Top 7 Best Arc Floor Lamps for your Modern and Trendy Interior

For centuries, people have used floor lamps. Arc floor lamps can be used for a variety of purposes, including writing, reading, creating ambiance, or improving internal decor. Buying arc floor lamps may not be as simple as some people believe. This is due to the advancement of technology, which has resulted in various types of arc floor lamps being developed by various companies.

The market is crowded, and deciding on the best one to serve you completely is difficult. As a result, we have decided to provide you with a list of the best arc floor lamps with significant features so that you can choose the best suits for you.

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Brightech Grayson - Modern Arc Floor Lamp for Living Room4.9See Latest Price
Brightech Mason - Arc Floor Lamp with Unique Hanging Drum Shade4.9See Latest Price
Rottogoon LED Standing Lamp with 2 Lamp Shades4.8See Latest Price
Oneach Metal Minimalist Tall Standing Lamp4.8See Latest Price
MOFFE Arc Floor Lamp with Removable Tray4.7See Latest Price
ROTTOGOON Industrial LED Standing Lamp4.6See Latest Price
Milton Greens Stars Arching Floor Lamp4.6See Latest Price

Review the 7 best arc floor lamps

#1. Brightech Grayson – Modern Arc Floor Lamp for Living Room

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The energy-saving 800 lumens and 3000K warm white LED bulbs help you save money on your electricity bills. When you buy this floor lamp, you get an LED bulb with a 20000-hour life, which means you won’t have to worry about buying or replacing bulbs for a long time.

This arc floor lamp’s arm can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Because of the brushed finish on the arc floor lamp, it can be used to enhance the décor of your room. Its heavy base is used to provide the necessary stability to prevent your children and pets from falling and injuring themselves if they accidentally knock it over.

This floor lamp is simple to assemble and should only take a few minutes. The presence of a rotary switch makes it simple to use. Because the materials used to create this arc floor lamp are of high quality, it is long-lasting.

#2. Brightech Mason – Arc Floor Lamp with Unique Hanging Drum Shade

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This is also a Brightech brand product. The light intensity of the floor lamp is eye-friendly, so it can be used for reading and writing. Furthermore, the height of this floor lamp is easily adjustable to meet your needs.

During the purchase process, all necessary hardware for easy assembly is included. The presence of a foot pedal switch simplifies the operation of this floor lamp. This floor lamp is Alexa-enabled. Finally, the arc floor lamp is fantastic, and it can be used to enhance your home’s decor.

#3. Rottogoon LED Standing Lamp with 2 Lamp Shades

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This living room light is available in two colors, allowing you to easily switch between them to match the decor of your home. The lamp is designed in a simple classic style that will look great in any room of your home. This light also has a convenient pedal switch for easy on and off, so you don’t have to bend over to turn it off.

This standing lamp, on the other hand, emits a warm, soft 3000K warm white light that creates a comfortable atmosphere for instant relaxation while also protecting your eyes.

Furthermore, the lamp comes with an energy-saving bulb. Purchasing this light means not having to worry about the bulb overheating or burning out, as well as saving money and energy.

#4. Oneach Metal Minimalist Tall Standing Lamp

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The Oneach industrial floor lamp combines a modern finish with a minimalist design to create a New Nordic category that represents simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. This lamp adds a natural, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere to your home with its stylish metallic colors, clean modern lines, and exposed bulbs.

It has a heavy marble base for stability, making it difficult to knock over by children or pets. Because of its slim body, it takes up little space in the room. This floor lamp will last a long time because the materials used to make it are strong.

This metal stand has an E26 screw base built-in, so you can make stylish lamps out of any E26 base bulb you want (Max 100W). The floor lamp is designed to work with a variety of LED or CFL bulbs.

The 6ft corded light allows you to position the small floor lamp wherever you want. Furthermore, this light has an on/off footswitch that allows you to turn the light on and off with your foot.

#5. MOFFE Arc Floor Lamp with Removable Tray

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The contemporary floor lamp includes a removable tray table for holding phones, mugs, keys, remotes, or books. And the raised edge design to keep your belongings from falling out.

The lampshade is made of high-quality shade linen and emits soft natural light, creating a cozy and comfortable environment for your eyes. The 8W LED bulb, which is non-glare and flicker-free, keeps your eyes from becoming tired while working.

With the remote control, you can easily control the floor lamp within 10m, and the brightness can be adjusted from 10% to 100%. Furthermore, the lamp has four adjustable color temperature modes: Warm Yellow 3000K, Warm White 4000K, Cool White 5000K, and Daylight White 6000K. The footswitch design enables you to turn on and off the floor lamp with a single foot press.

A weighted base provides good fall stability and is safe for your children and pets. This lamp is ideal for use in the office, living room, or bedroom.

#6. ROTTOGOON Industrial LED Standing Lamp

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This lamp is also a ROTTOGOON brand product. These living room led floor lights, unlike other types of led floor lights, are available in two different shades of gray and white. You can change the lampshade based on your surroundings. Furthermore, the floor light has a swivel head that allows the lampshade to be adjusted to 270°, making it simple to direct the light where it is needed.

The tall post lamp will look great in any room of your home, from industrial to modern. It’s simple yet elegant design makes it suitable for use as a decoration in any room. The industrial floor lamp base is sturdy and safe, made of heavy-duty and highly stable metal, preventing children, the elderly, or pets from tipping over. Use your lights with ease and without concern.

The floor lamp comes with two free 9W LED bulbs that are rated for 50,000 hours and have been proven to last for 20 years, which means you’ll never have to change a bulb. Purchasing this lamp will also save you money and energy.

#7. Milton Greens Stars Arching Floor Lamp

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Because the lights produced by this floor lamp are eye-friendly, it is ideal for reading and writing. The arcs can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences for ease of operation. This allows you to enjoy overhead lighting while knitting, reading, or doing other activities.

It has a heavy marble base for stability, making it difficult to topple over when knocked over by children or pets. It takes up a small amount of space in the room due to its slim body. Because the materials used to make this floor lamp are strong, it is long-lasting.

What is an arc floor lamp?

An arc floor lamp is a floor lamp with a curved lamp shade. These lamps illuminate the light from an electric arc, also known as a voltaic arc. Because of the extreme brightness they provide in a specific area, these lights are highly preferred. The tilt or arc design ensures that the lamp’s light floods a specific area.

These lights are ideal for use in the bedroom, dining room, or study. Some arc floor lamps are adjustable, allowing you to change the illumination mode for the best results.

Benefits of using the arc floor lamp

Benefits of using the arc floor lamp
Benefits of using the arc floor lamp

The arc floor lamps have safety features to keep people safe from direct light glare. They either have a dimmable mode or different illumination setting modes where you can choose the appropriate amount of light to use in the area you specify. Furthermore, the adjustable height of the arc floor lamps ensures that you get the right amount of light.

These lights can be integrated into a slim style, allowing for the creation of a slim light holder. Furthermore, most arc floor lamps are made in a compact design to ensure that they do not require a lot of installation space on the floor. When the light is turned on, the compact design prevents shadow glares.

For portability, most arc floor lamps have a lightweight design. These lights are primarily used to focus the illumination on a specific area, which means that you must position the light close to the area of the house that needs to be illuminated. Arc floor lamps are lightweight and easy to transport when set up.

Arc floor lamp is recommended for use in study rooms, dining rooms, or any other area that requires focal light illumination. The lamp’s shape ensures that you get adequate lighting in the required area without the need for additional light sources.

Finally, arc floor lamps come in a variety of styles that not only provide excellent lighting but also add a decorative touch to the room. The lamps have a lovely finish that goes well with the decor in the room. These lamps are lit up in various colors, which warm up the room while also making it look beautiful.

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Where to use an arc floor lamp?

Where to use an arc floor lamp?
Where to use an arc floor lamp?
  • Living room

Another ideal location for an arc lamp in the living room. Placing two sofas perpendicular to one another creates the ideal corner for the lamp.

  • Reading corner

You only need three things to create an inviting reading area that is distinct from the rest of the room. These are an arc lamp, a rug, and a custom-made sofa. This reading area, which also serves as a place to relax, can be set up in your bedroom.

  • Dining room

The dining room or dining area in most houses has a fairly large table where the family eats. This is a good spot for an arc lamp. Place it in a corner, preferably close to a wall. This way, it won’t be in a congested area where it will obstruct traffic. Another suggestion is that it has a large curve so that it can illuminate the entire table.

  • Study space

The arc floor lamp can also be used to project light into a specific area. The arc floor lamps are quite adaptable, as you can move the light to direct the illumination to a specific location. Unlike hanging lights or wall lamps, arc floor lamps project light without necessarily connecting to other light sources. When placed in a study area, for example, the light directs light to the table.

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Things to consider when choosing the best arc floor lamp

Considerstions when choosing the best arc floor lamp
Considerstions when choosing the best arc floor lamp

#1. The room size & style

The reason for purchasing an arc floor lamp will heavily influence the type of arc lamp purchased. The lights have varying illumination powers, with some providing light to a specific area and others extending to provide light to a larger area.

For example, if you need a lamp for the living room or a dining table, make sure to choose one that can extend to illuminate large areas. However, if you are purchasing the lamp for reading purposes, such as in a study room or living room, you can choose a light that does not extend.

Aside from purchasing an arc lamp to provide illumination in the area, you will also require a lamp that matches the finishes of your home and decor. As a result, choose a lamp that complements the environment in which it will be used. Arc floor lamps are available in a variety of stand styles and lamp decor finishes. Consider a lamp with a marble base if you need a lamp to complement the furniture in your home.

The height of the arc floor lamp is important to consider depending on where you want to place it. If you need a lamp for the dining room or a high study table, for example, choose a lamp with an elevated height or one that can be adjusted in height.

You can use the height of the table to help you choose a lamp that will fit and provide adequate illumination. Also, for your safety, make sure the lampstand is higher than the table.

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Choose the best arc floor lamp
Choose the best arc floor lamp

#2. Brightness & Color temperature

The floor lamps have various light settings, some of which can be adjusted in different modes, while others have a standard light illumination setting. Consider the model with adjusting levels if you need an arc lamp that is easy to control.

Also, if you are purchasing an arc lamp for your study room, make sure it has a dimmable setting so you can regulate the light to prevent eye glares, especially if you use the lamp for an extended period of time.

The amount of light provided by the arc floor lamp is determined by the size of the bulb installed. So, if you’re looking for a lamp that will illuminate a large area, make sure the size is appropriate.

Moreover, most arc floor lamps have a fixed color temperature of 3000K. However, depending on your intended use, brands will still offer arc floor lamps with many color temperature options for you to change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are arched floor lamps in style?

Yes, they are. The reasons are that Arc lamps are an elegant way to decorate a small room. Arc lamps serve a dual purpose in that they both illuminate and decorate. Therefore, arc lamps are an excellent choice. They are timeless, and they light up a room better than other types of lamps.

Are arc lamps good?

They are, indeed. They are used to power lighting for a long stretch of the street or the interior of a large factory. These lights are less expensive than street lights, oil lamps, or gas lamps. Arc lamps are now used in applications that require a high level of brightness, such as searchlights, floodlights, and large film projector lights.

How tall should an arc floor lamp be?

Arc floor lamps should be between 58 and 64 inches in height. The bottom of the lampshade should not be lower than a seated person’s eye level. It can be at or above the level of the eye.

What is a common feature of all arc lamps?

Arc lamps are high-intensity light sources that provide continuous wavelength output across the UV and visible spectra.


Finally, we hope that this post has provided some interesting information about arc floor lamps as well as some examples of the best arc floor lamps to help you choose the best one for your home. The Arc floor lamp is a great light for illuminating a specific area. They are suitable for use in all rooms of the house and can be combined with other light sources. These lights have a variety of settings and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of lighting needs. Thank you for reading.