Best Buffet Lamps: Top 8 Ideal Choices to Light Up your Space

Buffet lamps are often seen in parties with a tall size and the shape of an ordinary lamp. It basically brightens up a room and makes the dining table more beautiful and noticeable.

Nowadays they are more widely used to decorate homes with more diverse styles and designs. They are used for the dining room, living room, study room, etc because their elegant stems and stylish lamp shapes make your home have a fashionable display.

Let’s learn about this luxury lamp and do not miss the top 8 best buffet lamps that we have selected to introduce to you in this article

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Annie Iron Scroll Buffet Lamps4.9See Latest Price
JONATHAN Y JYL2010A-SET2 Hollis 34 inches Metal LED Lamp4.9See Latest Price
JONATHAN Y JYL5008A-SET2 Dawson 30 inches Marble/Crystal LED4.8See Latest Price
Cory Martin W-6240CABG-2PK Fangio Lighting's4.8See Latest Price
360 Lighting Lynn Country Cottage Buffet Lamps4.7See Latest Price
Regency Hill Juliette Traditional French Country Tall Buffet Lamps4.6See Latest Price
Focondot Crystal Table Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Oneach Crystal Table Lamps4.5See Latest Price

What is A Buffet Lamp?

Buffet lamps are lighting fixtures that have a tall body. Their height is from 32 and 36 inches, measured from the bottom to the peak of the shade. Optional lights are shaped like a tall candle with a thin base and a little ball, therefore they’re also called candlesticks and console lamps in some regions.

Buffet lamps are lighting fixtures that have a tall body
Buffet lamps are lighting fixtures that have a tall body

Buffet lampshades frequently have bases that are 12 inches or less in diameter, which is the same size as an accent lamp shade. Buffet lights require a 75-watt bulb or less, depending on the breadth of the shade they are placed in, or a wattage somewhat higher than that of an accent lamp. A pair of huge shaded buffet lights, each putting out 150 watts of light, can light up the same amount of room as a single 150-watt table lamp.

Lower-height buffet lights are also available, with heights ranging from 24 to 30 inches. A 60-watt bulb is usually used in the shorter buffet lights. Candlestick lamps with a height of 14, 18, or less than 24 inches should be regarded as accent lights due to their reduced height.

Finally, buffet lamps with translucent shades in colors such as white, cream, beige, and others will radiate light through the shade, as well as down and up through the bottom and top. Buffet lamps with dark-toned shades in hues like black, burgundy, dark green, navy blue, and metallic finishes will only focus light upward and downward toward the ceiling and the surface they are set on.

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What are buffet lamps used for?

Buffet lights were frequently used on buffets, lowish chests, bedroom dressers, pedestals, hall console tables (credenza), and couch tables, among other things. When using buffet lamps to decorate your home, aim to keep the overall height of the lamp and the surface it is put on between 58 and 64 inches. This is particularly critical if you’re using them in a space with table and floor lights.

The reason for this is that you want the eye to go horizontally across the room from one lampshade to the next without going too high or low.

What are buffet lamps used for?
What are buffet lamps used for?

#1. Buffet lamps used for the buffet

Buffet lamps are commonly used to light the service tables at buffets. Their long, thin necks and small shades, which are meant to focus the light down to the right place, make them easily identifiable.

These lights are meant to take up as little space as possible on the table while giving enough light for persons serving themselves to see what they are taking from the food dishes.

#2. Buffet lamps used for small space

Since buffet lamps provide low-level light, they are a great choice for small spaces or small areas of lighting, such as crockery cabinets or corners of rooms that need a bit of light. They are also used a lot in cafes with a luxurious style mixed with a bit of classic.

With low light, the buffet light is also a good night light for reading or other lighting purposes at night.

#3. Buffet lamps used for romantic and luxury space

Buffet lamps can be used for gentle mood lighting, such as in restaurants where the overhead lighting might be kept dim to add a romantic element to the ambiance.

Buffet lamps are often quite elegantly designed, which also adds to the mood of this type of lighting. Colored light bulbs can be used with these lamps to also add ambiance to a party or event.

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Common Types of Buffet Lamp

Common Types of Buffet Lamp
Common Types of Buffet Lamp

#1. Cordless Lamp

Because you don’t have to worry about positioning your table near an outlet, cordless buffet lamps are easy, attractive, and unique. You don’t have to bother about disguising the wire or cable connections with cordless table lights.

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#2. Glass Lamp

There are also glass lights that may readily illuminate and beautify your space. This type of buffet lamp is available with cylindrical glass bases that look great against any backdrop. Because they are constructed of glass, they are adaptable and may be used in any room.

#3. Crystal Lamp

The crystal lamp is another type of buffet lamp that is highly effective in adding elegance and glamour to your home as a decoration. These lamps are one-of-a-kind handmade forms that provide a trendy way to light up your dining space.

Review of the 8 Best Buffet Lamps

#1. Annie Iron Scroll Buffet Lamps

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Designs by Franklin Iron Works are inspired by the tradition of iron craftsmanship and the golden age of industrial design. And the Annie Iron Scroll buffet light duo is among the most popular products in the designs of Franklin Iron Works.

This buffet light bulb set measures 28 inches high with a base 6 inches wide. The height is suitable for decorative use on the dining table, desk or night light on either side of the bed. Shades are 12 inches across the top x 13 ½ inches across the bottom x 10 inches high. Weighs 3.9 lbs each.

One maximum 150-watt standard-medium base bulb is used in each light (not included). They come with 6-foot black wires and plugs, as well as on-off socket switches for convenience.

Take a cue from the bohemian spiral. With this brown table lamp, you may create Moroccan-style interior decor. The look and feel of cast iron are achieved by using an iron look and structure. For rustic, Italian, and European-themed rooms, a traditional open accent style is ideal. Your bird-cage iron rod metal décor will make you feel at ease.

Metal structure and bases with an iron-look bronze finish. Cream drum lamp shades with a tapered shape. This buffet lamp set is suitable for use with all types of furniture, including foyer tables, work desks, dining tables, dressers, and side or end tables. Suitable for medium to big rooms.

#2. JONATHAN Y JYL2010A-SET2 Hollis 34 inches Metal LED Lamp

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JONATHAN Y buffet lamps are modern classics with high-end elements such as a custom lampshade, simple 1-way switch, and exquisite, soft-white LED. This lamp, which is designed to provide warm light to your house, is a fashionable addition to any living area, dining room, bedroom, foyer, or workplace.

JONATHAN Y JYL2010A-SET2 Hollis Metal LED Lamp uses LED lights instead of old incandescent bulbs, saving you up to 90% energy. The lighting system of Jonathan Y buffet lamps is ETL Listed and meets 120-volt UL standards for safety and quality. This is also one of the reasons it is on the list of the top 8 best buffet lamps we recommended for you.

Our integrated LED bulbs provide pleasant, flicker-free illumination and are compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart outlets (available separately). Jonathan Y LED lights are made using cutting-edge technology and have a 25,000-hour lifespan when used for 6-8 hours each day. When you use a lamp with long life, you will save money on replacement and repair costs.

#3. JONATHAN Y JYL5008A-SET2 Dawson 30 inches Marble/Crystal LED Table Lamp

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This is another great design from Jonathan Y. Similar to JONATHAN Y JYL2010A-SET2 Hollis 34 inches Metal LED Lamp, this buffet lamp uses LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. This provides benefits such as energy savings, long lamp life, and thermal safety in use.

They are also compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart sockets (sold separately). Both products from the house of Jonathan Y ensure the safety of lighting quality as well as provide soft, flicker-free light and ensure eye safety when used.

JONATHAN Y JYL5008A-SET2 Dawson 30 inches with a lower design suitable for medium spaces such as offices, bedrooms, etc.

This buffet lamp is regarded as connecting modern and traditional designs, the features of this beautiful table lamp sparkle beneath its 30-inch height.

This table lamp is designed with a prominent white marble pedestal base and slim brass body in a hand-rubbed, antiqued brass finish. When the bulb above is turned on, a faceted crystal along the base’s neck reflects and refracts light. The appearance is completed with a silk-wrapped cord and a transparent finish.

#4. Cory Martin W-6240CABG-2PK Fangio Lighting’s

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Two high-end bulbs without the high-end price! Designer shade size (top x bottom x height): 10x13x9. 5. Fangio Lighting #6240CABG-2PK Pair of 26.5 in with Designer shade size (top x bottom x height): 10x13x9.

The Cottage Antique Beige finish on these Candlestick Resin Table Lamps will lend a touch of antique charm to any area. The distressed tooling, which adds a subtle feeling of rustic warmth to your design, demonstrates attention to detail. The Cottage Antique Beige finish is fresh and new, yet it was designed to readily complement today’s popular color palettes!

The lamp set contains two unique shades in an Oatmeal color that complements any decor. Each lamp has an easy-to-operate On/Off button and accepts one bulb with a maximum power of 100 watts (Not Included.)

The light has UL and CSA approvals. Showcase and spotlight your exceptional decorating choices in a spectacular way. This lamp set is for you if you love the beautiful lines of classic designs with a welcome updated vibe. Take this thing home with you! You’ll be happy you did!

#5. 360 Lighting Lynn Country Cottage Buffet Lamps

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Lynn Country Cottage Buffet Lamps is one of our favorite goods that we’d like to offer to you as one of the top 8 finest buffet lamps. The 360 Lighting Country Cottage style lamp set is a lovely accent to a long table or on separate nightstands flanking a bigger piece of furniture, as its name suggests.

Each lamp features an earthy oatmeal drum shade with a circular finial and is finished in a light beige wood finish for a gently natural touch. These buffet table lamps are simple and beautiful, and they will give your living room a coordinated look.

Each lamp stands at a total height of 26 ¾ inches. Shade is 10 inches wide at the top, 12 inches wide at the bottom, and 9 inches tall. Each light utilizes a maximum 60-watt bulb (not supplied), which can save you up to 90% on energy costs. They have socket switches that turn on and off.

These beige wood buffet table lamps come in a compact pair of two and will lend a wonderful rustic touch to your living room.

#6. Regency Hill Juliette Traditional French Country Tall Buffet Lamps

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Regency Hill’s collection is known for its traditional lighting with high-end details hence suitable for everyone.

Juliette Traditional French Country Tall Buffet Lamps have a dazzling gold finish frame with elaborate design for a rich and elegant style, as well as a black bell shade for a striking contrast. This two-piece pair of classic buffet table lights from Regency Hill will brighten up any space. Ideal for a beautiful stylish area or a classic French look.

In this pair of buffet table lamps, a bright gold finish is contrasted with black cloth shades to create stunning visual contrast.

2 buffet lamps in a set. Overall, each is 36 ½  inches tall. Shades are 7 inches wide at the top, 12 inches wide at the bottom, and 10 ½ inches high, with cords that are 7 feet long. Lamps feature on-off socket switches and take one maximum 60-watt standard-medium base bulb (not included).

Traditional buffet table lamps from the Regency Hill brand with intricate leaf and scroll bases are a classic style light for your living or family area.

#7. Focondot Crystal Table Lamp

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With its trendy design and attractive appearance, the Focondot Crystal Table Lamp is immensely popular. Metal Silver lampshade (welded by employees) with 176 pieces K9 crystals (wired by workers) that we deeply enjoy hanging on the lamp might bring a touch of elegance and romantic sentiments to your space.

The shade has a diameter of 4.3 inches and a height of 9.4 inches. The overall height of the table lamp is around 11 inches, with a 4.4-inch diameter anti-slip base for a wonderful ornamental appeal in your home.

It’s easy to operate since the distance between the ON/OFF switch and the lamp base is around 21.5 inches. The lamp base may be used with a variety of E26 standard bulbs. Depending on the lighting effects you desire, you may pick between a warm white, a cold white, or a color-changing smart bulb.

All of the lamp’s components, including the connector, switch, and cable, are American Standard. This crystal table lamp can function securely and provide a warm ambiance thanks to stringent quality monitoring.

This crystal table lamp will be a superb lighting fixture or home décor in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, kids area, workplace, college dorm, and so on, thanks to its trendy style and exquisite look.

This adorable crystal lamp in silver with dazzling clear crystals may not only be used to beautify your home, but it can also be used as a birthday, Thanksgiving, New Year, or any other festival present for your family and friends. Let us surprise and thank all of our family and friends.

#8. Oneach Crystal Table Lamps

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Oneach was created to be used in home items. The logo is made up of the words “one” and “each.” It implies that each family should adopt a single way of life. Oneach’s objective is to provide you with the highest quality goods possible.

This table lamp, finished in glossy chrome with sparkling crystal, is trendy and sophisticated, adding a touch of refinement and modern flair to your room.

It’s a user-friendly and practical design that acts as a personal assistant for you and your family. The USB table lights are designed with the everyday experience in mind, including one 5V/2A USB charging connector on each side lamp. When you return home or to the workplace, you can easily charge your phone, kindle, watch, or any other device that supports charging.

Each crystal table lamp stands 27.7 inches tall with a 9 inches high x 10inches wide shade. Modern minimalism is a great way to add flair to your home or workplace, and it goes with almost any type of furniture.

This bedside table lamp’s cable, plug, socket, and USB port are all UL rated, which is a nationally recognized safety standard. Each lamp has an E26 socket and takes one 60-watt maximum bulb (not included).

The open-top cloth cover of this night light lamp diffuses the light and softens the brightness for a pleasant gentle glow. It’s a fantastic accent lamp for a table or nightstand in your living room, bedroom, den, dining area, or workplace, thanks to its sleek crystal column design, robust metal lamp base, and lovely drum shade.

With a robust metal lamp base that is steady and weighted, these finest buffet lamps are the greatest choice for safety. The non-slip base will not damage your desk or table, and it will be difficult to move about.

Things to consider when choosing the best buffet lamps

Things to consider when choosing the best buffet lamps
Things to consider when choosing the best buffet lamps

#1. Lamp height

Make sure your chairside or bedside lamp is not so tall that the lower edge of the lampshade is above eye level. You need light, not glare from a light bulb, so make sure the bottom edge of the lampshade is not over eye level. A pair of tall, slender (often referred to as “buffet”) lights is sometimes the ideal answer for sideboards or console tables. This can help to anchor a tablescape and create symmetry.

#2. Design

Lamps are another item in your room and an intrinsic element of the design, in addition to providing the vital function of illuminating a space. They offer an opportunity to add something unexpected that provides life to the room, or to infuse a flash of color or texture, whether the style is traditional, stylish, or fun…

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#3. Brightness

You don’t need a hundred-watt bulb if your lamp is for ambient mood lighting. The majority of ambient lighting should have bulbs that are no more than 60 watts or 40 watts. If you’re using your lamps for reading or to complete a chore or hobby, though, you’ll need additional light. A 3-way switch that dims the light may be your best option if you need your lamp to be all things to all people.

#4. Color temperature

Your lights should have a matching color and color to match your interior, space and usage needs. You can manually choose between warm white, cool white, or color-changing smart bulbs depending on the lighting effect you want. Or use the smart dimmer for more flexibility to change brightness or color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use a buffet lamp for?

Buffet lamps are often used at parties to light up the serving tables. However, they are also used to decorate your home, you can use them as a reading lamp, dining table lamp, night light, or living room light.

Do buffet lamps have to match?Buffet lamps with many different designs and styles are suitable for all interior designs, creating a luxurious and elegant feeling for your space.

Do buffet lamps have to match?

It is not necessary to match all of the lightings in a room. You don’t have to have identical lighting, to be accurate. If you want a coherent design, make sure they’re related in some manner, whether it’s by shade hue and form, materials, or color schemes that are comparable.

What to put under a lamp to make it taller?

You can purchase individual lamp bases to make your lamp look taller.

Place non-synthetic rugs or rugs under lights for a decorative and practical solution, such as white or neutral ivory or white cotton or linen knitted round or oval pads.

How do you paint a buffet lamp?

Simply use a paintbrush to apply the chalk paint and begin dressing the new shirt for your buffet lamp. If you don’t want to brush, though. And you’d rather spray. Simply tape the lamp’s metal sections together to construct the proper frame, then begin spraying.


Buffet lamps come in different heights and shapes, so first consider the layout of the rooms you want to use them to decorate to make the best choice for your room.

This article summarizes that the best buffet lamps are those that are designed with elegance and impeccable fashion in mind and must be flexible to fit different rooms. Hope the article helps you get more useful information about choosing and using buffet lamps!