and Daylight are the three most popular ranges (5000K-6500K).

Working with a light with a color temperature of 6500K is equal to working in daylight, making it excellent for crafts tasks. As a result, a craft light with a color temperature of roughly 6500K is recommended.

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#3. Flexibility

Flexible lights are highly useful since their movable elements allow you to effortlessly change the light to any angle, giving you a great view of your workstation. They may also be easily moved and stored because they take up very little room when collapsed.

Adjustable height and a flexible gooseneck to position the lamp and customize the light to your convenience, a dimmer function to reduce or increase the brightness and even an added magnifier glass for scrupulous tasks and detailed jobs are some of the extras you can find in different types of sewing lamps.

Adjustable height and a flexible gooseneck desk lamp
Adjustable height and a flexible gooseneck desk lamp

#4. Power consumption

Traditional incandescent bulbs, which emit a pleasant yellow light, are now a thing of the past. LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs are commonly used in modern craft and reading lamps, as they are all long-lasting.

LED and CFL bulbs offer a more contrasted cold light that is perfect for color matching and intricate work, whereas halogen lights give a milder light that is ideal for reading. Furthermore, halogen lamps are inefficient and will cost you more money in the long run.

#5. Durability

Of course, you don’t want to have to change the light bulb frequently, making it difficult to operate and costly to fix and replace. Then manual LED lights are the most appropriate option for you.

Incandescent lights typically last 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Lamp life is commonly cited as 25,000 to 50,000 hours when discussing LED replacements. This technique is promising because of the long bulb life and the lower power required to produce the same quantity of light.

#6. Design & Size

Craft lights are separated into floor and desk types by design. Floor lights have quite lengthy poles and are supported by sturdy bases that keep them stable on the floor and prevent sliding. Lamps of this type range in height from 22″ to more than 60″.

Desk lights are intended to be used on a desk or craft table, as the name implies. They are usually smaller and lower than their floor equivalents. While table lamps are ideal for individuals who frequently use a sewing machine, floor-standing lights are more adaptable, since they may be put next to your craft or sewing table as well as near a sofa or armchair where you can sit and stitch by hand.

Furthermore, you may get combo lamps that have a convertible design and can perform many duties. These types may be used as floor lights or converted into desk lamps as desired.

Another element to consider is the lamp’s size, since the duties you often perform may necessitate more dispersed ambient light or a focused light beam.

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Review the 7 best craft lights

#1. Brightech Leaf – Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

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The Leaf’s large 1150 lumens (90W incandescent equivalent) and pharmaceutical shade, which focus the light on a tiny area, making it ideal for precise operations.

The Leaf indoor pole light from Brightech is a classic design with current materials and adjustments that works well in a variety of settings, including contemporary, industrial, urban, traditional, and rustic. Its slim, narrow shape makes it easy to tuck into a corner. Its pivoting head and swingarm may be adjusted to direct the light where it is most needed. Any space will benefit from the addition of this golden light.

Because the light stays cold, it’s ideal for beauticians and estheticians performing cosmetics, eyelash extensions, and facials. You may easily work with your hands adjacent to it for an extended period of time without the worry of inadvertently burning yourself.

You may dim the light to 100 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent with the built-in three-level touch switch dimmer. Use the brightest for office work and the dimmest for a relaxing atmosphere.

The integrated 12.5 Watt power-saving LED light in the Leaf standing bedroom lamp is rated to last 20,000 hours – 20 years with typical usage, so you’ll never have to replace a bulb. It has 1150 lumens and 3,000K warm white LED technology, exceeding halogen, CFL, and incandescent lamps. The strong base ensures that it will not tip over.

#2. LED Desk Lamp Dimmable Portable Eye-Care 

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The lamp is constructed of brushed champagne-gold material and is shaped like a swan, making it look more like an artwork, graceful and agile; the heavier base is meant to enhance stability when working or altering the angle.

The gooseneck-shaped lamp arm allows you to flexibly alter its angle and height to match your various angles and space requirements (sofa, bedside, or desktop).

It features a one-touch switch, three dimming settings, and a 6,500K color temperature, making it ideal for ambient lighting, reading, and working.

The lamp head is made of a curved flexible board, which allows for greater refraction and a bigger light area and working area.

Its 15 LED beads emit clean, non-flickering light that does not ghost, giving optimal eye care for you and your children.

#3. LED Desk Lamp Goose-Neck Workbench Light with 5 Color Modes

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Because it’s flexible with 5 color modes & 5 brightness levels, adds advanced step-less dimming& color mode technique, 16.1″ Transverse lamp head provides decent brightness and various color options, we want to recommend LED Desk Lamp Goose-Neck Workbench Light with 5 Color Modes to you as one of the top 3 of the best craft light.

It’s ideal for reading, working, learning, repairing small items, sketching, as well as video conferencing, zoom calls, self broadcasting, handicrafts, sewing, and other activities.

The ability to shield your eyes is a critical feature of the best craft lights. This light not only protects your eyes but also helps you save energy. The light source includes 116 high-quality LED beads, up to 600 lumens, providing non-ghosting and non-flickering light that will not tire or strain your eyes when working or studying under the light for long periods of time. Your whole deck area is illuminated without flickering or glare. LEDs are 80 percent more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lamps and have a longer lifespan.

After passing several tests, the most comfortable brightness and color temperature for reading (4000k, 100% brightness) were chosen. Smooth lighting surrounds you while you watch the narrative. The brightness of the light is kept at the same level as the previous time you used it. When you switch it back on, it will return flawlessly. It has a built-in automatic delay-off function that can be configured to turn off 10 or 40 minutes before bedtime.

MIPAWS values your desk’s important space, with a robust and anti-scratch space-saving metal clamp that mounts firmly to any workbench, table, or edge with a thickness of fewer than 2.2 inches and secures the light in place. The scratch-free clamping and furniture protection are provided by the foam pad design. Instead of using the controller on the wire, you may use light and touch-sensitive control to quickly and easily set it up.

#4. Addlon LED Floor Lamp Standing Gooseneck 

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The Addlon LED Floor Lamp Standing Gooseneck comes in three color choices and four brightness settings. Simply push the button to customize the hue and brightness level to your liking.

A 14 Watt energy-saving LED light is also included in this led floor lamp (its brightness is equivalent to a 150W incandescent lamp). And because of its great performance, you won’t have to replace the bulb for more than 20 years. Its LED technology saves you money on power and makes the room brighter than incandescent lighting.

This 6000K extremely bright reading standing lamp can brighten your space for any project or pastime. The gentle light is eye-producing and is commonly used for arts and crafts, reading, sewing, carpentry, and other hobbies. It may also be kept in the bedroom, office, garage, or workshop for other tasks.

The high-stability foundation prevents anybody from tipping it over, even the elderly, youngsters, and pets. Ensure that your family lives in a secure and stable atmosphere. After hours of usage, the sophisticated LED bulbs will not overheat or burn out.

It’s simple to put together; all you need are screws, then a plugin, and turn it on. With a 5FT chord, you can move this Reading & Craft Floor Lamp wherever you choose.

#5. Ibaye LED Desk Lamp Adjustable Metal Swing Arm with Clamp

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Warm light (3500K), warm white light (4500K), and cool light are all available in the Ibaye LED desk lamp with clamp (6000K). There are ten brightness dimming settings in each lighting mode.

It is not only a desk lamp, but also an inventive, decorative, and functional work of art, thanks to its simple design. It has adjustable color temperature and step-less dimming, making it suitable for reading, resting, playing, and crafts.

Extra-wide metal clamp with silicone pads that is scratch-resistant and robust. It secures the light firmly and supports up to 2 inches of the desktop. Angles are freely adjustable to conserve space. With a three-axis design, you’ll have more lighting options and a broader lighting area. The included clamp readily attaches to music stands, office tables, computer desks, headboards, drawing boards, and cosmetics tables, among other things.

There is no glare, flickering, or ghosting. Uniform brightness, gentle light, and a vast area of coverage protect the eyes of those who work and read for extended periods of time. The LED desk light features a memory function, which means it will remember your last setting the next time you use it.

LED desk lights to use 80% less energy than standard incandescent lights, have a lower necessary voltage and current, and produce less heat, saving you money and lowering your power costs.

#6. Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp 

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Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp: Brightech’s 1,856 lumen (equivalent to 150W incandescent) lamp fulfills your home or business lighting demands. This light shines brightly enough to replace overhead lighting in your bedroom, bathroom (for applying cosmetics), family room, living room, craft or hobby room, dorm, or workplace. The built-in dimmer on this lamp adjusts to your mood and illumination requirements.

Three omnidirectional LED lamps swivel 360 degrees on the Brightech Tree. Swing the panels down for reading or crafts (knitting, sewing, jewelry creation, and electric repair, for example), or spin them up to reflect off the ceiling. Brighten up all of your room’s nooks and crannies. The light is softened by diffusers on the panels. To alter the brightness, use the built-in dimmer.

That is the reason it is on our list of the 7 best craft lights we recommend to you!

Use it as a searchlight or floodlight, as a corner lamp, or as a minimalist, futuristic statement of current décor, which is especially useful in tiny areas due to its compact footprint.

This lamp has three LED light heads, each with a 20,000-hour lifespan, outlasting halogen, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. It has a lovely warm white/yellow color temperature of 3,000K. Our UL-certified LED lighting produces no heat, making it both safe and non-burning.

#7. Daylight Company LLC UN1430 Craft Floor Lamp

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The UN1430 Craft Floor Lamp by Daylight Company LLC is a slender, flexible lamp with a modern design and a sleek finish. It’s quite easy to mix and match white with any area in your house, especially your craft room or workroom.

It stands 130cm tall with a 48cm-long arm, twenty-eight high-performance LED lights, and a four-brightness-level touch switch dimmer. The adjustable arm sends light precisely where it is needed, making it excellent for architects, designers, artists, secretaries, typists, editors, accountants, students, teens, and youngsters who want precision and flexibility.

It has a brightness of 1,145 Lux at 12 with 28 high-quality bright LEDs that provide accurate color matching and eye-care light source, with a large reflective groove that protects people’s eyes who work and read for long periods of time from injury, no flickering, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, and no frequency radiation. It’s great for reading, resting, playing, and crafting, among other things.

Tips for Lighting up Craft Rooms

Tips for Lighting up Craft Rooms
Tips for Lighting up Craft Rooms

When dedicating an area dedicated just to performing crafts, there are various home design ideas to consider. Lighting is one of them. Here are some ideas for lighting up your creative room:

  • When installing lamps, keep in mind the natural light coming in via the windows.
  • A combination of overhead and task lighting is recommended.
  • Lights that are flexible and versatile should be used to decorate your home.
  • In comparison to incandescent lights, LED or CFL bulbs live longer and consume less energy.
  • To prevent having too many light sources in one spot and to make task lighting easier to use, mount lights on movable arms.
  • Use recessed lights to offer nice, diffused overhead lighting that isn’t too brilliant or direct – but don’t go overboard; leave at least two feet (60cm) between the lamp and the job area.
  • If your workspace lacks sufficient natural light, utilize lights as a complement to offer even illumination for operations that take up a substantial portion of your work surface, such as cutting or sewing chores.
  • You should avoid bending your back while working. Sprains and back discomfort can be avoided by using the proper light height.
  • Always make sure that all lights are turned off when not in use to save time and energy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of light is best for sewing?

Choose something that evenly distributes and diffuses light in the space, reducing glare and strain on your eyes while stitching.

How Many lumens should a craft table light be?

A craft table lamp should ideally have a lumen output of 1,000 to 2,000. You can get much brighter than this, but keep in mind that you’ll be working immediately beneath it, and this range will easily illuminate roughly 5 feet of desk surface.

How many lumens does a mini painting need?

The optimal light for completing a mini painting is in the sunshine range, at 800 lumens, which is bright enough for most jobs. White light reduces color distortion, resulting in superior painting with little effort.

How many watts do I need for task lighting?

There are three fundamental types of lighting: mood lighting (about 40 watts), task lighting (around 100 watts), and in-between or ordinary lighting (often 60-75 watts).

How do I choose the right light?

When buying a light, consider the following five factors to help you make the best decision:

  1. Measure the length and breadth of the space you’ll be using the lights in before adding them up and converting them to inches so you can pick lamps that are the right size for the job.
  2. Consider Architectural as well as Decorative Fixtures: Different forms of illumination are used for various purposes. To pick the proper sort of lamp, you must study and think carefully about the design style you want to follow in your house. Remember that there should be a proper mix of architectural and ornamental lighting in a room, and lights may be magnificent and the design focal point.
  3. Incorporate a Variety of Lighting Levels: When designing a room, it’s critical to think about different lighting levels. This entails combining lighting, overhead fixtures, and maybe even dimmers into a single area. These lighting levels are significant because they minimize dark spots in the space, and the various levels create a pleasant, warm atmosphere rather than a harsh one.
  4. Take note of the various functions that a room performs: Many of the places in your house have several purposes, which is why dimmers are so handy.
  5. It’s Important to Remember That Sometimes Less Is More: Sometimes the finest options for your house are simplicity and space optimization, as well as your light bulbs.


With craftwork that requires meticulousness and concentration, light is one of the necessary and important supporting devices. You should choose a craft lamp suitable for your space and purpose.

Hope the above article has given you the most complete information so that you can choose for your craft room the best craft lights.