The Best Cordless Desk Lamp: Top 7 highly-recommended in 2023

Desk lamps are indispensable equipment on each person’s desk or study corner. A suitable lamp will enhance and improve work efficiency. A cordless desk lamp would be a great choice for a modern living space. Therefore, pay attention in the process of researching famous brands and choosing to buy a table lamp with the best design and function.

In this article, we will learn with you the criteria for choosing the best cordless table lamp and the top table lamps that are being loved by many people. Follow the article “Best Cordless Desk Lamp” below for more ideal options.

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iVict 28 LED Rechargeable Clip-On Reading Light4.9See Latest Price
LEPOWER 5 LED Eye Care Portable Reading Lamp4.9See Latest Price
mafiti Touch Control Color Changing RGB4.8See Latest Price
Ansun Stepless Dimmable Touch Control 360° Flexible4.8See Latest Price
ZEEFO Motion Sensor LED Night Light4.7See Latest Price
Gerintech Battery Operated with Pen Holder 4.6See Latest Price
Lightaccents Super Bright LED’s with Matel Neck4.6See Latest Price

Why do I need a Cordless Desk Lamp?

For households, a desk lamp is an indispensable item. In addition to students, students use it in the learning process, adults can also use it while working from home.

The cordless desk lamp has gradually become popular because of its technology and elegant design. This product applies LED technology, which brings many great benefits and gradually replaces incandescent lamps. An item is said to be necessary if it offers great benefits or conveniences. Why do you need a cordless desk lamp?

#1. Cordless desk lamp protects good eyesight

The first benefit that you consider when buying a table lamp is the issue of providing adequate quality light and helping to protect good eyesight. Currently, LED technology is being applied to lighting devices at the highest level. LED light emits close to natural light, does not flicker during use, so it does not cause eye pain.

In addition, the light of the lamp does not contain harmful ultraviolet rays, so it does not cause eye damage. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so you need to choose the best for them.

To serve the needs and preferences of each person, the manufacturer offers a cordless desk lamp that illuminates with light yellow or white light. With light that is soft and warm yellow will be ideal for reading books and newspapers, but with a high concentration of studying and working activities, you should choose a lamp for white light.

#2. Modern and unique design cordless desk lamp

Modern-designed cordless desk lamp, using touch control buttons. With just a light touch of the touch button, you can adjust the lighting mode to suit your needs. Simply operate with the buttons on the lamp body or from the remote control.

Cordless desk lamps come in varied size and design
Cordless desk lamps come in varied size and design

Exquisite and luxurious lamp design, focusing on aesthetics. They look neater when there are no strings attached to create a mess. The light can be easily rotated in different directions. This is a smart design product, some types have clamp feet fixed in one position to avoid jostling.

In addition, table lamp products are also aimed at many users, so the design is diverse, highly aesthetic, suitable for each object, from large to small, and even the elderly.

#3. Superpower saving, long life

Using LED technology, the product also has outstanding advantages. This is an extremely energy-efficient product with the ability to save electricity up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs.

Especially when you use it properly, the lamp life can reach 50,000 hours of light. Therefore, you can save a source of monthly electricity bills as well as product replacement and repair costs.

#4. Inspire

The lamp can be adjusted to different lighting modes and brightness levels. Light helps inspire you to be creative and focus on work. You can choose bright white light when reading or working at night to dispel drowsiness. You can also choose soft warm brown light when painting a picture or composing a piece of music….

This will be a good choice for decorating your home space.

Review The 7 Best Cordless Desk Lamps

Once you know the reasons you should have a cordless table lamp, the next step is to go buy one for yourself. The following are the Top 7 Best Cordless Desk Lamps that are loved and chosen by many people on online charts. We have listed them and hope you will find yourself a suitable lamp.

#1. iVict 28 LED Rechargeable Clip-On Reading Light

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iVict 28 LED Rechargeable Clip-On Reading Light applies the principle of diffuse reflection, reducing many shadows and providing better visibility.

The iVict circular lamp head simulates natural light with its acrylic round panel surface creating a flicker-free light. Featured lamp with 28 LED beads, maximum output of 300 lumens. Designed to help people who read and work long hours a day reduce eye strain.

Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery allows long operation after fully charging. The full charge time for the lamp is about 3 to 4 hours. Depending on the level of brightness you use, the lamp will have different operating times: 4h (100% brightness), 10h (50% brightness), 32h (20% brightness).

Three types of color temperature: warm light (3000K), warm white light (4500K), and white light (6500K). Each color temperature has 3 brightness levels: low (20%), medium (50%), and high (100%). In short, the lamp has a total of 9 lighting modes to meet all your requirements.

Two separate touch switches are applied to the book light with 3 brightness levels and 3 temperature modes. With just a gentle touch, you can adjust the reading light according to the available modes. The main On/Off button is designed on the side of the charging port. This will prevent accidental contact with the touch switch to turn on the book light automatically.

LED technology is integrated so you can use the light with confidence. Turn off the reading light with the main on/off button when you are not using it. This will help protect and prolong battery life.

#2. LEPOWER 5 LED Eye Care Portable Reading Lamp

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LEPOWER 5 LED Eye Care Portable Reading Lamp is a book clip lamp suitable for reading, working on electronic devices.

First of all, the selection of table lamps based on weight and size criteria is prioritized first. A small size that can be moved when desired and lightweight of only 100g. You can take it anywhere by packing it up and putting it in a small bag.

The temple is designed with an additional clamp at the base so that it can be fixed on a flat surface. The adjustable clip provides an easy grip and measures 3cm/1.18inches. You can keep them securely on non-slip surfaces. Included with the lamp is a flat and sturdy base. Therefore, the book lamp can be placed on the table or any desk. Infinitely flexible 360-degree gooseneck to adjust your light for the best view.

A special feature of this cordless desk lamp is that they integrate 5 LED beads that light up a larger area than conventional LED lights. Provide enough soft light for work and ensure eye safety. This bookshelf also provides a warm, comfortable, and flicker-free daylight white light.

You can use a USB cable or plug it directly into a USB port in your laptop or power bank.

#3. mafiti Touch Control Color Changing RGB

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mafiti Touch Control Color Changing RGB brings a modern design and color suitable for children’s rooms.

The manufacturer designed this lamp to target children, so they have a very cute design. They are integrated with 18 energy-saving LED bulbs that provide flicker-free lighting. This ensures 100% eye protection and does not cause eye strain. 5W, 400 lumens LED light at full brightness, no flicker, no dark areas. They are dubbed as eye-care and energy-saving LED lights.

The cordless light is equipped with a built-in rechargeable 1200mAh Li-Po battery, no need to plug in when using, cordless and portable to take anywhere freely. Using time is about 2.5 to 8 hours after fully charged. Universal USB charging cable included so you can charge the lamp with the USB adapter, power bank, desktop, laptop while lighting. This saves waiting time when charging.

Flexible and foldable study light with 360° flexibility. The bendable gooseneck allows you to position the light in any direction you want. Sensitive touch control with 3-level brightness adjustment, best for reading, working.

#4. Ansun Stepless Dimmable Touch Control 360° Flexible

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Ansun Stepless Dimmable Touch Control 360° Flexible is the perfect combination of science and life.

Modern integrated touch control technology for the product. You can optionally adjust the brightness, choose colors according to your preferences or according to the working environment. Comes with a memory function, no need to adjust again next time. This is a smart addition to a technologically wireless desk lamp.

2000mAh Li-ion battery with more than 8 hours working at full brightness even in a power failure. In the event of a blizzard, power failure, and other emergencies, this built-in flashlight is a good helper to provide emergency lighting. You should consider buying a lamp with a similar function.

The light has 3 power modes: USB port, power bank, and 5V charger. Now you will never have to worry about finding a compatible cable if you lose it.

Similar to other wireless table lamps. The gooseneck is made of metal and covered with soft, durable, and safe silicone. This desk lamp has 3 color temperatures (warm, natural, cool white) with stepless brightness (from 10% to 100%). Using 31 LEDs with high color rendering, brings you more realistic colors. They will light unlimitedly in limited space. You have more lighting modes or color temperatures for any occasion. Lighting direction can be adjusted to suit any dark corner.

Surface-emitting illumination technology prevents flickering, harmful light and protects against eye strain.

#5. ZEEFO Motion Sensor LED Night Light

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ZEEFO Motion Sensor LED Night Light is ideal for vintage style and indoor use.

The lamp is equipped with a PIR motion sensor. They will automatically light up when they pass the sensor within 6 feet and automatically turn off after about 15-20 seconds when no motion is detected. This is the smart highlight of this wireless table lamp.

Currently, the lamp has only three switching modes: Automatic, PIR; Toggle. The light on/off button is not equipped with an automatic sensor. You need to use force to turn the light on/off.

The brightness of the lamp is 40-45Lms and the light color is soft white. Energy-saving LEDs provide soft brightness and long-lasting illumination. Make sure your electricity bill doesn’t increase if you use the lights a lot. Because the lamp uses 3x 1.5V AA batteries to operate. The light does not support charging. Please use a rechargeable battery if you want to maintain the battery.

#6. Gerintech Battery Operated with Pen Holder 

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The Gerintech Battery Operated with Pen Holder is the best kid-friendly lamp on this list.

The special watch screen filter designed by GERINTECH that incorporates a touch dimmer light is a smart step forward for table lamps. The function of displaying temperature and calendar on a modern LCD screen with high technology.

The base of the lamp has suitable storage areas for pens, pencils, or other small office items along with a suitable compartment for a phone or tablet. You can think of it as a convenient desktop pen case.

Position the light exactly where you want it by bending the flexible arm in almost any direction. The gooseneck is designed to be easily rotated and redirected with spring plastic material.

LED lights have eye-care diffusers on them that soften the light and avoid glare when reading or working at a desk. Your child’s eyes will be protected from harmful or dazzling rays. The eye-protecting reading light offers 3 color temperature options and adjustable brightness. So they can be both a reading light and a night light or a regular light.

Built-in rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion battery or from any USB outlet. A single charge will last between 3 and 20 hours of operation depending on the lighting option used. The convenience is clearly shown and the light durability of the lamp.

If you are wondering what type of light to choose for your child, consider the Gerintech Battery Operated with Pen Holder.

#7. Lightaccents Super Bright LED’s with Matel Neck

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Lightaccents Super Bright LED’s with Matel Neck is multi-purpose, comes with an AC adapter so you can use it as an everyday desk lamp or take it with you wherever you go.

Super bright and energy-efficient are the words that can be used for this lamp. Cool white 5000K LEDs never need replacing. It is battery operated so no AC outlet is required.

Its rectangular head has 20 tiny LEDs that produce an impressive amount of light. Allows illumination of a large area, maintaining focus on the subjects you intend to make it more visible while lightening up a bit of white on the surrounding area.

Lamp head and neck adjust to direct light where you need it most. Tabletop holder for hands-free lamp placement.

Using the 3xAA batteries or the included AC adapter is extremely useful. You can use it on your desk everyday desk lamp or unplug it and take it where you need it.

Considerations when choosing the best cordless desk lamp 

There are many types of cordless desk lamps on the market to serve the learning needs of students and adults. So do you know which type of lamp to choose to protect your eyes? Choosing something is not always easy. We’ll help you come up with criteria to make it easier. Here is a summary of the notes when choosing the best cordless desk lamp.

Considerations when choosing the best cordless desk lamp
Considerations when choosing the best cordless desk lamp

#1. Size & Height

Of course, table lamps come in a variety of sizes. Lamp size is one of the major factors to consider when choosing a table lamp. And to make the correct decision, you need to base it on the intended use.

How big is your desk or workspace? Do you want a large or small table lamp? These are just some simple questions to ask yourself. A small table lamp size is recommended for bedtime reading. Because the light will focus, the light angle is smaller than the study.

The lights with wide illumination will be the most suitable choice for studying. Because of the large light angle, the lamp will illuminate the entire study table, helping users to focus on studying without fear of being out of sight.

You probably don’t want a lamp that’s too tall, makes the light source easy to spread, doesn’t focus on books, or you don’t want a low desk lamp that interferes with activities when studying.

The height of the lamp may depend on the individual when choosing to buy, if you do not have experience in this matter, you can consider buying a height-adjustable type, this time the height will be up to you. suitable for desk space.

#2. Material & Design

Desk lamps vary in design from simple to luxurious. The cordless desk lamp made of high-quality materials is very sturdy and brings a higher aesthetic than the lamps made of inferior materials

Depending on the space you plan to place the light in, there are different lighting options. Rooms have a classic or neoclassical design or choose lamps with yellow and brown tones. As for a modern space, it is advisable to choose a table lamp with a simple design, light or dark colors.

The modern cordless desk lamp is not only improved in quality and design but also built with durable materials and compact design. Therefore, customers can not only use it right away without installation but also easily move it so that customers can actively use the table lamp in any space they want.

In addition, you can also adjust the lighting angle of the lamp for products with a structure that meets this utility. All kinds of beautiful table lamps, especially those applied in lighting, all have brackets. This helps to adjust the lamp’s projection angle, helping the lighting to be oriented. In particular, supporting the eyes to avoid having to adjust much, will not harm the eyes.

#3. Battery life

The lifespan of the LED cordless desk lamp is currently being calculated using the L70 standard. According to this standard when the light is reduced to 70% of the original, the LED life is considered to be over. The most important aspect of understanding LED lifespan is the difference in lumens and watts. Every light bulb has different wattages, and this wattage simply describes the amount of energy required to emit light.

A light bulb with low wattage (low watt) will use less energy than light with high wattage (high watt). The higher a bulb has a lumen, the more light (or brighter) than bulb emits. In general, LEDs provide more lumens per watt than traditional bulbs such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Understandably, you will get brighter bulbs with lower wattage when using LEDs. It is recommended to use a wireless table lamp that is an LED bulb.

#4. Brightness & Light Color

It can be said that in the indicators and information of the table lamp, the brightness (lux) plays an important role. These two issues if meet about 80% of the requirements and you will make a buying decision. Usually, the lux index of the lamp at a power level of 5-8W is already good. Higher power levels will cause glare.

The CRI color rendering index represents the light quality of the lamp, directly related to the color and fidelity of the illuminated object. So you need to be careful when choosing lights.

Wireless table lamps are divided into many different types of lighting. However, you should choose 2 light bands: yellow light 3000K – 3500K, neutral light 4000 – 4500K. Because they bring a gentle feeling, not as dazzling as 6000 – 6500K white light.

Cordless desk lamp for working and reading
Cordless desk lamp for working and reading

Currently, LED lamps have been applied progressive technology by integrating many different light color modes. Users can easily adjust, increase or decrease the light at will. With this type of lamp, you should choose the colors that are often used to avoid waste. Because the more lights have different color modes, the price will be higher.

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#5. Flexibility

The versatility of a cordless desk lamp is reflected in the weight of the lamp. The weight of the cordless desk lamp should be extremely light, lighter than a tablet. Therefore, you can take it to camp, picnic just fully charges the battery, or bring a charger, no need to worry about interrupting the light.

The battery of the lamp used is a high-quality lithium battery, with a capacity of up to 2000mAh. Thanks to that, on a single charge, you can last more than 40 hours. So you can be completely assured of camping through the night in places without electricity.

In addition, flexibility also manifests as being able to easily adjust the lighting angle very flexibly. The maximum articulation design is up to 120 degrees, thanks to the gear between the lamp head and the lamp body, you can adjust the lighting angle high, low, as you like, and can be folded when traveling to take it with you.

#6. Power consumption

The power consumption of a lamp is the amount of energy converted into a function for lighting at a certain time. Calculating electricity consumption will help users understand the number of electricity costs that users need to pay during that period. Power consumption is expressed in Watt-W.

Specifications for LED bulbs are only 90-110 lumens/watt, while fluorescent lamps are 40-80 lumens/watt, incandescent lamps are only 9-17 lumens/watt. It can be seen that LED lights are known as the “king of energy-saving”.

#7. Additional smart features

Currently, to avoid boredom in cordless desk lamps, manufacturers have added new features to them.

Some smart bulbs have scheduling features that let you control the lights when you’re not at home. Most brands of lights allow you to sync all your lights together so you can control them all easily with just one app. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the desk lamp when you go out.

Then, many smart bulbs can change color. Some bulbs can even produce light containing more than 16 million colors. You can choose the exact color you want by tapping the bulb’s controls. Imagine no speaker wire everywhere, and you can hear its tunes playing out in any room of your house. Smart bulb systems with built-in speakers can do that magic.

Smart cordless desk lamps can even help you sleep better. The light bulb will adjust the color temperature to naturally produce melatonin in the body, helping to sleep more deeply. The light set will help lower melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you approach bedtime.

Where to put a Cordless Reading Lamp? 

Where to put a Cordless Reading Lamp? 
Where to put a Cordless Reading Lamp?

Currently, many people still do not know how to properly place the cordless desk lamp so as not to cause glare, eye strain and not to make the eyes adjust too much during the long-term study.

Working, studying in a dimly lit environment, or using the wrong light can seriously affect your health. Especially with eye diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc. Therefore, when buying a wireless table lamp to use, you should arrange the lamp in a cool, quiet space.

We will suggest a few ways to properly place the wireless table lamp.

  • Do not let the light-emitting part of the lamp be horizontal to the face causing glare, should be placed at an angle of 80-90 degrees relative to the table surface.
  • Place the light at a suitable height, not too high, and not too close to dazzling the text.
  • Should put the light on the left if you are right-handed and vice versa, but the light on the right if you are left-handed.
  • Should not only turn on the desk lamp in the room, but it is also necessary to have another light source in the room to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Put the lights in a neat corner to avoid collisions when the lights are on or off.
  • Avoid placing it near the door, living room, and TV to be able to concentrate more during work.

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How to maintain a Cordless Reading Lamp?

To use a cordless desk lamp properly, with the right quality and support to prolong its life, it is necessary to pay attention to preserving and maintaining them most effectively.

How to maintain a Cordless Reading Lamp?
How to maintain a Cordless Reading Lamp?

#1. Should clean the lights regularly to help better living space

Any product after a period of use is subject to dirt, causing loss of aesthetics and affecting its lifespan. With table lamps, when lit, they generate heat, making it easier to collect dust. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of lamps should be carried out regularly and periodically to be able to promptly handle arising problems.

The characteristic of these lamps is that it is easy to collect dust, which will lose the inherent aesthetics of the lamp. However, to be able to clean them again is simple. But the best way to protect these lights is not to use them in dusty spaces.

#2. Cordless desk lamp placement

Each different type of lamp made from different materials will have its way of preservation. But choosing a suitable location to place the lamp is essential. It is necessary to choose a dry location, to avoid a space with a lot of dust and moisture, which makes the lights easy to oxidize, mold, or wear down the lighting equipment. As such, they will reduce the life of the lamp as well as the light intensity of the product.

Avoid placing the lights in locations with sunlight because they can affect the quality of the lights. For example, in lamps made of wood, the sun’s rays can change their color and texture. This is also one of the best ways to preserve this product. The color of the wooden lamp will be changed if you put it in a bright area or the weather is too dry which will cause cracks.

#3. Use the cordless desk lamp correctly

This is a prerequisite to be able to determine the lifespan as well as maintain them in the best way while helping to create safety for users. Do not turn the light on and off continuously for a long time to avoid burning out the light bulb inside. Not necessarily saving the way, going out for a few minutes also turns off the lights and then turns them back on. Because doing so not only can not save but also makes the lamp consume more power. In addition, this is a job that reduces lamp life.

Pay attention to the power of the lamp. They must ensure stable, continuous electricity to help the table lamps work at their best.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In the process of researching and collecting information about wireless table lamp products, we realized that there are still a few things that are not clear. Here are a few of the questions that most people will probably ask. You will find answers to your questions or learn more about your wireless table lamp.

Are cordless lamps good?

Cordless desk lamps, if properly maintained and used, have a lifespan of more than 5 years. This is a lamp with long life, long durability over time. Not only that, the lamp belongs to the LED line, so the lamp can save electricity very well. Compared with fluorescent lamps, compact lamps, lamps can save 50-70% of electricity. This lamp is easy to design and suitable for many unique spaces. When used, it can be moved flexibly, the impressive decoration will attract passersby’s eyes to your living space and business space. You should use a cordless desk lamp for your home space.

How long do cordless lamps last?

The cordless LED desk lamp will have an extended lifespan of 50,000 hours. This means that at that point the LED chips no longer provide the required amount of light and should be replaced rather than burnt out or not glowing. When the lamp has been on for 50000 hours, the light will be at 70% of the original (also known as the L70 index). Why 70%? This number is optional. Lighting industry engineers believe that at that point, most people can sense that the lamp’s brightness is decreasing and they decide to replace the lamp.

Are LED lights always battery-operated?

Not necessarily. You can use them by charging. The lamp comes with a USB jack for easy portability.

Can I make a lamp cordless?

If you’ve ever thought about making your cordless desk lamp, keep that in mind and get to work. They will be difficult, but if you can find the right tools, they are safe.

How do cordless table lamps work?

Most cordless desk lamps are composed of a light bulb, a lamp body, a lampshade, a lamp base, and a charging port or battery slot. Depending on the type you choose, the lights will operate on electricity or batteries. This depends a lot on the manufacturer and the technology they want to put in the product. You just need to turn on the switch with a simple operation to light the bulb. Before that, you should fully charge the battery or install the battery in the correct position.


A high-quality wireless desk lamp not only protects your eye health but also improves work and study efficiency. With the information, basic concepts, and notes when choosing to buy introduced in the article “Best Cordless Desk Lamp“, we believe that you will soon choose for yourself a safe and most satisfactory product!