Best Ceiling Lights For Bedroom: Top 9 Expert Picks

What is the most beautiful bedroom decorative ceiling light pattern?  Should I choose cheap bedroom ceiling lights or high-end, luxury lamps?  Choose modern energy-saving LED bulbs or traditional lamps?

All the above issues will be revealed by Lao Koon through the information selected and summarized below.  If you are looking for beautiful bedroom ceiling lights that highlight your family’s private space, take 20 minutes to “pamper” this article, you will choose the right lamp model.

9 Best Ceiling Lights For Your Bedr00m

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
40 Feet Led Strip Lights 4.9See Latest Price
Lifeholder Mini Chandelier 4.9See Latest Price
Airand 5000K LED 4.8See Latest Price
TALOYA Flush Mount Ceiling Light 4.8See Latest Price
DLLT Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light 4.7See Latest Price
LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights 4.6 See Latest Price
Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Light 4.6 See Latest Price
Loclgpm 2 Light Glass Black 4.5 See Latest Price
DLLT Modern Ceiling Light 4.5 See Latest Price

Currently, there are many models of bedroom ceiling lights on the market, so you have to spend a lot of time reviewing them. Therefore, we have synthesized and selected 9 lamp models that best suit your bedroom.

#1. 40 Feet Led Strip Lights

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40 Feet Led Strip Lights integrated remote music synchronization, colorful, suitable for interior decoration, party. This is a modern smart product with ViLSOM smart app control.

  • Design: 1 design 40FT / 12.2M lamp roll with 365 premium SMD 5050 LED chips, enough to illuminate your entire room. In particular, the cut-out design allows you to adjust the length of the strip the way you want and can be reconnected through the connector.
  • 2 Control method: Firstly, through the “Vilsom Home” APP, you can choose your favorite color from 16 million colors, automatic ON / OFF timer, music selection, and amazing functions. 2nd, the IR remote can directly ON / OFF, adjust brightness, set color.
  • Dance to music: The light has smart music mode, can be synchronized with the beat of any song, so it creates a romantic, relaxing party atmosphere or adds positive energy to the fun.
  • Mini controller: The smart controller and led strip are designed one piece for easy installation anywhere you want. you can install it in the bedroom, kitchen, ceiling, staircase, window, cupboard, TV, garage, vacation .. without losing the aesthetics.

#2. Lifeholder Mini Chandelier

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If you are pursuing an elegant, modern style, the Lifeholder Mini Chandelier can accommodate that.

  • Design: Lamps made of elegant crystal material, multi-story, and multi-crystal will decorate and light up your room. You can get a very different look depending on the color of the light you use.
  • Color: You can choose between warm white or daylight white G9 bulbs that can give different effects and create different vignettes on the ceiling.
  • Place of installation: Modern chandelier lighting equipment for bedrooms, hallways, bars, kitchens, bathrooms

#3. Airand 5000K LED 

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Modern-style apartments today pay great attention to natural light. If your room is not in the direction of sunlight then replace it with Airand 5000K LED ceiling light. This is a choice that will not make you regret it.

  • Material: Uses premium ABS + PC material which is based on strict commercial standards and passes stringent quality tests. Each lamp comes with certification according to nationally recognized standards for safety. This round recessed ceiling light has passed LVD / EMC / CE / ROHS certification.
  • Economy: If you use 150W incandescent bulbs, you can save 85% on lighting electricity. Because it is integrated with a 120-piece LED chip without flicker, evenly illumination, without incandescent bulbs, it is easy to install.
  • Light: The shell uses plastic, high-grade led beads, creating a reasonable distance from the lamp shell to the led bead, the best anti-glare lampshade. Extremely long service life reduces the frequency of new installations. Save time, effort, money.
  • Eye protection: Milky white light is arguably the best light for your eyes. Milky white plastic housing and qualified LED lights, keep your eyes glare-free, tired after a long time.
  • Form: Elegant, neat, and concise, suitable for different light decoration styles.
  • Water-protection: With an IP44 rating, a kitchen light fixture can work pretty well in your bathroom or anywhere there are splashes of water.

#4. TALOYA Flush Mount Ceiling Light 

TALOYA ceiling light has a capacity of 20 Watt and uses LED technology, easy to install, modern design, for higher brightness than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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A smart person will choose objects that are easy to use, convenient, and smart that still have all the aesthetic elements.

  • Ease of use: First, you can easily install it when you go to and type “TALOYA Ceiling Light-C2” in the search to see the full installation video easily. This is supposed to be easy for anyone. Second, this product only works with a conventional ON / OFF recessed switch.
  • Lighting: Most users don’t know what color temperature will be right for their room so have difficulty choosing. But with TALOYA ceiling recessed lights, you can choose your favorite color by sliding the button on the back so you can choose the right color.
  • Safety: Fire-resistant plastic housing design helps prevent any potential danger of electric shock, an electric leakage, or short circuit. This is an important factor to protect your family from electrical hazards.
  • Durability: Over time, the shell color of TALOYA LED ceiling lights will not be damaged or rotted when compared with the body of other metal products that are oiled or powder coated. If you use normally 8 hours per day, lamp life can last more than 3 years. Excellent dust resistance, easy to clean.

Economy: The output brightness of TALOYA 20W LED Recessed Light is equivalent to traditional 200W Five-Bulb (40W ea.) Incandescent ceiling light (saving 90% energy). So each month you can save some money for your family and spend it on other things.

#5. DLLT Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

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If you are looking for a ceiling lamp that is both beautiful, luxurious, convenient, and economical. We would like to present to you the DLLT Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light DLLT.

  • E26 dimmable socket – Feature compatible with US standard E26 dimmer socket (bulb NOT included). You can use dimmable bulb Light up, adjust and enjoy the soft glow of classic designs, creating the ambiance you want. The acrylic diffuser does NOT need parts to connect the lamp holder.
  • Design: This is the perfect blend of classic sophistication and bold modernity. The intricately carved hollow metal bulb adds a classic and contemporary look. The 3-Lamp E26 design gives rooms a bright yet soft light, making the space cozy and comfortable.
  • Wide range of applications: It is ideal for homes with low or medium ceilings; any number of rooms, hallways, and foyers to fully illuminate them in a modern traditional style, or maybe a doorless closet for added effect and easy to find.
  • Economy: This is a lovely and inexpensive lighting device. Fast delivery, contains all parts and parts and is very easy to install.

#6. LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

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LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights is a modern and smartly designed product, with its useful functions that will make you satisfied from a light color to illumination range, from texture to size. measure, from the timer to power savings.

  • Brightness: The ceiling light’s brightness can be smoothly adjusted from 10% to 100% without flicker. smart dimmer switch, etc.
  • Economy: The brightness of the integrated 16W LED ceiling light is equivalent to the traditional 120W 2-ball ceiling light, so it can save up to 86% on the electricity bill.
  • Light: The average white light is clear, sharp without being harsh, creating a natural light feeling for the room, suitable for any space in the family.
  • Easy to install: With the existing standard 3-inch and 4-inch power box, it will take you 10 minutes or less to install it yourself, saving you almost $ 100 on expert installation fees.
  • Design: Sleek, modern, beautiful shape. This polished nickel ceiling fixture is designed to complement any décor.

#7.Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Light

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Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Light gives your home a more classic style, mixed with mild, natural.

  • Design: Perfect combination between metal frame and wood, brings attractive classic modern style. 
  • Economy: Use 2 optional XE26 bulbs, look great with antique Edison bulbs, max 60W. You can rest assured with your monthly electricity bill.
  • Aesthetic: This is a highly decorative lamp. Simple but polite look, easy to clean.
  • Installation: Lamp uses 110-120V bulb, weight 4.5LB so it is easy to install, save labor cost.
  • Utilities: Easy to install in any space such as kitchen, hallway, bedroom. The cleaning is simple, hassle-free.

#8. Loclgpm 2 Light Glass Black

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Loclgpm 2 Light Glass Black – a product with classic features, architecture, elegance, and elegance.

  • Design: Antique fake ceiling lamps for indoor use, the basic colors are gentle, suitable for houses with classical architecture.
  • Material: Metal and glass. The steel construction ensures that the lights will remain in a good performance and look good for years to come.
  • Lighting: 2 * E12 60W bulb is enough to illuminate the entire area where you want to install.
  • Simple installation: This is a hard-wired ceiling light with product dimensions: 12 ” wide x 6 ” long, so it is convenient to move and install on high that the user can do by himself.
  • Utilities: It’s easier to clean and keep them clean. The lamp has a glass cover to help prevent dust and moisture from outside the environment.

#9. DLLT Modern Ceiling Light 

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Finally, DLLT Modern Ceiling Light – a great product with a safety rating, high quality.

  • Brightness and color: There are 3 options that can change the light color: Natural light, white and warm light. You can choose your light color from 3000K-6000K with the remote control and adjust the brightness (5% to 100%) to create a comfortable, pleasant ambiance in your home.
  • Design: White steel frame, unique hollow sole design makes the product look elegant and stylish, white acrylic shade provides a balanced overall illumination throughout the room. Elegant, neat appearance.
  • Energy-saving: Using high quality 2835 SMD LED chip, providing bright light with 2800 lumens. The light mounted on the surface saves energy up to 85% so it consumes less electricity.
  • Eye protection: Perfect light is created and prevents the fixture from glare, providing more natural light to your home or office, protecting eyesight for you and your family.

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Notes Before Buying Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

Usually, when choosing ceiling lights to illuminate and decorate the home space, people often think of the living room or kitchen.

Few people think to use them as a substitute for wall lamps or bedroom table lamps. In fact, ceiling lights are a unique choice for better and deeper sleep.

However, not everyone knows how to choose the right ceiling light for their bedroom space. The following note that we provide Lao Koon, hope you will choose the right ceiling light for your bedroom.

#1. Choose The Ceiling Lights Suitable To Interior Space

Ceiling lights that match the room will be a good choice for your home.

Many people, when buying ceiling lights, are often attracted by the shimmering and colorful lights that lead to improper, emotional choices.

This leads to a limp, distorted for your own room.

#2. Lights Selection With Light Adjustment Function

Currently, modern decorative lighting products are integrated with desired light adjustment functions.

Light yellow or white light is often preferred so that users can easily operate, work and have a good night’s sleep.

You can read books, surf social media, … comfortably without worrying about affecting your eye health.

#3. Remote Control

Normally, it is easy to fall asleep without turning off the lights, which will lead to a loss of 1 monthly electricity bill.

Or in winter when you read a book in bed, you hesitate to get off the bed to go to the switch. It’s so simple, you just need one remote control, they will do it all.

#4. Timer Feature

In addition to remote control features, today’s ceiling lights also have a timer feature.

This new function will help you feel more secure when you sleep, do not worry about oversleeping or going out without turning off the lights.

It’s easier to control sleep, especially when you have a baby and at the end of the month, you don’t have to say anything about your electricity bill anymore.

Reference Sources:

Where Should Ceiling Lights Be Placed In A Bedroom?

To ensure the best quality sleep, enough light for reading, the layout of bedroom ceiling lights must be based on the following principles:

  1. Lamp installation location: You can take the bed as the subject, then install it with the lighting system.
    If it is a ceiling light, a chandelier, you can install it near the end of the bed, ensuring light for human needs such as reading, chatting before bed as well as avoiding taboos like is the crossbar pressing on the headboard.
  2. Light switch location: Because the living space is the bed, so you must install the switches on the side of the bed so that you don’t have to turn the blanket up to turn off the lights in the room before going to bed, especially in the cold winter night.
    In addition, you should also install a switch right next to the door to make it easier to use when you step from the outside into the room, avoiding danger when moving in the dark.

How Do You Install A Ceiling Light In A Bedroom?

The installation of ceiling lights in the bedroom is something that few people pay attention to. But this is very useful for those who want to install lights for their own room.

  1. First of all, you need to determine the square area of ​​the room (length x width). Thereby, it is possible to determine the appropriate position to install the lamp.
  2. Flickering match light is probably an interesting choice. What if it doesn’t suit the bedroom? You should make a selection before you buy it and take it home.
  3. Recessed ceiling installation is required with four 60W bulbs or six 40W bulbs for a 10 × 12 bedroom. Choose one 2,400 lumens light for the sealed LED.
  4. After you have determined the correct lamp installation location, hang the light in a fixed position to keep the device secure. One note for you when mounting the lamp is the material of the ceiling, if the ceiling is plaster, you should match the size when installing the ceiling so that the hole of the light wire on the plaster ceiling is best kept.
  5. Before connecting, you need to cut off power to ensure safety. The input power supply should follow the manufacturer’s technical instructions to ensure the best brightness.
  6. After the installation is complete, you should modify the identified location to ensure aesthetics. Turn on the power to check the light source, the direction of light is correct, and adjust if necessary. And make sure that the lamp is hung securely or the screws will slip out, causing the light to fall and endanger your family.

See more videos here:

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking to buy ceiling lamps, many customers always ask questions about the product’s quality, utility, and design. So in this article, we will help you answer some basic questions to help you have the right view of the product.

The best light for the human body is golden light. Besides, studies have shown that the bedroom’s yellow lights help prolong your sleep time. This light is also said to be good for your eyesight. So yellow led lights will be the right choice in your bedroom.

It is based on the following three factors:

  1. LED capacity:
    It is very important to choose the right LED output for the space. With an area of ​​less than 30 square meters, the capacity should be 20-30W. For an area> 30m2, you should choose from 30-50W.
  1. Color of ceiling light:
    The light color on recessed LEDs is calculated by the “Kelvin” index, as follows:
    #1. Yellowing color: From 2700 to 3000 Kelvin suitable for a cozy bedroom space.
    #2. Light white color: From 3100 to 4500 Kelvin suitable for living rooms with high brightness.
    #3. Daylight White: Between 4500 and 6500 Kelvin is suitable for a parking space with a bright blue-white glow.
  1. The cost of ceiling lights?
    Good lamp quality is also reflected in the price of the product. Currently on the market there are many types for you to choose from. Be a smart consumer, choose to suit your budget.
    Besides, the choice of brand is remarkable. Not all companies meet the quality standards, so before buying, you should find out its origin.

The answer is yes.

Yellow LED lights bring a pleasant feeling, good relaxation for sleep.

LEDs have a very long usage life, less heat, so they save energy 5-6 times higher than normal lamps.

LEDs come in many different sizes, models and designs. For the bedroom, you can choose the type of led ceiling lights, led strip lights, led strip lights, … depending on your preferences, choose the most suitable product.

To calculate the total LED output needed for the bedroom, you can use the following formula:

Total Power = Total Lumen / Number of Lumens / W.

The recommended amount of lumens for a bedroom is 150 lumens.

Research shows that bedrooms with different colors will affect your sleep differently. In which, the blue color for the average sleep time per night is the longest 7h52 ′ and the purple color for the lowest average sleep time is only 5h56.

Based on the above research results, we can see that blue will help your sleep last longer, but blue light is harmful to the eyes so should not use this light. when you go to sleep.

The best light for the human body is golden light.


With the knowledge and experience that we share above, I believe that you will get a perfect choice for your home space. The ceiling light will be a useful piece of furniture for you, so find yourself a ceiling light that is smart and suitable for your home space.